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Date: 2018-12-13
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Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 02:35:38 101681
By now, Rashmi has largely physically recovered from having her magical core excised. She explained it to her parents as mono, and probably it was because they felt sorry for her and didn't want to spoil the surprise, that they pretended to believe her.

Rashmi is kind of awful at lying.

So while now she's up and about, she's still more than a little tired, and only keeping up on her studies thanks to helpful classmates delivering her homework.

After all, one can't let a little thing like a near-death experience make one's grades slip...
Millie White 2018-12-13 02:51:40 101682
School couldn't finish fast enough. Last night's encounter at the park had reminded her that she needed to be careful. Out that late with no way to defend herself, it had been asking for trouble. Still, she had made sure Mei made it home safe and that had to be worth something, if only to her conscience. It reminded her that time was something she shouldn't be messing with...

Which was why she found herself, precisely on time, outside the Korma Chameleon. Akari was once again by her side; the moment she had expressed a desire to check up on Rashmi, her friend had jumped at the chance to accompany her. Millie was grateful, as it meant Akari was there in case any magical nonsense went down. With her shield broken, Millie felt bad about just how much she had ended up relying on Akari. The Canuck turned to look at her friend.

"This is the place, right?" She asked before her emerald gaze returned to the store in question, moving to enter the establishment. "I've heard good things."
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-13 03:03:44 101683
Akari was only too happy to escort Millie around. Setting aside the various ways she can protect Millie, Akari has been wanting to check up on Rashmi as well.

"Yep," she says, smiling at Millie. "I forget if I mentioned at the time, but this is where I had my 'sixteenth birthday party' in August." That is, four months after she activated. "... two weeks late due to other magical shenanigans," she adds in a low voice. "But this place really does have good food."

She walks up to the front counter with Millie. "Hi! Is Rashmi-chan available?" she says. In that moment, she is utterly indistinguishable from a mundane schoolgirl. "It's Akari and Millie-chan." She gestures to Millie by way of introduction.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 03:14:17 101684
The server tilts her head at the question, and smiles brightly. "Just a moment~!" And with that, she disappears into the kitchen.

Not long after, a tall, rangy Japanese man with long hair tied back in a ponytail pokes his head out, giving the girls a long, measuring look. "...Stairs up the back," he says in a rough Osaka drawl, nodding to the hallway that leads to the restrooms. "First on your left, knock before you open the door. An' you go easy on my baby girl, y'hear? She's just about done bein' sick, I hear she gets worse an' we'll have words."

And with that, he ducks back into the kitchen.

...Hello, Rashmi's dad?
Millie White 2018-12-13 03:27:14 101685
Millie smiled at the thought of Akari having a party here, surrounded by the people who cared about her. The decor was warm and welcoming, and if the smell was any indication (she was sure it was), the food more than lived up to the establishment's reputation. As Akari spoke to the server, Millie remained silent and polite.

Then, who she could only assume to be Mr. Terios poked his head out of the kitchen. Millie KNEW that look, she had seen it on her father's face many times. That scrutinizing gaze was the look of a father worried about his little girl. Millie's expression relaxed into a warm smile as she bowed politely to Rashmi's father.

"Thank you for having us over. I'm glad she's feeling better." The foreigner said kindly in slow, accented Japanese before following the man's instructions to the staircase. It was slightly cramped, and she looked back almost apologetically at her slightly taller companion. It wasn't too hard to reach Rashmi's door given that they knew exactly what door it was. As instructed, Millie knocked politely, waiting for confirmation to open the door. One does not just knock and then burst into a lady's room, after all.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-13 03:33:58 101686
Akari bows to Dad Terios and gives a cheerful smile. "Thank you!" she says right after Millie.

She's back in business-mode as soon as she's halfway up the stairs. She does shoot Millie a smile at the apologetic look, but ... well, it's not really that much of a problem for her. She goes through cramped Japanese buildings all the time.

As they approach the door, she pulls her Rubindorn-pendant out from where it was tucked into her shirt, and slightly braces herself. There's two possibilities for what state Rashmi is in, but it pays to be ready for anything.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 03:54:57 101687
The door opens in short order, and behind it.... is not Rashmi.

But it's certainly what Rashmi might grow to become, in a couple decades and change.

The woman who is obviously Rashmi's mother manages to be a vision even in overalls and latex gloves dusted with powders and shards of dried plant somethings, her wavy black mane kept at bay by a cheerful red headband, and a near-permanent smile on her face. She seems to light up on seeing the girls on the other side of the apartment's door. "Come in, come in!" she says, backing up out of the shoe-deposit nook in front of the door, apparently all sorts of pleased to see them. "Sunshine~! You've got friends to visit~!" she calls, her own Japanese given a musical lilt by her noticeable Indian accent. Turning back to Millie and Akari, she ushers them in once their shoes are off. "It always makes her day when her friends come to visit. I don't think we've met, though, I'm Ananda, and I'm guessing since you found your way up here you've met Daigoro."

Guided into the apartment proper, the girls find it decorated in a much... cozier... version of the trappings downstairs. sheets of muslin cover the walls and ceiling, catching the light from the windows and turning it a rich orange-gold. Most of the furniture that isn't in the kitchen resembles IKEA purchases given personal touches, and if the smell of spice was strong downstairs, here it manages to be fainter and more intense, less a scent than a taste on the tip of the tongue. What can be seen of the kitchen... well, apparently Ananda was in the middle of work when the girls knocked, for dried leaves and flowers are parceled out on the counter, and a half-dozen stone mortars and pestles obviously contain spice mixes in various stages of completion.

"Just take a right there, girls, Rashmi's room will be on the right."

"Sorry!" calls Rashmi from down the hall. "Come on in, it's okay! I wasn't napping honest!"

....She totally was, wasn't she.

"She absolutely was," Ananda says with a grin.
Millie White 2018-12-13 04:18:23 101688
Millie blinked in surprise when it was indeed not Rashmi who answered the door. Instead it appeared to be her mother, who was all smiles with a voice that had a lyrical lilt that made the apartment feel like home. It didn't take them long to get ushered into the apartment proper, sans shoes, and directions were given to Rashmi's room. The warm smile from earlier returned to Millie's face and she bowed politely to Rashmi's mother now.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Millie White, and I think you know Akari-san. Thanks for having us over on such short notice." Millie introduced herself, doing her best to be polite. The Canuck's ears perked when she heard Rashmi's voice down the hall, and she couldn't help the look of relief that washed over her features. She offered Rashmi's mother a kind smile before making her way towards Rashmi's room, where Rashmi had one hundred percent not been napping. Her knuckles softly rapped twice on the door, to be polite, before opening it.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-13 04:26:31 101689
Akari goes back into schoolgirl mode the instant she sees Ananda, her cheerful smile returning. "I only met Rashmi-chan herself, actually," she says. "She catered my birthday party back in August?" She bows. "Pleased to meet you, I'm Akari Hayabusa!" ... though her ethnicity is Belkan. Hmm.

She follows Millie over to Rashmi's room. She has no comments on Rashmi's napping or lack thereof; she doesn't have any real firsthand experience with illness or anything like that, at least as Akari, but getting your Linker Core stolen is one of those things where she's prepared to give all the leeway.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 04:35:57 101690
"Come in~!" Rashmi says on the other side of the door... And when it's opened, the redhead is standing up from a small desk covered in homework and study notes -- and a textbook with suspiciously mashed pages right about where her face would be if she fell asleep studying. She looks... a great deal better, at least; her skin is faintly ashen, a dark hollow under her eyes that says she still gets tired now and again, but standing up under her own power is a marked improvement from what Millie saw before. "Millie-chan, Akari-chan, hey~. C'mon in, thanks for coming by."
Millie White 2018-12-13 04:52:16 101691
The tension in Millie's shoulders eased when she got a good look at Rashmi. The girl definitely looked much better than when she last saw her. The defunct Cure had seen the wounds before Joy had been kind enough to heal them, and it had rattled her. It was her first contact with serious injury after joining the whole magical girl club, and it was a bit sobering truth be told. The relief in Millie's emerald gaze was authentic as she offered a warm smile, stepping into Rashmi's room.

"It's good to see you, Terios-san." Quickly she reached into her school bag for something that she had brought special just for Rashmi. Whenever she was exhausted or otherwise not feeling one hundred percent, this was usually a comfort to her. The Canadian produced a thermos that contained tea, and handed it to the redhead.

"This is for you. Back home, our good family friend owns a tea shop, and this always helped me relax. It's blueberry black tea." The drink was just the right temperature, the thermos doing its job admirably to keep the beverage hot for the potentially ailing Rashmi.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-13 04:59:53 101692
Akari missed seeing the freshly-injured Rashmi, but she had much more experience, even from her memories. Still, the sight of Rashmi is a relief. "Good to see you on your feet, at least!"

For a moment, though, she's still tense. She closes the door behind herself and Millie and softly says, "Rubindorn, can you give Rashmi-chan's Linker Core a quick scan?"

Her pendant's light silently flickers. <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> says Rubindorn's cutesy voice somewhat furtively. Certainly, mistress! Then, <<ES HEILT IMMER NOCH, ABER DAS TRAUMA IST VERSCHWUNDEN.>>

"'It's still healing, but the trauma has disappeared,'" Akari translates. She looks ... a bit more relieved than you might expect just from that.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 05:09:12 101693
Accepting the Thermos, Rashmi's eyes grow bright, and her lower lip wibbles for a moment. Sniffing, she sets the thermos on the desk, and wraps Millie into a swift hug. "That is so sweet, thank you Millie-chan." Stepping back, she picks up her phone and thumbs a quick text into it, nodding as an answering one pops in a few moments later. "Papi says stop off at the kitchen on your way out, he'll have some sweets wrapped up for you." Adjusting her spectacles, she turns to face Akari, as Rubindorn does her thing.

"Yeah, I figured," she says around a sigh. "I'm guessing I won't be ready to get back in the game for awhile yet. Nico's still powered down, I guess he's saving every last scrap of mana I have to keep Chandra alive until it's safe again." Waving at the bed with its fluffy Lord of the Rings comforter, she drops back into her chair, gathering her plait from over her shoulder and beginning to untie it. "Seriously, thanks for coming by, you guys.... Is there anything I can do to help?"
Millie White 2018-12-13 05:21:38 101694
When Rashmi's lip trembled, for a split second Millie feared she had done something wrong. The redhead set the tea on the desk and Millie was preparing to apologize when the shorter girl wrapped her arms around her in a hug. Almost immediately the tips of the poor Canuck's ears scorched red in embarrassment, her expression melting into a quiet surprise. Clearly it wasn't something that happened to her often, if at all. Rashmi quickly stepped back and informed them about the sweets, and a flabbergasted Millie simply nodded, stepping lightly to the side as Akari and Rashmi spoke device user to device user.

It felt strange, standing there talking about magic stuff while missing her own. Not even her mana scent was functioning at the moment, and it surprised her how reliant she had become on it. The tall girl stood politely next to the bed, listening to the two of them speak.

"You can get lots of rest and drink plenty of water." Millie cut in, quirking a brow at Rashmi. If the redhead thought she missed the dark circles under her eyes, she was sadly mistaken.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-13 05:33:23 101695
Akari perks up slightly at the promise of Korma Chameleon sweets. "Oooh!" And then she blinks. "Chandra ...?" She frowns. "Wait, you have a familiar?" She frowns. "I'm not actually sure how Midchildan familiars work compared to Belkan guardian beasts, but ... yeah, wow, that's ... kind of lucky, I think."

She smiles faintly at the hug, and nods along with Millie's advice. "It's like the captain of Infinity's kendo team always says," she says. "'Water's good no matter what.'"

She considers a moment. "... I forget, are you one of the people who's in on the Aces?"

Ping! <<JA!>>

Akari chuckles. "Oh, right, yeah, now I remember." She shrugs. "Any word on that?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 05:42:46 101696
"He was the family pet," Rashmi says with a smile. "A monkey Mami's family gave her as a wedding present. First time I met Nano-chan and Yuuna actually, was when he took a shot for me. So I made him a Familiar to save his life... and now I have an annoying big brother. ....Or. Well. I will, once my Core grows back."

Glancing at Millie, the redhead nods briefly, then gets a concerned look of her own; seems Cure Shield isn't the only perceptive one in the room. "...You okay, Millie-chan?"

At Akari's question about the Aces, Rashmi nods. "Yeah... not super sure what-all I can do at the moment, but, Nano-chan and Fate asked me about that, yeah. Haven't heard much since, maybe Fate-chan knows more?"
Millie White 2018-12-13 05:50:55 101697
Rashmi had a familiar, and it was a monkey? That was news to her, but it had been done to save the poor animal's life. Her brows knit together gently as she listened, at least glad that this Chandra was alive while Rashmi's linker core was recovering. Millie blinked when she was suddenly spoken to, and she hesitated before she grinned a little sheepishly.

"I uh... yeah, it's just a little hard to follow Device User Lingo sometimes." She said, at least half truthfully. Familiars, Midchildan, Guardian Beasts... she wasn't actually sure what any of it was, but the other two did and that was good enough for her.

"What are the Aces?" Millie asked curiously. Nano-chan was likely Nanoha, and Fate seemed to always be attached to her in a sentence. It sounded like the Device Users were planning something. Curious...
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-13 05:54:27 101698
Akari nods. "So, double-lucky," she says, smiling. "And yeah, I've been meaning to catch up with Fate-chan, guess I'll talk to her about that. Now that I'm single again," she adds under her breath. "But I was mostly just wondering if there was any news."

She nods to Millie. "The Aces are a group of Device-users and others which Nanoha Takamachi was putting together, a sort of 'fast response' thing so we can avoid certain tragedies that happened in the past." She smiles. "It'll be another 'neutral territory' arrangement where I don't have to worry about Eclipse."
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-13 05:59:19 101700
"Nano-chan asked me and Alex-kun to join at the same time," Rashmi confirms, bobbing her head. "So if you wanted to join too, Millie-chan, you'd definitely be in good company. She specifically told me she didn't just want it to be a Device User thing. ....Oh, and if you ever need explanations? I really don't mind, Millie-chan. It's just.... Iunno, like people who get really involved in a sport, y'know? Shop talk always sounds weirder when you don't get some of the words."
Millie White 2018-12-13 06:04:11 101701
So they were comprised of Device Users, but it wasn't exclusive to them. A neutral ground, basically, and that was a good thing. When Rashmi brought up the idea of her joining, Millie actually frowned a bit. If she had less self control, she might have winced. The tall girl rubbed the back of her neck distractedly.

"I'll uh... have to get back to you on that? When and or if my magic comes back?" It would come back, eventually. At least, that was what she hoped. The Mirror was fine, it was the bracelet that was damaged. Millie did her best to grin, but it didn't quite reach her eyes this time.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 03:10:31 101724
Akari giggles softly and nods at Rashmi's explanation ... only to frown at Millie. "Right," she says softly. She looks at Rashmi. "... I've been escorting her around places, especially at night, since we don't know when or where the Wolkenritter might come out."

She frowns. "... the thing that worries me is ... I'm not sure if I'd actually survive if that book of theirs drained me," she says softly. "I have safeguards -- I was designed to withstand running out of mana or taking damage to my Linker Core -- but my gut tells me my creators weren't prepared for ..." She gestures to Rashmi. "... that." She shrugs. "And Signum is actually interested in fighting me in particular."

She pauses. "... I do want to talk to them, now that I know that people going around draining people isn't exactly a novel concept in Tokyo, but ..." She makes a face. "I'd prefer doing it while they're outnumbered two to one."
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 03:11:41 101725
Rashmi Terios blinks owlishly behind her spectacles, looking from Akari to Millie and back again. "...Hold on," she says, raising a hand. "....What happened, Millie-chan? You lost your magic too?"
Millie White 2018-12-14 03:31:31 101726
"It wasn't the Wolkenritter." Millie clarified immediately, but then shrugged helplessly. "I had the pleasure of meeting Tarnished. She... might have broken my shield and knocked me out of henshin. Haven't been able to to henshin since. Just... a regular ol' person again. Well, a regular ol' person with the unprotected linker core of a Cure." That more or less summed up what had happened. Not only had she lost the ability to fight, but she was also a walking target because of it. Needless to say, it explained why the Canuck had been a bit on edge lately. She hated the feeling of being a burden on her friends.

"I'm more worried about Akari-san." Millie admitted as her worried emerald gaze darted to the girl in question. If they got Akari's linker core, that could be it. What if there was no coming back from that for a magical construct? Millie's brows furrowed even at the thought of it. No, she wouldn't let that happen.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 03:39:21 101727
Akari nods. "I don't know if you know about Tarnished, but she's a Device-user who's the head of SERUM, Eclipse's pharmaceutical division," she says. "I ... am aware of an incident back when I was still with UMBRA in which she she opened an Eclipse-brand pharmacy and accidentally knocked out Sailor Mercury when she came to investigate." She grimaces. "And she's ... partly made out of Dark Energy."

She blinks as Millie reveals where her worries lie, but ... she doesn't really feel like she can argue with that for a moment. But then she says, "Please don't risk your life on my account, Millie-chan ..."
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 03:55:49 101729
".......Well that's a thing," Rashmi murmurs, eyes wide. "I've never heard of her, but... Hm." Sitting back in her chair, she considers this for a moment. "Millie-chan? D'you want your magic back? That's... kind of the first and most important question."

Taking the thermos, she twists open the top, leaning over to breathe deep of blueberry-tea steam. "...Oh that's really good. ...Anyway. If the answer's yes, then it's going to come back sooner or later. Maybe Gull-chan can help you figure out how to help that along?"

Looking back at Akari, Rashmi raises an eyebrow. "...She sounds, um... how do I say this, like, nicely... like she needs to think her ideas through? Because I can't see her beating up on Mizuno-senpai to end at all well for her."
Millie White 2018-12-14 04:12:44 101732
"I meant what I said." Millie responded firmly as she locked eyes with Akari. "I don't care if I have magic or not; if Signum gets anywhere near you, I'm kicking her in the face with my fist. Remember?"

The defunct Cure offered a winning smile despite the subject matter, a smile that told Akari not to worry. At Rashmi's question, Millie blinked and actually hesitated. That... she hadn't even thought of that. DID she want her magic back? The automatic assumption was 'yes, of course, are you crazy?!', but Millie wasn't foolish enough to think once before acting. After milling it over calmly, she nodded.

"I've met too many people I want to protect to walk away now." Millie responded, glancing between the two of them. To be fair, even if that number had been one, it would have been enough for her to stay. "Besides... the actual Mirror we use to henshin is fine. I think the shield will repair with time?" Her voice wasn't sure at all, but it clearly made the most sense to her. As they spoke of Tarnished, Millie couldn't help but grimace and look away. Her purification could have killed Tarnished, and she felt like she could faintly remember the scream.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 04:23:02 101734
Akari shrugs. "Yeah, that's a fairly good assessment of Tarnished," she says. "Apparently it happened by accident when one of her youma-bots went out of control. And then she got into a straight-up fight with Riventon-san over it." She glances at Millie. "Sailor Mercury in a romantic relationship with the director of UMBRA," she adds for clarification.

She blinks Millie, and sighs. "That's ... not actually going to help if it happens before you can transform again," she says weakly. "I mean ... as far as I know, they haven't killed anyone in Tokyo, but ..." She frowns. "I mean I guess it could hypothetically give me an escape window if I'm in any condition to teleport, but I probably wouldn't take it because I also want to protect you."

And then she shoots Rashmi a weak grin. "... Millie-chan and I have both jumped headlong into being heroes, it seems."
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 04:25:15 101735
"That's.... not really something that needs to be passed around," Rashmi says to Akari, smiling weakly. "It always feels like gossip, y'know? But yeah... Millie-chan, definitely talk to Gull-chan about your magic. She's had to figure it all out from scratch too, she might have some good advice. ...Probably."
Millie White 2018-12-14 04:34:21 101737
Akari made sense, but at the same time, her own logic did too. It had already been proven that humans could survive a linker core drain, and even recover fully. That was a lot better of a prognosis than the small 'warning: may cause mild death' warning attached to Akari by proxy of being a Magical construct. She frowned, but said nothing, instead offering the bluenette a flicker of a soft grateful smile.

Millie nodded a bit distractedly when Rashmi spoke of Gull. A talk with Haruna and possibly Blue-sama was overdue, but finding a time that everyone could sit down wasn't the easiest task, and that wasn't even counting with all the youma and Wolkenritter attacks floating around...But the 'Probably' at the end of Rashmi's sentence caused Millie's brow to quirk.

"Probably?" She parroted gently, almost with amusement.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 04:38:43 101740
Akari flushes slightly at Rashmi's reprimand. "Oh, sorry," she says, in the tone of voice of someone who's used to slipping up like that. (It mostly happens at school; life on Earth is just so different from life on Belka.)

She doesn't miss Millie's frown, and she looks away for a second; she isn't sure how to articulate her conflict between her desire to protect Millie, and her own fear of death. She does look back in time to catch the smile; she smiles back faintly. "Sorry, I'm just ... in the middle of major upheavals in my life, I guess."

She does giggle at the 'probably', however.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 04:50:34 101743
"Well I mean," Rashmi hedges, "Koji still thinks she's kind of scatterbrained because of the whole 'eleventy' thing. First impressions and all... Anyway the point is."

One finger comes up, to point at herself. "I'm going to eventually be fine. I'm already having fewer nightmares and I just have to wait until Nico feels it's safe enough to do more than hibernate."

The finger next points at Millie. "You're going to eventually be fine. Leave Gull-chan a message at the Gullwing Cafe, she'll get it one way or another before long."

Then the finger points to Akari. "You're going to be careful," she says, voice serious. "Millie-chan's a very good friend, and I doubt you could even stop her if it turned out you were in trouble, so, don't pull an Alex and go looking for trouble. Until Millie-chan's back up to fighting, what you do has consequences beyond you. Find some way to help out in the meantime, y'know?"
Millie White 2018-12-14 05:05:49 101744
As Rashmi pointed around the room, Millie's gaze followed, wincing internally as each nugget of wisdom was dispensed. Rashmi really had them there. The tips of her ears burned again at Rashmi's comment about being a very good friend and she had to glance away. When Rashmi put it like that, it really did seem like she was a burden on Akari, and Millie couldn't help the apologetic glance she gave Akari. Perhaps burden wasn't the actual correct word, but it was the word that she felt at the very least. At the end of the day, though, Rashmi was not wrong.

"...You're right." Millie said with a small huff of a sigh. After a moment, she continued, her voice soft. "...I'm really glad you're okay, Terios-san. Will you let us know when Nico...machea comes back online?" That was the name of Rashmi's device, right? She had heard it once, and hopefully she didn't just butcher it. Device User lingo was not her forte, but she was trying.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 05:15:49 101747
Akari pulls back slightly at Rashmi's sudden forcefulness! Almost immediately, she rallies. "Well of course I'm not looking for trouble!" she says, sounding half-nervous and half-affronted, though the former isn't precisely aimed at Rashmi herself. "I've been keeping my patrols short, I've been teleporting around everywhere, and I'm taking various other steps besides that! For both the Wolkenritter and Eclipse!" She hesitates. "... I don't know who Alex is, though," she adds uncertainly.

She blinks at Millie, seeming to sense what's worrying her, and puts a gentle hand on her shoulder. She doesn't say anything; mostly, she just wants to indicate that she'll be there for her for things she can't prevent in advance.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 05:23:23 101749
"Nicomachea, yes," Rashmi answers, smiling at Millie and bobbing her head. "And.... Millie-chan? I just mean that Akari-chan obviously means a lot to you. And her being careful is less likely to get you to risk getting hurt protecting her, but... You need to take care of yourself too, y'know? Just... focus on healing, okay? It sounds like what happened was about on par with what happened to me, trauma-wise, and... well... sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes we get hurt bad enough we need to slow down before we can get back to where we were, y'know? That's all."

At Akari's admission, Rashmi simply chuckles. "Well okay so bad example. Just... basically the same thing for you. I worry about you guys, but part of that's probably just because if I had my magic, I'd be making sure you could beat whatever attacked you. So... y'know. If I can't support people one way, trying to do it another, I guess."
Millie White 2018-12-14 05:34:07 101751
...It figured that she would have to fly across the world and become embroiled in an multidimensional battle against good and evil to find friends like these. Millie's expression relaxed slightly when she felt Akari's hand on her broad shoulder, and Rashmi's words did what they were supposed to, even though Millie was shaking her head gently.

"Not as bad. I had a dislocated shoulder, that was about it." That, and her linker core was completely in tact, so it was barely even comparable. That was why the relief in her voice had been so genuine; Rashmi had definitely given her a fright. The Canuck scratched the back of her head almost sheepishly.

"Not sure what I did in a past life to deserve you guys as friends, not gonna lie." Millie chuckled. "I'll be careful, and I'm sure Akari-san will be to. You've... actually done quite a lot, Terios-san. Thanks."
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 05:48:02 101754
Akari takes a few deep breaths; she's obviously somewhat nervous about the whole situation. She manages another smile, and nods to Rashmi. "I'm just trying to balance helping out against taking care of myself," she says. "There's just a lot going on in my life right now."

Akari isn't a particularly good judge of relative trauma, so she doesn't comment on Millie's comparisons. She does remark, "If you're a reincarnation of someone in Doppelkreuz, that would simultaneously ... explain everything about my connection, it'd be incredibly unlikely, and it would be kind of hilarious." Then she blinks, and turns back to Rashmi. "Uh, Doppelkreuz is the Belkan conspiracy that created me," she says. "It was ... very short-lived."
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 06:18:26 101756
"I'm sure whatever it was," Rashmi chuckles, "it was the same thing that made sure you were strong enough to become a Cure, Millie-chan." Smiling, she settles back in her chair, looking a good deal more perked up than she was when the girls wandered in.

"Akari-chan," Rashmi says gently, "that's good to hear. Just... remember that there's no shame in retreating from a fight you can't reasonably win, okay? You haven't been free long, it'd be a tragedy to have to miss you already."
Millie White 2018-12-14 06:38:18 101759
Millie's eyes widened a bit, the redness in the tips of her ears burning the brightest they'd ever been. That was... probably the nicest thing anyone who wasn't her parents had ever said to her. The way she understood how Cures worked, Rashmi wasn't... entirely wrong, either. A warmth settled in her chest and the gentle giant's posture eased ever so slightly.

There was a sting at the end of Rashmi's words, not in her voice, but the words spoken. Specifically, a sting of what could come to pass. Millie softly shook her head.

"We've been training hard since the Warehouse. I think we have a better grasp on where our powers lie... or well I mean, usually." She gestured vaguely, as if indicating the lost magic fiasco. "If there's a fight we can't win, I'll pick Akari-san up and run if I have to, Knight's honour." Millie said jokingly, her grin lopsided and warm.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 06:40:52 101761
Akari flinches slightly at Rashmi's last sentence there. That was not what Akari needed to hear. "I know," she says weakly. "My keen awareness of my own mortality is ... kind of a big part of the problem."

But then when Millie speaks up, she actually manages to relax somewhat. She opens and closes her mouth a few times, then smiles faintly at her training partner. "... Thank you, Millie-chan," she says, in a quiet voice.
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 06:44:33 101762
"....I'm sorry, Akari-chan," Rashmi sighs. "Honestly I'm usually better at this than I am right now, just... I worry, is all. And, to be honest... Most of my experience with Belkan Knights begins with 'Is there a fight?' and ends with 'I'm in the fight!' and it really makes me fret when I can't do anything about it, y'know? Seriously, sorry, and I'll stop."
Millie White 2018-12-14 06:59:17 101766
Millie looked from Akari to Rashmi, Rashmi to Akari, before she was once again shaking her head. The Canuck moved to stand in front of both of them, one hand reaching out to gently grasp each of their shoulders. The tall girl gave a soft, comforting squeeze.

"Akari-san, you're tough and you have lots of people who care about you to help you. Don't be afraid to rely on them, and that means both of us too." Millie said, indicating with her head that she meant herself and Rashmi. Her emerald gaze rounded on their gracious host now.

"You're okay, Terios-san. You care and you're worried, that's not something to apologize for. Thanks for looking out for us reckless folk." Millie smiled. In general she didn't really count herself as reckless, but in this specific instance? She couldn't deny that 'I will kickpunch the big bad guy with my civilian might' sounded a bit more than reckless. Okay, it sounded ALL kinds of reckless.

A small alert went off on her phone and Millie's brow furrowed. It was the alarm she had set to tell her it was getting late and that heading home before it got dark was a good idea. The fact she had to set the alarm at all irked her beyond belief.

"That was my 'get home or become a linker snack' alarm." She joked lightly.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-14 07:02:09 101767
Akari bows to Rashmi. "It's okay," she says, smiling weakly. "I guess you could account for that by how much I've been trying make 'Akari Hayabusa' not someone who's as aggressive as 'Nightbell', and probably overshot where I would've been originally." Her smile warms up. "With a side of 'What would Sakura-imouto do?'"

She smiles at Millie, and nods. "Okay," she says softly. "I understand logically. It's just worrying me slightly."

She blinks at the alarm. "That is an excellent alarm to have," she says dryly. Some of her mood seems to have returned. She nods to Rashmi. "I'm gonna have to walk Millie-chan home on general principles regardless, so ... yeah. We'll see you later!"
Rashmi Terios 2018-12-14 07:06:00 101768
"Sacchan's a pretty good yardstick," Rashmi agrees, bobbing her head. Reaching up, she rests a hand on Millie's shoulder with a smile. "All right... You guys take care, and don't forget to stop by the kitchen, okay? I think Papi was going to make rasgulla today's dessert special, you really want to try it! And seriously, thanks so much for stopping by!"