Family and Friends

The Kaname's and the Akemi's come together for Thanksgiving dinner, meeting for the first time in honor of their daughter's engagement. Well, mostly...

Date: 2018-12-20
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Madoka Akemi 2018-12-20 22:42:05 101899
    It's Thanksgiving Day and though it's not a Japanese tradition Madoka's family had lived in America long enough to enjoy the hearty feast and grateful atmosphere of the holiday. It was also a day that heavily focused on family, so what better day for the two halves that would soon become one to meet?

    Madoka herself was giddily nervous, expending that anxious energy by helping Chisato and Homura prepare the meal and little party. She thought everything would go alright but there was enough chance of something going wrong to keep her just a bit on edge. Luckily the presence of Homura meant there wasn't much chance of that getting out of control. She was wearing an autumn themed jumper dress worn over a frilly white blouse, inch wide straps over her shoulders leading down to a poofy brown skirt brightened up several large overlapping leaf patterns in yellows, oranges and reds, white stockings adorning her legs and nothing on her feet-- because she's inside, that would be rude!

    It's slowly approaching time for the turkey to be ready, which means it's also time for the guests to arrive, and arrive they do, though five or so minutes late because sometimes Tatsuya can really be a handful. A car pulls into the driveway and out comes the Kaname family, Junko playfully wrestling Tatsuya,who seems full of energy, out of the vehicle while Tomohisa carries a saran wrap covered glass bakepan in one arm and a bottle of Champaign in the other, tied at the top with a decorative bow.

    They make their way up the exterior stairs to the second floor door and ring the doorbell. Madoka, who had been intending to listen out for it, misses it while her head is near the stove vent.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-20 23:00:20 101900
    It is very much Thanksgiving Day and not at all nearly a month after the fact. Shut up.

    Homura and Chisato are in the kitchen with Madoka. Chisato, who insists on being a 'proper mother' despite the fact that Homura is very much capable of taking care of herself, has apparently taken the lead in the preparation of this meal after Homura succumbed to her motherly protests. Homura, who is still very convinced that she doesn't need anyone's help, is quietly playing a support role because regardless of circumstances it's nice to do something with Madoka.

    Homura, however, is constantly reminding Chisato about every little detail that her mother forgets, somewhat because she wants everything done right but also because she wants to keep Chisato on her toes. Chisato doesn't even seem to mind this at all, and it never once occurs to her that Homura might be doing that to troll her a little.

    When the doorbell rings, Chisato also does not notice, but Homura who always has an eye (or in this case, ear) for detail, turns her purple gaze towards the front door.

    "I'll get it," Suoh offers, being the only one in the house currently not doing anything but sitting on the Cuddle Couch reading a newspaper. He sets the newspaper aside and goes about his task, opening the door with a slightly smirky smile to greet his daughter's guests. He's uncharacteristically polite when he says, "Such a rambunctious group could only be Kaname-san's family. Please, come in. I am Suoh Akemi, Homura-chan's father. The others are waiting in the dining room. It's right this way."

    Maybe he's being on his best behavior for such an important moment. Or maybe he just hasn't yet figured out how to get under these people's skins yet without getting into trouble.

    As Suoh shows the Kanames towards the dining room, Chisato can't help but look over her shoulder to see who exactly is coming to dinner.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-20 23:19:04 101901
    Madoka is happy to act in a supporting role, both eager to help as well as potentially pick up some pointers about cooking that she hasn't obtained by her father's mentorship. Her father is a very good cook, but there's also something to be said for diversity of experience and taste!

    As the door opens Tatsuya calms down fairly quickly, seeming to understand that it's time to be on his best behavior, though he looks up at Suoh Akemi with wide, inquisitive eyes. Tomohisa offers a polite bow, "It's good to meet you, Akemi-san. Thank you for inviting us into your home." r
    Junko has an easy, pleasant smile on her face though there's a certain sparkle in her eye that might imply more to her than that easy picture. "And you must be the father of our Madoka's infatuation. I'm Junko, this is my husband Tomohisa," as he's introduced Tomohisa offers the bottle of Champaign to Suoh, though keeps a firm grip on the food so as not to make the host juggle as he currently is. "This little guy is Madoka's brother, Tatsuya. Say hello, Tatsuya."

    "Konnichiwa!" Having been introduced he zooms into the house immediately menacing everything in sight with his gaze- it's safe from his hands for now.

    "Tatsuya, remember your manners." Tomohisa reminds, stopping him from going past the landing and helping him take off his shoes.

    Junko continues ahead letting out a whistle and calling towards the dining room where they're being led, "Madoka, you didn't tell us your new family was loaded, good going!"

    Madoka had, of course, told them about Homura's business and her house and so her face promptly turns red. She turns to face her mother as she walks into view, "Eheheh, hi Mama." She walks over and gives her a quick hug.

    Junko, meanwhile, is saying nothing but looking between Suoh and Chisato with a vaguely familiar and very amused expression on her face.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-20 23:35:00 101902
    Suoh laughs as Tomohisa thanks him, but he's quick to correct, or perhaps to brag. "This is my daughter's home. Homura-chan has done rather well for herself, considering her age."

    Homura somehow overhears this and shouts, "I got it at a discount. It's not that big of a deal!"

    Amy, drawn by the sudden noise and attention, peeks out from the top of the stairway at the strange new humans who've just arrived. She mews softly as her cat eyes move from Junko to Tomohisa to Tatsuya. Suoh introduces the cat as well. "That's Amy. She's also Hom-- have you two met?"

    Suoh is, of course, looking at his wife. Chisato's eyes are locked onto Junko Kaname. Homura notices her mother's sudden hesitation and quietly takes over her duties. Homura draws closer to Madoka and whispers, "Let's handle this for the moment, ne? I'm sure our parents are anxious to meet."

    Chisato turns towards Homura for a moment, then sets her spatula down on the counter before taking a few steps out of the kitchen towards Madoka's mother.

    "Madoka's mother is... Junko?!"

    Chisato is suddenly playing somewhat nervously with her long black locks of silky hair, looking at Junko with wide, surprised eyes. After a moment of shock she turns towards Tomohisa, and then Tatsuya. Then, covering her mouth to giggle, Chisato says, "Junko-san. It's been so long. What a small world!"

    Homura glances over her shoulder at this scene. Her mother sure is full of surprises, isn't she?

    Amy at some point has decided that these new people are safe to approach, and is currently sitting on the floor and looking up at them.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-20 23:47:50 101903
    Madoka is fairly surprised when Homura's mother seems to know her own, backing away a little and looking between them.

    Junko's amused smile turns into something of a small grin, "Family functions are going to be a lot more interesting from now on. Madoka, Tomo, allow me to introduce you to Tokyo's best bartender. I never would have thought you'd be that 'Akemi-san', though now that I think about it explains the politeness and precision."

    The woman hooks her arm around Tomohisa's elbow, "You'll finally get to meet my main squeeze. Don't worry, Tomo, I've only said good things about you."

    Madoka has noticed Amy and goes over to scoop her up, holding the kitty in her arms at a level where Tatsuya can easily pet her. Thankfully he doesn't seem to be grabby around pet, and Amy is soon lavished with attention. Meanwhile Madoka sends Homura a happy and mildly anxious look as their mothers get reaccquainted. Who knows what this will mean.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 00:02:41 101904
    As Homura soon finds herself the one person in charge of the kitchen, her level of activity and focus increases. Fortunately, there's very little left to do but take the turkey out of the oven. She takes a small fork in hand in order to test the flavor. It's not that she isn't surprised by what's happening. She's very surprised in fact. Yet a veteran Puella of her experience has learned to take surprises in stride.

    Chisato, on the other hand, is not a hardened magical girl and does not have her daughter's calm.

    "A-ah!" she turns her eyes from Junko to Tomohisa, and greets Madoka's father with a sudden yet polite bow. Her head moves fast enough that it actually causes her hair to fly out behind her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kaname-san! I've heard many nice things about you from Junko! Th-though... that was back when you were dating. Eheheheh. Junko-chan, it's been so long! I never thought we'd meet like this after the move!"

    Her mood drastically improved, Chisato moves over to Suoh, who is quietly standing still as his wife suddenly throws her arms around him. "This is Suoh-kun, my husband whom I've told you about!" From the way Chisato is clinging to Suoh it seems like cuddliness runs in the family! Though, so does reservation, because it's not long before Chisato is releasing him to smile at Junko.

    Amy, meanwhile, likes being in pink mama's arms, and after being petted by the tiny human she decides that she likes this him, too! With the way she's being held, it's probably not hard for Madoka to tell that Amy is purring.

    Homura, diligently, has carved up the turkey and placed it on the seven(!) plates needed for this gathering. Her eyes are darting quietly between her mother and her soon to be mother-in-law as she takes the first few plates into the kitchen. Chisato finally realizes that Homura is working alone and says, "Oh! Let me help!" before she rushes back into the kitchen. There's an extra spring in her step now that an old friend is here.

    "I promise that this is a lot better than the bar food, Junko!" she calls out.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 00:14:53 101905
    Madoka hasn't seen her mother interact with very many friends so this is of great interest to her. It seems she teases her father in much the same way as she teases her too, when it's not just family. ...though Chisato will be family very soon!

    As Chisato re-introduces Suoh Junko gives him something of a grin, "You must be something having made such an impression on Chisato-chan. You've managed to raise a wonderful, and apparently extremely successful, daughter as well. I think we're going to get along just fine."

    As Chisato goes over to help Homura with the food Tomohisa does as well, setting down the side he brought, which appears to be baked sweet potatoes with a thin layer of marshmallow and a thicker layer of crumble over the top. It smells almost like it belongs as a desert, the cinnamon and nutmeg wafting as it's uncovered.

    "I'll be eager to try it," Junko replies, only to make an amused smirk, "It almost feels funny that I'm the one bringing the drinks. Maybe I should pour them out, too." She retrieves the bottle and calls "Champaign Suoh-san, Tomo?" Chisato isn't given a choice in the matter.

    Madoka giggles a little as Amy starts purring. After a minute or so she sets the cat down, however, and helps get Tatsuya washed up for dinner. She gives Homura a very bright smile along the way. Things seem to be going well!
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 00:31:35 101906
    Suoh chuckles at Junko's compliment. "Well, I'm very proud of both my wife and daughter. I've always expected the most from my little Homura-chan. What about you, though? From what Chisato has told me, you're a force to be reckoned with."

    Homura mutters, "I really just got lucky..." but none of her family seems to hear it.

    When Tomohisa and Chisato come over, Homura gives them both a grateful smile. "Smells delicious," she says to Tomohisa, glancing down at the sweet potatoes.

    "Of course! I'd love to," says Suoh. Chisato notices that she wasn't asked and hesitates for a moment, but... well, this is Junko after all.
    When Homura's eyes meet with Madoka's, she gives her fiance a soft, happy smile. The shine in her eyes betrays a bit of confidence, since the possibility of their parents not getting along seems to no longer be a factor.

    After having collected her pettings and hugs, Amy decides to excuse herself from the gathering, wandering off to go do important cat things such as nap in the sunlight.

    While each plate has a bit of turkey, green beans, and other vegetables on it, the final plate that Homu-- no, Chisato will take it out, she insists! The final plate that Chisato takes out is the remainder of the turkey, complete with cutting implements for when someone wants seconds.

    Chisato gestures to the table with her hands and says, "Please, everyone! Take a seat. Dinner is ready!"

    Suoh moves to sit at one end of the table, and his wife sits next to him. Homura hesitates for a moment, wanting to arrange things so that she can ensure she sits next to her favorite fiance.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 00:44:04 101907
    Madoka slinks over to Homura and gives her a quick hug from the side, holding her about the waist and saying, "You also worked very hard and never gave up because something was difficult." She'll then press a little kiss to Homura's cheek, being somewhat chaste because this is Thanksgiving Dinner and both their parents are around.

    At the mention of her force of will Junko sends a knowing glance to Suoh, "It's not that I always get my way, or what I want. It's that I know what I want and I won't hesitate when the time comes to take it. That and I love a challenge. At work, at least." She sits down not next to Tomohisa, but rather with the youngest Kaname between herself and Tomohisa, who seems to be appreciating the spread.

    "Everything looks and smells delicious," he compliments, seeming relaxed and at ease in what to him is a delightful family atmosphere.

    Madoka naturally sits right next to Homura, and is a little unabashed about scooting her chair juuust a bit closer. She sets her foot down next to Homura's and rests her stocking leg against her fiance's, though doesn't go so far as to play footsie- at least not yet.

    "Thank you everyone for coming," she says with a bright and cheerful smile, looking to everyone in turn.

    "Thank you for inviting us," Tomohisa responds, Junko adding, "I wouldn't be anywhere else," while raising her champaign glass towards Chisato and Suoh.

    Tatsuya lets out a small cheer and promptly digs into his food.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 01:03:06 101909
    Homura gets something caught in her throat when Madoka holds her around the waist and says nice things to her. With a sparkle in her eyes, in a moment when none of their parents are looking in their direction, Homura takes Madoka's chin between her index finger and thumb and draws closer to her, whispering, "Even with all of that, for what happened after, I'm still very lucky."

    Then she releases her darling a moment after, because she is trying to be chaste and tackling her darling into a kissy cuddle pile on the kitchen floor would probably be pretty embarrassing for everyone involved.

    Suoh is actually taken aback by Junko's directness, or maybe he is simply making a show of it. Yet, with his bright, almost-smirking smile, he responds, "Well, that's the way to be, isn't it? Life isn't going to give you what you want. Sometimes you have to take it."

    Homura is dressed in an outfit that is both fitting for her and yet something of a different style: white blouse over a black skirt with a light blue vest on top, all in plain colors with no patterns. It's a casual look, yet still pretty enough to be presentable at such an important gathering. Her stockings, as always, are black and she's all too happy to let her foot brush against her little angel's.

    "Thank you for coming!" responds Chisato, as she and her husband raise their glasses.

    "The pleasure is all ours," says Suoh before taking a sip of champagne.

    Homura, of course, makes no move towards any such alcohol, because it's not as if she's going to drink in front of Madoka's parents in this kind of situation. She does, however, say a soft, "Itadakimasu," before joining Tatsuya in her feasting. The other two Akemis repeat, "Itadakimasu!" a bit more loudly and cheerfully thain their reserved, quiet daughter, though Chisato can't help but feel silly and giggle after such a display.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 01:21:58 101911
    Madoka blushes as Homura draws her closer in such a way, peeking sweetly into her eyes. "Don't forget that I'm just as lucky as you are, Homura-chan."

    She still separates in the interest of not ending up in a kissy cuddle pile on the floor, because that isn't entirely out of the question if she isn't careful. It's hard to not want to cling to her fiance!

    "It certainly isn't if you don't grasp the opportunities you see." She looks from Suoh over to Chisato and gives her old friend a teasing smile, thinking better of commenting for the moment. Instead she drinks from her Champaign glass before starting in on her plate of food, cutting up a piece of turkey while saying her own, "Itadakimasu!" She doesn't feel any shame in enjoying a fine meal in good company.

    Tomohisa likewise offers thanks and begins eating, his manners about as polite as Homura's and Madoka's currently are, though he doesn't seem to be enforcing politeness except when Tatsuya momentarily goes from eating his food to playing with it.

    "Madoka tells us you run a business," the Kaname patriarch inquires while engaging Suoh with a friendly gaze, "construction, I think it was?"
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 03:36:24 101934
    Homura can stand up to an unbeatable Witch and fight an unwinnable battle nearly a hundred times without even thinking of quitting, but she still can't resist her irresistibly cute fiance. She can most certainly delay her cuddly gratification though, at least for a while.

    Chisato sheepishly giggles at Junko's look, as if she can somehow tell what her old friend is thinking.

    Suoh turns his attention to Tomohisa when asked, sitting tall with a stiff, proud back. "That's right. I used to work here in Tokyo when I met Chisa-chan, but when we had to move I ended up moving much of the company to Kyoto. Of course, then my daughter decided to start up a whole new company in Tokyo so now I'm back here again."

    Homura turns to her father and asks, "How is the company doing, anyways?"

    "Well..." Suoh starts. He can't quite bring himself to say that it's not as good without his daughter around. "It's growing. Right now we're bidding on a contract to make new apartments. A lot of the old-timers wonder if you'll come back once you graduate."

    Homura shrugs, while chewing up a bit of turkey. Once she swallows she closes her eyes and says, "Well, for the moment I'm retired, but I as long as I have the option to own my own company I'd prefer that over any other option." Her eyes open for a moment, and she looks a little sad. "I'd rather avoid a situation where some faceless shareholder owns the fruits of my hard work."

    Chisato looks at Homura curiously, and then at Madoka. Homura doesn't answer her unspoken question. Suoh senses the mood and quickly moves on. "So, Homura tells me you're quite the good cook. Were these delicious sweet potatoes your doing?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 04:02:50 101941
    Junko gives Chisato a sly wink when no one else is looking and takes another sip of her Champaign before continuing in on her dinner, apparently enjoying the turkey as it's disappearing quickly from her plate.

    "You must be a very skilled manager to be able to move your operation so fluidly," Tomohisa notes, watching the way Homura speaks with her father.

    Madoka giggles a little as Homura says she's retired. To be retired at such a young age is funny, but considering the house they're in she wouldn't blame Homura if she never cared to work to make money again. She's sure that passion of hers will find another outlet some day though-- or at least it will if cuddling doesn't absorb it all. She brushes her ankle against Homura's for a moment while nibbling on some veggies.

    "I did, and I'm glad you're enjoying them. I've made taking care of my family my profession, so if everyone is happy I'm doing my job well." Tomohisa replies about the sweet potatoes.

    "Tomo is being too modest," Junko pipes up, "We have a sweet, kind daughter and a healthy rambunctious son. His skills are top notch."

    As Homura looks a bit sad Madoka reaches over to rub her shoulder a little, "You'll never have to worry about something like that if you don't accept outside investors. Everything you do from now on is all yours."

    Junko notices the somber mood and studies Homura for a moment. She's a bit less energetic herself as she comments, "It sounds like you've learned an important lesson early. It's tough having to deal with the expectations and visions of others, especially when they conflict with your own. But it's better to realize that before you've created your life's work, only to have it taken away and turned into something you don't recognize."
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 04:23:44 101946
    "Well..." and this time Suoh doesn't actually brag. "It wasn't exactly fluid. I had a lot of contacts in Kyoto from previous business, and not everyone wanted to make the move with the company, but for those who wanted to stay in Tokyo I gave them solid recommendations at their new jobs. It wasn't easy, but... I had my reasons."

    Homura speaks up as her foot brushes back against Madoka's, being the very picture of still grace as her foot playfully moves. "It was because of me. I believe I may have mentioned my heart condition before. There were better doctors in Kyoto, so we moved to Kyoto." She takes a sip of her water before placing the glass down.

    Chisato sheepishly smiles. "Your heart's been doing a lot better though, hasn't it?"

    In a moment of playfulness Homura responds, "Yes, well, Madoka-chan's been taking good care of it~."

    Suoh smiles at Tomohisa, and this time it's a little less smug and a little more proud. "Being a father is a noble profession, and you have a lot to be proud of. I'm happy that my Homura-chan is marrying such a charming young lady."

    Homura's eyes turn towards Junko, and she nods. "It's one of the unfortunate realities of business. The moment you go public, you're no longer working for yourself. That can be a real heartbreaker when you've worked your hardest to make your own dreams come true only to have them turn to dust."

    She turns her serious gaze towards Suoh. "Which is why I'm very glad that my father has respected my wishes on that."

    Suoh shrugs. "I'm perfectly happy keeping the company in the family, especially knowing that I can pass it down to my capable daughter. Still, I have to wonder what happened to make you so insistent."

    "I saw it happen to a friend of mine," mentions Homura. "That's all. It's actually not that uncommon for Infinity students to go into business."
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 04:42:03 101951
    Madoka blushes a little as Homura says she's been taking good care of her heart. She doesn't say anything about it though, but seems to be eating her food a bit more quickly. Once she finishes she can scoot her chair a little closer, probably. For now she enjoys brushing the side of her foot against Homura's, enjoying any bit of contract with her beloved that she can get.

    "I'll be proud to call Homura-san my daughter in law. I wasn't expecting it so soon, but I can't be disappointed considering the character of the one she's chosen." Homura is given a Proud Father smile, from Tomohisa, who seems to mean what he says. He then notes to Suoh, "Our own family moved to America for a few years on account of Junko's company. It was a nice experience, but it's good to be back in Tokyo."

    As Homura mentions she had a friend that founded a company and that it's not uncommon at Infinity Junko nods, "Even so it's quite an accomplishment. People are often surprised at just how cutthroat business can be. Businesses are created and destroyed every day, sometimes only because they got in somebody's way. Especially the small ones."

    Her glass almost empty, Junko swishes the last of her Champaign slowly around, "Speaking of business and professions, now that your little girl is all grown up and about to be married, have you thought about going back to work, Chisato-chan? The oafs at work still don't know how to choose a classy establishment."
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 04:59:03 101953
    Homura gives Madoka a sideways glance and notices her blush. As much as she tries to keep her cool, seeing her darling looking so cute makes her blush as well. She glances away, because not looking directly at her makes it easier to refrain from cuddling her right here in front of everyone else. Her foot doesn't leave Madoka's however, and it keeps brushing against her little angel's in slow, gentle motions. Maybe that'd be enough to sate them for now.

    Homura smiles brightly at Tomohisa as he mentions her being his daughter-in-law, then seems a little surprised as her character is mentioned. Well, she's always tried to be on her best behavior in front of Kaname's family, but there are those who would seriously object to any compliments regarding Homura's behavior.

    "Homura mentioned something about that, since it has a lot to do with why we're having this meal," responds Suoh, on the topic of America. "That sounds like quite an adventure. How was your English?"

    Homura gives Junko a half-hearted yet knowing smile and says, "It's true." She doesn't elaborate, happy to let the topic move on.

    Chisato has been staring at Homura for a while now, to the point where she almost seems startled when Junko talks to her. "A-ah. Back to work? Me?"

    "That's right, mom. Didn't you work at a bar when I was little?" asks Homura.

    Suoh smiles and brags again, "Chisato still makes the best mixed drinks I've ever had. I dare say she's gotten even better."

    "Better? A-ah, well..." Chisato glances at Homura, still not having quite processed the fact that her little girl is engaged.

    "If nothing else, I'd like it if you served drinks at my wedding. Not all of the guests will be high school students, after all," mentions Homura.

    "W-well... maybe!" says Chisato, though she isn't sure she wants to commit to that. The thought of working at a bar again is something that she hasn't thought of in a long while.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 05:13:02 101957
    Tomohisa chuckles a little and gives a small shake of his head, "Passable, but not something I'd be proud of. Madoka had to learn for school, and Junko is fluent from work as well."

    Madoka gives a small shake of her head, "I can speak it but I still have a really bad accent!"

    "It was an adventure though, and there were some very nice family holidays. Christmas in America is more about family than dating and fried chicken." He shakes his head a little, smiling.

    When Chisato looks like a deer in the headlights it's almost too fun for Junko, "You can't tell me you haven't thought about it, you were always quite the hit." When Suoh mentions she's gotten even better Junko perks up even more, "Is that so? You know, I have something in the trunk for a party at work, but maybe it'd be better here." She leans forward a little, "What do you say, Chisato-san, care to make the party a little more fun?"

    Madoka looks something between amused and alarmed, wondering just how much her mother would actually drink at a family occasion like this. Then again there's no doubt Chisato has already seen her pretty drunk if she knew Junko as a bartender, and if Suoh enjoys mixed drinks too, maybe it'd be okay?
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 05:44:25 101959
    Tomohisa mentions Christmas being more about family, and Suoh says, "Oh, is that so? Homura-chan, how have you been spending your Christmases?."

    Homura is very silent on the topic for a moment, to the point at which Suoh gets suspicious. Finally she responds with, "Messy. There's been a lot more fried chicken than is probably healthy. Also I've spent some quality time with Madoka-chan. In fact... well, before our unexpectedly extended vacation I proposed to Madoka on Christmas." She doesn't want to elaborate about the chicken. Fortunately, another topic has come up.

    Chisato blinks at Junko as her mind processes what's just been said to her. "Well, all of my mixing equipment is in Kyoto, but if you have something in your trunk... I'd be happy to make something for you! Especially for old time's sake."

    Homura glances at her mother, then at Junko, and then at Madoka. A part of her is silently wondering if she can use the introduction of alcohol in order to excuse herself and Madoka from the festivities. Her mind is processing the plan as her purple eyes find themselves focusing on Homura's pretty little angel.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 05:56:33 101962
    Homura's little angel most certainly wouldn't mind spending some quality time alone with her after spending quality time together with their family. The adults really do seem to be getting into the swing of things.

    "Chiasto-chan, I'd never lie about having alcohol." Junko says with more gravity than is strictly necessary, excusing herself from the table. A minute or so later she's returning with a decidedly oversized bottle of Vodka. It's large enough that it'd probably be unbecoming if not for the fact it was indented for a large gathering. Chisato's probably seen the like plenty of times herself- mid quality and fine to drink on it's own, but giving a real kick to anything mixed.

    "She wasn't joking..." Madoka says with a bit of nervous laughter as her mother sets the bottle of alcohol down in front of Chisato Akemi, looking gleefully between Tomohisa and Suoh.

    "I don't want any," Madoka says, still nervous and mildly embarrassed.

    "You'd better not, because you're not getting any young lady! Don't think being engaged excuses you from the liqour laws."

    "Yes, Mama..."

    Junko's grin is even brighter.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 06:27:04 101965
    Chisato laughs sheepishly as Junko responds, and then she stands up from the table before heading into the kitchen to start searching through cupboards. "Um... Homura-chan? Do you have shot glasses or mugs anywhere?"

    "No, Mom, I don't."

    "You don't have to lie. It's fine to have mugs in your house. I know your friends drink sometimes."

    "I seriously do not. Do you think I'd hold out on you at a time like this? Look, if you want to use something small that won't spill easily, just use the short glasses."

    Chisato sweatdrops and shoots an exasperated look back at her daughter. Seriously? How is Chisato supposed to work under these conditions?! Homura sighs and stands up from the table. "Okay, okay, I'll go check the closets."

    The black haired Puella Magi turns towards Junko and Tomohisa with a smile and a bow before she says, "Excuse me," and heads up the stairwell. Chisato follows shortly after, and once they are alone together Homura henshins and starts digging through her shield.

    A few moments later Homura is back out of henshin and heading downstairs with Chisato, who has a stack of shot glasses in her hands and a relieved smile on her face. She might not even use them, but she feels better having them. Meanwhile, Homura just has a confused look on her face. She genuinely does not remember ever putting those in her shield. Were they Mamoru's? Nah, couldn't be.

    Chisato gives Junko a strange look on the topic of Japanese liquor laws considering how little respect they actually get in practice, but Madoka is Junko's kid and if she doesn't want her drinking then that's her right. She knows that Homura, at least, has respected Junko's wishes on that.

    Homura walks up behind Madoka's chair, and she wraps her arms around her little angel's shoulders. "Well, it seems you're managing just fine without us. Perhaps we should excuse ourselves while you all relax."

    Homura's eyes glance towards Tatsuya, since he's also underaged, but a part of her suspects that Tomohisa might want to keep his young one close at hand.

    Chisato, meanwhile, is being happily singsong while she extracts various fruit juices and other beverages from Homura's fridge. "Ah, so what should we start with, Junko-chan?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-21 06:35:35 101967
    Madoka watches as Homura walks off with her mother, tilting her head a little. She looks just as confused when her fiance comes back having actually found shot glasses. She knows where from, but as to why they're there? She's stumped.

    "That's more like it! I know you won't have a proper shaker but there has to be a water bottle somewhere in this house," Junko comments. As to what she should start with Junko immediately states, "Bloody Mary! If there's tomato juice."

    Madoka giggles as Homura's arms go around her and she leans back a little, resting her head against her arm. "I think the dishes can wait a little while, at least."

    For the moment Tatsuya seems to be going for seconds while everyone else seems more preoccupied with other things. Tomohisa notices Homura's glance and gives her a smile, "I think you're safe. Go ahead and spend some time together, I'll keep an eye on Tatsuya."

    Madoka flashes her father a bright smile. Not needing to be told twice she gets up out of her chair. She offers a quick bow to the others, "Thank you all for the nice meal!" And with that she hurries along while holding Homura's hand, eager to give her all the hugs and kisses she's been saving up.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-21 06:57:42 101971
    The only reason why Homura has never offered Madoka a drink, and has even prevented her from drinking spiked punch, is because Junko made her wishes clear on the matter. Madoka's mother has a lot of respect from Homura, and such a condition felt, at the time, as if she were making a sacred pact. She doesn't recall ever telling Junko that she didn't drink. Rather, she just avoided the subject around her. In her mind it wasn't something that ever needed to come up.

    Still, with her mother saying it so boldly, and with Homura obviously having shot glasses, she still feels a little awkward about that whole thing.

    "There's bottled water in the fridge, and also in that cupboard over there," mentions Homura, and Chisato immediately retrieves a bottle, dumping its contents into the sink. As for Tomato juice, Chisato looks lost for a moment. Is there tomato juice here? There's orange juice and apple juice and lemon juice but...

    Homura speaks up again, "Check behind the milk. Also, tabasco sauce is in the left side of that cupboard over there, and you know where to find the salt and pepper" Chisato perks up and then goes to look.

    "Ah! Thank you, Homura-chan."

    Homura then smiles at Tomohisa, "Thank you." She likely would've babysit while the adults had their fun if that was asked of her. "If you get too drunk to make it home, you're welcome spend the night."

    Homura momentarily pulls away from Madoka and bows before the Akemis and the Kanames, letting her long silky hair fall over her shoulder and to the ground. "Thank you so much for your company. It's been wonderful." With that last bit of necessary politeness handled, Homura allows her little angel to lead her by the hand into a cuddly paradise.

    Meanwhile, with a smile on her face, Chisato stands behind the kitchen bar as she gleefully prepares the requested Bloody Marys.