Worrying Late At Night And In The Morning.

After 'The Core of the Mater', Nanoha wakes up to a worried Fate and finds out her linker core is fubar'ed. Maybe it's a good time to use the downtime to finish setting up 'The Aces'. And to also tease Fate-chan. Both those things.

Date: 2018-12-09
Pose Count: 12
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-12-09 22:12:31 101490
After having her Linker core stolen, Nanoha was brought by Akari to the Waldian's safe room, primarily because that's where Fate lived. She'd not wake up until morning--- and that wake up was with a start and shooting up to a upwards position in a cold sweat, before suddenly slumping back down.

"A...argh---" she mutters. "...moh.." she mutters. She feels like she's been hit by a metaphorical truck if not a physical one. She looks around. The locale is familiar. "F--fate-chan?" she mutters out. "...What happened? I was in a warehouse and there we're these others and----" she feels feverish.

She almost instinctively places hand to the middle of her torso. Why does she vaguely remember a hand being through her? There's no wound there, as far as she can feel right now.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-12-09 22:21:02 101491
Fate T. Waldia was hilarously worried when Akari had dropped Nanoha off at some point late in the evening. She'd maintained a vigil in a chair beside Nanoha and had eventually, at some point, succumbed to the horrid demon called 'Tiredness' and was slumped a little against a fluffy puff of wolf familiar named Arf.

Nanoha's words stirred her fairly quickly. Honed reflexes causing her to shoot up straight awake without immediate tell tale signs of grogginess.

Really, it's hard to cast such reflexes aside when you've had them all your life. Oh...!

"Nanoha-chan! You're awake!" says the blonde twintailed girl as she stood up and placed a hand to Nanoha's forehead. No fever, but her general visual state still worries her. "You we're attacked... Akari-chan said that-- you had your linker core stolen. I was worried. Bardiche said you'd be fine-- and you we're already starting to show signs of... restoration."

"I think I fell asleep though, thoough it's explanation." she says quietly. "But..." she says.

"You're physically fine. I think. How do you feel?" she asks with wide eyed concern.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-12-09 22:25:24 101493
Nanoha gently blinks at Fate as she relaxes. "I feel like... a bakery truck hit me..." she says quietly as she slumps back in the bed as she listens to Fate's explanation and then shoots back to sitting. "Wait, my linker core was stolen!?" she sputters out.

She feels over herself again and then raises her hand and tries to materialize Raising Heart into standby. Nope. Nothing. Raising Heart is in power saving mode. That's... very very bad.

"...I can't...use magic!? Right now!?" she asks with worried eyes. "Why did they do that!? That doesn't make sense!" she sputters out dramatically.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-12-09 22:36:19 101495
Fate T. Waldia shakes her head lightly. "Your linker core is regenerating but it's going to be slow. I don't think you'll be able to use any major magic until it gets more along in it's restoration." she says softly. "Akari-chan mentioned a book of some sort, filling with your linker core? Something like that. Bardiche isn't familiar. She said something about a Belkan myth?" she says quietly.

"We should ask Yuuno soon. He'd know I bet, something relating to a 'Belkan Myth'." she says a little stiltedly as she gently leaned a hand over to grasp Nanoha's hand. "I was...." she says still in that stilted tone. "Worried. She just came in here with you suddenly." she says softly.

"I passed out, after being up so long- after Bardiche finished his initial scans and assured me nothing permenant had happened to you..." she says.

Tiredness is entering her voice finally, now that the adrenline of the sudden wake up is wearing off. "Do you need anything?" she asks. "Food? I can go get food." she says.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-12-09 22:42:25 101497
Nanoha gently grasps the offered hand and squeezes. "I feel like a truck hit me, but I feel... okay otherwise." she admits. She says this with moroseness. "...glad I don't have any reason to worry about anyone coming after me while I'm like this." she says. She can't think of anyone immediately upset with her enough to do that.

Riventon maybe? But that seems unlikely. "...I wonder why they took my linker core... I remember..." she rubs her head. "-- not much I guess... but.. something sad?... apologetic? I'm sorry, Fate-chan. That whole thing is a mess. I'm sure I'll remember more after a rest." she listens to Fate's explanation.

Belkan? "Yeah, we should ask Yuuno as soon as possible." she says softly. "-- something to drink and eat would be nice Fate-chan, thank you!" she smiles wide, well. As wide as her currently weak and tired state with allow!
Fate T. Waldia 2018-12-09 22:50:24 101498
Fate T. Waldia nods and takes off downstairs. Arf is still sleeping off the side of the chair. She won't be a problem right now. Fate returns with a bowl of oatmeal- where a banana and some sugar has been added and a glass of milk. It's nothing fancy-- the oatmeal is instant. Fate T. Waldia is a baker maybe but most certainly no cook. She leaves that to the others in the Waldian household.

"Here, Nanoha-chan." she says with a smaller smile. "I agree. We can call Yuuno over later. I already called your parents and told them you we're staying over." she says quietly. "So no worry about that."

She does eye Nanoha a moment as she looks back down then back up. "It is..." she blushes. "it is a silly worry... but have you... told your parents. About us? I felt like...."

"I was dancing around it. On the call. For some reason." she says as she looks back down to the ground a moment as she lets Nanoha eat her food. Why is she even worrying about that right now? Maybe it'd just come up in her head when she mentioned calling Nanoha's parents.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-12-09 22:58:00 101500
Nanoha digs into oatmeal and a glass of milk. It may aswell be an elaborate steak dinner because she almost ravenously begins to dig into it. She only catches herself with a blush as she starts to slow down her eating only when she's halfway through the bowl. She coughs a bit politely. Look, a restoring linker core needs a lot of food!

"Huh?" she says with a whew. "Oh, I didn't even think about that yet! Thank you Fate." she says with a sigh. "No need to worry my parents." she says with a short breath. Then Fate seems to worry about....

Well it isn't a silly thing to worry about and it causes Nanoha to blush as she eats, using the excuse of finishing her oatmeal and placing the dishes aside to consider it. "It isn't silly to ask that Fate." she says with a smile.

"...I have not told them outright?" she says quietly. "But my parents are observant. I've never really felt like I had to tell them anything like that. I feel like... they just know? I mean even...."

"About the magic things I sometimes feel like they know something is going on there." she admits. "I mean..."

"Do you want... me to tell them outright, Fate-chan? I will. If you want." she says as she reaches out a hand to take Fate's hand again... then gives it a little series of tugs. "Come here..." she says softly. She's trying to tug Fate onto the bed, trying to tug her into a hug- though weakly in her current state. Fate's gonna need to go along with this if she wants said hug.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-12-09 23:04:57 101502
Fate blinks as her hand is taken and there's a series of tugs and she gently slips upwards out of her seat near Nanoha and lets herself slide up next to Nanoha and then into the hug with a blush. She closes her eyes and just hugs weakly back. Not for want of giving a hug, but she also doesn't know how strong or weak Nanoha is without her magic. She doesn't want to crush her.

Nanoha explains her reasons for... apparently not telling her parents. "I think you're right. At least on that part. At least I think your father would notice by now." she says. It's something she noticed. How observant Mister Takamachi was about everything. Something that reminded her more of a 'warrior' or a 'solider' than a 'baker' at times. It always made her wonder. Was he a mid-chidian? It would explain why Nanoha was the way she was magically- that sort of bloodline.

She continues. "But... maybe we could tell them together when I visit when we talk to Yuuno?" she asks sheepishly. "I just don't want to feel. Like I'm hiding something. I don't want to hide things anymore. Not without good reason. And I can't think of a good reason to not tell them." she says.

"We don't need to tell them everything I mean, just. That we're dating and... things like that." she says. Arf's ears flick. Don't even think about it Arf. Not right now.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-12-09 23:10:43 101503
Nanoha gently holds Fate close. She closes her eyes and just relaxes. Yeah... that's helping her worried state. She gently opens her eyes as she smiles weakly. "We can tell them, then. I mean, yeah. No need to tell them... how we met. I mean...." she says quietly. "How would we even explain 'we first met when we fought over a giant cat and also there was a magic princess who adopted you later there too.' to mom and dad?" she gives a little silly giggle.

She taps her forehead to Fate's own and closes her eyes again. "....sorry I worried you. I think... I was dumb. I have the impression I thought whoever those people we're, might be friends. Maybe they still are? If they're... stealing a form of energy..." she says.

"There might be a good reason for that, besides... 'wanting to be strong'. I mean. Maybe it's another situation like with Runealy? Where they're trying to drain energy for a good reason?" she asks.

"If they are. We should help, but... if they're stealing people's ability to use magic, it can leave people defenseless too." she says.

"Another reason to hurry up and get the Aces on track faster." she says with a curt nod as she leans back.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-12-09 23:21:52 101505
Fate blushes a lot when Nanoha touches her forehead to her own. She gently peers back into Nanoha's eyes, and keeps them there even when Nanoha closes her eyes those few moments. She then opens them and nods. "Alright." she says as she gently leans back and just gives a little sigh. Happy, despite the situation. Worried, yes. But... she can watch Nanoha while she regenerates- and if she can't, Arf can for her. IF she has to, she can ask one of the Knights to keep watch, right?

Sometimes it's good to be a princess. Sometimes. "You're right. I invited Akari-chan, and Akari-chan supposedly invited Mikoto-chan. But Mikoto-chan has been unreachable. I think something happened. I'm not sure." she says with a hint of graveness to her voice. "I'll ask Akari-chan about it." she says.

"But you're right. I need to still ask Runealy-chan about the store. See if she still has any stake in it we can exploit. Regardless, if she doesn't, we can probably aquire it properly- to assurge worry there of accidently being discovered."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-12-09 23:26:09 101506
Nanoha blushes a little as she stares into red eyes, but then gently shakes it off and relax. "I'm going to use this downtime to put more work into that." she says. She yawns wide. "That oatmeal helped but I think I need more... hold on..." she says as she moves to sit up properly and test her footing...

Okay. She can walk just fine. She feels a little tired, but she isn't falling over, not loosing her balance. "Come on Fate, let's go get something to eat.. and then we'll figure out how I'm gonna tell mom and dad about you..."

"M--maybe... that.... I'm in love with you... romantically..." she says with a little bit of a teasing smile, knowing as she begins to walk out of the room.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-12-09 23:29:22 101507
Fate just stares with a blush at Nanoha as she leaves. "I...I swear you.. misunderstand and... use some words.. that someone told you and you... never escpae it!" she says with a large HUFF at Nanoha as she stamps out after her.

Probably to also give her a mauling hug for the tease.