You Can't Die of Embarassment, Can You?

Potential Content Warning: Trans and LBGT triggers, Aki and Miho go on a date and both manage to not die of blissful embarassment.

Date: 2018-12-13
Pose Count: 20
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-13 21:12:13 101702
    Aki Kurosawa had said that a date would be great in two weeks. Why did Aki need two weeks? Because she was a hot mess about this. She'd never dated, thought she'd NEVER need to. Though she'd obey Blue's rule. What would she wear? Where would they go! A date should be special! but you also don't want to overdo it right? Aki Kurosawa decides on the casual fine dining resturant that's somewhere at the top of Clover Tower. A little 'classy' but not so classy that you need to dress super formal.

    Aki texts Miho about the time and place, confirms the best time- and tells her that she'll reserve the table. That's done easily enough. This place is never overbooked as to wait too long for reservations.

    Aki Kurosawa now sits at a two person table near a window overlooking the city. She is dressed in a blue dress, not overly fancy, but pretty and working for the setting. She's nervously tapping her foot as she waits. Not out of Miho potentially being late or early or anything- more with the whole readying herself for the date. She wishes she could ask Haruna for help. But Haruna doesn't need to know she met Miho before she could force some dumb youma plan rescue or something.

    She most certainly prefers this method. She idly sometimes fixes her long blonde hair as if afraid it might fly upwards and cascade down over the table. It won't. "Deep breaths... inhale red... exhale blue..." she thinks softly in a whisper.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-13 21:28:05 101703
The minute Miho got the text, she immediately ceased to be able to concentrate on her experiments with the Life Blessing.

She told her parents that she was going on a date with "the sister of one of those girls who helped me out in that incident in May." (Of course, she left out the exact details of how she met Aki, nor do they have a particularly accurate picture of what that incident actually was.) Her mother immediately set to work helping Miho put together an outfit, and they followed the same philosophy -- nice, but don't overdo it.

Now, Miho arrives wearing a mint-green dress, and with a matching ribbon tied in her hair with a bow on the left side; she also has her forest-green jacket, but she opened it as soon as she was inside. She's blushing faintly, but she has a wide grin. And with that, she heads straight to Aki. "Hey, stranger!" she says wryly. "Come here often?" She starts out with slightly less control over her voice than usual, but she gets a better handle it over the space of a few seconds.

... It's kind of a relief that Aki looks as tense as Miho feels.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-13 21:43:20 101704
    Aki Kurosawa looks up, and blushes a little when she sees how Miho is dressed. She fidets a bit and sits more up. A final fix of her hair as she clears her throat. "Hi Miho-san!" she says. "....actually I've never been here before." she says sheepishly. "But it looks like a nice place, right?" she asks with a little awkward smile.

    "I didn't order for us yet. But now that you're here the waiter will probably be by soon." she offers. There are, at least, glasses of ice water. Which Aki sips at suddenly. Ohhh why is her mouth so dry suddenly.

    She picks up a menu and starts searching as she peeks over it at Miho. "...order whatever you want." she says sheepishly. Like she doesn't Miho to say, pick the cheapest side salad on the meny for fear of expense.

    "I really....likeyourdress...." she says. "...I tried to dress up as best as I could. I couldn't ask Haruna for help, obviously." she says with a short little smirk, just a moment!

"...sorry if... I'malittle ... awkward. I've never dated before." she mutters.

    As she looks over the menu she peeks over it again. "So what school do you go to, Miho-san? Are you in any clubs?"
Miho Kagami 2018-12-13 21:59:16 101705
Miho just ... giggles softly, and nods as she sits down across from Aki. "Oh, yeah, it really does!" She glances out over the city. She can fly, of course, but she has few enough opportunities to get a nice view of the city during the day.

Especially in such a relaxed/totally-not-relaxed situation like this. Suddenly, her own mouth feels dry, too! This must be the work of a water youma! Or y'know just nervousness. She sips her glass without further incident. "Mmph, okay, sure!"

And then she gets complimented! "Oh! Um. O-okay, um, sure!" she stammers. "I-I mean, thank you!" Her hands are full with the menu, so she can't just grab her left arm in that gesture which is vaguely caused by the fight between her Blessing and her Curse. "And, um, you look really nice, too!" Yep, her face is just bright red now. She giggles nervously. "Okay, so, um, it's the first date for both of us, cool."

She takes a few deep breaths. Calm, calm ... "Seishou Middle School," she says. Yay, a more down-to-earth topic of conversation! "I'm, uh, I'm on the track team, I joined in September right after school started again. They're ... literally my only friends who aren't magic, heh." She grins. "The actual first two people in Tokyo I had a complete conversation with turned out to be different kinds of magical girls ... sort of."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-13 22:29:07 101706
    Aki Kurosawa ahs lightly. "I'm in dance club. I like to dance." she says. "--I like upbeat dancing. Specfically I 'Salsa'." she offers. "....I don't mean the stuff you eat with chips." she says with a slight smile. "I mean, I dance other styles, but that's my main style." she says lightly.

    The waiter comes, and asks if they're ready to place thier order. Aki takes a deep breath. "I'd like the lobster salad please." she says with a short smile. "With an extra side of the dressing... please?" the waiter takes this down and then asks Miho the same question. What would she like to order?

    When this is done, Aki Kurosawa looks back to Miho as she can place the menu down. No more menu to hide behind. It would be super weird now. "There are lots of magical girls in Tokyo. There are some others elsewhere, but Tokyo seems to have the majority of them..." she says softly, as she rests her hands against her chin, leaning her elbows against the table softly.

    "I go to Infinity and live in the dorms there. I actually live in 'runa-chan's old room there." she gently sits back up and taps her left arm with a finger on her right arm. Akward. "I really like the ocean..." she says.

    "Me and Haruna both do, actually. When it was just me and her-- we didn't have much money, but going to the beach was free-- and Haruna always thought seagulls we're cute. Even when we're back home."

    "That and if you know what you're doing, free seafood." she smiles a little dumbly. "Parents we're... Fishers. So I know how to do a little of the fish preperation and catching stuff." she says.

    " sillyasitsounds..." she mutters with a blush. "...maybe I could cook you fish sometimes..." she muses.... before her eyes focuse back onto Miho, realizing she said that out loud. Bigger blush!
Miho Kagami 2018-12-13 22:44:27 101707
Miho manages not to even come near the prospect of commenting on 'salsa'. "I ... I bet you ... look really cute doing it!" she says, smiling at Aki. Wow, she actually said it! I can't believe I actually said it! Her shadow flickers slightly ...

Okay, time to order! "Um, I'll have ... this ravioli plate, please," she says. It looked like it was going to have a bunch of interesting contrasts, which is kind of Miho's thing, culinary-wise. Fortunately, it looks like the waiter didn't notice her shadow's weirdness or anything like that.

Once the waiter leaves, she takes a deep breath and her shadow goes back to normal. "I met a Pretty Cure who moved here from Canada, Cure Shield," she says. "She became one when she was visiting here in September last year." She shrugs. "And then she didn't learn anything or fight anything else until she moved to Tokyo. So ... yeah."

She smiles, just listening to Aki's story. Okay, yeah, if she can manage to say that without breaking her stride more than a little, she can do anything on this date. As long as she doesn't run into the slightest bit of friction.

Bigger blush from Miho, too! "I ..." She clears her throat. "I wouldn't mind that at all!" Okay, yeah, if she can manage to say that without breaking her stride more than a little, she can do anything on this date. As long as she doesn't run into the slightest bit of friction or get thrown off her stride.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-13 23:06:36 101708
    Aki blushes and coughs. "Well.. maybe that can be next date... if there is one... if you want..." she says as she fidgets a bit. Woo is it hot in here? Yeah totally! More water. This time a little bit more of a firm thristy gulp than the sips she's been taking to the glass.

    When Aki is called pretty she flushes in her face heavily. Oh---oh my she can feel all that blood and it's making her a little light headed. "H..hehehe----" she gives a little girlish giggle. "Ah--sorry. No one has called me... pretty before. I mean. Haruna has but... that's expected you know?" she says shyly as she swallows. Deep breath, inhale red... exhale blue. Her face starts to turn less flush. At least it's a happy flush?

"Oh, I think Haruna mentioned a Canadian Cure. Also. She told me Canada was not a state. Which probably means she thought it was a state and probably asked the poor girl about it." she says as she slides hands into her hair a moment.

    Plates arrive. A salad, adorned with lobster and the extra dressing on the side. And Miho's ravioli plate. The raviolis look fresh and homemmade!

She notices the shadow flicker, but she already vaguely knows what that's about. She doesn't make note of it to Miho directly. It might cause more problems than solve problems, right?

    "Haruna used to... be really quiet. Shy." she offers. "What's funny is...." she smiles a little with a chuckle. It's mirth! "...I used to try to set her up on dates...! Like I'd buy two movie tickets and tell her to take the cute next door neighbor that was her age, at the time, out?" she says.

    "But really. I was just trying to get her out of her shell. As goofy and dumb as she appears right now, I'm glad that she's that way now all the same." she says. She takes a soft breath. "But enough about my sister. For now." she says.

    She begins eating, using her fork to stab pieces of lobster and lettece as she drizzles dressing over it.

    "What's your favorite food, Miho-chan?" she asks. "Like I said... Seafood is mine. Fish, and shrimp and lobster and lots of shelled things." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-13 23:27:31 101709
Miho grins and blushes. "I mean. It's the kind of thing that's encouraging to hear in general, right?" She shrugs. "I mean, whether you're trans or cis." A pause. "... I should stop overthinking that kind of thing, huh. But, like, yeah, it's definitely best if it isn't from direct family, kind of thing."

Miho nods knowingly at the comment about Canada being a state. She pauses as the meal arrives. "... y'know, I'm finding it hard to imagine ..." She stops herself from saying 'Kurosawa-san'. "... Haruna-san ... being quiet at all?" She shrugs. "I guess however it happened, you succeeded!"

She digs into the meal. There's a bit of a smile as she makes her way through the ravioli. She considers the question a moment. Just saying 'pizza' doesn't quite seem like the right answer here ... "I like ... contrasts, I think," she says, and there's an earnestness to her tone. "Different things coming together in ... delicious ways, basically." She shrugs. "Which usually means pizza, I guess. But I mean, as long as it isn't plain and boring, or like made of heat instead of flavor, it's great as far as I'm concerned."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-13 23:48:18 101710
    Aki Kurosawa makes a note of what Miho likes, perhaps when she's shopping for fish cooking recipes. She purses her lips. "....How she is right now. Is not my doing. I was stuck in a mirror for years. That's all... the people that helped her that influenced her." she offers. "Time didn't pass for me in the mirror. I remember fighting Phantom in a burning school-- and then the next I shot up in a hospital bed. I thought that someone had rescued me from Phantom and I had waked up the next day. Except Haruna was suddenly a lot taller and she had a girlfriend there and she couldn't stop talking and that's when I realized something else happened." she says.

    Her tone isn't sad... but isn't happy either as she talks.

    "Pizza is always good. No matter where you get it. Did you know in some Europeon countries they put banana on their pizza?" she asks. "I should try that sometimes..." she thinks.

    She continues to eat, as she peers out the window for a moment. "I like the view of the city from here." she says. "I can see why this is a favored resturant."

    fShe looks back to Miho. "I'm going to assume that, your parents have been supportive of your and your choices...?" she asks a little meekly. Awkwardly. Not sure how to talk about it.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-14 00:01:37 101711
Miho nods, and just ... shrugs. "I ... don't even know what to say," she says. "About ... suddenly finding yourself years later. Everybody's suddenly grown up a little more, but ..." She shrugs. "And a lot of people, you can't even tell them what happened."

She blinks. "No, I hadn't heard about banana," she says. "I knew about pineapple." She shrugs. "For the record, it's actually pretty good on pizza when you actually prepare it right."

She smiles, gazing out the window. "Yeah, really," she says softly. A moment of hesitation, followed by: "Thanks for bringing me here! It was a good choice!"

And then there's a subject she can talk about. She grins. "Let's just say my parents did most of the research, and I always had final say in everything," she says. "And I mean if you wanna really split hairs, it kinda wasn't really a 'choice'? It's just this physical ... illness ... that I didn't know I had until a couple years ago, and it's been had to deal with." She glances down at herself. "... except when I'm in henshin, which I got because of something which only the women in my family get." She shrugs. "So that's cool too."

And then she hesitates. "Or ... wait, was this about your parents?"
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-14 00:23:44 101712
    Aki Kurosawa nods gently. "Well, I'm glad that they are supportive." she says softly. She eyes Miho, uncomfortably. "My parents are very traditional. In my village, the older daughter would go on to inherit the bussiness, while the youngests would be married off to make a lot of grandchildren." she says. "Haruna.... knew she liked girls. Grandfather knew, before he passed, he gave her a story about two girls trying to figure themselves out. I forget the name." she says softly.

    "Dad discovered it in our room oneday. When Haruna said it was hers-- he... " she shakes her head. She doesn't finish it. "That's the day I punched dad in the gut and I grabbed Haruna's hand and I ran to our room and we packed as much as we could quickly into backpacks and bought a bus ticket to Tokyo.

    "So... yeah. I still talk with mom and dad. They don't mind me. But they also don't know about... me. I just let them assume whatever it is they want. They disowned Haruna. Though recently, they've been patching that slowly." she looks to the window, then back to Miho.

    "....I think people should be who they wanna be and who they are... as long as you're... not hurting yourself or others in the process." she says.

    She gently places her fork down. "Want to hear how I became a Cure?" she asks.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-14 00:33:22 101713
Miho frowns. When Aki cuts herself off, she actually tenses up slightly and looks faintly angry. Once again, her shadow flickers, and once again nobody else notices it. "... Haruna-san told me part of that, but not in that much detail," she says softly, her voice slipping downward in pitch. "I ..."

She stops herself from making any kinds of offers or anything like that. There's a limit to what she's actually able to do on her first date. "... It ... feels surreal, sometimes, how lucky I am," she murmurs softly. "How ... supportive my, my parents are." She shrugs, uncertain what to say next.

She takes a deep breath, and puts her own fork down as well. "Um." She brings her voice back up to a more correct pitch. "Sure. I, um, I wouldn't mind hearing about that."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-14 00:54:00 101714
    Aki Kurosawa gives a soft smile. "It was a long time ago. But yes. You're lucky to have parents like that. Haruna doesn't like thinking about it. Honestly, I don't either. But sometimes... it's important to remember that are supportive parental figures out there.." she offers.

    She mmmphs. "How's the ravioli? This lobster salad is great, honestly." she says as she drizzles some of the extra dressing on the salad. She looks back up as she mmmphs.

    "Me and Haruna we're at the beach with a friend. I stepped on something smooth and it dug a little into my foot. I shifted the sand where I stepped and I found a small pink bauble. I thought it looked pretty, so I kept it." she says.

    "Later that day, when decided we wanted some ice cream--- remember hat guy? Oresky? He showed up and was screaming because someone else's sundae was bigger than his? Or something? I even forget. Regardless...." she says.

    "Our friend was his victim and shoved into the mirror. Haruna was there, but I don't think she remembers. This was when she was just a normal person. Irregardless. That bauable started to glow and I turned into my mirror and my frist cards. I washed away the Terribad, and Oresky got all soaked." she giggles a little.

    "...Our friend was moving in a week. So it was kind of important to have a good few last days you know?" she says.

    "Then Blue sought me out and we talked- and that was about it."

    "---not as exciting as most." she admits with a blush. "But it was interesting for sure to me!" she offers Another smile.

    "I mean... you noticed right? You meet people you probably would not have, if it wasn't for the magical tiny to your life..." she says softly.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-14 01:17:34 101715
Miho smiles. "It's always good to know that there's good in the world, yeah," she says softly. She grins. "And the ravioli is good! It's ... basically what I wanted out of it, kind of thing."

She nods, listening to the story. "In my case, the Death Curse ... came from this artifact of doom called the Shadow Jade," she says. "A spider-youkai named Kagekumo kidnapped my great-grandmother Miho Oujino for reasons I still haven't found out, and when a magical girl called Life Mahou Wonder blew up the Shadow Jade -- I borrowed the attack she used, Wonder Shining Ray -- Miho-baasan got hit by the curse, so Wonder-san gave her the Life Blessing. And like I said last time, they both got passed down to me."

She shrugs. "It turns out that the shards got scattered, somehow, and monsters are able to use the Death Curse to track them down," she said. "I met Haruna-san in May when one of them tried to attack me, and I found out about 'the story so far' from one of the other magical girls who was there who had records on. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a magical girl at the time. I had healing powers I could use ..."

She looks back over at Aki. "Then on the first day of summer vacation, this boar-youkai captured me and carried me to the Night Harbor, which is this youkai-dimension basically," she says. "Kagekumo got unsealed, and I remembered all my friends and stuff, so I transformed for the first time to fight him off." She pauses. "... I missed with my Minty Punch attack, though."

She grins. "And then I became Life Witch Joy by working on figuring out the ins-and-outs of the Life Blessing and transformed for the first time last week when a Darkness-corrupted tengu attacked," she says. "And none of that has been fully resolved!"
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-14 01:44:14 101716
    "Ugh, always with the kidnapping..." Aki mutters. She finishes her plate and gently slides it to the side as she listens to Miho's story intently. "...Do you know who 'Life Mahou Wonder' was?" she asks. "Seems kind of mysterious." she says softly. She mmphs. "What's the purpose of the death curse? Why not just... kill her." she says scratching her head.

    "...I'm just gonna chalk this up to bad guys and their 'slow dipping mechanisms' that never work for for them ever." she says. She listens and blinks. "Night... harbor? Is this like... a piece on the beach I don't know about? Because I know about everything about the beach." she says. "And never heard of 'Night harbor'." she says.

    "--glad you figured the magical stuff out though. It can be hard at first, but it becomes like riding a bike and you never forget." she says. "Like breathing. It just happens."

    "Tengus... huh. I wonder if Haruna would be able to do something about that. She's the wind Cure." she shrugs a bit as she smiles. "Glad that you have the life bleesing though..."

"....Cuz it sounds like you wouldn't be here without it." she says. "--and be on this date with me..." she trails off. Awkward yes.

    When the waiter drops off the check she immedaitly places her hand over it and tugs it towards her, before sliding her bank card in and sliding it back to the waiter.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-14 01:56:54 101717
Miho shrugs. "Yeah, what can you do," she says dryly. She considers the questions. "No idea who Life Mahou Wonder was except that she had a kimono with a bunch of heart emblems," she says. "I mean this was in 1949, so, like. All the trails have dried up. As for the Death Curse ..." She considers this. "... I mean, it happened by accident when the Shadow Jade shattered ... by accident as far as I know, I mean ... but as for why it is what it is, my gut says there's more to it than that. Noroiko mentioned Kagekumo by name, so maybe ..." She considers this and shrugs. "Yeah, I just don't know enough to be able to say anything except that Noroiko and Kagekumo are probably connected."

She blinks. "Oh, uh, no, the Night Harbor is this other ... dimension thingy, basically," she says. "It always looks like nighttime, I think. I dunno if that's its 'official' name, it's the name a friend of mine gave it."

She smiles. "I mean, you're right about getting used to it," she says. "Honestly ... I'm just glad I'm able to help people. From the very beginning, I've always trusted the heroes in Tokyo." She shrugs. "And, and I'm glad that I can be one of 'em! It's been, like, a net positive all around, kind of thing."

When Aki puts her hand over the check, Miho blinks, and starts giggling uncontrollably. She knows exactly what's going on there, and what Aki's doing it. She also knows that there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that she'll be able to say anything whatsoever about it.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-14 02:21:26 101718
    She's paying for both, yes. This is a date. She initiated, she pays. She isn't sure of many things about dates, but anime and romance dramas tell her that much. When the card comes back, she signs the slip of paper and slips her card back into her wallet as she looks back at Miho.

    "Maybe you're misunderstanding the relationship? Noroiko seems to be the one attached to that Jade- not the spider thing?" she asks. Shek shakes her head and sighs. "I don't know enough either way, better to leave it to the people that know but---"

    "If you need help... don't be afraid to call me, okay?..." she says softly. She sighs a bit and closes her eyes and reopens them after a hard breath.

    "I should get going. But this, has been a very fun evening, Miho-chan." she smiles. "Um..." she genly moves down for her purse and fumbles it open. "Um--h--here." she says, as she presents a small little bunch of Dianthus flowers. Bright purple and pink flowers. "D..Dianthus.. not really... flowers... to give as flowers but they grow on the ocean side!--- and I think they're pretty.!" she says

    "These are for you..." she mutters.

".....I have no idea if flowers are appropiate on a first date." she mutters. "But I was sure other stuff wasn't so..." she fidgets.

Miho Kagami 2018-12-14 02:27:07 101719
Miho nods and shrugs. "Yeah, dunno," she says. "I mean I guess I'll figure out more stuff as more things happen?" She smiles, and blushes faintly. "But, yeah, I'll definitely keep you in mind!"

And then ... flowers! Miho blushes deeply, and smiles as she accepts them. "Ah! Um. W-well, thank you then!" She pauses. "I literally didn't think of anything like that." She giggles nervously. "Um, sorry! But, um, yeah!" She shrugs. "I mean, I dunno if there's any ... rules, basically? We're just ... doing whatever we want, and calling it a date, I think. That's kind of how dates work."

She grins. Now she's just feeling bashful, in ways she isn't sure she thought she could before.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-14 02:39:59 101720
    Aki Kurosawa blushes a little. "I guess you're right!" she says. "Regardless.... I had fun. I will... text you soon? Or you can text me first, that's okay! To... setup fish date. I mean. You wanted me to try cooking for you so---!" then she nods.

    "I will. See you soon, okay? Hopefully I mean!" she says as she draws her purse up under her arm and makes a quick escape.

    Before she dies of embarrasement. That's happened before, right? No. Never.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-14 02:47:56 101721
Miho grins, and gives Aki a thumbs-up. "Okay, great!" she says. "Let's, uh, let's do that, then! I'll, I'll see you later!"

She waits very patiently until Aki's left. Then she heads out and takes a different elevator to the ground floor.

She glances down at the flowers in her hand, and grins. Even through her own embarrassment, even through the awkwardness which she basically just lives and breathes in ... she feels like this evening was also a net positive.