Pig Pickin'

Hannah hosts a pig pickin'! It ends in 'MURICA, painful curse removal, and things being on fire.

Date: 2015-08-31
Pose Count: 55
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 00:49:07 8948
It's probably the first question that pops up on everyone's mind: How did Hannah Sharpe manage to get permission to throw a party on Infinity's Front Lawn?

The second one is likely: What in the heck is a Pig Pickin', and why did Hannah text everyone she knows and insist on chain emails and texts?

The first answer will likely be a mystery, but the second proves obvious. There's a good four grills set out, as well as a massive one where the centerpiece of the party sits: a whole pig, perfectly prepared and being cooked to a lovely crisp. It's just about done, too: the official start time is soon, but Hannah Sharpe, her family, and a handful of volunteers have been going to work long before this. There's hotdogs and hamburgers being cooked, condiments and plates and drinks of all kind set out everywhere.

There's also sparklers in boxes, and butane torch, and a suspicious box that may just contain fireworks of questionable legality. Particularly in city limits.

"I hope people will come." Mutters Hannah, working on a few last minute texts. Boris is beside her, woofing with encouragement. Hannah's wearing a shirt with an american flag. A tall, dark-haired man with stubble on his chin flashes a wide grin, and slaps the girl on the back.

"They'll show! Don't you worry none, now, kiddo. You've made good friends. They'll show." Comes the man in a southern drawl. She can't see it, but can feel her Father's warm, friendly smile. There's a one-armed squeeze, and she leans against her Father, for once not worrying about magic or her magical affairs.

"Get back here and help! This pig isn't going to turn itself!" Comes a far more forceful female voice. It's owner could be a mirror image of Hannah, if a few shades wider and taller. Apple definitely hasn't fallen far from the tree.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 01:01:00 8951
"Noooooooo I don't wanna go! There is going to be people there!" complains Haruna as Corvus flaps with all his might trying to push her to the door. "Y-Yes that's the point!" says the bird. "Corvus you're being evil again!" she claims in a whine. "No, I'm not." "YOU ARE!" "Arghswak!"

A few moments later Haruna sort of pops out of the dorms of Infinity just sort of staring at the whole barbeque affair with a silver raven on her shoulder who looks kinda exapserated. She begins stepping forward and.. It's Hannah! and.. Some man with an accent she doesn't quite grasp because she's never been to America.

She looks between Hannah, the man. And the owner of the forceful female voice! Are these Hannah parents?

She peeks down at cooking things quietly.

"W..why is a whole pig being cooked?" she asks softly, head tilting at it. Her eyes wide.

"Do people eat entire pigs in America?" she asks at Hannah and family.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 01:01:11 8952
     Maeko is here, with her dark energy and the creepy aura suppressed. She's currently dressed up in jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of cooking gloves, and an apron! One of the other volunteers may or may not be tied up or unconscious somewhere, hidden in the school. She had even gone to the lengths to create a wig that her hair looks the same, as well as their hat! She looks close enough at a casual glance, especially since she'd specifically picked one of the quiet girls, one that most people didn't know very well.

     But one that would volunteer for something like this. Presently, Maeko was not doing anything particularly ominous or dangerous though! In fact, right now, she was flipping burgers. Mimicing others and making sure that they didn't end up too burned or anything of the sort!

     The only issue was that she wasn't really seasoning them particularly well, so there were burgers that were rather bland and just basically cooked meat mixed in with the others. How horrible! For now though, she seemed to just be cooking, watching... and perhaps here for something specific.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 01:12:49 8956
"I didn't know they could get pigs that big in Japan", Vespa idly say to herself. She had seen the Pig pickin' advertized and was curoius about the affair. They don't have anything like that back home in Britan either. She didn't know Hanna personally, she had done that bake sale that whent a bit off kilter. She smiles and waves to Hanna as she enters. "Hello!", Vespa doupts she will reconise her thought.
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 01:20:17 8961
Cerelia certainly wasn't expecting something like this in the middle of japan. "This is certainly different from porchetta. Still, there's more than one way to roast a pig I suppose". Still it sounded like a good way to meet people, and she wouldn't be the only foreigner here. She notices Vespa's also present so things should be a bit less awkward.
Yuko Minami 2015-08-31 01:29:21 8964
     No gathering is complete without drinks! Yuko, of course, is hard at work pushing along a whole assortment of canned and bottled drinks in a long dolly along with a backpack full of ice. Even on the day of a big party, she's still on the clock as a representative of that supermarket which shall never be named properly! Carbonated, uncarbonated, caffeinated, and diet. There's even those little round "juice" pods with the grayish foil lids!

     Arriving at the stated location, the green-haired girl takes a long breath before pushing her haul the rest of the way towards Hannah, a bright smile appearing once she spots her and the unfamiliar man. Yuko's dressed in a more casual wear today: Her usual work apron along with a more relaxed red t-shirt and black skirt. "Hannah-chan~ I've got the extra ice and drinks!" And then droops dramatically, even reaching back to hit herself on the back lightly. "But I'm so sore now... There's a massage club around here, right?"

     She does straighten up shortly afterwards, at least, upon actually noticing that unfamiliar man and how close Hannah is with him. "Oh! Er. Hello, sir." She offers him a polite (if mildly confused) bow of the head, not noticing the woman under the tree just yet. She does spot Haruna and Corvus, however, raising a hand to wave towards them in greeting as well.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 01:40:47 8967
Haruna's voice is picked out, and Hannah is quickly over to the girl with a genuine smile! The girl's father is back over to the hog being roasted, her mother berating him in an oddly affectionate way as there's meat being seasoned and hog being turned.

"Yup! Or, well, when there's occasion to do so!" Comes Hannah, flashing a smile.

She waves a hand dramatically. "/This/, Haruna-chan, is what we in the south call a pig pickin'! You get a hog, all of your friends and familiy...and I mean all of them! Together. You work and sweat to make a meal, and you share it with everyone you love and care about!" There's some enthusiasm in Hannah's voice here.

Then she laughs. "Hungry? Hog's almost done, and plenty of burgers and hotdogs to go around! I think there's some ribs being worked on too!" Hopefully no one here is on a diet.

There's also distinctly no cutlery. Woe betide anyone who's all about cleanliness.

Maeko oddly goes unnoticed, for the most part. Eventually, Hannah's father comes over, fleeing his wife with a big smile as he looks over the burgers. He frowns.

"Hey there! You one of my little girl's friends? Hmm...you're diligent, but burgers smell a little bland. 'ere! I'll show ya!" Comes the man affably, before he has salt, pepper, and lots of bar-b-que and A-1 sauce being applied!

"You gotta put your heart and soul into the meat!"

Hannah sighs.

"Be nice to the help Dad!"

Hannah obviously doesn't notice the wave, but Boris' bark has her turning to Vespa and smiling.

"Oh, hi! Hannah Sharpe, nice to meet you! You do not sound familiar. Infinity student, or friend of a friend?" Or did her chain emails work!?

"There's about twenty that I know of, darlin'!" Comes Hannah's mom as she comes away from the hog over towards Cerelia. Already, people are just snatching bits of delicious pork. /With their fingers/. The sparklers are out too.

"You have a good time, alright? Help yourself!" There's plenty of food!

Nearby, there's a few chairs, and what appears to be some guitars. It seems there's a band setting up.

Hannah's attention comes upon Yuko! She smiles widely and laughs a bit.

"Come here, come here!" Adds Hannah, waltzing over, and with a bit of maneuvering, is soon giving poor Yuko a shoulder massage! She's actually quite good at it!

Patting Maeko on the head with a warm smile, Hannah's Dad soon walks over to Yuko! He offers a hand to shake!

Hannah helps with introductions. "Yuko-chan, meet my Dad. Dad, meet Yuko! She works at that lovely little supermarket!"

The Dad's grip is firm. "Hey there little Yuko! You can call me Mike! None of this 'sir' business! Thanks for bringing all the drinks, we were a little light. Can you stay and enjoy the party?" That's a question looking for a 'yes' answer! Hannah facepalms.

Meanwhile, the brunette Ao Karina whistles as she returns with more meat for the burger flippers! She stops near Maeko, all smiles!

"Need more beef?" She asks warmly, if a bit timid. The curse about her is diminished, but still there: lurking like an old scabb waiting to burn back into life. At least she's looking healthier than she has in a while.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-08-31 01:46:22 8969
Mikoto isn't quite sure why Hannah invited her. It's not like they've been good friends or anything like that. Okay, it's true, Miko wouldn't -mind- being friends with the American girl, but still. She's managed to change into casual clothes, a nice set of jeans and a black t-shirt with a loose blue blouse over it, the latter hanging open and flapping a bit in the breeze. She's even found a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap somewhere.

The smell of roasting meet sets her nose twitching as she draws closer, and a little smile spreads across her lips. Apparently she's in the right place. The sight of the crowd and the rising pillars of smoke confirms it for her, so she strides on in, looking about to see who she recognizes. Anyone she meets gets a wave and a smile and a 'hello', at the very least. They also get a good look at the front of her t-shirt, upon which is printed a lofty tree surmounted by a dragon.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-31 01:47:52 8970
Sort of lost at sea in reserved bemusement, a well-dressed (but not overdressed, not today) young man comes up the path and stops even before he gets to Hannah and her dad, staring at the roasting pig in horrified fascination. It's not like roasting whole animals are an unfamiliar sight, but god damn, the size and spectacle of that thing.

Mamoru finally drags himself away and meanders, his bemusement stronger than ever, past the tables and the grills, smiling vaguely at people who recognise him as he slides between people like a ghost, noiseless and unobtrusive. This is not a day for Entrances; he's there on request, rather than making an Appearance.

Boris probably gives him away before he reaches Hannah who can't see him and her dad who doesn't know him. "Boris, jeez!" Mamoru yelps as the Familiar starts barking at him, holding his hands out and taking a step back if it looks like he's going to get enthusiastically greeted. "Hannah-chan, help!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 01:50:52 8973
Haruna Kurosawa is smelling all this delicious food and it's getting her at ease and she wants a burger and Corvus probably wants a burger and she wonders how she's going to explain that her raven want's a burger- but really, Hannah already knows and theres all these people around her and soon the area around her is spilling into Haruna-chan overloard of wanting to dig a hole in the ground and never come out until the dead of night when everyone's gone. ;_;.

Oh! It's... that green haired girl. With drinks! What did she say her name was?...

Oh! Yuko. Right. "Hi, Yuko!--- um. Are those drinks?..." pause. "I mean! Of course they are, whywouldn'ttheybeahahahahahahahhaha."

Oh god she wants to hide under a rock. ;_;.

Corvus whispers into an ear 'deeeep breath'. She does just that. In. Out. Ah--- okay. That helped a little.

"Did you get that free cake?" she asks. She looks up to Hannah and smiles. "Neat!" she says. She nods nods to the man as she head tilts.

"Hi Ao-chan~ You're looking a lot better!" she smiles to her.

She looks back at cooking meats. She aquires a hotdog. She also steals a burger. She gives the burger to her raven. Somehow he's holding the thing with his wings and no one should particualry find this odd or weird.

She looks back over the crowd. Oh gods. So many people she doesn't know. ;_;.

She peers at Cerelia. "What's.. porchetta?..." she asks.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 01:53:04 8974
Vespa erks at hahnna "Well I'm a freind of a freind or something like that.", she just laughs neverously a bit. She lied just a bit. Hey look drinks! She grabs a soda slowly walking away from Hanna! She smiles spotting Cereila! "Hey! Cerelia!", she calls out to her.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 01:53:26 8975
     Just flip the burgers, mimic the others, ensure that nothing gets burned or smells bad. She had even been doing a little bit of seasoning. A small amount of salt, some pepper here and there. But something that doesn't eat cannot easily make food that tastes good to those that do. Maeko was still not /terrible/ at it, because she was decent at mimicry. After all, she was a mimicry of life at the moment. And then... there was a man walking over to her.

     He had a goofy grin, a cheerful look as he flees over towards her. She looks up towards him, her eyes sliding over his form briefly as she takes him in. There's a moment of utter disinterest, just a half-instant... but then there's a smile in response. "A-ah, uhm. Hello. I... t-thank you, I've never actually made a burger before. I was just trying to mimic everyone else... I guess mimicry doesn't work very well without instruction, huh?" She responds, keeping that smile up towards the man as he begins to grab salt... pepper... BBQ and A-1 sauce... and starts messing with the food she was cooking. On some level, that annoyed her. He was touching her work. Still. He was also giving her instruction, so instead of get angry, she keeps that smile up and takes in everything he teaches her. She doesn't answer the question of if she's one of Hannah's friends. While purposeful, it would be easy to just assume she missed it out of flusterment. She didn't know if the girl was a friend of Hannah's or not.

     "T-thank you for the help, sir." She says as her head is patted. Luckily she had the hat on, otherwise her cover might have been blown. A high-quality wig was still a wig, so he might have noticed. She gives a soft breath as she waves the man while he leaves. "Take care, sir." She says while he goes. And then... she walks up.

     The Curse Bearer. The one that Maeko had come to this thing for. It was just too perfect. She'd picked better than she thought. "A-ah! Yes, uhm. Let me finish the burgers and I'll help you go get them." She says cheerfully, carefully beginning to put the thankfully-now-less-bland burgers onto plates, setting them out... and then carefully removing the apron and setting it aside. She turns and steps towards Ao. "T-the school is a bit unnerving when it's empty like it is during summer break, isn't it? It'll be better if we go together." She says, all smiles and politeness.
Yuko Minami 2015-08-31 01:59:36 8978
     Yuko does feel a little guilty when Hannah actually gives her that massage, although the guilt (along with the pain) does melt away fairly quickly after the first few seconds. Maybe she should fake being injured more often....

     Standing back up once Hannah's father approaches, she blinks a few times and recomposes herself before shaking his hand. Surprisingly comfortably, even, considering that she's not even a Westerner! "It's great to meet you, Sharpe-san. Erm. I mean...." She stumbles over her tongue a bit while trying to speak in proper English. "Mistah Sharpe?"

     At least she's trying. Her grip is also quite firm (but not as, what with the age and size difference), and her hands are a little rough as suited for one who works where she does. "Mike-san then. My parents weren't expecting me to come back for a while, anyway, so I'll be staying today." Her gaze falls on the pig as she says that, her eyes widening a bit. Even if she's never eaten something like that before, her stomach is already rumbling in anticipation!

     Hearing and spotting Haruna, Yuko giggles lightly at the girl's awkwardness. She can't help but feel some sympathy for her, at least, especially with being just as awkward so many years ago.

     And also sometimes still just as awkward now, but that's a story for another day. "Hey, Haruna-chan. Yeah, there's all sorts in here. Speaking of..." Yuko takes off her backpack to start setting up that array of drinks and ice, even setting a stack of thick disposable cups to go with all of that. "I did! Free things always taste better. How's the new system, anyway?
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 02:00:33 8981
Cerelia notes the lack of cultery, she know this wasn't going to be a formal event but even some cheap plastic utenils would have been nice. She sighs as she notices the guitars setting up, "You're not going to play are you, Vespa?" It was bad enough that she was going to get messy, she could do without the sounds of cat strangulation. She's a bit surprised Sunbeam hadn't tagged along but she's not going to complain. Something about that fairy was unsettling.

Hearing Haruna ask her a question she turns a bit, "Porchetta is roast pork that's been heavily salted and seasoned." Something tells her that wasn't one of the over 20 recipes that Hannah's mother knew.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 02:07:03 8983
"No, I'm not going to play Cerelia.", Vepsa deadpans at Cerelia. She know Cerelia doesn't like her music. "It be hard for me to eat if I was playing and I would get my pipes all messy too. I don't want that..", the pig smells really good. "I hope it's ready soon.."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-08-31 02:07:23 8985
Yes, that definitely does smell good, and Miko isn't one to turn down free food. Especially on a student budget. And maybe she'll get to return the favor some crazy day. Who knows... maybe a party would be a good idea. The guitars catch her eye, and she drifts over that way, looking out for the musicians. Maybe they'll let the three-chord-wonder have a go. Or maybe they shouldn't.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 02:31:58 8988
Woof! Boris is unrelenting. The big dog bounds over, and runs right into those hands! Soon Mamoru is being doggie-fluffed!

Hannah's right over! "Is that you Chiba-kun? Boris! Down!" She calls out sharply, and then Hannah's dad is over.

"Who's this now? Hey there son! You know my daughter?" Comes the dad, grinning as Boris finally settles down. The man's offering a shake!

"Dad, meet Mamoru Chiba. Leader of our gang of scholarly delinquents!"

"Call me Mike, Mamoru! Pleased to meetcha!" All friendliness and outgoing, this man. It might account for part of Hannah's own exhuberance. The barking orders from her mother in the barkground are definitely the other half.

"Go get something to eat Chiba-kun! Glad you could make it!" A slap on the back to the man, and then she's over to Mikoto.

With Boris' help. "Hi there!" Hannah calls out as she pauses, and Boris is cold-nosing her!

Ao calls back to Haruna! "Thanks! I've been feeling so much better recently." She comes happily.

Then Maeko has her attention fully.

Ao Karina tilts her head, and then just smiles. She'll even take Maeko's hand!

"Come on. We'll be strong and brave together like Hannah-chan, okay?" Then she's pulling the girl towards the school building and into the kitchen area! There's only the two girls around right now!

Hanah's Father smiles to Yuko. "Great! You have fun, okay? English ain't bad neither."

Hannah's mother then clals out: "HOG'S READY KIDS!" Seems Vespa has her answer! There's a brass bell being rung, even! Hannah's over in a flash, devouring with gusto and an utter lack of utensils. Nom nom nom!

Two people, one a grey-haired beared man who bears a resemblence to Hannah's father,and an older woman soon take up the guitars.

Mikoto gets noticed. The old man smiles. "You a musician?" He comes, in broken japanese with a heavy american accent. He raises it up, then calls out to Hannah.

"Stop stuffin' yer face ya glutton and c'mon!"

Hannah sighs, swallows, and she's running over.

"Coming, grandpa!"

Then Hannah clears her throat as the two older family members work on their guitars. Seems she's part of the band!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 02:34:15 8989
Hannah's father, notably, devours some of the hog himself, then sets off towards that big suspicious box and butane torch. He's smiling far, far too widely, looking like a teenager up to trouble despite his age. Yup, fireworks. He chuckling. This surely can't end well.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-31 02:43:31 8991
And this is just one of the many reasons Mamoru didn't overdress today-- laughing, he fluffs Boris back. "You jerk," he tells the Familiar affectionately, and then Hannah's saved him and is clapping him on the back, and this is her DAD? And he's offering his hand...

...of course he is. Mamoru does his very best to look pleasant and friendly while he steels himself to shake Mr. Sharpe's hand, making sure nothing happens. "Pleased to meet you, Mike," he says with a laugh, and his English is distressingly good. "'Leader' is a strong word, I just dragged people in to study with me and apparently now we're a gang."

Abruptly Hannah's off doing things he's not even aware of going on, and he gives the older man a wry smile. "I guess I'd better do as she says," he tells Hannah's father, then moves off to go investigate what he can eat with his secret weapon.

The hashi he brought from home.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 02:45:10 8992
     Haruna showed up. She talked towards Ao. Maeko looks towards her briefly, though managed to keep a smile towards her. She doesn't really talk to her, instead doing a shy look towards her.

     And then Maeko has Ao's attention, and she takes Maeko's hand! It was probably a good thing she had those gloves on, otherwise Ao might notice something was off with her fingers. Thanks to the gloves it mostly just felt like normal joints. And then... they were in the kitchen area!

     Maeko makes sure that the door is closed behind them. She even 'accidentally' hits the lock, causing the door to lock behind them. Not an issue for those inside, just for those outside. Maeko shifts slightly as she steps deeper into the kitchen area with Ao. "You've got such a terrible curse on you, young lady." Maeko murmurs softly as she gently releases Ao's hand. "I noticed it earlier. I came to this party entirely for you. You can call me Maeko." She says, dipping into a small air-curtsey.

     "I can help you, if you'll let me. I need your permission first though, otherwise it won't work." She says softly, giving a warm and disarming smile towards the girl. She looks completely benevolent! Really!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 02:52:36 8994
Haruna Kurosawa blinks. System? Oh! The games console she'd won... "Um. I guess It works okay. I'm not very good at the game thou. I lose whenever I play an online game." she says. She steals a drink--one of those little foil topped things. Because they look cute.

She looks over to Cerelia! "Oh! Um. is it good? I dunno if super salty stuff is my favorite thou.." she says.

She peeks and watches Ao and the other girl leave and beams, bouncing on her heel a bit. She looks over to the dog commotion, and head tilts just a little bit. She walks a bit over that way, but not far. She's also finishing her hotdog.

She doesn't seem too intrested in the pork. She seems fine another hot dog thought.

"Oh! My name.. is... uh.....ummmm...." she looks at Cerelia blankly--- she finds herself fumbling into awkwardness again. Did... did she forget her name!? "Ah! I'm Haruna Kurosawa. How are you? Who Are you!? Ah...!" she's all flustered again.

"I mean. How are you! That's what I mean."

Her eyes look over to Hannah. She's also in full blush mode now- but is slowly calming down.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 02:53:07 8995
Hog is done? Yes! Vespa rushes toward to pig tryingot get there before everyone else and tears off a piece it's hot! Down it goes! Hmm Hot but She tears off another piece before walking way not wanting to get smothered by the crowd. She looks over at Mamoru, a utensil? That's cheating.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-08-31 02:53:28 8996
Mikoto nods to the guitarist. "Just an amateur, really. I only started a few months ago." It was something to do that wasn't yet another iteration of Her Parents' Ideal Perfect Daughter. They wanted her to play the violin. "But thanks for asking." She flashes one of her patented little smiles and looks about for wherever they're keeping the drinks, not yet drifting away from the musicians. "Maybe after everyone's eaten?" No, she is -not- drooling, thank you!
Yuko Minami 2015-08-31 02:53:51 8997
     Being complimented by a native speaker is no small feat, and Yuko beams a bit at Hannah's dad. "Really? Thanks~ Have to keep practicing to bring more customers in."

     And then it's time to eat! Well, there's already been food around, but Yuko knows what the real main event is here today: That giant pig! Even better, she's eaten less today than her usual amount,leaving quite a bit of room to fill with delicious pig meat!

     To that end, she's quite strategic in how she eats. A mouthful of hog, some cracklin to push it down, and then a bit of soda to keep her stomach going. If it wasn't obvious she's eaten at her fair share of buffets before, it's certainly obvious now.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 03:01:43 8999
Mamoru gets a wink from the man. As they shake, nothing seems to happen: Hannah's dad is utterly devoid of magic. Her mother too. Seems it skipped a generation.

"Heh, well, s'long as you don't pull my daughter into any hustlin', you're fine by me Chiba-kun! Got a good feelin' about you. Yup, you go have fun there boy!" Then it's back to /fireworks/!

In the kitchens, Ao wheels around. She blinks several times in confusion. Then she gets it.

"Are...are you a magical girl?" She asks suddenly as comprehension dawns. This person is so nice and helpful! Ao smiles, all innocent and believing.

"If it will let...if it'll let my friend not have to worry so much, then go ahead! If you can heal me...I know my sickness isn't normal." A nod...and then she comes in for a gentle hug!

"Thank you! My friend will be so happy to see me /cured/!" Ao seems excited, and a little misty-eyed.

Yuko and Vespa are over to the hog, and Hannah's mom is doing much the same as Yuko! She grins to the pair.

"Turn out okay?" Beam! There's pride in this woman's gaze, of work and family.

The older man laughs. "After, then!" He agrees, before slapping Hannah's back. All three grin a bit, then Hannah clears her throat, and sings as the song begins! Her voice floats out in english, not even needing a microphone!

"The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal~."

"He was in a bind, cuz he was way behind and willin' to make a deal!"

By now, Hannah's dad has gotten into the fireworks. Completely utterly ignoring any and all safety, he holds them and then lights several only to let go! Zoooooom! Pop! Sparkles everywhere! Boom!

"Now this is a /real/ party!" Comes Mike-san proudly.

Behind one of Infinity's empty buildings, a big recycling bin lights on fire. No one seems to notice yet.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 03:09:37 9001
Vespa give a thumbs up to Hanna's mom, while still muching on her peice. It's good! She start tapping her foot along to the music. Hey fireworks! She hms walking over to Cerelia. "You okay? She looks a bit concered.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 03:13:10 9002
     Maeko keeps that warm and friendly smile as Ao asks if she's a magical girl, which just widens. "Yes, of a sort. I don't believe I'm the same as your friend though." Maeko says, listening to Ao as she speaks. If she can heal her? Hmm. She shifts slightly, lifting her hands to wrap around Ao in return, returning that hug. It wasn't a warm hug, in fact, the doll was cold.

     "I can't heal you. That will be up to yourself if you can truly recover. I can remove the poison that is slowly devouring you, though. Like many medicines, this will be incredibly unpleasant." Maeko says honestly. She was giving Ao a warning. Which was kind of her. Ao might also notice that the arms around her were not budging or ending the hug, so if Ao had any second thoughts...

                It was too late.

     What Ao probably can't see, is the large cruelly-curved cleaver that was forming in the Forsaken Doll's hand. What she likely can't feel is the sudden spike of intense dark energy. Those outside might be able to though. Maeko lifts one hand off of Ao's back. "Grit your teeth. You would not want to bite your tongue." She whispers into Ao's ear, her tone filled with dark sweetness. Malice. Danger. All of those suddenly flooded out of the dall immediately, all at once.

     Her blade suddenly would be stabbed towards the center of Ao's back. Intent on stabbing through the center of the curse on the girl, and sending it straight into her own body. Luckily, this was Maeko's blade. The stab itself wouldn't be particularly painful or dangerous. However... tearing that curse torn out so forcefully... it would likely be agonizing. In addition to this, the core of Ao's magical energy is similarly torn. Needless to say, the girl would likely be in a terrible state as Maeko slowly pulls that blade out, releasing her with her arm. "Make sure you get plenty of rest, little girl. You're going to need it, if you hope to recover." She then turns towards the door. With such malice and darkness -- she was expecting it to burst open any moment now. And that would be fine. She had what she came for. Such a wonderful curse. It would work wonderfully for helping her own mature.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-31 03:22:53 9003
Mamoru gets a plate shoved at him, and his eyes widen; he takes it and steps back into the crowd, fishing out his hashi and then very deliberately using them to eat his pulled pork at Hannah who is busy singing and can't see him anyway. But, you know. He's pretty sure it'll make her itch regardless.

Then randomly, there's a huge BOOM and fireworks sounds and then fireworks, and-- having been expecting some kind of attack because when DON'T things get attacked-- instantly freezes and goes on guard, but then it's fireworks and he eats more food to cover his embarrassm--

--dark energy. A lot of it. Very concentrated. That direction.

It's with careful deliberation that Mamoru puts his plate down, then wanders off cleaning his hashi and putting them away.

Guess he left the party.

Meanwhile, as soon as he's out of sight, Mamoru breaks into a run, henshining as he goes. A couple of seconds later, he enters through a different door, going around to come into the kitchen from the back. Those theater kids, you know? So crazy.
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 03:28:40 9005
Cerelia watches as Vespa dashes towards the pig. She doesn't know what the huge rush is, she's pretty sure they're not going to run out of pig any time soon. "Yes, it is but if you don't like salty things I'm not sure if you would be into it."

She suddenly jumps a bit and her ears fold back a bit as she suddenly hears the fireworks. She doubts those are legal but she's not going to commen. Instead she shakes her head a bit and tries to drown out the noise before turning her attention back to Haruna. "That's a bit annoying, oh yes I'm Cerelia Veloce. It's a pleasure."
Yuko Minami 2015-08-31 03:29:21 9006
     Looking over at Hannah's mom with a mouthful of cracklin, Yuko blinks a few times before grinning at the woman and nodding. She starts to say something, but pauses to actually swallow what she's eating before speaking up properly. "Mmhm! You cooked this, right, miss?" As if on cue, she even takes another bite of cracklin! So crunchy~

     And then the fireworks are starting! That's definitely not going to go ignored by Yuko, either. She lets out an impressed "whoa" as they go off, even missing her mouth once while trying to take a small sip of soda. Good thing she's got her work apron on!

     Alas, she can't enjoy the food and entertainment for too long after noticing the sudden flood of dark energy coming from the kitchen. After asking a random student for directions to the bathroom, Yuko is off! One flashy (yet indoor) transformation sequence later, and Cure Boost is... Still not quite at the scene!

     She'll get there eventually, though, and as if on cue, she bursts right in from that door Maeko's watching! There's no need for stealth here.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 03:42:42 9008
Cure Gull ahs! "Then hi! Cerelia-san!" she says with a smile! And then fireworks!? Ek! They scare her! But.. oh, awesome. So pretty and loud and----

Corvus's eyes light up. "Huh!?" yeah. Corvus just speaks outloud in the center of all these people. Cerelia might be able to hear that much with how close she is to Haruna atm. It's not a full sentence. But----

"Haruna. I feel a dark power!" he whispers into her air. "Dark..power? Terribad? Here!?" she asks with wide eyes quietly and looks up, down, left, right all around. "No.. something else. Over there." he whispers and points. Wait.. isn't that... where......

"!!!!!!!!" Haruna bolts forward suddenly and hard and almost seems to be on Mamoru's heels off behind buildings. But she's too involved with fiddling with her PreChanMirror.

"R..Rollin' Mirror Change!" she says as she spins the mirrored ball----

There's a flashy and seafoam green henshin sequence here as soon she's sort of flying forward and trying to get to that door. She may or may not pass Tuxedo Kamen in her franticness-- also. There's Cure Boost there and incoming. So she wasn't the only one that sensed that. Okay. Good. She really hopes this isn't something bad happening to Ao....

...and hopes they're not too late.

She's begining to feel really guilty suddenly. These are bad feelings she doesn't like feeling.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 03:44:14 9009
Vespa takes a sip on her drink looking at Cerelia and Haruna. "Who is your freinds Haruna?", she asks. Then suddenly she feels something over there. She curses to herself unsure what do at the moment. She watches at Haruna runs off. "Was it something she ate?"

She looks at Cerelia "Did you feel that?", Vespa looks quite concered.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 03:45:45 9010
Ao blinks, confusion reigning. "So it'll hurt? Uhmm, maybe we should reconsi...AHHHHH!" That knife stabs, and her magic is ripped away. Her body convulses as if having a seizure, and luckily there's no tongue-biting! Then the cleaver's being torn out, and Ao bonelessly falls to the ground, like a puppet with its strings cut. She lays there, unmoving, barely breathing. She was already weak.

The burst of dark energy almost makes Hannah miss a line, but she recovers as she sings. There's less energy in it. A mental conversation with Boris, and the big dog is suddenly trotting off towards the school, likely right beside Cure Gull!

Thus, it's a big, old siberian husky that bursts into the kitchen with a growl of menace, seeking out the source of so much power!

Mamoru, for his part, gets a glare from Miss Sharpe.

"That ain't no way to eat a hog! Git back here!" She calls out, but to no avail.

She will find you, however, Mamo-kun. You will have ribs. /Without a fork/!

Yuko gets a much wider grin. "Me, my little girl, my pa and mum, and my husband!" Comes the woman, puffing her chest a bit.

Then Yuko's off.

"...This some kinda Japanese thing? Just rushin' off from a party?" She ponders aloud.

Hannah, finally, ends her song. Almost immediately she excuses herself! She's quick to find a convenient alleyway. Not too hard to do: as there's suddenly a commotion, and Hannah's dad has a fire extinguisher!

"Oh calm down ya'll! It's just a tiny fire!" A tiny, dumpster-sized fire!

One henshin later, and she too runs towards the kitchen!

Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 03:50:47 9011
"I could do without the noise but I'm okay, I felt something strange too. Do you think we should step-in too?" Cerelia figures things are enough of a mess already. Plus, she doesn't really know anyone here besides Vespa. Still she would back her friend up if she wants to get involved. She's pretty sure she's missing something here.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 03:54:11 9012
Vespa hmms for a second. "Coudn't hurt Let's go!", and she rushes toward the kitchen somehwere along the way finding a isloated spot to henshin before she arrives after everyone else, her huge axe in hand.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 03:56:00 9013
     Spikes of energy. Sounds like people are coming to react to her drawing of power. Excellent. She shifts slightly, her carving knife held carefully. Let's see. How many were going to arrive. Ah! Right there! One bursting right through, right on time! Two... three! She shifts, pulling at her clothing, which tears off and mysteriously turns into the forsaken doll's normal outfit! It might be a bit comical.

    <My my. It seems that you're right on time, heroes.>

     The doll says, her voice full of amusement. She lifts her hand, snapping her fingers rather unceremoniously. She moves her hands, dark magic intent on lifting Ao. The dark magic wouldn't /hurt/ the girl. She was already unconscious and barely breathing, and Maeko didn't have any particular grudge against this one. What she does do, however, is possibly worse!

                <Here, catch!>

     And ... that dark magic flings Ao towards the husky and two magical girls at the doorway! It's ... actually more of a toss than an outright fling. The girl wouldn't be hurt much if she isn't caught. One thing immediately obvious about Ao though? She was cleansed. There was no more dark energy, no more curse, nothing plaguing the girl beyond exhaustion and a lack of energy.

     <If you know what's good for that girl, and the one unconscious in the classroom on the third floor... you should ignore me, and get them to a place to properly rest. They're going to need it.>

     Maeko says, her voice relatively cheerful. She had just devoured a Curse. Her own Curse was on the pathway to becoming stronger! It was a reason to be happy, and to maybe be so happy she didn't even want to cause any unnecessary pain! ... ... ... Naaaaaah! Maeko lifts that carving knife of hers, a malicious grin flashing over her face. <Of course... if you DO want to play... I would be happy to oblige.> She calls out cheerfully. Rather than dash in and attack though, a pair of balls of dark energy fly out of her blade, thin strings forming between them and the Forsaken Doll's free hand. If they weren't puppets, the Youma summoned might even be cute, as they looked like two tiny rabbits... each one holding a dual-sided sword, little hands holding the inside of the ring in the center.

    Hopefully threats and distractions would be enough. There were too many heroes for Maeko to waste time fighting.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-08-31 04:00:35 9014
Mikoto was -just- about to get hold of a steaming plateful of pork and other goodies when -schlorp- goes the local energy spectrum. And Hannah's rushing off, and so are a handful of other people. Well, -drat-, as her oh-so-proper mother would insist she say, rather than something obscene and probably in English. "Excuse me," she says to the person carving the meat, "I just need to, you know."

It doesn't take her long to find a quiet place to transform, and get a quick scan of the area. Evil doesn't wait, and neither does barbeque.
Yuko Minami 2015-08-31 04:05:16 9015
     It seemed Cure Boost wasn't the only one to notice those strange, dreadful feelings coming from the inside of the school! Her confidence bolstered even with doubts lingering in her head (along with some confusion at Boris being there somehow), she spies the fallen Ao before turning her head to Maeko. "What did you do to her?" She extends her hands in preparation to bring out her shields, but her concentration is interrupted by the sight of Ao... Floating? No, it looked more like she was being lifted somehow!

     And then Ao's in flight not long after that. It's probably for the best that Cure Boost didn't get those shields out, as she moves (relatively) quickly to try and catch the girl before she hits the ground. As clunky and unwiedly as her weapons of choice are, she does provide Ao with a solid, yet soft landing point!

     She's even got her in a princess carry and everything. "You won't get away with this... Uh. Yooou!" At the sight of those demonic rabbit things, she glances between those and Cure Gull behind her several times before muttering quietly to the latter. "... What should we do?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-31 04:14:27 9016
Tuxedo Kamen really should have known there'd be an overabundance of magical girls here -- whether or not anyone passed him, which was unlikely since he didn't go via the door Maeko was looking at, the tall boy hangs back by the door he does get to, watching and listening. Girl on the third floor?

Finally, he does stick his head in, actually wearing the hat right now, primarily so he can tip it. "I'll see to the girl upstairs," he calls in cheerfully. "Miss White should be here any second-- I think I hear her yelling for Ao-chan-- so you go ahead and play rough with the evil doll."

With that, he puts his hat back on his head, winks, and vanishes into the labyrinth of Infinity's corridors.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 04:16:35 9017
Cure Gull arrives at Boost's side--- who catches Ao. She trusts boost. She's a Pretty Cure... like she is! Right.. Blue said that--- she could always trust a Pretty Cure! Even if she didn't know them. But the weird being... and the rabbits and-----

"G..get Ao-chan out of here...!" she says through gritted teeth....

Her hands clench. She can feel something welling up into her--- something from deep inside....

"Dark beings..... who abuse the trust of young girls.... to trick them into rooms for dispicable reasons to hurt.....IS UNFORGIVEABLE!" she says as she points at Maeko.

"AND THE WINGS OF HOPE.... THAT FLY OVER THE SEA... I, CURE GULL WILL BE YOUR OPPONENT!" she says with crystal clear clarity!

Her Love PreBrace lets loose a flash of seafoam green light. Not attacking, but she's shaking in abouslte anger for a moment.
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 04:21:22 9018
Leave to Vespa to rush into action, still Cerelia said that she would come along with her. She transforms into her armor and draws her javelin, hopefully it wouldn't be necessary but there's no sense into rushing into unprepared either. She's slower than her fellow Arcane Heroine all that armor isn't light after all.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-31 04:23:28 9020
Around the time Ao goes flying into Boost's arms, Miss White busts in, Device in hand. At first, Maeko is utterly ignored, and she's right beside Cure Boost. She'll gently take the girl from the PreCure, hugging her tight. There's no words to Boost, but the gaze is plain: honest thankfulness at the girl having saved her friend. And Cure Gull is right here, too, angry and facing down the creature that she gathers hurt Ao.

Even as she possessively cradles the girl, the glare that's sent Maeko's way is venemous and dark. Her magical aura darkens to near pitch black, only the presence of Familiar and trusted Pretty Cures bringing her somewhat back to her senses.

"...Whatever you are, next time we meet, I'm going to rip off your limbs one by one! Boost-chan, Gull-chan, beat that /THING/ down!" She snarls out, and then she's running, holding Ao as she struggles to whip out a cellphone. Ao needs to be at a hospital, and soon.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 04:30:17 9021
     Catching Ao is likely relatively easy! It was a relatively gentle toss, really. Ao didn't look like her hated past owner, so she had been relatively gentle, even if it was still horrifying! Cure Boost's question is responded to ... relatively honestly, <I removed her curse. Removing curses is an unpleasant process.> Maeko responds with a helpless shrug. Nevermind the fact she /could/ have done it less unpleasantly. But she doesn't mention that fact.

     The struggling on what to call her gets a simple response from Maeko. <I am the Forsaken Doll, Maeko.> Maeko says, giving a cheerful little smile towards Cure Boost. Of course, the fact that she oozes pure malice... probably didn't make that smile feel even remotely as innocent as it might otherwise.

     And then... there is a Tux who shows up suddenly, just poking his head in like he owned the place! ... Well okay. He's not going to directly be a danger. Right then! She glances towards him, but then he's gone! Once Tuxedo finds the girl on the third floor...! ... She's actually relatively alright. She's just sitting at a desk in a classroom, slumped over a study book, and completely unconscious. She's breathing shallowly, and is generally showing all of the signs of having been energy drained! ... Even though Maeko stole her clothing to impersonate her, Maeko had the decency to wrap the girl in a towel, as well!

     Cure Gull. She speaks of getting Ao out of there! Maeko doesn't seem particularly interested in stopping that, either. Cure Gull stands there, accusing her of abusing the trust of young girls! <I did nothing outside of what I told her I would do. I removed her curse.> She retorts cheerfully, watching that seafoam green light, basking in that anger and those negative emotions. It was excellent.

     And it was only magnified by Miss White's arrival. That pitch black aura. That venomous and dark glare. <That sounds fun, so much hatred and anger in you. If I didn't know better, I might think you had a curse too.> For all the joy and cheerfulness she was getting out of this ... she didn't seem to be actually attacking just yet. She was waiting for the magical girls to all flood into that choke point that is the door.

     She shifts her hand forward. Once Ao was out of the way, those two rabbits were suddenly sent flying towards the group of girls! As they flew, they slid those large rings over their body. The blades begin to spin rapidly around their waists, as they fly towards the doorway! Like a pair of sawblades, sent towards the group of people there. As those two rabbit-doll youma dash forward? Maeko dashes towards the door that Tuxedo Kamen had just poked his head through. Because this wasn't an ideal situation to fight. Among other things, being in a small area meant she could get cornered.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 04:33:57 9022
Vespa can hear the sounds of fighting as she get closer. She shouts back ot Cereelia. "i'll make a entrace okay?", she lifs her axe up and cuts a hole in one of the walls! Dust and debree go flying everywhere! She coughs lightly as the dust she stured up. "Mabye that wasn't the best idea after all..", she steps thought hole she just made. It's pretty easy to spot who the villan was. She points her axe at the doll. "I'm not sure what excatly is going on here but I can't let you continue!
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-08-31 04:37:05 9023
And Ms White's departure crosses paths with Ms Blue's arrival, as Mikoto makes her way into the building to check out the waves of magic she's been feeling from it. Three youma, one of them fleeing... and that one's probably the mastermind, and it's always annoying to let one of those get away. They tend to come back with more minions. "Excuse me," she says. Just because she's a magical girl talking to a youma doesn't mean she can't be polite. "Would you mind stopping this? People are trying to have a party downstairs, and you're bothering them."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 04:44:25 9026
Cure Gull just continues to make a fist... this voice--- sounding like Corvus did in her head when---- NRG! NO!

These creatures attack as she thrusts her hand upwards...."GULL FEATHER BARRIER.....!" she calls out. Wind and white feathers coming up around her as she jumps back from the attacking Youmas- letting the barrier keep them away--- And Maeko is running away!?


Did that magical girl just bust through a wall!?

That is kind of cool- and really, it breaks her anger and justice fueling demeanor for just a moment before---oh right. Youma and.. whatever Maeko is--- is getting away! Her wings burst out from the bow on her back and she suddenly takes straight off after her. But Maeko has a lot of a head start, ten to one, she isn't going to reach her in time.

"I WON'T FORGIVE ANYONE WHO HURTS MY FRIENDS!" she cries out in desperation.

She seems to not have heard Mikoto's request. She's screaming at the top of her lungs!
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 04:50:47 9027
Cerelia waits for Vespa to make an entrance before following beside her. Did a doll really cause all this trouble? This wasn't really the best place for her to fight either with all these people around. If she throws her javelin someone's likely to get in the way. "Would someone mind explaining to me what's going on here?" It wouldn't certainly hurt to clear things up with all the chaos going on around them.
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 04:56:52 9028
     <I've already done what I came to do! There's nothing to continue.> Is Maeko's simple response to Vespa, as she quickly pulls open that door, closing it behind her as she moves! Meanwhile, those two rabbit Youma continue towards the doorway, holding their little double-sided blades! Mikoto isn't even responded to, because Maeko is rude! Or something! Mostly because she's just trying to run. As Cure Gull dashes towards the doorway that Maeko was escaping through...

     Those two Rabbit Doll Youma move to immediately intercept Cure Gull, brandishing their blades towards her, the spear-tipped swords held facing towards them! They give little noises that sound somewhat similar to 'Chuk-chuuuu!' ... It's probably supposed to be dangerous-sounding, or at least it's probably their intent! However, ultimately, they probably just sound absolutely adorable. Nevermind the fact they were trying to ward off the heroes! To make their ability to ward them off easier... the two rabbits are even standing on each other's heads! Together, they were almost human-sized! Maybe!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 05:06:28 9029
Cure Gull is waylaid again... she can't even...!!!!!

She just unleashes a horribly strong Precure Punch into the rabbit on top, as she draws back her arm again, "GULL WINDY PUNCH.....!" she calls out as she throws a large spiraling punch of Wind and Feathers down the hallway, ripping items off the side of the hall as feathers and wind shoot down the hallway-- trying to dispose of these weird doll-like youma...

She talks to Vespa and Cerelia. "T...That thing ... hurt my friend!" she seethes out. "I'm never going to catch that thing...." she says in anger.

She seethes--- she can't even. See Maeko now at this point to try to unleash something unpleasent at her.

"I...I don't think I can catch her. These... stupid......RABBITS!" she screams out as that wind intensifies- she hasn't actually stopped that attack yet.
Vespa Rayne 2015-08-31 05:07:54 9030
Vepsa too late? Darn it! She watches as the doll leaves. "Hey get back here!" , she takes out her frustation on one of the rabbit slashing at it with her axe.
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 05:11:53 9031
"Go after her, we'll deal with the rabbits." Cerelia pokes her javelin at the other rabbit. She's not sure if Gull can catch up at this point but she knows she's not going to get very far with the rabbits in the way. Between Vespa and her they should be able to handle them right?
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-08-31 05:14:45 9032
Mikoto - or Ms Blue, or whatever - shakes her head. Clearly there are plenty of people here to handle a couple of rabbits. Going after the mastermind is much more important. She turns to pursue Maeko, muttering that English curse she suppressed earlier. Will she -never- get that tasty, juicy, spicy barbecue?
Misa Sakagami 2015-08-31 05:29:16 9033
     Cure Gull sends Gull Windy Punch at the two little rabbit Youma! They ... weather it surprisingly well, really! They /were/ Youma, after all! Even if they were small! The two were pinned against the door though! Which ... mostly just helped to keep the door closed right now! 'Kuk-kree!' the two dolls cry out in unison, shifting their swords up together into a defensive pose -- as that axe comes in, the blades catch it! Relatively ineffectively, really. They're pushed MORE against that door, which begins to buckle!

     That javelin poking at the other rabbit hits it! And strikes... wood/porceline or something of the sort! Well. They /were/ dolls. So it was likely easy to make that assumption! Following Maeko through that door alone would be difficult. Those rabbits were still in the way. That is, until they just... disappear, mysteriously.

     Most likely because Maeko is beginning to get out of range! But it could be easy to assume it was because of the damage dealt to them! Still; once they got out into the hall, it would be easy to see that Maeko was almost to the main exit of the building, as she had been more or less just booking it!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-31 05:38:49 9034
Cure Gull seeths as the rabbit youma dissapear and then she just collapses to the ground to her knees. Corvus looks down at Gull... "Gull....." he says concerned.

"....is this how it felt to those people... when I was draining souls?..." she says to him. Corvus remains quiet for a moment.

"White-san is going to be upset at me... I should...I should go make sure they're okay." she says. She turns to the others.

"Thank you for your help..." is all she can say to the others, as she lifts off her feet and takes down the corridor. When she's outside she bolts off into the sky.
Cerelia Veloce 2015-08-31 05:46:23 9035
"Draining souls...? She wonder what Gull is referring to now. Everyone's being cryptic, of course the fact Cerelia hasn't been around that long doesn't help either. She figures it would be a good idea to leave as well before she gets any unwanted attention. They would have to deal with the doll another time.