Mina and Mikos

Minako visits Rei at her shrine! Minako has a plan to help Ami with Riventon. 'Oh dear' describes everything about this scene.

Date: 2018-12-11
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Rei Hino 2018-12-11 00:08:21 101602
The sun's setting on another day at the Hikawa Shrine, where people come to offer prayers, make offerings for good fortune, and, of course, buy one of the variety of popular hand painted charms the shrine has become a bit famous for.
    Well, it's famous for that, and for the lovely Shrine maiden who is either cool or creepy depending largely on the age group of who you ask, and wether she's had any psychic episodes in their vicinity.
    At this point, though, said shrine maiden is mostly just sweeping the numerous stone stairs leading up to the shrine, running her arm across her brow and heaving a tired little sigh. Busy days. Good for the checkbook, bad for the back.
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 00:25:17 101604
    Minako thinks it's the first category! Cool. Creepy describes other people she knows or need to look into! Not that she doesn't not like creepy- like Kunzite! Just that Rei isn't creepy. Minako isn't interested in any charms at the moment. Instead, she's interested in visitng a friend.

    So Rei is met with Minako resting her shoulders against a stone divider near the stairs. Artemis is riding her right shoulder. He isn't making 'warning away' signals so there's no reason for Rei to apparently worry today.

    She does smile quite wide. "Rei-chaaannn~ Whatcha doin?" she asks. Artemis whispers into Minako's ear. "Rei0chaaannn, whatcha doin besides sweeping?" she asks after Artemis apparently offers a correction into her ear. Artemis face palms at this however.

    "Sorry I haven't been around recently! What's been goin on?" she asks. "I've been mostly trying to figure out this jerk ass that trashed Mamoru's place a month or so back? Yeah." she says with a series of rapid nods.
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 00:34:13 101605
Rei hasn't devoted too much mental energy to her public perception since a baffling miracle dropped four reincarnated alien friends in her lap. It has, oddly enough, been a positive experience! Speaking of which...
    "Minako-chan!" Rei greets her with surprise, a kind smile coming to her face even as her eyes instinctively drift to Artemis to check for any warnings being broadcast. Seems clear! "And Artemis-san." She bows politely out of habit. "I'm just clea-" she's cut off by Minako's correction and... tilts her head. "Aheheh. I'm just cleaning up, since we're closed now."
    Rei's expression becomes a bit sour when Minako goes into her own activities, replying, flatly, "Saint George. I'm familiar. About ten of us blasted him back out. He regrets it, I'm sure." She sighs slowly, then smiles. "Would you like some tea, Minako-chan?" She asks, in case her friend isn't just passing by.
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 00:42:55 101607
    Minako Aino. "Yeah that guy. Fangly bat girl's brother. I'm gonna go hit on him and get him into a lax state so I can learn more about it." she says ultra casually. This is a good idea and she knows it in her heart! "He's the kinda jerk that'd eat that attention up. Even though he supposedly has a thing for a princess?"

    She gives a flippant motion. "Anyways, yes, tea I would love some! Artemis would love some too, do you have some tuna for his tea?" she'll stand back up and walk around the wall as she beams. "Closed is good, it means you don't need to work as hard anymore!" she says as she opens her arms wide to try to give Rei a hug.

    "....I may have heard something about Usagi dying because Mamoru was hungover? But that can't possibly be true." she says. "I mean, could you imagine!?". Yes Rei, could you imagine?
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 00:49:22 101609
Rei stares, faintly boggled at Minako's plan. "That... doesn't sound sa- OOF!" Rei is pulled into a hug then! After an awkward moment or so staring over Minako's shoulder, she gives a bit of a squeeze back, sweatdropping a bit. Rei's still not AMAZING at the whole affection thing. When Minako pulls away she rubs at the side of her head and smiles a bit despite herself, dryly adding, "Minako-chan, we're all princesses." then tilts her head thoughtfully. "Unless he found a specific one."
    As she leads you into the living area of the shrine, Rei visibly siezes up as you mention the Incident with Usagi, actually blushing faintly and casting her eyes to the side "U-Usagi's... Usagi's fine. She just drank something... gross. Benign! Totally benign. But gross. That's all."
    She seems oddly flustered about it as she vanishes into the kitchen, to return with two steaming cups of tea.
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 01:00:29 101611
    Minako Aino looks at Rei. "I think they found the proper princess he's looking for?" she says thoughtfully. "-but I bet he'll still fall for it. Jerks like that don't care." she says. "A pretty face and all that." she offers. "Besides- I can take care of myself if he sees through my clever guise as the Minako of Mystery!"

    Artemis stares at Minako. "Sorry, Rei-san." he says with a sweat drop. "Minako's been thinking too hard on this." he says. He'll hop off Minako's shoulder and goes to go hang out with Rei's crows. This is a better use of his time than repeatedly apologizing for Minako's... Minakoness.

    Minako gives Rei a suspicious look. "Disgusting how? Like raw meat slurpy disgusting or raw eggs in the morning because you're about to work out disguisting?" she asks. She does take a tea with a soft nod. "Thank you for the tea~" she says as she sips daintly. See, she's a classy lady!

    "BY the way, the raw egg thing doesn't work, cook them!" she says as she raises a finger and wags it at Rei. "Okay so Usagi didn't die from Mamoru's hangover, good!"
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 01:08:40 101612
"Uuuuhhh!" Rei uhs nervously, "More like a raw egg and... tabasco and uh..." She shakes her head as she sets the tea down. "... My grandpa has a hangover cure that he needs, uh," she glances to the side, "A lot." Back to Minako. "I thought it might wake Mamoru up." A more mischievious glance to the side appears, "And teach him a lesson." Rei sighs forlornly, "But Usagi drank it instead. It was... probably funny in retrospect...?: She shakes her head. "She didn't like it. Basically."
    Rei just sort of... keeps stirring her tea. She's not sure how to either say or dance around what happens next, so she abandons ship. "I... really don't think you should try to get close to Ryo Okana that way, Minako-chan. He's..." She grasps for the right words, and sighs. "His sister asked me to do a fire reading of him. He's... awful, Minako-chan. Not 'Beryl' awful, but... 'tantrum throwing man-child' awful. 'Would rather throw a toy away than share it' awful. Except he has enough power to really hurt people. You... You *don't* want this person to like you." she sets her cup down. "At least that's what I saw."
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 01:20:04 101613
    Minako Aino shakes her head. "I already know that he's gonna be a big asshole. Besides, we're not talking long term relationship here, we're just talking lowering his guard for a few moments once or twice." she says slyly. She doesn't keep stirring her tea, she keeps sipping it like a classy lady, even her pinky is up!

    "Also my sword is more awesome and more holier than his holy sword or whatever." she says with the most smuggest look. "-and older and cooler. I mean what, his sword could had only existed in A.D. times." she snarfs!

    "Anyways." she says. "Man, Mamoru shouldn't be drinking so heavy he gets hangovers. Well. I mean maybe he earned it once after this whole stealing his soul thing from the female copy of himself."

    "Maybe he needs a PSA!" she exclaims. "I'll do one as Sailor V, I can rope... people into it!" she says. "Sailor V says... don't drink until you're hungover and cause someone to try to not poison you with some strange concoction meant to cure it with cheap hot sauce in it!" she wags her finger.
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 01:25:05 101615
Rei gives a muted wry smile and shakes her head. "That'll benefit someone, I'm sure." She says. Heck, it might! "Luckily most people don't have to worry about Hino family recipies." She finally sips her tea daintily - no pinkies raised, sadly - and sighs. "... I still don't like it, but... well... if nothing else, there's a lot of people ready to stomp on him if it goes wrong." A thought occurs to Rei and she wrinkles her nose, "... Not that I can be much help. Turns out he's really resistant to fire. Used to fight dragons, I guess." She says with an irritated 'it figures' sort of look.
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 01:31:47 101616
    Minako Aino regards Rei. "You never read western stories do you?" she asks. "Saint George is basically where we get the 'Knight fighting a Dragon' trope from. He's the original OG Dragonslayer. It's sad to find out he's a big massive j-hole though." she admits. "I mean the knight saving a princess from an evil dragon is the most romantic image right?" she says.

    "-and now it's ruined forever! If anything, I need to punish him for that." she says with narrowed eyes.

    Sip, she's out of tea. She places the cup down and settles a little. "Besides these things, things seems to be quiet suddenly. I mean-- a break is a good thing. But too much quiet means the plotters are plotting." she says wiggling fingers at Rei. "-and we know there's plotters so there must be plotting going on." she says.

    "Think Riventon is planning some sort of revenge?" she asks. This seems to be a more serious question at least as she looks down into the empty tea cup.
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 01:39:52 101618
Rei blinks once in bewilderment. "I... didn't know that." She admits, and looks a little embarrassed. "I guess I've never been big on romantic imagery." Said the lonesome shrine maiden who's also secretly a princess from beyond the stars. She can be oddly sheltered for someone usually so down to earth.
    "It'd be nice to think we've dealt with most of the plotters. Or at least that there isn't a line of them waiting." She says with a rueful smile that turns into a frown when Riventon is mentioned.
    "Riventon..." Rei hesitates, and shakes her head. "Not for Sailor Earth, no. He just sees that as a failed experiment. Albeit he thinks the problem was how much of Mamoru-kun was in her." There's an unusually bitter look in Rei's eyes as she says that; and maybe she doesn't like how it looks in the reflection of her tea, because she closes her eyes as she speaks.
    "... A few weeks ago... me, Makoto-chan and Nephrite-san... we... went after Riventon. To warn him against hurting us again. Against getting ideas about Usagi's crystal. We wanted him to know there'd be consequences." She sighs. "It... turned into a fight. ... I think we made our point. The last I've heard of him since then is that he lost some important duel, so... hopefully he's out of comission at the very least." When Rei opens her eyes she looks a bit disappointed. "... Ami-chan... wasn't happy about it. ... If nothing else, he knows it's not safe to attack us. I just... hope that's enough incentive to keep him away."
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 01:48:45 101620
    Minako looks appaled. "Rei-chan how could you do that to Riventon!?--and not invite me!?" she asks as she places a hand to her chest as if someone just ripped her heart out. "I'll never recover from this betrayal of ultratrust and comradire of beating the crap out of the white haired asshole who we only go soft on because Ami-chan has a thing for whitenettes."

Rei can practically swim in the sarcasm spilling from Minako at this point. It's pretty thick. She sighs and shakes her head. "That being said, hopefully Ami-chan forgave you for beating up her boyfriend." she says just a little softly. "But you know, It's like how they say!... I take one step forward, you take two steps back, hey baby! Opposites attract, it's a natural fact." she says with a series of nods, and two finger guns, pointing at Rei.

    "So maybe that explains it more when it comes to Ami and Riventon." she says. "Or maybe Ami secretly finds mad scientists hot and we need to stage an intervention!" she says.

    "Either, or- I'm sure it'll be fine in the end. It's not like you guys killed him or anything. Right?" she asks.
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 01:55:31 101622
Rei gives an apologetic little cringe, shrinking under her shoulders, "Sorry, it was... kind of spur of the moment. Mostly." Lord knows they could have used the numbers, but... it more or less worked out.
    Rei shakes her head with an amused smile on her face at Minako's spiel, opening her eyes narrowly to answer, "No, he's alive. And he was well enough to get into another fight afterwards. Though he didn't answer us before Lacrima-san spirited him away." She presses her lips together in a moment of frustrated thought. "... An intervention might be called for." She says dryly, but shakes her head at the thought. "But Ami... she even *acknowledges* how terrible Riventon is, but she says she 'can't help who she loves' I don't get it."
    She was going to say something, and then Usagi surprise-smooching her flashes through her mind. It's a false equivalence, but it drives Rei to say the next part with resignation instead of frustration like she'd planned, "... Love is ridiculous."
Minako Aino 2018-12-11 02:03:29 101624
    Minako scoffs. "I, as the GODDESS OF LOVE." she says. "Need to be truly ridicolous in turn. Now you understand Rei..." she says leaning two hands forward to grasp at her shoulders and give her a tiny shake. "Now. You. Understand." she says as she releases her friend with a warm smile.

    "Sometimes you aren't meant to understand it, I think it's only important that maybe those involved understand it. Else you have Romeo and Juliet situations? Yeah we don't want those. Anymore of those at least." she says with a series of fast nods.

    "Tell you what. I'll go have a talk with Ami and make sure things are good and maybe we can figure out how to help her in a non smacking her boyfriend around way!" she says as she shoots upwards and gives Rei another hug before she dashes out the door!

    ...Uh oh?
Rei Hino 2018-12-11 02:05:19 101625
Rei runs the gamut of emotions from amusement, to raw confusion, and then alarm; but before she can get one word out, Minako's gone, and there's just a Minako-shaped puff of smoke where she used to be, and Rei's left staring at the open door.
    "B... bye?"
    "... Oh dear."