Youma so bad that we beat her up

Masu runs into a Youma who DOESN'T like her. Unfortunately, she's not able to become Tarnished at the moment. Fortunately, Joy and Mara are there to save the day!

Date: 2018-12-10
Pose Count: 28
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 01:07:21 101528
Masu Yogoshi had been... trying to endure. Her head hurting and aching and, more or less... She'd been miserable. Trying to calm herself. On the up side, the pain HAD been decreasing.. Slowly. A bit more of it going away every day. And she felt, within a week or two, she might be better, fully. Or a month. Who knew? Either way, right now she wasn't in the best mood.

Which was why she had been surprised when the youma appeared. She couldn't tell where it had come from. Some kind of weird... Candy cane monster. Holiday despair, she idley thought...

Until she told it to stand down. And instead it had impaled a candy cane sword into the wall that she naroowly avoided.

Which was why, now, Masu was hiding with her back against a tree as the youma prowled, trying to find her. She held her breath...

She could transform, but she was still heavily wounded and she did not want to risk the dark energy dealing more damage. And calling for help... Well, that required her to have her phone. Which, she did have! Unfortunately, it'd been powered off... And when it powered on ,it made this REALLY awful beeping sound. And she was trying to avoid getting caught. Which meant be silent. She closed her eyes and hoped it would go away...
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 01:21:30 101532
    Mara had taken a day trip outside of Tokyo to get a breath of fresh air. She had been focusing pretty hard on school, and not enough on getting rid of witches.

    The last time Mara was in a fight, she had lost an eye, and didn't have a way to regenerate it since her soul gem was pretty corrupted at that point.

    At this point, Mara had seen a strange monster chasing someone into the forest of the area she was at. She had let out a sigh, looked for the closest place to henshin in private.

    All armored up, and ready to go with her great axe, Mara wastes no time darting into the woods as she starts to go hunting for a candy cane monster? That is what Mara thinks she saw anyway.

    Once Mara is far enough away from people she slows down as she doesn't want to really be spotted by anyone like this, and definitely doesn't want pictures to be an issue. Her armor does make a bit of noise as she walks around, and with her being a fearless Puella, "Here monster monster monster!" She grins, and it was a wicked grin. "I need something to play with~~! I haven't got to chop something up in quite a while~~." Her eyes dart from one direction, and to another, scanning behind every tree, and listening to any sounds that aren't coming from her.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 01:30:32 101535
Miho has been patrolling the forests outside of Tokyo proper, in part because it's quieter and there are smaller crowds. (So, basically the same reason as Masu.) But now, she senses something dark, and her patrol suddenly becomes more urgent. Let's see, it has a different sort of 'flavor' from a youma-bot ...

However, as she flies just below the treetops, she chances upon someone else first. "Yogoshi-san!" she hisses urgently, her clear and bright voice lowered almost to a whisper as she comes in for a landing. "Are you all right?" And she's ... wearing a completely different outfit!? Her mint-green frilly sailor uniform has been replaced by a white and jade-green witch costume; her wand is longer, more elaborate, all gold, and the heart-shaped sapphire has been replaced by one that seems to be glowing emerald.

She frowns, peering into the trees as she hears Mara's voice. "... that ... doesn't sound like any of the magical people I've fought alongside or against," she says, slightly uneasy at the tone. "That basically almost sounds like another monster, actually."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 01:43:33 101540
Masu Yogoshi was not having a good day. And then.... Miho. She closed her eyes, deep breath. Nope. This was a GOOD thing. Despite her current, massive headache, Joy couldn't make it worse. Okay, she could. But she WOULDN'T. Probably. ANYWAY! She relaxed and smiled up at her. "I am very thankful you are here. There is a... strange monster nearby. And I am not exactly capable of fighting it. At least, I think having someone like me fighting it would end poorly. Monsters, I believe, are your field."

She then blinked...

"I mean... if the monster wants to kill the monster trying to stab me, it's already liked more than the one that tried to stab me..." she mumbled softly. "I'll stay here in hiding. Okay?" she asked. What? She was a CIVILIAN. She didn't DO heroics.

MAra, on the other hand... Got her wish! There was a rustle of bushes. And then... The monter, some kind of festive candy cane beast, came leaping out! Swinging a pair of hooked candy cane swords at her!
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 01:49:32 101543
    Mara stops, and turns to look at those bushes. She smirks a little bit, and starts to turn to face the bushes with a wide grin.

    Mara kinda just stands there as the strange, but tasty looking candy cane monster lunges at her. She only moves ever so slightly to let those candy cane swords glance off of her armor. She doesn't really want to use too much energy here to avoid corrupting her soul gem which oddly isn't visible..

    Mara doesn't counter attack yet, but only seems to take a couple of steps back after those swords glanced off of her armor. She only seems a little confused. "Surely you have more in you than that?" She leans her head to the side as her one good eye looks over the candy cane monster. "Strike like you mean it or I will split you down the middle!" She stops holding her axe with one hand, and moves to hold the haft with both hands as she now holds it in front of her instead of using her shoulder to support the large, metal object.

    Another crazy Puella!
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 01:56:08 101545
Miho nods, staring directly at the monster through the trees. "Right," she says. "I can sense it from here. I'll ... attack it from a random direction, and then try to drive it away into another direction." She shoots Masu a lopsided grin. "I mean, like, both monsters, if it comes to that."

And with that, she rises off the ground. "Oh right, my title has changed to Life Witch Joy, by the way." She glances down at herself. "... in ... case that wasn't obvious. Uh. Yeah!"

She zips off to her left, circles around, and flies forward, wand in hand. It isn't long before she comes across Mara and the candy-cane monster. She blinks. "Oh you have ..." She shakes her head. "Okay, first of all," she says, which is not a good way to start a justice speech, "candy is supposed to be a representation of times of, like, good cheer and all that! If you're going to ..." She pauses. "You aren't ..." She looks at Mara. "This thing isn't sentient, is it."

She sighs theatrically. "Well, it looks like in the name of the Life Blessing, we will halt the threat before us, even if the threat is not intelligent enough to understand us." Not wanting to risk hitting Mara with a ranged attack, she swoops down fist first, as a jade-green glow surrounds her hand! "Minty PUNCH!" she exclaims, following up the charge with a flurry of quick punches!
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 02:02:14 101547
Masu Yogoshi just stares at Joy. For the longest time. Long enough that, it was very obvious, that Masu did not see any point, or reason, to care that her title had changed. Or seemed to see why it was important right now. Probably making it all the worse for the nervous girl.

Finally, she nodded. "Con... gratulations?" she offered. And then the other girl was off! The yuema didn't even seem to care. The blows glanced off the armor, and it seemed that Mara had it at a disadvantage.... Then its hooked sword flew out, aiming to grab and yank the foot out from under Mara. Was, she was hard to get a hold of. But the creature, while not entirely intelligent, seemed to have some ability to plan. As it tried to drag her down and then go for the stab, trying to pin her with a blade to the ground. It didn't even seem to notice Joy... Which proved to be its mistake. As it would be struck before it could entirely launch its assault, being sent toppling forward and rolling on the ground, face first and skidding.

Masu peeped out from behind the tree, eying them.
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 02:11:50 101552
    Mara hears the two girls talking, and just rolls her eyes a little bit. It is apparent that she doesn't really even care at all. When that silly candy monster tries to pull her to the ground, she only seems to step forward with that hooked sword so it doesn't pull her off balance. This was a bad idea for the monster!

    Mara has no clue what Joy is up to, but it doesn't really matter, not at all! She hears the girl talking just as she is starting to lift the haft of her great axe up to lift the monster, she is hit, along with the monster. Those flurry of punches! What is this silly magical girl thinking!

    Mara gets hit right in the face with one of those punches which causes her head to turn, and well she stumbles and falls over. She didn't expect this. Mara can fight close quarters, or very close quarters. Either is fine with her, but to take friendly fire? Well, Joy might have some apologies to be handing out before Mara can get to her feet.

    Mara just seems to lay there on the ground, and growls the most angriest of growls.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 02:20:34 101554
Life Witch Joy promptly freezes up. "Oh jeez, I'm sorry!" she exclaims. She sees that the monster's down, and then basically forgets about it in the face of this new development. She lets go of her wand, and it sort of floats in midair where she left it as she lands. "I'm sorry! A-are you all right? D-did I hurt you? I-I'm a healer, that was mostly purification, I can help you out if I hurt you!" She holds a hand out to Mara, trying to fight mounting panic!

... mounting panic while there's an empath right there. This is probably not going to be good for Masu's headache.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 02:28:25 101559
Masu Yogoshi face palmed. These. THESE WERE THER PEOPLE WHO KEPT KICKING HER BUTT! She was LOSING to these people! WHY IN THE WORLD?! She never, ever felt as lame as she did right now... She glanced over and shook her head. "Can you two focus on--"

And it was at that moment that the youma struck. While they were distracted by each other's fighting... It lashed out, moving out to strike with both candy cane blades, stabbing at both of them...

Before launching itself away from them?! Why would it--

And lunging right at Masu. Why? Easy prey. She shrieked and tried to put the tree between them both. "JOY! WITCH! WHATEVER! DO YOUR JOB!"
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 02:34:13 101563
    Mara shakes her head a little bit, and well, she sees the candy cane swords coming. Her eyes widen a little bit, "Idiot!" She quickly moves to kick Joy out of the way so Joy doesn't get stabbed, but only manages to get stabbed in the stomach herself! Mara's reaction is only a slight wince when this happens.

    Mara jumps to her feet, even though there is blood running from her body, bright, red blood. With enhancing her speed, strength, and agility, she charges up behind that monster that is going after Masu. Her eye filled with rage, and she only sees red right now.. That monster is going to die if she has anything to say about it..

    The last thing that the monster should have done was turned it's back on Mara, and Puella.. As Mara comes up behind the monster, she swings her axe at it's head, neck, shoulders, wherever it is going to land in that area, it doesn't matter. She swings it hard, and fast enough she would probably cut down a couple of good sized trees in the process!
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 02:49:23 101568
In her panic, Life Witch Joy missed the incoming stab, and she yelps as Mara shoves her out of the way! She winces as Mara gets takes the hit, and she quickly darts into the sky! Okay, it looks like the other girl is down, Miho's going to need to heal her really quickly once they've ... uh ...

Okay, it looks like the other girl isn't down. And then immediately she thinks, Wait no, I forgot, I renamed that attack to 'Jade Punch', crap! Struggling to bring herself back up to speed, Joy mentally commands the wand to fly up to stay with her, and she swoops down off to the monster's side, landing on the wand like a surfboard -- and completely nullifying her speed and preventing herself from crashing! She didn't know she could do that!

She flips upside-down and grabs her wand. "Jade Barrage!" she exclaims, and the glowing emerald starts firing a stream of jade-green pellets of purifying light at the monster's lower half, since Mara has the upper half. They aren't that strong, but they're stronger than they used to be, and they make up for it in purification power. She cuts it off the instant there's the slightest chance of her ally getting hit by the crossfire.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 02:55:42 101570
Masu Yogoshi shrieked and ducked down as...

The youma was... Cleaved. In half. Pure in half. GEEZ! For a moment it almost became a more viscerial fight... Except the youma disappeared, appearing as a cleaved fully in half christmas tree, with candy canes and other things on it. Huh. Welp. Now they knew what that was...

Masu closed her eyes and took a long, slow, steadying breath. Then she reached down to her stomach, trying to ignore the pain of the stab through the stomach. Feebly, she slowly built up her walls. They burned. But not as much as her stomach did.

"Are you two okay?" she asked, as she slowly.... Let out a yelp as the tree she was hiding behind fell over. As did a few others. Cleaved by the monstrous ax.

She squeaked. "Is... it okay to come out, now?"
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 03:03:24 101572
    Mara's left foot plants into the ground to stop her movement, and she even slides a little bit. That stab wound doesn't really hurt right now given that she is able to use some power to cancel out the pain, but it will likely hurt later when she gets home... She makes note of the attacks that Joy used as well, specially that last one.

    Mara calms down a bit and her vision clears to the point where she can see straight. She is still angry, but she is looking at the monster, or what the monster really is.. "What the heck? How the heck did a Christmas tree turn into something like that?!" Her axe fades away, then the trees start to fall.. They weren't big ones, thankfully.

    She turns to look in Masu's direction, "Yes, it is safe to come out.." She then looks to Joy, "Watch what you do when you are in a fight, and don't throw punches blindly like that! Dressing up as a witch, I might actually have to see if you have a grief seed in you." She narrows her eyes at Joy for a moment before she peels off her armor a little bit to get to the clothing underneath to check her stab wound.. She doesn't seem to mind the other two see this.. She mumbles something quietly.. "..... stitches... save... blah blah... idiot..."
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 03:13:28 101574
Joy exhales with relief as the monster ... reverts to its original Christmas tree form? Huh ... Well, that isn't even the weirdest thing she's fought in the past month.

But then Mara turns on her, and she flinches. "S-sorry," she stammers. She takes a deep breath and looks at Mara. She's seen worse injuries. This isn't even the worst she's healed in the past month, either. "Um ... d-do you need me to heal you?" she says, in a tone of voice which makes it clear she fully expects that Mara will snap back at her and tell her not to do it. "Or, uh ..." Wait, that talk about Grief Seeds ... "You're a Puella, right? You'll heal on your own?" She remembers that from her conversation with Kyouko.

A conversation all those months ago, way back when she'd just first become a full-fledged magical girl ...
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 03:21:06 101576
Masu Yogoshi nudged the remains of the tree with her foot. "Who knows? I do wish I know why I had the bad luck to have it pop up on my head like this. I am thankful you two were here, however..."

She glanced towards Mara, though. The pain, even without her rather... Delicate shield, was fading. Her eyes widened, then... "Oh. A... Puella. That explains... why I can't..." She trailed off. "... Thank you, for saving me. Both of you. And... I am so sorry," she mumbled. "And... you're a puella? Like Ho..." She trailed off. Then... "You're a puella. That...." There wasn't a lot of good ways to say 'I'm so sorry' without sounding rude. "If you can heal it, Joy, you should. If... what I've heard, a puella depends on their magic and energy a lot more than one of you other magical girls."
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 03:26:09 101579
    Mara winces a little bit at what Joy says at the end a little bit, "Heal on my own? Yeah, but that requires more.." She crosses her arms for a moment letting Masu explain things for her, "If you could heal me, I would appreciate it. Also, if you do, I will apologize for calling you an idiot, and forgive you for punching me in the face." She nods firmly about this to Joy.

    Masu does get a good once over from Mara.. "You didn't finish a lot of what you were going to say there.." Her one good eye seems to be locked onto Masu, and doesn't even budge. Her armor she had pulled off vanished, but she hasn't returned to being just in her normal, everyday form just yet. Her guard is still up, and it definitely shows with the tension she is showing in her expression.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 03:32:01 101580
Miho is just relieved that she isn't being yelled at. "Okay," she says. "Gimme a second. This always takes a moment to get going." She looks between Masu and Mara as the latter makes her accusation. Yeah, there's all kinds of reasons to keep someone else's name a secret, and Miho isn't even gonna touch that confrontation.

She takes a deep breath, holding her hands over Mara's stomach. "I'm Life Witch Joy, by the way," she says. After about fifteen seconds of concentration and calming herself down, a mint-green light with jade-green highlights emanates from her hands, easing Mara's pain and starting to heal the injury.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 03:39:40 101582
Masu Yogoshi sighed and then took a deep breath. Well... This would take a bit of explaining. "Okay... I am Masu Yogoshi. I am a member of the... magical community, but not like you. I am an empath. I can feel the emotions of others. And... right now, due to an over load recently, I can't really form my barriers to dampen it. So I appreciate you dampening the pain on your own. Despite the fact I cannot fight, I have met and talked with a few puella and been gathering what information I could on the different types of magical girls. You... Puella seem to have it the roughest. Which is why I said Joy should heal you. As your dependency on your magic, and the consequences for losing too much, appear to be incredibly dire. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

If Mara watched her closely, she might notice that Masu... well... Whenever there were flashes of pain in mara's wound, the other girl twitched, things like that....
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 03:48:14 101584
    Mara felt no pain at all, even before Joy started healing it up. It was just an annoyance in her abdominal area that needed to be dealt with. At this point it is being dealt with, so she stops using magic to block the pain. Now there is a bit of pain, but not much. It is like a slight burning sensation, but nothing more. It really isn't all that painful since it is being healed by Joy. "Thank you for healing me, Joy, and I am sorry for calling you an idiot.." She looks to Joy for a moment as that stab wound is being healed.

    Mara looks back to Masu, "I don't really know any other puella. I tried for a long time to avoid other magical girls, but I guess today that ends.." She sighs a little bit, "Dampening pain is only natural for me to do since that would only affect my ability to think. You don't need to thank me for that." She places a hand over the eye patch that covers where her left eye used to be.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 03:55:56 101586
Joy works while Masu and Mara talk a bit. After a moment, the wound is gone completely. The glow vanishes, and she straightens up. "No worries," she says, smiling. "It was kind of my fault for not paying attention. I'm still kind of new, even ... if ..." She blinks. "... wow, I've been transforming for four and a half months, haha."

She looks between the two of them, then turns to Masu. "Do you think of yourself as, as an actual magical girl?" she says, as Mara uses 'other magical girls' in the plural. "I mean you're a girl and also magical, but I guess it has, like ..." She looks down at herself, at her witch costume. "... connotations."

Her wand flies back into her hand, and she hefts it. "... If this is the key to getting control of flying, I'm gonna be annoyed and also laughing a bunch," she murmurs.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 04:06:14 101589
Masu Yogoshi blinked and then cocked her head to the side, eying mara. She was silent for a long, long time. Just eying the girl. choosing her words carefully. Finally... "You appear to be quite strong. Joy knows a lot of the other girls, it may behoove you to join her and meet them. They could use your help." And you wouldn't be alone. Though she leaves that part out.

She then glanced to Joy. "Of course not. I am not a fighter. At best, I am a civilian in your magical girl fight. Or... perhaps a support? A... not nurse, I suppose. Well. You know," she said flatly, gesturing dismissively with her hand.

"I feel it is important to keep that distinction, as you are all more soldiers. It would only end poorly if any of you girls suddenly wanted me to fight alongside you. I have neither the training, nor the powers, and would therefore just get killed," she said flatly.

"Dear heavens. YOU haven't been considering me in the same league as the rest of you, do you?"
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 04:19:46 101591
    Mara sighs a little bit at Masu's suggestion at joining others. The thought makes her right eye twitch ever so slightly, and a bit of pain come from where her left eyes was, though the pain is probably more mental than physical.. Memories, they suck. "I will think about it as I peace is kind of a nice thing to have, like I have had for quite a while now."

    "Joy, when there is an enemy around, it normally isn't good to check out the person you just accidentally hit and start apologizing like crazy. You need to be focused on the greater threat, and even if you have only been able to do this stuff for just over four months.. That is a problem you should have eliminated in the first month, maybe even the first week." Mara shakes her head, and sighs. "Just take care of yourself."

    "I should be getting back to Tokyo soon.. I have some homework I haven't finished up just yet.." Mara seems a little bothered by that bit. She hasn't even introduced herself yet, and fixes that.. "I'm Mara. Lets just leave it at that for now.." She looks to Joy, "Meet me in front of Seiyou Public school at the end of this week, and we can talk some more if you would like." She looks to Masu as well, "You can come too if you want."
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 04:34:10 101592
Miho blinks at Masu. "What? Oh, no!" she says, shaking her head. "I was just ..." She stops. What was she doing, anyway? "... overthinking things," she says finally. Yeah, that sounds about right for what just happened there.

She flushes slightly with embarrassment at Mara's criticism. "Right," she says softly. "I mean, yeah, I'm ... I kind of keep wanting to do non-magical combat training, just so I have some kind of foundation besides 'zap things and fly around wildly'." Not that this will help with her social anxiety, which is the real culprit here, but ...

At the invitation, she blinks and then nods. In a column of light which seems half jade-green and half mint-green, she transforms into her civilian form. "My name is Miho Kagami, by the way," she says, in a voice which is suddenly a little bit scratchy and fairly androgynous, and only sounds a little bit like her voice in henshin. She's wearing a green jacket, a black skirt, blue jeans under the skirt, and the jacket is open to reveal a shirt in the colors of the trans flag, skyblue-pink-white-pink-skyblue.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 04:41:19 101594
Masu Yogoshi cringed and shook her head. "It's... I'm afraid I'm not one for... large. Crowded places." Especially not now. Her cheeks turned a little red. "And... Well. A high school, ANY school... while I can't use my barriers fully, would be horrifying," she mumbled, her eyes lowered.

She glanced to Joy and then nodded. "It could help. You should go. After all, you want to be as strong as possible, do you not?" she asked, giving the girl a small, encouraging smile. "If nothing else, if you help her, I suspect you owuld never have to worry about her slacking off."
Mara Brando 2018-12-10 04:44:46 101595
    Mara shrugs a little bit, "Right.. Anyway, I do need to get going.. I will lave it up to you two if you want to show up or not. Five PM in front of Seiyou Public school.." She yawns a little bit too. "Your loss, Masu.." She turns and starts to walk off, "I'll teach you how to fight, Kagami." She drops her henshin while walking, not bothering to look back at all.

    "I wonder if I'll catch the next bus back to Tokyo in time..." Mara hangs her head a little bit.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-10 04:51:51 101596
Miho blinks. "Getting strong isn't really a goal in and of itself?" she says uncertainly. "I mean it might help, but, like ... I prefer to work smarter, not ... stronger."

She nods. "All right," she says to Mara. "I'll, I'll see you later, then!"

She turns back to Masu with a smile. "Want me to stick around, in case another youma shows up?" she says. "Or would you rather be alone?" She says this with the exact emotions of someone who really understands what it's like to want to be alone.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-10 04:56:11 101597
Masu Yogoshi blinked, and then.... Maybe it was the way she said it. MAybe it was that she was less tense these days. She didn't make her feel sick any more. Maybe it was a lot of things. But... She then moved to sit by a tree and close her eyes.

"I... wouldn't mind the company. If you don't mind giving it." That.... was not normal, for her. Hopefully Miho would appreciate it. But... Well...

The other girl had proven to be a valuable compatriot and... Let her in. Telling her her big secret. So... maybe a little company, out here alone and away from the masses, wouldn't be bad. Just this once...

But only this once. Hmph.