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Minako heads to Gullwing Coffee to meet Akari! The two discuss Eclipse, Lacrima, the mysterious silhouette, and the Wolkenritter.

Date: 2018-12-10
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Rosalie Janus 2018-12-10 23:16:08 101598
It's the afternoon after school, and after kendo practice. These days, Akari gets around most of the time using teleportation -- it's too risky otherwise. So, only a few minutes after leaving Infinity, she's behind the counter at Gullwing Coffee, wearing a simple blue dress, an apron, and a nametag with her given name on it, her pale blue hair tied into its usual ponytail. Despite being officially sixteen, she's head and shoulders over most adult Japanese women (though not Sailor Jupiter in henshin), and her ethnicity is "Belkan" instead of Japanese to boot -- a fairly distinctive appearance, the kind of thing Lacrima would have likely told people about when giving Akari's information.

She's facing the world with a smile. She isn't entirely in top-shape, but she's been getting better in the days since Haruna first brought her out of the cold, and it's easy for her to pretend that everything is fine with her 'infiltration' skills. Rubindorn is tucked into her pocket in pendant-form, out of sight but easily accessible. Just in case.
Minako Aino 2018-12-10 23:29:47 101599
    Minako Aino knows all about wearing 'masks'. The crazy is not her normal self. It's the self she presents because it's charming in a way, and gets people into a flase sense of security or confusion she can exploit. Very few people have seen 'The Real Minako'. It's a practiced art!

    Minako doesn't work at Gully's shop. She tried, but Gull-chan said that 'she'd prefer people understand what they're ordering and what they're given.'. She has no idea what she meant by that! It's no fault her beauty is so confusing to people. Nevermind the Minaisms.

    There was a cat hanging around the cafe. White, with a little weird moon symbol on his forehead. Was that cat watching Akari at times? Regardless- Minako arrives within an hour of the cat. The cat then slinks to the side of the building.

    "Hello! You're Akari Hayabusa!" she says in a pointed tone. How did she know your name!? Well. The nametag. Duuuuh! She didn't even need to stare too hard at the other clues. Also staring at the other clues might had been awkward for at least either of the two parties.

    She sits down at a booth at the back of the store and leans back. "Hey take a break. I gotta chatter atcha!" she says. "See I heard some things from a little purple fangly bat." she says as slyly as she can. It isn't very slyly. You can almost hear the *Wiiiiink!* when she does it.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-10 23:40:02 101600
Akari blinks in mild surprise at the cat! It's the kind of ordinary perturbed expression someone completely mundane might have. Her hand casually slips into her pocket and grasps the pendant therein. Rubindorn, she says telepathically, can you check out that cat for me?


And then there's a sudden Minako! Akari blinks at her forceful pointedness. "Um, yes?" she says; the nametag only says "Akari", not her full name. She's about to politely snap back at her about the request to take a break ...

... until the girl mentions a 'little purple fangy bat', at which point her entire attitude changes. She suddenly seems exhausted and slightly nervous.

Okay. Okay, the fact that she and the cat aren't dark ... doesn't rule out being Eclipse agents, but it doesn't confirm it. Rubindorn? she says telepathically.


Hmm. "Um, all right," she says aloud. She comes around the counter and sits in the booth across from Minako. "So, um, what's your name?" she says. "And is the cat yours?"
Minako Aino 2018-12-10 23:54:59 101601
    Minako watches as Akari sits in the boot. She has the last name from Lacrima. Akari just painted the rest for her by not contesting it. She arches her brow a bit. "Kitty?" she asks. "You must mean Artemis. Yeah he's mine. He's a magical mooncat." she says with intense sincerity in such a way that any other thought must be even more absurd than that!

    "Me? I'm Minako Aino! More specfically, a vampire asked a magical girl to punch her if she comes after you? I was that magical girl, and also the vampire was Lacrima!" she insists.

    "Anyways. I wanted to track you down and talk about it. Why is Lacrima so dead set on protecting you?" she asks. "Is this a magical romance thing? I thought she was only into unicorns." she says with a incredibly straight face.

    Somewhere, Artemis facepaws.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-11 00:18:34 101603
Akari starts to relax as Minako tells her story. Okay, looks like this isn't some Eclipse agent from outside of UMBRA pulling shenanigans.

"Unicorns ...?" She blinks. "Oh, right, I haven't actually met Ariel-san." She shakes her head. "Well, hmm ..." She takes a moment to gather her thoughts. "... Back in October, I realized that I cared more about my adopted sister Sakura Kinomoto, and about being someone she could approve of, than about trying to work towards Eclipse's order and things like indiscriminately draining people's energy." She shrugs, and grimaces. "Of course, it took getting body-slammed by Sailor Jupiter, who wanted to ... stop me from indiscriminately draining people's energy."

She pauses. "Anyway ... Lacrima-chan said she was fine with letting me go, because it's counterproductive to try to keep someone on board if they don't want to be there. And ..." She shakes her head. "UMBRA prides itself as being 'not as evil as other branches of Eclipse'," she says dryly. "Riventon and my handler Frau Doktor and I ... were just full of excuses as to why our particular evil deeds were perfectly okay. But ..."

She looks off to the side thoughtfully. "I think Lacrima-chan actually lives up to that," she says softly. "She really doesn't like the idea of brainwashing people, or making evil clones that do nothing but cause trouble for everyone involved including their creators, or draining random civilians who can't defend themselves from magic. She almost left Eclipse over the Sailor Earth thing, I think." She shrugs. "She's just ... stuck with Eclipse because of loyalty issues, and the fact that between Eclipse and Virtue, Eclipse the one that's actually equipped to handle someone made of darkness who needs to drain people in order to survive, and probably a whole host of other reasons I can't really speculate on because I was only with them for a little while." She says this without rancor and without judgment. She's just laying it out as she understands it.
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 00:40:48 101606
    Minako listens, leaning forward on her shoulders in the booth as she looks dissapointed it isn't a magical romance thing. She gives a series of nods. "Lacrima is an anomaly. She could become a big bad player if she wanted to. She has the ability. Usually, things like her become terrible things." she says as she leans back. A more serious tone here, less 'Mina'.

    "--but instead she plays second fiddle to someone she could just consume for the power and dates a unicorn." she says with a soft 'sigh'. "-and Mamoru and Kunzite have soft spots for her. Which also makes no sense to me, but I guess I see her as a big procupine we shouldn't be letting into places like Mamoru's home." she says wryly. "Because those barbs sting when they do." she says with an exasperated sigh!

    "Well, regardless, I'm gonna need to shoot at her a lot if she comes after you." she says making a finger gun and gives a little wink as she makes a cha-chunk sound. "So hope you're not that attached to her, because it's probably gonna hurt a whole lot."

    "So you're a living program, eh?" she asks. She looks left, and right and then leans forward. "...Do you have iTunes?" she asks in a stage whisper.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-11 00:54:59 101610
Akari sighs softly. "Well ... Chiba-san's home is one of the only places we can talk to each other without having to worry about her capture-on-sight orders from on high," she says, not reacting at all to the sudden seriousness. She hesitates, looking like she isn't sure what to add onto that.

"... Given how many things we have in common, she kind of is important to me," she admits after a moment. "But she and I both know that this would be better than letting her get destroyed by the mysterious silhouette on the screen for disobedience, so ..." She shrugs. "As long as you don't use purification, it'll be fine."

She blinks at the sudden switch back into Minaness. "Ahaha, no, no, uh ..." She shakes her head. "Basically it just means that my body is a self-sustaining Device-type spell, my so-called 'software' is solely for sustaining my existence." She hesitates. "And, uh, in this form, sustaining the ... appearance of humanity." She doesn't quite seem comfortable with that part. "My mind isn't even an AI or anything, it's based on a brain-scan of my creator Clara Meriva."
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 01:20:58 101614
    Minako crosses her eyes and then uncrosses them as she sighs. "I am well versed in handling shadowy figures. I have dealt with shadowy figures for the better part of my magical girl 'career' if you could even call such things a job." she says. "Now they're all dead. I'm not scared of more of them. The fact they need to hide their faces means they're scared. They're fearful in some manner."

    She leans back a bit and thinks. "Oh, so you're basically like a living Intelligent Device spell..." she muses about this as she leans back in the booth's seat again. "I'm also familiar with brainscans of people." she does not elaborate on that further.

    "Lacrima has the benefit of being a big punching bag at least. It's gonna hurt a whole lot I think regardless." she says. "Hope you don't take it too personally on our end." she offers to Akari thoughtfully.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-11 01:34:46 101617
Akari blinks at Minako's appraisal of shadowy figures. And then she smiles. "And this," she says, "is why I'm not afraid, even if I am a little bit worried." She shrugs. "My gut, artificial as it is, says that we'll win this. Against Lacrima-chan, against whoever else Mr. Mysterious sends after me ... or against Mr. Mysterious himself." She grins. "I just don't have much in the way of resources, so, uh ... you'd be better equipped to find him than me."

She smiles. "Yep!" she says. "I'm sort of like a Device mage's familiar, except without a master or a base form. My body is a self-sustaining spell, I have a synthetic Linker Core -- uh, that's the part of you which produces magic you can use -- and my brain was scanned." She tilts her head curiously when Minako doesn't elaborate on brain-scans, but doesn't press the matter.

She nods. "Don't worry," she says. "Like I said, it's the best option we have at the moment, so ... no taking it personally."

She hesitates. "... Although, speaking of things I am kind of afraid about," she says. "I don't suppose you're aware of the Wolkenritter? The group that's going around draining people's magic with a book?"
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 01:40:49 101619
    Minako shakes her head. "Finding these shadowy figures isn't a priority for me at the moment as long as we have the current situation in hand. Besides. Even if they are hiding, you don't want to paint yourself a target until you're ready for it." she says.

    "Mmmh..." she says with regards to this as she hears about a 'Wolkenritter'.

"What's that about wolfs writing things?" she asks. "I mean are they writing a novel? I dunno what wolves would write about. Probably barking and howling and the moon? OH! OH OH! I KNOW!"

    "The story is a heart felt romance about a wolf that fell in love with the moon!" she says as she snaps her finger and points at Akari.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-11 02:00:29 101623
Akari nods and smiles. "An excellent point!"

And then she just ... frowns as Minako goes full-on Minako. "... 'Wolkenritter' is Belkan for 'Cloud Knights'," she says flatly. "They're figures from old Belkan legends who supposedly stole your Linker Core -- and they're living magical programs like me." She takes a deep breath. "They're currently running around in Tokyo, the mechanism for stealing your Linker Core is from a book filled with dark energy, and they've already successfully hit Nanoha Takamachi, Rashmi Terios, and Magical Girl Clotho. Their powers will come back with time, but ..." She grins weakly. "The Wolkenritter are, y'know, the energy-draining jerks who are going around attacking people this time around."

Her grin becomes slightly more strained. "... and the thing that's worrying me," she says, "is that their leader, Signum, has taken an interest in me, and ... long story short, my Linker Core is a bit more important to my actual life than it would be for a human, and my creators were kind of idiots who I don't completely trust to have made me resilient enough to withstand this specific kind of attack."
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 02:06:13 101626
    Minako's evil plan to get a full description of these people by being herself wins again! She listens thoughtfully. "So old guys from some ancient civillization wanna hurt people. This is familiar." she says flatly. "You know any motives for this besides just being jerkbutts?" she asks softly.

    "Maybe they want you on their crew, if you're like them?" she asks. "That'd be my best guess. Maybe looking at you like a potential recruit? Maybe they think you're the missing member of Guns n' Roses or something."

    She seems to think about this and frowns. "This is gonna be hard." she says. She takes out a notebook, moves to the middle and jots down a number and then rips the page out and slides it towards Akari.

    "That's my phone number. If you need help, lemme know. If I can't make it, I might be able to find someone that can." she says. "I need to get home because-- well Mom nagging? Is the woooorse kind of nagging." she satge whispers.

    She'll begin to leave afterwards. After buying the most chocolately drink she can.

    ONLY after that.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-11 02:09:34 101627
Akari shrugs and nods. "Yeah, I'm starting to get the impression that for Tokyo, a bunch of weirdos running around with an artifact of doom draining people is ... a slightly unusual Tuesday."

She shakes her head at the theory, though. "It's more that she wanted to fight me," she says bluntly. "She's ... big on the fact that I'm an 'imitation' of them."

She nods, and accepts the phone number. "All right, I'll call you up if I find anything I need," she says. "Thanks for being there to watch my back, though!"

She gets behind the counter so Minako can buy her drink. She makes sure to apply the 15% hero-discount for her.