How Friends Are Made: Lunchroom Edition

Sakura Kinomoto has an unexpected run in with Mei Akatsuki at school. Literally. It blossoms into a budding friendship, with unexpected moments!

Date: 2018-12-12
Pose Count: 16
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 16:54:09 101664
The bustle of the school cafeteria at Seishou Public was nothing to turn your nose up at. It was almost like a self-contained city, so many boys and girls moving around, talking, and getting good eats. Anything this busy was simply a catalyst for chaos though, and if anyone happened to not be paying attention then it would surely manifest itself.

Mei Akatsuki was not paying attention. She's gotten a wonderful bowl of pomegranite and a tomato sandwich from home and was infatuated with her excitement, not paying the least amount of mind to where she was going. Just walking one foot in front of another in a sort of bumble bee line for a table, with all of her focus on the nummies on her plate.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 17:02:26 101665
Sakura Kinomoto wqs running late. Why? Because she thought she sensed some magic and well, was trying to deal with it. It was a false alarm! But well... It was her job to deal with it. Sorta.

So she was running to catch up, already late. Kero was on her shoulder... And then...

She turned and ran RIGHT INTO THE OTHET GIRL! She squeaked, spilling soup all over both of them... And worse... Kero-chan. The little tint stuffed animal started flailing. "Ow ow ow ow!" And she quickly grabbed him, covering his mouth and hiding him behind herself.

"Are... Are you okay?" She asked, nervous sweating. "I'm so, so so so so so sorry!" She said, bowing her head politely. She... Might know this girl. One of the cheer leaders, a bit clumsy. Best friends with tomoyo... Possibly mentioned by one of the other magical girls who looked out for her, waitress at the gull cafe, akari and Haruna's sorta little sister, she wore many hats. Many of which were Tomoyo brand. "I'm really, really sorry! Err... We should get cleaned up and err, I'll buy you lunch, okay? I'm so sorr--" and then she tripped on the tomato sauce and fell on her back. Poor kero...
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 17:11:38 101666
Rose petals exploded into existence around Mei at the impact and she flailed widly, seemingly to many in an attempt to keep her balance but really to try and make them go away. She had soupy pomegranite all over her now, and her sandwich was a mushy mess on the floor. "Oh, it's alright. Are you hurt? I... Think I heard you going ow ow ow ow a lot?". She looked concerned at the other girl, chewing her lip in worry.

"Don't worry about lunch. I have some spare snacks in my locker, but let me treat you? It was totally my fault, I wasn't paying a lot of attention to where I was going and...". Then Sakura tripped on the tomato sauce and fell on her back. There was an obvious empathetic wince when the thud was heard and she tentatively reached a hand out to Sakura. "Here, let me help you back up...".
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 17:22:34 101667
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and stared up at the other girl. Just... Shocked. She stared at her as if she was an angel. "You're so nice..." She said softly, in awe.

"Sak...ura... You're.... Crushing me..." Kero said from behind her. She eeped and took the hand, letting the other girl help her up. "I'm sakura. It... Oh." She looked at the mess she'd made. Then at them. "We should ummn... I should clean this up and--"

"I'll clean it up," Tomoyo said, appearing as if by magic, making Sakura jump.

Sakura eeked. "Tomoyo-chan? When did you--"

"You two go clean ypurselves up. If you need some clothes, i have the cutest outfits you two would look positively adorable in. I'll clean this up so nobody trips. Okay?"

Sakura blinked and then nodded. "Okay. Um... Thank you, tomoyo-chan," sakura then too the other girl's hand, keeping the other hand hidden from her... And ran off towards the bathroom. Tomoyo sighed and watched them leave.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 17:31:40 101668
Mei was pulled along towards the bathroom by Sakura, caught in a tumultous maelstrom of sudden chaos. She was struggling to wrap her head around the moment to begin with, and now she was on here way with the girl she'd bumped into towards somewhere else.

"Was your back talking? Who was that? I'm not too nice, just doing what is right. Will your friend be okay with that whole mess?".

She tried to dig her heels in and slow them down, her red hair a mess from the rush through the halls. "I've spare clothes in my gym locker, don't know if I have any that'll fit you though, but we can see? I kind of feel like your friend might be hiding lolita clothes or something...". She squints a little, "She seemed way too excited for it not to be something probably embarrassing.".
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 17:44:56 101670
Sakura Kinomoto urked. "My back talking? Don't be silly. Ah ha ha ha ha..." She lied. With all the skill at lying you'd expect of a girl who's idea of 'being very bad' was not taking out the trash when told. She quickly turned on the faucet and sighed.

"Nahhh. She dresses me up all the time. She's a really great friend, though sometimes she can be a bit silly with some of her outfits." While she washed her hands, she also... Washed a strange stuffed animal. Very gently. Very softly.

"Tomoyo-chan can handle it. I'll make it up to her later. But she can handle anything, and she's my best friend so don't worry about it," she said before putting the toy down... And... Wait. Did Mei see it shake its fur dry out of the corner of her eye?

"I'm Sakura Kinomoto! A pleasure to meet you! I hope we can be best friends!" She turned and held out her hands to shake... Before going back to trying and dab stuff out of her shirt.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 17:45:29 101671
As Sakura introduced herself to Mei, a rose bloomed right in front of where Mei's heart is. A friendship blossoming, surely? Regardless she offered an incredibly bright smile to Sakura.

"I'm Mei Akatsuki, and I'd love to be best-friends, bound by spilling soup and pomegranite. Ultimate friendship origin story! Anyway, your um... Thing might need a small towel. I don't think it'll air dry really well.".

She could have sworn she saw it move, and the voice she kept hearing didn't sound at all like Sakura...
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 18:02:43 101672
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and stared at her heart. Wait. Had... That rose... She then gave the other girl a suspicious look. Just for a moment. Was it possible she was a... Or was it sakura's imagination?

She turned back once her clothes were clean-ish. "I'll change into my gym clothes, they'll do until tomorrow. I don't have practice today so it'll be fine." She then grabbed the stuffed animal and tried dabbing it with a paper towel... And then it sneezed. Twice.

Sakura urked. And... Coughed. "Eh... Err... Hope I'm not catching a cold..." She really was the worst liar.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 18:04:25 101673
Mei Akatsuki 's paranoia had been on over-time and she definitely saw that plushie sneeze. "So, who's your friend there?". As her trust in Sakura slightly wavered a wilted rose blossomed over her heart and she gave a mighty pout.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 18:21:30 101674
Sakura Kinomoto urked. Oh gosh. She was busted, she... Then... Saw the flower. And smiled. "You're a magical girl, aren't you?" She asked happily. "I'm sorry. I didn't wanna scare you. This is kero-chan, my guardian!"

The stuffed animal rose up into the air. "Keroberos, the guardian of the keeper of the guards. This is only my compressed form. My true form is too large and majestic to fit in here." He said, full of pride.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 18:26:33 101675
Mei Akatsuki lifted a brow quizzically in the air at the cute little animal. "Riiiggghhttt. I guess I'm a magical girl, though it never really feels like it looks in anime... I don't get to have nearly as much ice cream. I don't have a guardian or anything like that, I just have the roses sometimes, and they mostly just... Do stuff.".
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 18:34:00 101676
Sakura Kinomoto blinked an stared at her. And then reached out, grabbing her hand. And looked so, so sad. So did kero. "You DON'T get ice cream after you do all the fighting and saving people thing? That's NOT fair. From now on, every time you have any fight, call me right after. Okay? And we'll get you all the ice cream you so rightly deserve. In fact..."

She pulled back, drawing her wand. With a wuick incant, she pulled put a card and... "Sweet! Make her a delicious sunday!" And... There it was. A delicious, chocolate, brownie with strawberry topping sunday. Then... "Actually, while I'm at it. Bubbles! Clean off our mess!" And then bubbles envelopef them...

However... When the bubbles cleared... The wand fell from her hand... And she started to wobble, her eyes drifting closed, and fell over.

"Sakura!" Kero yelled, diving at her but too slow.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 18:42:01 101677
Mei Akatsuki was not too slow, however, and she dive-bombed the floor and slid across the cushion the fall of the other girl with her arms. She ignored the sundae, tutting softly at her newfound friend. "Now what have you done to yourself? Your luck is almost as bad as mine is.".

She looked towards the little creature, hoping it would offer some explanation to this strange development. She certainly hoped this wasn't somehow her fault, she wasn't really ready to deal with more things she'd messed up even after being back in Tokyo for a month or so.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 18:46:06 101678
Sakura Kinomoto regained consciousness a few moments later, her eyes opening slowly. "Huh?" She asked breathlessly. Well, they were clean, at least. As was the surrounding area. "What... Happened?"

Kero glared. "Sakura, i told you to be careful about transforming the cards. Your magic isn't strong enough to turn that many at once."

"But... It was... Only two..." She mumbled.

"That doesn't matter."

"But she deserved ice cream... Wasn't... Fair...." She mumbled softly. She looked exhausted. "Did... I fall over?" She looked up at her new friend and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry... I'm always so much trouble..."
Mei Akatsuki 2018-12-12 18:50:07 101679
Mei Akatsuki snorted softly at the very thought that Sakura was trouble. "You're nowhere near trouble. It is my middle name. Mei Trouble Akatsuki. Want me to help you to the nurse's office? I'm sure it'll be alright if you rest there for a few class periods.". Concern bubbled brightly in Mei's pastel red eyes as she looked on the other girl.

As if a manifestation of the concern, rose petals started to fall gently all around the two of them, though Mei seemed to largely ignore them for the moment.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-12-12 18:55:36 101680
Sakura Kinomoto shook her head and started to, slowly, sit up. "Nnngg... No... We still need to eat lunch, okay? I feel way better..." Though, judging by the way she was a bit unsteady on her feet, she wasn't fully good.

"Besides. I still owe you a lunch, Mei-chan!" She gave her best smile before directing her towards the exit... Kero just watched them, with concern. "Don't forget your ice cream."