Handling the Life Blessing

Cure Tide and Life Witch Joy cross paths in the park, where Joy is figuring out another modification to her costume. She gets it ready just in time for a strange white panther-youma to attack!

Date: 2018-12-15
Pose Count: 27
Miho Kagami 2018-12-15 22:10:19 101794
It's a dreary evening in the park, with cloud cover turning the sky black, and Life Witch Joy is flying through the park. She has her golden wand, except that it's much longer, slightly thicker, the glowing heart-shaped emerald is much larger, and she's riding it like a broomstick with the heart pointed backwards. Her goal: spending some more time experimenting with the Life Blessing to see if she can't figure out something interesting to do.

Miho's preferred spot for that sort of thing was a small clearing among a group of trees which got completely wrecked a couple of weeks ago in a youma-fight, so she had to find another spot in a different corner of the park. It's another cluster of trees about halfway between the zoo and the playground.

She comes to a stop, realizes that she absent-mindedly made a beeline for her old spot, grumbles under her breath, and then turns around and starts flying off towards the new spot.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-15 22:36:18 101795
    Cure Tide is flying out on patrol. It is a boring, mundane night. This is good, but it is extremely boring. Peaceful! But boring. Maybe she'll hop down and find a bite to eat- a quick snack or a drink. Yeah... she's flying over the park--- a shortcut to a ramen stand she knows that usually sets up on the opposite side at this time of night.

    She spies a flying figure and blinks a moment as she flies to check it out. Wait a moment-- she knows that girl! It's...

    "Oh... it's Joy-chan...!" she gruffs to herself. Should she bother her? Is there some sort of date ettiquite where you don't talk to the person for a few days after? Something about not calling for a week maybe? She heard that was a thing.

    She decides it's a dumb practice and movies make things up and moves to catch up properly to her. "Joy-chan...! Hi. I was out on patrol. We're you, too?" she asks. "It's a boring night so far. Nothing." it almost sounds like she's complaing to a light degree.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-15 22:47:52 101796
Joy perks up, stops on a dime, and smiles over at Cure Tide. She's oblivious to weird nonsense etiquette regarding dates, but she would also think that sort of thing was dumb.

"Oh, hey, Tide-chan!" she calls out, in her familiar clear and bright voice. "Oh, uh, I did a little bit of patrolling in Pikarigaoka earlier, I was just going to head over here to do some more practice and experimentation stuff with the Life Blessing, I have a spot over thataway." She gestures.

She resumes flying at a more casual pace, rather than zipping along at her super speed. "So ... I was gonna text you tomorrow about this," she says, "but I think it would be a good idea to, like ..." She gestures vaguely; this doesn't seem to have any effect on her balance as she sits on the staff. "... do normal things, instead of going 'oh hey we're on a date' and making it a whole big deal all the time." She angles down towards a small group of trees, with a clearing that's visible from above. "Because I think neither of us is good with that kind of, y'know ... 'dating' pressure."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-15 23:18:30 101797
    Tide might have trouble keeping up an an extended pace... she can't talk as a bright beam of light otherwise if she we're to keep up that way. She nods and follows along. "Oh, so like training?" she asks. "Can I watch? I mean.. or help? Helpwatch." she says with a short confused tone, and a blush.

    "Well yeah...!" she says. "I mean not everything has to be a date." she says. "Like this...!" she says. "But--"

"Really I'm more afraid of Haruna stumbling upon us. Because... I know one of the first things she does. Is probably gloat to Blue-sama." she says with just a hint of terseness.

    "I don't want him to find out yet. I want to tell him at my own pace." she says gently. "Because for a while I was one of the Cures that actually gave that rule some serious thought." she admits. "But it wasn't until I saw my sister doing... amazing things. After her meeting Sharpe-san..." she shakes her head.

    "That maybe that rule was kinda dumb." she says. She land wherever Joy lands as she settles down to the ground- towards the clearing. "Dating Pressure." she snorts. "More like... Dating Nuclear Anxiety." she giggles a little.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-15 23:37:35 101798
Miho just smiles and nods at that as she lands in the clearing and hops off the staff. "Watching is probably it," she murmurs. "Or, like ..." She shrugs. "The ... big issue, I think, is basically that I've pretty much always just fired lasers from the wand using the gem." She gestures with the staff. "But I kind of want to see if I can figure out how to just fire lasers from my hands instead, both because I'm using the wand differently now and in general principles." She looks around. "And, and I figured out how to make it do bursts of light, so I don't turn into Sailor Collateral Damage." She flips the staff around, and the emerald fires a burst of mint-green light that immediately vanishes.

She nods, frowning. "I mean, I'm all for getting in the way of Haruna-san gloating for any purpose," she says. "And yeah, like, right now we can truthfully say 'we're not on a date.'" She frowns. "But ... is there any actual reason for that rule? Or is Blue-san just being inscrutable with it for no particular reason?" She still isn't giving him a '-sama.'

She giggles. "'Dating nuclear anxiety', yes," she says. "Y'know what, Aki-san, I think I'm starting to like you." She says that completely casually, without even thinking of how it might be potentially misconstrued.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-15 23:58:09 101799
    Cure Tide nods. "Sorry, I dunno how to help with that, so I'll watch." she says as she chooses a tree to lean against. She sighs and runs a hand through her blue hair... which is blue when she's Cure Tide and not it's usual blonde! She begins to talk. "I do not know the real reason. The reason he gives us, is that as Cures we need to love everyone and can't love a single person."

    "I think I used to believe that but... now I'm starting to think there may be other reasons for it? But nothing good as far as I can understand as far as reasoning goes." she says.

    "So any other reason I couldn't make better guesses at." she says as she head tilts at Joy with a blush at that last bit. "Y-yeah." she says as she seems to go back to thinking.

    "Am I fine over here while you practice shooting beams?"
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 00:21:40 101800
Joy nods, standing in the middle of the clearing. "Yeah, when you put it like that, I'm kinda suspicious myself." Her wand dematerializes in a swirly jade-green light. "Mandating love is kind of a terrible idea no matter how you slice it."

She glances over at Aki, and then just ... blushes as she sees her blush. "R-right," she murmurs, and looks away. "Um. You're ... probably fine over there."

She quickly sets to work distracting herself! She holds up her hand; she doesn't have any gloves or anything like that in her new costume. "Jade Punch," she murmurs, and swings her fist, leaving a trail of jade-green light. "I can do that without my wand ..." She looks her hand over. "I can heal without transforming ... the limit of 'exactly one wand' seems to be an actual hard limit, else I'd just be summoning a second one I can use for fights ..." She stops, and puts a hand on her chin thoughtfully. "I wonder if ... hmm."

Somewhere behind them, something silently moves through the park.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 00:39:37 101801
    Cure Tide watches Joy try to do things. She watches her punch and hrmmmms a bit. She doesn't comment on Joy's follow through or anything. She's keep her opinions to herself unless Joy actually asks for them. Because she's polite, she tells her mental chibi haruna. Who probably crosses her arms and gets grumpy in there.

    She does ask. "You wonder what?" she asks, as the other girl trails off.

    She doesn't notice anything moving silently, because it's moving silently, and she doesn't have Corvus with her to detect anything dark and or horrible.

    "Usually, I just hold my hand out and call out an attack and all that." she says. "But that's just how Cures work I think. I mean, if I didn't make my wish, I'd be spinning a PreBrace wheel." she offers. "But that'd be the only extra step."
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 00:55:59 101802
Joy doesn't answer the prompting at first. "Yeah, that's basically how I do attacks, too," she says. "The thing I was wondering was ... if ... the limit is on the glowy heart ... or if it's just on having an 'external weapon', kind of thing ..."

She grimaces and returns to her civilian form; she's wearing her usual green jacket, skirt, and blue jeans under the skirt. "I wanna see if I can modify it like that," she says, back in her scratchy and androgynous voice. "I have to de-henshin make, like, changes and stuff." She blinks. "... wow, I forgot how chilly it it was. Okay!" She claps her hands together in front of her, and screws up her face in concentration. There's a faint, jade-green glow around her hands.

Something continues moving closer to them, unnoticed in the darkness. It goes still as it reaches the circle of trees.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 01:17:23 101803
    Cure Tide doesn't de-henshin because there's no reason to, and besides. What if something decides to attack because they detect the magical girls? Someone needs to remain powered so the other has time to do so. She watches as she head tilts. "Heh... if I wanna change up my costume, I just have cards for that." she says.

    She nods. "Well it's December..." she giggles a bit. "It's cold." she offers. "Snow soon probably." she says. "Never much though around here."

    She looks around though, something is suddenly making her feel uneasy. She can't place it though, but it's that general gut feeling that something bad may or may not happen. She rolls her shoulders a bit in response as she looks back towards Joy.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 01:28:26 101804
Miho chuckles at the comment about the cards, and nods. She doesn't really know much about Pretty Cures, or their cards; she makes a note to ask for more details, when she isn't busy concentrating.

She just stands there, keeping her hands clasped. It occurs to her that this situation would probably look very weird, if you took this situation out of context. There's just this gangly trans girl standing there with her hands clasped and glowing, with a blue-haired brightly-colored magical girl keeping watch.

Though there's no outward sign aside from the glow, Miho is working on manipulating the Life Blessing. Meditation has allowed her to detect the flowing energy within her; tai chi exercises have enabled her to direct it; and practice has let her figure out how to do this without the external aspect. "Usually doing stuff is easiest or best when I'm in henshin," she murmurs distractedly. "But ... I'm messing with my costume. Can't do maintenance on a car engine while it's running."

This level of concentration is basically why she completely misses the unpleasant sensation.

After a moment, the glow fades, and Miho turns back to Aki. "Okay," she says. "Here goes nothing!" She claps her hands together in front of her. "Life Blessing, WAUGH!"

A strange-looking panther-like creature with bone-white fur and pearlescent glowing eyes pounces into the clearing! Miho tries to leap out of the way, but she's just a hair too slow, and she falls onto her back with a visible scratch on her shin!
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 01:43:04 101805
    Cure Tide is just watching silently. Which probably looks weird. But she's betting that Miho needs to concentrate a lot. She isn't sure on that. Though she does talk as she huhs. "I mean the cards aren't as customizeable but they have some neater tricks... like... there's a professional ice skater card? Actually makes you great at ice skating. A nurse card that comes with a first aid kit and sudden basic first aid knowledge-- stuff like that." she says.

    "--also a Pop Idol card for some reason." she says as she looks away with a blush. She then looks back, as she goes to watch what Miho's changed and then suddenly---

There's a bone-white fur, bright eyed panther-like thing leaping at Miho!? G-gah!

    "TIDE OCEAN JET!" she calls out as she throws her hand up-- a jet of salt water shooting out from her hand like a beam into the creature to try to launch it across the clearing and away from Miho or at least make herself a priority threat and target.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 01:56:59 101806
The white panther youma is struck squarely by the water jet! Success in pushing it away from Miho! It whirls around to face Aki, and lets out an unpleasant keening chime, before it starts firing pearlescent bullets from its eyes!

Miho lets out an even-more-androgynous-than-usual groan, and staggers to her feet. "Okay, no," she says, and claps her hands together. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!"

She's surrounded by a swirling column of mint-green and jade-green light, and transforms back into Life Witch Joy! This time, she's wearing white gloves, with a glowing heart-shaped emerald on the back of each. Also, the scrapes don't seem as bad as they did before. Her staff also rematerializes at the same time, and she rises off the ground sidesaddle.

This catches the attention of the panther youma, which breaks off its attack and lets out another angry chime. And ... then it begins hovering slightly off the ground, its paws glowing with that same light.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 02:16:06 101807
    Cure Tide succeeds it seems to grab the monster's attention. "Okay, come on Tony The Tiger, let's go!" she calls out. Nevermind that it looks like a panther and not a tiger. This thing shoots eye bullets, and she decides to call out. "Tide Wall!" she calls out as a wall of water forms in front of her for a moment, catching some of those balls, but not all it would seem as some impact her. Oh... ahh... owwwwkay that burns.

    She lowers the wall as she moves to shoot forward, using her wings that form from the bow tied around her waist on the back in a forward momentum-- aiming to try to punch the thing in the face.

    "Bad Kitty!" she adds.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 02:25:43 101808
The panther glances towards Cure Tide at the last minute, lets out a quick chime, and then leaps straight up into the air.

And stays there.

Life Witch Joy grumbles. "Okay, that thing can fly," she says, in her clear and bright voice. "Of course it can fly. ... Also, it doesn't seem to be dark, I can't really sense any darkness in the Life Blessing."

She thrusts her hand out towards the panther-youma, palm downward. "Oh well," she says. "Here goes nothing! Jade Barrage!" Jade-green pellets of light immediately fire from her hand! "Haha, it worked!" They're a step up from the original minty version of the attack. Still not all that powerful, but what it lacks in raw power it makes up for in proportionately stronger purification oh right.

In any event, the panther dodges that too. It starts zipping around wildly, chiming and launching pearlescent orbs of light inward, trying to keep the heroines boxed in!

A few of them hit Miho, as well. "GAH, YEOWCH!"
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 02:51:34 101809
    "Oh my god. Cats don't fly. Stop breaking natural laws." says Cure Tide angrily. Joy says it isn't dark, that's okay. Only her big finish is purification and even after that, it's still a powerful explosive force that'll still hurt a lot. It isn't time for that because she's trying to dance arounds shiny white orbs. "A..h, sorry Joy-chan! There's a lot of shots going on here...!" she says as some more hit her in the shoulder, she winces, thankful for magical form armor. These smart.

    She gets angry enough as she throws her hand skyward directly over her head and calls out "Tide Riptide!" she calls out. There's a pulse of energy over her--- that suddenly tries to pull the flying creature forcefully towards the center of the pulse--- this also tugs some smaller detrius in the area-- like tiny branches that have seperated from trees.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 03:03:30 101810
Joy blinks at the sudden riptide! "Okay, wow!" she says, sounding frankly impressed. She can feel the force, though it doesn't affect her particularly. "That's ... that's pretty awesome!"

The panther youma, however, seems to think that it is much less awesome. It lets out a loud angry chime as it gets pulled towards the center of the pulse, and flails around a bit, before it glares directly at Cure Tide, lets out a chime, and fires a concentrated stream of pearlescent bullets!

"Oh no you don't!" exclaims Miho. She thrusts her hand out once again. "Joy Strike!" A bowling-ball sized burst of mint-green energy with a jade-green sheen flies outward, and detonates against the panther in a medium-sized explosion of purification power, which momentarily stuns it!
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 03:13:45 101811
    Cure Tide tsks. "... Cures tend to have some similarity to what they're named after and I dunno if you ever been stuck in a riptide but it's scary as heck!" she grins a little wickedly. "It's like the harder you try to get to shore, the futher it drags you out." she says.

    There's a concerntrated beam of energy down at her suddenly and this actually causes her to be grounded for a moment and it causes the pulse to drop... also dropping a bunch of sticks on her too... luckily. They're just tiny sticks. Not huge branches. Or trees!

    She needs a moment to stand up, and it's harder to shake that one off. But she at least gave Joy the time to give it a nice, big powerful shot to knock the wind out of it.

"JOY, TURN INTO A SACRED POWER!" she calls out, throwing her hands up over herself in a short clasp as she spins. --- also. She isn't asking Mahou Joy to do that. That'd be super weird.

    "JOYFUL.... WAVE.... SHOOT!" she calls out as a flood of sudden purifying water shoots out, but also tries to encase the panther into some sort of globe of water a moment before she turns around and throws her arms downward. "JOY RETURN TO THE HEAVENS!" she calls out. Also. Once again.... not asking Mahou Joy to do that. That'd also be super weird!

    Where the panther was is engulfed in a sudden hard explosive force!
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 03:29:12 101812
Life Witch Joy grins and nods to Cure Tide. "Nice!" she says -- right before she gets knocked down. "TIDE-CHAN!" Straddling her broom, she starts to swoop down towards Aki!

The monster shakes itself, and then glares at Joy and Tide, once again letting out an angry chime ... just in time for Aki to begin her attack.

Miho blinks. "Wait, what?" she says as Tide starts to reference joy. "-- oh, right!"

And then she looks back up at the monster, and breaks into a grin, even as Tide's attack begins.

She thrusts out both hands towards the monster, and moves both of them in circles, leaving trails of jade-green light. "DOUBLE SHINING RAY!" She thrusts her hands forward, and the rings collapse, sending twin beams of brilliant mint-green energy at the monster to join Cure Tide's water!

In the ensuing detonation of magical energy, the monster is reduced to a haze of pearlescent light. It quickly dissipates, scattered in the evening breeze.

Miho laughs out loud. She grins at Aki. "You have no idea how long I've been trying to do multi-Joy Shining Ray!"
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 03:43:33 101813
    Cure Tide takes a long moment..... then falls down onto her butt when it's clear the monster is gone. "Ow." she says. "That's one of those things. Where I hurt a lot more than I look." she says. She places her hands down on the ground. "Neat." she says. "So does that mean you figured out what you we're trying to by coming here?" she asks.

    "Because that's good if you did!" she says with a small smile and then a wince. "Yeah. I'm going to need to sit a moment and get the wave back in the ocean." she says.

    "...Wanna get some ramen after this? There's a cart across the other side of the park I was headed to before I saw you." she says. "So we can go when my shoulder and body stops throbbing." she says sheepishly. "Shouldn't be too long..." then she pauses a moment as she remembers something important.

    "OHHH wait, right you can heal! Can you heal me please?" she asks with wide eyes.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 03:54:37 101814
Joy laughs softly, and floats down on her staff(-broom?) to sit next to Tide. She's really living up to her name at the moment. "Well, I mean, that's unrelated to what I was trying to do before that thing showed up," she says, "but yes, mission accomplished!"

She blinks, and giggles at the metaphor. "Sure, ramen sounds like a great idea right now!" she says, with just a little bit of extra redness to her cheeks. "Like. Using a bunch of magic makes you need more food too, huh?"

Miho opens her mouth to remind Aki that she can heal, but then Aki beats her to the punch. "Of course!" she says, grinning. "And then I'll heal myself too, which ..." She makes a face. "Well, hopefully I don't have anything bad enough that it'll ... interact with my curse."

She takes a few deep breaths to calm steady herself and calm down, and holds her hands over Aki. Presently, the usual mint-green glow with added jade-green highlights appears and surrounds Cure Tide, easing her pain almost immediately. "Okay, yeah, seems mostly superficial," she murmurs as she works. "... I ... can see what my healing is doing now, sort of."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 04:07:00 101815
    Cure Tide mutters a little as she feels the pain subside. "Yeah. Doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt." she says. "Well I mean, it doesn't now. Thanks, Joy-chan." she mutters as she stands up. She rolls her shoulders a bit and flexes her hands. "Alright." she says.

    "We can go when you're ready then." she says. "It's just across the park, and the owner will just think you're cosplaying if you show up like this." she says softly. "Thinks it's charming, for some reason." she shrugs. "I don't question it." she says.

    "Oh--umh-- ah. You're okay, right?" she suddenly asks with a small blush and rubbing the back of her head as she turns around. "Regardless... ready when you are." she says. Deep breath.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 04:13:39 101816
Miho finishes up, and the glow fades. "I think I'm gonna change back before we head over, if it's all the same to you," she says softly. That is exactly the sort of thing that makes her feel self-conscious, even if it hasn't happened before.

She nods. She actually seems somewhat reluctant. "Uh ... hm. Yeah, I'll heal myself, too. Shouldn't be ... too much of a problem." She concentrates on herself this time.

This time, when the green glow appears around herself ... she immediately looks relieved. "Okay, good, nothing bad enough that it needs to go deep enough to interact with my curse ..." The scratch she got at the very beginning of the fight is the first visible injury to go.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 04:23:11 101817
Cure Tide nods a bit. "O--oh, okay, I'll... change too, so... I'm not. Making you uncomfortable either..." she says softly. She'll let the transformation pop off in a puff of glitterly like deep blue sparkles, and rests. "Okay." she says softly.

    She'll wait for Joy to heal herself as she gently bites her lip. Yup. Still awkwardly adorable. She'll kick one of the sticks in the small pile where she was a moment ago being bombared by a giant magic great cat.

    "Any idea what that was?" she asks.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 04:32:42 101818
Joy shoots Aki a grateful smile. "Great, we understand each other," she says.

After a moment, slightly less than it took with Aki, she finishes up the healing and the glow fades. Then, with another grimace, she transforms back into Miho. "No idea," she says. "I guess it must've been, like ... one of the weirder random monsters, or something." She frowns. "Although I can't help but notice that it was basically just ignoring you until you started to attack it ..." She shrugs. "Though, I was also throwing around more obvious magic, I guess."

She looks around the clearing. It's looking a bit blown around, but there's no real damage. "Well, that was better than getting hit by a tengu-tornado," she murmurs.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-12-16 04:38:53 101819
    "Mmmmmm. I'll ask about 'white great cats' that 'shoot eye orbs' to some people and see if they might know what it is." Aki says as she nods. "Think this space will be safe? or should you find a new place to practice?" she asks as she'll motion for Joy to follow. She'll lead Joy out of the clearing and onto a proper park path and towards the Ramen cart!

    The ramen is souper good, and filled wth lightly sliced beef that cooks in the hot broth. It's pretty clear why Aki likes this cart late at night...

    When practically little else is open on this side of the city! "And -erm, thanks for joining me." she says. "Ramen eating is better when it isn't alone in general." she says with a very matter of fact tone.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-16 04:44:21 101820
Miho shrugs as she follows Aki through the park. "Well ... maybe," she says. "If any others monsters show up to be a pain, I'll start worrying."

And then it's time for ramen! Pretty good ramen, in point of absolute fact! Miho smiles, clearly enjoying the meal. She nods to Aki. "Oh, yeah, no problem!" she says with a faint blush. "That's, um, that's definitely true." She hesitates ...

... yyyeah, nope, she's not ready to hug Aki yet.

Oh well, there's always next time ...