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Date: 2018-12-14
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Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 02:56:34 101722
    Some people might have told Stahlritter that he should not be going around on his own now that powerful Linker Cores are actively being hunted throughout Tokyo. Unfortunately STahlritter considers there to be way too much work to be done for that to dissuade him.

    Like trying to track down a storage and research facility dedicated to Midchildan and Belkan devices operated by the Raskoph Conglomerate.

    This brings us to this exact moment, in the Harbor District in Uminari City. Upon one of the taller buildings within that provide at least a somewhat decent vantage point over the district, perched upon the corner of it is an armored Knight, with a sleeveless longcoat draped over his form, heavy steel gauntlets covering his hands all the way up to the elbows. Watching for... something, far down below. Movement patterns of couriers, specifically, but it's not like one could tell just by looking at him-- even less so on account of the face concealing helmet with the glowing t-shaped visor.
Zafira 2018-12-14 03:05:31 101723
Also looking around the area is a specific white haired man with blue ears and a tail. His own armored hands press at the edge of a building as he leans over to have a look of the land below as well. He can tell someone of interest is around, but he's not quite sure of exacts yet. Seeing no one, he sniffs at the air before darting off in a specific direction, quietly leaping at the buidling Stahlritter is currently on and climbing his way up it's side.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 03:49:21 101728
    It's a quiet enough leap that The Knight doesn't react to it. At least not initially. For a good moment he remains perched just the same there, peering down towards the streets. Even once the dog-eared man vaults over the edge of the rooftop, the Knight remains crouched there on the opposing corner, seemingly unaware.
Zafira 2018-12-14 03:56:50 101730
Zafira pauses as he sights what he was looking for. His ears flatten against his head as he tries to make himself as quiet and easily missed as possible. He did NOT actually mean to just crawl up right behind, but he should have realized when he wasn't seeing him from lower down that he might be HERE. The tailed man watches for a moment, studying before suddenly attempting to pounce at Stahlritter. He's particularly careful to knock him to a SIDE rather than straight forward, where he might fall off the building.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 04:07:37 101731
    The Knight remains unmoving save for the idle flapping of his coat in the winds above the buildings. Seemingly not even when Zafira makes to pounce at him--

    But just then, that helmet suddenly turns along with his torso, bringing the fiery glow of the visor flashing at the man, meeting his gaze directly. Though perhaps more urgently, right along with it comes the steel-clad knuckles of his right fist, in a backhanded but still dangerously powerful swing.
Zafira 2018-12-14 04:21:43 101733
Zafira takes the backhand to one of his shoulders, pushing him back some steps away. "So, you're awake..." he murmurs in a way where it's hard to tell if it's meant positively or negatively. Either way, it's obvious these guys aren't friends. His tail twitches as he sinks into what looks like some form of martial arts stance, looking as if he's inviting Stahlritter to take the next move.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 04:38:03 101739
    On the heel end of the impact, Stahlritter has sent himself sliding along the rooftop, helping regain even further distance between himself and this near-sneakattacker. Knees bent, he remains in a lowered posture for half a second before rising up to his full height, the glowing visor clearly studying him closely.

    "... White hair and blue canine ears and tail," the Knight's augmented voice growls, and the fiery glow of his visor almost seems to intensify briefly. "You are Zafira, aren't you?"

    Even with the black-and-red steel gauntlets covering them, his knuckles can still be heard audibly cracking as the fingers of one hand twitch and flex out. "... You took something from my friend." And for just a fraction of a second, his form blurs, and he's no longer there, and instead, right besides the wolf-man, with a vicious right hook launched at him.

Zafira 2018-12-14 04:49:59 101742
The shield knight raises a gauntleted arm to block the incoming swing. " time..." he replies before slamming a kick upward toward Stahlritter's side, "You aren't who will collect it." He keeps talking in such short, ominous, dramatic sort of clips. Is he doing that on purpose or something?
Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 05:06:19 101745
    Stahlritter's gauntlet-clad fist colliding into the canine knight's own gauntlet disperses an audible shockwave of redirected kinetic energy that ripples through the air and sends dirt flying off the roof-- which all the more reason he is, for just a fraction of a second, surprised that he took it so easily.

    "Kh--!" a grunt sounds out when Zafira's leg slams into the Knight's armor-clad side, the magical plating thankfully taking most of the force, but he still has the sense to purposefully push himself to the side and back in that same fraction of a second rather than letting himself be pushed into recoiling from the strike, armored boots skidding along the cement of the rooftop.

    He's fast--!

    One foot stamps down onto the ground to stop the skid before he reaches the edge of the rooftop again, and he's instead launched back towards Zafira, ducking to the side and bouncing up again with his fists held up at the ready in front of him, bobbing and weaving from side to side with a series of rapid jabs sent at his opponent. Almost as if outright inviting another, more direct attack...?

    <<Krieg, prepare an emergency message for all recorded devices in range, just in case>>
Zafira 2018-12-14 05:25:39 101750
Zafira starts backing up, ducking and weaving through the punches. Some of them are slamming into him with little reaction. They are hitting though. They are making marks, some of the strikes even leaving obvious marks, but his reactions remain stoic and unphased. He'd then attempt raising his arm to bring an elbow down toward Stahlritter's head. Despite being so quick, his blows seem to be hesitant and carefully decided upon. What in the world is he playing at? What reason in there for something like that? Wouldn't it be faster and more productive to just lay into his enemy, get the job done, and get back out?
Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 05:46:25 101753
    This doesn't feel right. Stahlritter can read that faint hint of hesitation in his opponent, can feel it in his movements. But why? Isn't this the same person who tore into his friend and ripped out her Linker Core without hesitation? Isn't this some legendary opponent he has to defeat without any mercy?


    Whatever thoughts he contemplates in his head, they are all interrupted when he sees the lethal elbow coming straight towards his vision. Ah, crap.

    The strike slams home right there, on the side of his head, where the left temple of the skull would be with a violent, loud sound, spreading a spiderweb of cracks along the steel of the helmet and causing just the edge of the visor there to dim out, the Knight starting to recoil...

    Push through it--!!!

    ...But rather than falling back, his feet stamp down HARD to force him leaning forward, into the blow, turning himself along it towards Zafira's inner side and maneuvering his left arm to snaking around his opponent's offending arm, pushing on forward even as the seperation of his head from the elbow causes pieces of his helmet to shatter and fly off, exposing blood-stained skin and a single bright-green eye. "--Nnnnh!"

    One arm wrapped around Zafira's to keep it in check, he draws the other back, the fist at the end vibrating with red crackles of energy, sent launching towards his midsection, freeing the arm right at the last second.


    Meanwhile, Krieg has just about enough of Stahlritter's bullshit and sends the signal out without any prompt from his Master.
Zafira 2018-12-14 06:29:40 101758
Panzer meets Panzer as Zafira raises his other arm in time to bring up his panzerschild. Dispite the magical nature, it struggles some under the force of Stahlritter's blow. The shield knight staggers back enough from the force as to not be in close enough range to attack again for the moment. He's also lacking in much he can do at range, but there is one thing he resort to if this goes on much longer.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-12-14 06:39:01 101760
    Another shockwave. This one much wider and powerful than the last, potentially felt and seen well away from the building they're occupying, since there's no Barrier in place, rocking the building and probably giving the people inside a brief impression of an earthquake.

    But for the two Knights, that's merely a sign of exchanged strikes. In the rebound of it, Stahlritter slides himself back away from Zafira in turn, to maintain the distance and re-evaluate the situation-- and his opponent, for that matter. The exposed green eye watches him sharply, and... he remembers Nanoha's words.

    "What are you doing?"

    The question comes with the Knight rising upright, and an armored thumb brought up to swipe over the exposed portion of his head and wipe off some of the blood there.

    "You're not attacking like you're doing it by choice. Someone forcing you to do this?"
Zafira 2018-12-14 06:50:42 101765
"...she tried to ask too..." Zafira states, "...and you are also incorrect..." His eyes narrow again as he takes on another stance, "Nothing will distract us from our prey." He starts emitting the tell tale light of casting a spell as spikes start to shoot up around Stahlritter's position, threatening to enclose him... or, if he makes a bad move, ensnare him instead.