Mara Teaches Miho How to Fight

Date: 2018-12-18
Pose Count: 2
Mara Brando 2018-12-18 00:46:37 101849
    Yes, it is late, and that is usually a good time to train someone to fight in a public place. Mara herself is waiting on a bench for Miho who had called her and told her to meet her at this location. It was a cool night, but at the same time it is that time of year.

    Mara has her phone in her hand and seems to be playing a game on it while waiting for the very girl who had punched her in the face by accident.. "Uncontrolled punches, who knows what her magic would do..." She leans her head to the side a little bit as she just died in the game she was playing, sighs, then shuts the screen off to put it in a pocket. She leans back into the bench, and leans her head back to look up at the night sky as she waits.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-18 00:55:48 101850
Miho has been busy since the encounter with the candy cane youma. She's been on ... well, one and a half dates. The park bench is near a small group of trees about midway between the zoo and the playground, where Miho usually trains these days (after her last spot got destroyed in a fight with a tengu). Fortunately, for mundane training, there's less of a need to hide themselves.

There's a jade-green streak of light as Life Witch Joy flies over ... riding a larger and longer version of her wand like a broomstick.

"Hey, Mara-san," she says. She lands, grimaces, and then transforms back into her civilian form in a burst of jade-green and mint-green light. "So, how's it going?" she says, now in her scratchy and androgynous out-of-henshin voice.