Problems and Potential

Shortly after 'Clotho's Linker-Core', Signum returns home and shares the implications of what she was told with Zafira.

Date: 2018-12-06
Pose Count: 10
Signum 2018-12-06 01:46:01 101426
Signum seems... distracted as she arrives back at the Yagami household, just as the sun's about finished setting. She descends from the air lands on the open patio, the Book slung under her arm, and takes maybe two steps towards the door before her brow furrows and she swipes at her cheek with her thumb.
    The finger comes away red and she grimaces slightly, wiping at the small cut with her sleeve before it - and the rest of her outfit - dissolves into pink light, leaving her in simple black pants boots and a purple sweater. A moment later the book dissolves as well, and Signum slides open the glass door and steps inside.
    "Hayate-sama." She calls softly, peering about as if testing to see if her voice will rouse anymore before she's satisfied that Hayate is either asleep or away. Regardless she closes her eyes as she shuts the door behind her and just says, quietly, "I'm home."
Zafira 2018-12-06 01:56:45 101427
There's a small grunt of welcome from the wolf like figure laying under the table. Zafira's blue, canine form streches and wanders out to stand more properly before Signum. " many is it now," he wonders curiously. He'd gotten one on his own so far, as well as all the people they'd gotten durring the raid....especailly Nanoha.
Signum 2018-12-06 02:04:40 101429
Nanoha must have shaved weeks off of their time line. She almost justified the Wolkenritter's new strategy all by herself. You'd think that would be a comfort to the famously icy leader of the Wolkenritter, but...
    Those kind eyes...
    Signum shakes the image off with a small huff and regards Zafira sternly. "Three of surprising volume as of now, counting yours. Most of the mages at the facility didn't compare." She answers calmly, and crosses her arms. "There's something else, though. A problem. Or an opportunity. The latest one, Clotho..." Signum pauses. She's not sure why she bothered to remember the young woman's name. "Something she said implied that there are more of Takamachi's calibur. Possibly organized." She sighs, "And, if that... Kyouko woman is any indication, quite vengeful."
    Signum still aches to move after that battle, though you wouldn't know it by looking at her.
Zafira 2018-12-06 02:15:22 101430
Zafira twitches his ears some as he listens to Signum's concern. He sits and shifts on his front paws slightly for a quiet moment. "Perhaps we could lure some of them somewhere if they are looking for us," he thinks, "...but that could be very dangerous. They could have also been trying to trap us into exactly that sort of action..." Why say something that warns your opponet of future attacks unless you are acting in defense, desperation, or decite?
Signum 2018-12-06 02:23:15 101431
"Precisely." Signum says, mirroring Zafira's train of thought for the most part. "... If such an organization exists, we may be able to fill the Book faster than we ever dreamed. But..." Signum shakes her head faintly, "... But if there's any chance that we'll be swarmed... we must take much greater care than before." She looks at Zafira sternly. "Seek these warriors out. Surprise them and drain them as quickly as possible. But... should ANY reinforcements of their calibur arrive, do not risk yourself OR the Book." Signum closes her eyes, tension subtly evident in her body language. "Use your discretion to retreat. We're too few to risk losses, especially with the Book so far from completion. Am I understood?"
    Despite the confidence with which Signum speaks, there's something subtly... troubled about her.
Zafira 2018-12-06 02:29:19 101432
Zafira nods firmly in reply. "Understood...some of these people would be too troubling to face more than one of," he states, "Retreat must be considered if the numbers aren't looking good."
Signum 2018-12-06 02:32:52 101433
Signum's feeling of unease doesn't fade when Zafira confirms her orders, and Signum takes a moment to respond.
    "They keep..."
    Signum pauses. They keep offering to help, is what she was going to say. It's... unusual to say the least. These people - the Takamichi girl in particular - seemed so sincere. But before she can take the thought any further, her mind almost seems to bounce off of some invisible wall, and her shoulders tense, her eyes blazing back into focus.
    "Never mind. Don't let them distract you, or confuse you. Otherwise, your orders stand."
Zafira 2018-12-06 02:47:03 101434
The blue ears shift, one flattening and one raising. "..." he fails to question it when Signum moves on, offering another nod instead, "The one I managed was trying to get the information of what we were doing out of me. I did not waste the time to answer..."
Signum 2018-12-06 02:48:18 101435
Signum nods once. "Good. Make sure it stays that way. They've already targetted the Book once." Signum subtly grimaces. "I won't tolerate it a second time."
Zafira 2018-12-06 02:50:27 101436
Zafira narrows his eyes some. "Yes...that can't be abided," he murmurs, "The book must be protected at all costs..."