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Date: 2018-12-14
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Lacrima 2018-12-14 04:30:38 101736
Lacrima arrives from a Dusk Step onto her usual arrival balcony. In her hands, she has a white box from the bakery she buys those fancy, artisan donuts from. She always arrives on the balcony because she doesn't want to cause people to panic with the dark energy flare coming from inside. Mainly because lots of jerks who want to hurt people all the time use it!

She peeks in past the balcony door quickly, before she slips in and closes it behind her. "Hello?" she gives a short little call out, as she walks into the kitchen area and places the box down on the counter. She opens the box to reveal!.... Maple Bacon donuts. Winter weather donuts, don't you know!

....or so her dad insisted once upon a time. Her eyes trace the kitchen a moment, as she begins to walk back towards the 'living room' area.

Maybe no one's here at the moment. That's okay, right? She left a box of open donuts. It won't survive. That's the plan.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-12-14 04:46:42 101741
For the most part, things are quiet. It's been a bit of a pattern for the ECFH over the last few days, and no one really wants to jinx it. Or at least, Jadeite doesn't want to jinx it. If they can get through the rest of December without anyone getting stabbed, bled on, or otherwise inconvenienced then he'd be a happy, happy man.

Not that he isn't one already, and most especially now, laying on the floor in a corner of the living room, oversized headphones firmly covering his ears, pencils and papers spread out before him occupying his hands. This isn't homework - oh no, this is the beginning of something much more important. These are early sketches of his new, soon to be masterpiece, the artwork inspired by hours of pirated American television and a latent interest in combining sculpting with food. This is Gingerbread Elysion, and the combination of bakeitecural sketches and blasting music is so absorbing that he doesn't even realize someone's entered the apartment.

Truly, the world's most focused guardian.
Lacrima 2018-12-14 05:06:23 101746
Lacrima finally notices... is that someone in the corner? She blinks a bit and walks over and looks over Jadeite's shoulders at a... very fluffy and/or baked looking Elysion. Not that she knows what Elysion actually looks like, but the general architecture looks similar to the same she saw in Mamoru's dreamscape version of it during his-- Endy's fifteen birthday memory. So she assumes 'something from the before time.'-- still a concept she doesn't quite understand, but knows about.

She notices Jadeite still hasn't noticed her. So she lets him work for a little longer, before she tries walking to the side of the drawings-- trying to put her shoes in Jadeite's side vision at least.

"Jadeite-kun?" she tries asking. "What are you drawing?..." she asks softly.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-12-14 05:17:58 101748
What with all the people who were usually here, even a social butterfly like Jadeite could learn to ignore the signs of people around him - at least at home, where it was usually safe to do so. Still, the soft curves of his wall designs and the carefully marked points for frosting and icing reinforcement can only leave him so oblivious. When shoes make their way into his peripheral vision he finally realizes that someone must be trying to get his attention - and up tilts his blond head as he tries to figure out who that person might be. It only takes him a few seconds to acknowledge that nope, this is not a standard building resident, and then he's sitting up, grinning sheepishly at Lacrima and tugging at his headphones so he can actually hear her.

"Sorry about that," and he rubs the back of his neck with the hand holding the pencil. The end gets caught on curly locks and he doesn't seem to notice that the pencil isn't in his hand anymore when he lowers it. "I didn't see you there! Or hear you either, I guess - I was a little distracted with my bakeitecture project."

If he keeps saying and thinking that word, then it will become a thing. Really! It will.

"Did you need something, or you hear to hang out?"
Lacrima 2018-12-14 05:34:34 101752
Lacrima blinks and tries to repeat that word silently to herself, mouth moving, but not saying anything as she shakes her head out of the mental funk of trying to decipher it. "It's fine. I'm the one just walking in..." she says. She looks around and shrugs. "I came to drop off some maple bacon donuts. Do you want one?... I left the box in the kitchen but I can go get one for you." she says.

"Otherwise I came by to.... hang out. Yes. Say.. hello and... all that." she says gently. Hard for her to explain things.

"Christmas.. season and all... leaves me down... not..." she shifts. "Not good for a dark energy being. Need human contact and all that. Helps."

" bakeitecture?..." she asks. "...Is... is Makoto getting into construction...?" she asks with wide curious eyes.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-12-14 05:58:46 101755
"I mean, it's not like you don't have an open invitation." His expression is friendly, warm even, and he brightens that little bit more at the mention of donuts. Mmm, donuts, and with bacon? And maple? He's never tried the combination before, but just the combination of those two words make him Canadian and also, delicious. It's been a while since he ate something... he thinks...

"Thank you for that," because he's polite, and then, "Actually, getting up sounds like a good idea. I think one of my feet fell asleep... want to eat in the kitchen?"

He stretches out said foot, not watching Lacrima as she shifts in and explains herself. "I can tell you about the miracle of bakeitecture. It's my one hundred percent original creation and idea! --though I might ask Makoto if she'd be willing to help out. I have to figure out the details."

With a stretch and the crack of a few stiff joints, he hauls himself up. The pencil in his hair falls out and to the ground with the motion and he looks around in confusion for a moment before shrugging it off. The sketches in his hand are held out.

"This is Gingerbread Elysion."
Lacrima 2018-12-14 06:25:57 101757
If Lacrima noticed the pencil fall, she doesn't say anything. She gently nods and walks with Jadeite to the kitchen. There's donuts. Big, Yeast ring donuts covered with a maple coating, and then bacon crumbled over it. A nice sweet and salty mix- made from an artisan donut shop that does a bunch of awesome donuts like that.

"Elysion..." she purses her lips. "That's... the old---place. I mean.. the.. before place. Right? Sorry. It's hard for me to wrap my head around it. Erm.. the.. 'time before time' place..." she says.

She head tilts. "So you're... constructing a Gingerbead version of it?" she asks. "Dad used to.. order Gingerbread House kits from overseas, from the USA." she says. "Some brand he ordered a lot when he was growing up there."

"...Key is to make.. physical tabs.. and use frosting, best I think. At least. It works for the smaller kits..." she says softly, as she picks up a donut and gives a bite.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-12-14 06:49:54 101764
% The kitchen is warmer than the living room, which really isn't too surprising - unlike the living room, the kitchen doesn't have an entire wall of windows and balcony doors. The box of maple bacon donuts that sits on the table call to him like a beacon - huge and fluffy, coated in icing and covered in crunchy bits of bacon, these things had to be the king of donuts.

And he hasn't even tasted them yet.

He pulls out a chair for first Lacrima and then himself, and only after that does he take up a donut and nod along with to her response. "That's a good way to put it, so no need for sorrys! Elysion is - was - home? And it's beautiful and besides us and maybe some random things it isn't - it's gone, and no one knows what it looks like anymore. I've been seeing a lot of holiday bake shows, though, and checking out the baking side of Instagram, and it gave me some ideas, so -"

So here they are, and here he is, finally taking a break to breathe after that long, sort of rambling response. He has a lot of feelings about this project. He has a lot of hopes for it, and thoughts about it, and he's trying not to make poor Lacrima his semi-captive audience.

"Basically, yes. I've never worked with gingerbread, ever, but it doesn't look too hard," famous last words, "And it's not like I'm getting paid for it, so what's the worst that could happen?" Famous. Last. Words.

"That sounds nice, the making gingerbread houses, I mean, was it - it was fun to do, right? You guys would do that a lot?"
Lacrima 2018-12-14 07:24:18 101769
Lacrima nods. "When Mamoru was helping me with an emotional mess, he showed me his.. I mean, his 'back then' fifteenth birthday. He said I was Lacrima from Themscrya. Then I looked that up when I got home and called him a big dork." she snorts. "But-- it was odd. Back then. Like. The floor was water but was not. Like.. if you had to. Describe 'fairy tale dance fall'.. that would be a good description, that place."

"- Mamoru had me.. transcribe those dances into a book-- in dance notation. He did some.. physic transference thing of them into my head." she says.

"...ah don't worry. Mamoru uses.. Kunzite as a filter when he was helping me with my mental landscape. So. There was no danger." she says.

"---Oh! Yes. Yes. It was fun." she says quietly as she shifts uncomfortably.. "...wish I could go home." she says quietly. "Will probably see if Ariel won't want to put together a gingerbread house with me." she says. "It'll be fun." she says.

"---I'm not sure how I would wrap my head around designing a big thing like that though."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-12-14 07:43:02 101771
He snorts at the mention of Themyscira - Mamoru really is such a dork - and finally takes a bite of his donut. It's good. Oh. It's really good. Sweet, but not heavy, and salty but not overpoweringly so, and he isn't sure how he's never had one of these before. Isn't sure he'll ever be over the sense of betrayal that the world just let these exist and didn't give him one to taste until now.

"I can't believe I've lived my whole life until now never having one of these," he says out loud, when he's sure he won't say anything stupid.

The donut is good. It's also a distraction, at least a bit. Something to take off the edge, because Elysion is bittersweet. At least the gingerbread version will be all sweet. And then there he is, blinking in surprise again.

"You did that? That's amazing - I mean - " and he pauses, then shakes his head, "Mamoru can be an idiot about his health, but he isn't one for trusting you. I know you wouldn't put him in danger on purpose." And also, he's sure Kunzite and Zoisite would both string Mamoru up by his wrists if he tried something too-risky without one of them.

"If you ever want to help me with these ones, you're welcome to. Ariel too - the more hands the merrier," and maybe he's offering because she has experience - but maybe it's the discomfort around that phrase, go home, that hits the sympathy button. "It's really not that bad if you think of it as a bunch of little pieces, all together..."
Lacrima 2018-12-14 08:02:21 101772
Lacrima shifts. "I know Mamoru trusts me. I trust him. It's nice to have a place I can go I can feel safe. That... isn't... as important anymore as it was a year ago. When there was still people that would punch me on sight---even if I wasn't doing anything untoward or wrong at the moment." she says.

"...most people understand why I need to... feed. Nowadays. And... Miho-chan will follow me around some nights and make sure the people are a little more okay than if I was draining them without her looking after them."

She nods. "I'd like to help! I can try to bring Ariel along, sure...!" she says. "I'd invite... Alexis-niisan but I don't think he'd be into gingerbread house construction. I mean. I can still ask. I just think I already know the answer."

She stands up and sighs. "Enjoy the donuts. I can always bring more later. I should go. I have some things to do around the manor. And then I need to check on the housemates." she says. "Um..." she fishes around for a card and offers it to Jadeite. "That's the shop I buy my donuts from. If you can't possibly wait for me to bring more in the future." she says with a soft smile.

She'll make the balcony to step off into a dusk step-- but not before stopping and turning. "Um... thanks for the talk...!" she says as she leaves.