Fate meets Princess

Princess Rune and Hinote run into Clotho, practicing her new abilities and powers! The three talk for a bit and all introductions are had.

Date: 2018-12-21
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Unmei Tama 2018-12-21 02:37:36 101921
Unmei Tama was training! A lot! Since her powers had come back, she had immediately gone out and decided to practice and train... Why?

Because they were new. Her outfit was new, some kind of magic/knight... thing. There were pieces of armor. And her elemental magics just weren't using. However... She felt... Stronger.

So now, she was in the woods, and practicing. She started with the bow... she still wasn't the best with it, and of all her weapons, it was the weakest. but it had a LOT more range so... not so bad. Then she stepped back and held out her hands. Long, metal claws formed from strings and she charged forward. "YAH!" she cried. "Yah, rawr, yah! Grrrrr! Mwa ha ha ha ha! You'll never defeat us! I'm sorry Akari, but you're coming with us! Oh no, we've been beaten, how is this poss--"

In her umm.... over dramatic training, she hit a pile of wet leaves. Which slid. And down she went.
Runealy Waldia 2018-12-21 02:48:44 101922
Rune has recently taken to visiting various locations for what, at first, would seem like non-obvious reasons. Taking a limo ride out to Mt. Odake with Hinote accompanying her this night would seem rather eccentric, but she was able to convince Hinote to do so with a general request and her driver with sufficient money to make it worth his time.

On their way up-hill to a forest clearing where the portal to their homeworld rests, Rune finally explains her motive: "I'm hoping to figure out something that can help us work even better together out there when we fight demons and other monsters. And I don't want to go out alone when I know there are at least two out targeting me. So... thank you for coming with m-- hn?!"

An arrow flies past. It didn't get anywhere near her, there was no danger at all... but seeing a blur of motion like that is attention-grabbing all the same.

"Strange, I didn't think Gaofele would be out here." She reaches the wrong conclusion. "Let us greet him, in any event."

Gathering a breath, she calls out, "We're over here! We'll come to you!" Rune is minding good safety while someone is practicing with arrows, in any case; no need for nasty surprises. Then she nods to Hinote, and proceeds to head in the general direction the arrow came from.
Hinote Kagari 2018-12-21 02:57:13 101925
Hinote Kagari generally doesn't question Runealy's orders when he has a vague idea of what's going on. Since this seems to have something to do with the Waldian Portal he's more than happy to come along and make sure any two of these jerks don't try to kill her or kidnap her. "Don't mention it, Runealy." he says softly. "I'm happy to---" huh?

"--- I don't think he is? Maybe he's practicing out here where there's lots of trees... and less danger of accidently hurting someone that might wander by." he says cautiously. He'll walk along with Runealy and let her call out, but otherwise tries to keep a heightened sense of caution. They are, afterall, a far enough way from everything it'd be a problem.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-21 03:03:43 101927
Unmei Tama got back up, holding her nose. "Owie... that really hurt. Why would..." Then blinked. Her eyes widened. Oh crud SOMEONE WAS COMING!She flailed a bit and looked around, panicking. "Shoot shoot um ummm deactivate!"

As they broke through the trees, there was a flash of light.... And... There was a girl. A young teen, with long white hair, and white clothing, and... Covered in sweat and breathing heavily as if she just went through a marathon. "H-heeyyyyyyy... there.... people I don't know. I, errrr... I'm fine. Err. Why did you come looking for me? Did I know you?" she asked, her hands crossed COMPLETELY inconsciciously over her glowing clotho gem, which was quickly dimming.

She definitely DID NOT look suspicious at all. "What, err, brings you here? Now? At this hour of night? Specifically here?"
Runealy Waldia 2018-12-21 03:10:05 101928
"It's a good place to practice, so I think he has the right idea," Rune responds back to Hinote as she continues a slow-jog toward Unmei...

...And is just in time to see the light-flash in the distance. "That doesn't look quite like anything Gao does," she notes. "So who would it be? An archery club student wouldn't be this far from the city, after all." Another potentially wrong guess.

Then they arrive where Unmei is, and are quickly met with denials and questions. "I don't believe we know you," Rune answers in a patient tone, though she's looking all around the area. "You seem exhausted... were you in a battle, just now? We saw an arrow go by, yet I see no bow here..." Patience gives way to upraised eyes, tone rising in confusion. Not anger; Rune is puzzled rather than upset. "Hinote, do you see anything that would explain that?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-12-21 03:19:25 101929
Hinote Kagari blinks at the flash. "Yeah, you're right." he says as he approaches and-- there's a very flustered, panting girl that looks like she ran all the way to this spot in like fifty seconds from the city. "Hey..." he says giving a confused wave with an also confused tone. Yeah he's confused too. He looks around and looks back to Runealy and raises a finger for 'one second'-- as he walks across the clearing and then to the other side of it--- then that opposite side to all four points. He returns back to Runealy.

"...it looks like someone had a slip in a small pile of leaves-- and there's some severe damage to the surrounding plantlife and ground." he says with a soft frown as he moves to turn back to Unmei.

"---did something happen here? Are you in danger?" he asks with some concern to the girl he doesn't know. "If you're being pursed, we're most certainly not with your pursuers." he offers.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-21 03:23:11 101931
Unmei Tama blinked and stared. And then squeaked. "What? Arrow? Nope. I didn't shoot any arrow. I don't even have a bow. See?" she held up her hands. Oh gosh now she was sweating for a different reason. "Battle? Me? Why would I be in a battle? I was... ummm..." she looked around. "Squirrel... monitoring," she lied, before looking up at them. And... "I... monitor... squirrels. For wo-- school. A project. A science project. On squirrels." Oh my gosh she was the worst liar.

"What? Pursued? Err, no, not since... err, nope. Ummm..." and then looked away. Her eyes widneend as she saw the mess she made. "Err... it... was like this... when I got here... I... blame the squirrels," she lied. And it was obviously she was lying.
Runealy Waldia 2018-12-21 03:31:43 101932
"So you're seeing all the same things I am," Rune agrees with Hinote's assessment, and is quick to echo his reassurances. "He's right. We're not your enemy, at the very least."

Then Unmei offers an outright absurd explanation, and Rune shakes her head a few times with her hair swishing softly. "Forgive me, but I am not so naive as to believe that for even a moment. I might believe 'severe weather', or a monster of some variety, but I will not accept 'squirrels' as an explanation. Please try once more, more convincingly this time?" Her tone remains fairly soft; Rune is disbelieving but not hostile.
Hinote Kagari 2018-12-21 03:40:54 101935
Hinote Kagari makes a face. 'Squirrels'. Maybe... Lion Sized Squirrels-- maybe but those don't exist in Tokyo. He's pretty sure they don't exist anywhere on Earth. He does nod at Runealy. "Yeah." he says. "Something happened here, at least majorly enough to damage things." he says.

He crosses his arms as Runealy asks for a better answer than 'Squirrels'. Maybe 'Very Large Squirrels' next, he bets. Which once again- don't exist. He places a hand under his chin. Runealy asked for clarification, he doesn't need to add to that.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-21 03:45:23 101937
Unmei Tama urked. "I-I don't see why you'd be an enemy. Well, unless you were muggers. But I don't see why you would..." She then blinked and looked up. "Oh yeah... I guess going out at night to the woods might be a bit dangerous..." YA THINK?! Then urked.

"What? OH! Then, um, err... that. Severe weather. There was a..." And then she sighed. "That's too obvious now, though, isn't it? Ugh..." She mumbled and poked the ground, sighing. "No wonder no one wants to ever have me help them... I'd probably end up trying to make up a stupid excuse and give everything away... Almost as bad as when I gave Lacrima toilet paper..." she mumbled, poking a rock. Then... "F-fine. You're right. I ummm... I was training and practicing and I did this, okay? Some... how..." she then face palmed. Wait, actually, without transforming that didn't make any sense either.
Runealy Waldia 2018-12-21 03:51:53 101938
Implying that they might be 'muggers' prompts another, slower, headshake from Rune. "We're not bandits. Not any more, at least."

Her friend's comments leave her still speaking in a puzzled tone. "'Damage' is about the right word for it, Hinote... though I'll admit I'm confused. I'm seeing the same things you are, and very little to explain it."

Then an explanation is forthcoming, and she bats her eyes at Unmei a few times. "Training? Then you're either an impressive fighter in your own right, or... ...no, something is off. I see no bow which could have fired the arrow we saw."

She glances back to Hinote, "Do you see a bow, by chance? It IS nearing dark out here, yet I'd think we would still have enough light to notice it."
Hinote Kagari 2018-12-21 04:03:37 101942
Hinote Kagari shakes his head. "No I don't-- gimme a moment." he says as he walks a slightly different pattern than before- but still the general same idea of a quick area canvas as he returns and shakes his head. "Nothing like a bow. At least as far as I can see." he says. He sighs and crosses his arms.

"Look." he says as he turns to Unmei. "You don't need to tell us who you are, but if you're magic, it's okay to say that." he says. "Since that's about the only way I could explain..." he motions to the area. "Well this from one person." he says softly.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-21 04:12:34 101944
Unmei Tama blinked a few times. And stared. And... "Wait, oh my GOSH! You could have said that! I'm not good at the whole... Not letting people know I'm magic when I, gahhhhhh! I can't believe I said squirrels! That's gotta be one of the stupidest things I ever tried!" And then.... "Clotho fate gem!" she called out.

And then hopped up, after a flash of light, in her armor and garb. She jumped up and smiled to them, holding her hand out. "Hi! I'm magical girl Clotho!" she said happily. "I'm sorry I lied, but I know I'm not supposed to tell people what I am," she said with a nod. "Well. Unless they're magic. Then I can. Cause they're magic, too. And everyone already KNOWS my secret identity."
Runealy Waldia 2018-12-21 04:22:57 101945
"Then that would suggest..." Rune cuts off as Hinote takes a more direct approach to the conversation. "It's exactly as he said. We're not particularly keen on dancing about the topic... not when protecting others from monsters is much of the basis for the government where we live."

Then Unmei offers a far more compelling explanation than 'squirrels.' Bright lights fade to reveal something that nets a surprised "Oh!" from Rune, followed by: "That explains quite a bit, then. You're not too extremely different from my Knights... that might explain the bow and arrow. Though you seem to be from here, given you tried to hide this."

Now that she understands all this, Rune returns the smile. "Our own identities aren't much of a secret. I am Runealy, and this is one of my dear friends, Hinote. We fight monsters much as you do."
Hinote Kagari 2018-12-21 04:33:10 101948
Hinote Kagari nods. "Right-- we fight 'monsters', too, as it were." he says with a smile and a soft wave. "We thought you we're one of our friends at first, due to the arrow." he says. "Right we don't much do the secret identity thing. I mean. I get why others do. But it doesn't make much sense to us." he offers.

"So you we're practicing out here then?" he asks. "Makes sense so far as that goes." he says as he shrugs. "I mean. You probably shouldn't destroy a bunch of plant life if you can help it, but eh--" he offers. "No major harm no major foul right?" he says.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-21 04:41:15 101949
Unmei Tama opened her mouth to speak, then stopped. And hummed. "Fighting monsters is the basis of government... Well, that does speak of like... an alternate verse magical kingdom, that's a cool magical girl basis. Although it..." She then trailed off.

"Your knights? OH my gosh, are you a magical girl princess too?" She, well, sounded less enthusiastic than she meant. It's just... she'd met about a dozen of them so far. It kind of lost its excitement after the first three.

"And yeah, the arrow was mine. Ummm... one second." She held out her hands and strings came from the ring on her fingers. She mimed shaping something and then, a bow formed from the strings, as if she wove it with her own magic. "That's my magic. I... well, I make things. And yeah..."

She sighed. "I got my ganked by some weird girl with a sword recently. It finally came back, but before she did it all my magic like... changed. So once I got it back I realized I had to find out what I could do now. Turns out... about the same. But I tihnk my new outfit is hecka cute, don't you?" she did a little spin. "Definitely bears the animal outfits! and now my hair just stays white! That or... huh... I'm either very envious, or diligent. But I don't know."
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-07 02:15:02 102357
"Another world, but I am not fond of describing it as an 'alternate.' It is our home, as real and normal for us as yours is for you. Nonetheless... you're correct. I am Runealy, Guardian Princess of Waldia. This," Rune gestures a palm toward Hinote, "Is one of my dearest friends, Hinote. Forgive our misunderstanding... arrows are a common choice for foresters where we live, and another of our friends uses them."

She leans closer to inspect Unmei's bow, but does not reach out toward it; she's keeping a little distance. "It does seem to be high quality, and at the very least it doesn't match the ones we use... so it seems my guess was very wrong."

Then she blinks as she mentally replays the rest of what Unmei said. "A sword? Your magic 'came back, but changed'... I presume she took it, then." It's a guess; the alien princess is not entirely familiar with 'ganked' and similar slang. "Your attire looks nice, though... can you tell us more about this sword-wielder? It shouldn't be any of my Knights, we stopped doing anything of the sort quite some time ago... so I wonder who it could be?"

She looks aside to Hinote, "Have you heard anything about this?"
Hinote Kagari 2019-01-07 02:31:45 102359
Hinote Kagari crosses his arms as he listens. "A sword wielder that... steals magic? No. No I haven't." he says softly. He eyes Unmei. "Waldia isn't an 'alternate dimension', it exists in this universe, it's just like another planet? You could probably see the sun as just another star from there I bet." he shrugs.

He nods at Unmei as she presents the bow and looks towards Runealy and back towards Unmei. "But hearing that someone is out there stealing power with some sort of sword seems like trouble." he says. "-so maybe we should find out more." he says softly.

"Is there anything else you can tell us about this person?" he asks. "Hair color? Apparent age? I assume if you had a name to give us, you'd had used that." he says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-07 02:33:24 102360
Unmei Tama smiled a little at the compliments to her weapon. Well, while her weapons technically weren't something she made, it was still... nice. To hear how something of hers was 'cool' and such. Of course... She didn't let it go too much to her head.

She shook her head. "Oh, no. I'd actually lost it a bit earlier, due to... well.... an earth... witch... thing. Hard to explain. You had to be there," she said with a chuckle. "But she was REALLY mean, you know? So we had to stop her... and then my powers went splat for a bit... Then..." she said. "Pin and Win left..." she mumbled. "No idea why they abandoned me..." she shook her head. "Then there was this.... I was attacked, and my gem was acting weird... then I transformed to fight this girl and all my powers had changed. It was... weird. I don't know why..."

"Oh, um, her? She... had a sword and... uhhh..." She went a little red. "She was kind of cute... and... she had pink hair... Long hair... she was really strong... and ummm... she wore pink and white and... Okay, I kind of got smashed so... I don't remember everything that happened? I'm sorry..."

She then sighed dejectedly. "You'd think I'd be good enough at getting my butt kicked by now I'd remember better..." she grumbled.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-07 02:38:27 102361
"I sort of wonder where it is in the night sky," Rune remarks as Hinote talks of finding their home sun. She doesn't linger on the topic long though, gaze returning to Unmei. "Forgive me, but I don't recognize most of what you're referring to. We've been away for longer than we expected or hoped. You do seem as though you're recovering well, however... I'm glad to see that."

Rune quietly repeats a few of the words Unmei used to describe the attacker, almost mumbling them. Then, after several seconds of this, Rune decides: "That's nobody I recognize. It could be someone from our world, but it's not one of us, thankfully. Don't apologize, you've given us plenty to keep our eyes open for."
Hinote Kagari 2019-01-07 02:53:16 102363
Hinote Kagari took some mental notes. Sword user. Pink long hair. Really strong. Wore pink and white. Cute...? well it's a better descriptor than nothing at least? But that last one is also subjective isn't it? Regardless- he notes it and drums his fingers against his crossed arms a moment before lowering them.

"I don't remember anyone by that description." he says softly. "But right- as Runealy says, that's enough to go on for now-- enough to know if we potentially meet her and to be wary of someone fitting that description." he offers.

"As for where in the night sky-- I haven't the foggiest. Astronomy isn't my subject." he says apologetically to Runealy.

"Sorry to hear that.. your friends abandoned you?" he offers about these Pin and Win fellows- apologetically and gravely.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-07 03:03:12 102364
Unmei Tama nodded, giving a small smile. "Well... I... hope you're able to help her." She then blinked. "I mean, not to steal magic but... I mean... I was... Err. I kind of did that once? Took... people's energy and... People.... helped me so I wouldn't so... I don't think she's evil or anything. I just... Don't... know why she's doing it. So... I guess... Maybe someone should help her if they'll listen..."

"My friends? Abandoned me? They haven't really abandoned me. I just don't think they... really think about me unless I am pester-- OH! You mean Win and Pin! Yeah... I... don't know why they left. They're supposed to be like.... my mascots? And yeah, I can understand them being changed by the new outfit? But that's kind of... weird for them to just be gone. You know?"
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-07 03:09:02 102366
"Nor is astronomy mine," Rune admits back to Hinote, "Perhaps we should ask someone, some time."

Rune's head tilts down after Unmei's comments, tone lowering. "That would explain your lack of any tremendous reaction to our own past doing that sort of thing... you'll find we feel the same way about all of this, I believe."

"Aside from not knowing much about your... 'mascots'," Rune uses the term with an odd, clumsy tone. "Those, I can't understand either. I've never heard of them. Hinote speaks for me on that, though; you have our sympathies, even if I don't entirely know what is going on."
Hinote Kagari 2019-01-07 03:17:30 102367
Hinote Kagari smiles. "We'll find someone who may be in the know. It may help if we can get someone to paint the night sky from back home at least." he offers. He looks back to Unmei and frowns a little bit. "I wonder what they need the magic for now...." he trails off. "--right. If. They need 'help', we will 'help' if we're able to. " he offers with a strong single nod.

Hinote is oddly quiet about mascots, but he wears this straight faced expression throughout the entire affair. He nods. "Right... if you're able to... get on without them. Maybe their 'mentorship' of you was over?" he asks curiously with a soft shrug.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-07 03:21:40 102369
Unmei Tama nodded and gave a smile. "Okay. Just... you know. People do the wrong stuff all the time. And everyone needs help sometimes. So... I figure she just needs it now and is afraid to ask for it. I really know how that feels," she said with a giggle. completely missing the threat.

And then he offered that explanation, and a troubled look formed on her face. "I guess... I just wish..." She shook her head. She wished they'd at least said by. "You're probably right. I just got too strong. It... it was nice meeting you. Okay? You seem really great but... I should head home. Lacrima might start to worry if I'm out too long."
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-07 03:28:38 102370
"Perhaps you're right about her. We'll do our best to find out, and share what we know." Rune then raises an eye and repeats questioningly, "Lacrima...? Hmm..." Her voice trails off after that.

Unmei appears to be dismissing herself. "Good night, then. It was a pleasure to meet you, forgive us for intruding on your training. We... actually came here for a similar reason ourselves."

Her gaze returns to Hinote, "That is, if you wish to remain a while for that? I've been thinking, at some length, about what I've learned from the last few... assassins, I suppose is the word for it, and realized I'd forgotten something very important."
Hinote Kagari 2019-01-07 03:38:22 102371
Hinote Kagari listens. He looks towards Runealy as she repeats the name and gives her a shrug. Not a name her knows either. He softly gives Unmei a wave. "Have a good evening!" he says as she leaves. He looks over to Runealy. He smiles. "Of course." he says.

He'll listen and frown a bit. "Assassins. Right. That girl in the park and then there was another, different one at the charity event in the past month, right?" he asks as he he head tilts.

"It does not particularly thrill me that there's people looking to specifically kill you or potentially Fate-chan." he says softly. "What is it you think you've forgotten?" he asks curiously.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-07 03:43:36 102372
Unmei Tama nodded and then turned, running off into the woods and... Well. Magic. So getting home wouldn't be that bad. Heck, it'd be rather easy, all things considered. Just running, leaping from buildings, running across areas...

Gotta love magic stamina. She did weigh everything over in her head, though. More magic princesses. Huh. She wondered if that was related to Sailor moon or anything... Oh well. She wasn't a princess. So she doubted she had to worry about it.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-07 03:46:54 102373
"Those are the two, yes. And it's because of their attacks that I realized... I've forgotten to work with you." Rune shakes her head a few times, hair swishing softly. "Mother always taught me to fight alone, or at most alongside her, since we didn't have Knights at that time. So I've begun wandering Tokyo and the surrounding area, hoping to find some kind of inspiration."

She offers a handwave as Unmei departs, then her eyes settle on Hinote. "That is why I brought us here, at this odd hour. I'm not sure if it makes any sense, but it's what came to mind."
Hinote Kagari 2019-01-07 04:01:41 102376
Hinote Kagari blinks. "Me... specfically? Or...--- a group 'Me'-- the Knights in general?" he asks. "Either way. I understand what you're saying." he says with a soft series of nods. He looks around. Inspiration? Maybe. He shakes his head.

"Inspiration is important. This comes from my experiencing acting, mind you. What exactly, are you thinking of though? General coordination? Combined attacks...?" he asks.

He shrugs a little sheepishly. "But---" he says.

"I know you excel best with ranged attacks using your want. And I excel best when I'm up close." he says softly.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-07 04:04:17 102377
"Both," Rune answers with a tiny smile finally returning. "Both you in particular, and the Knights as a whole. I've neglected both, as well as Fate, and that shall stop. And you're correct again, on both points... whether it's coordination or coming up with something specific, either or both will do."

"The problem is I am not sure where to begin. Perhaps working on timing things so that I can help you move in on whoever we're fighting...?"
Hinote Kagari 2019-01-07 04:08:07 102378
Hinote Kagari nods. "Aha~" he says. "Well then. As for timing. I'd work on getting used on firing juuuuust as close as you can past me. Because if you can fire ahead of me in tight situations they might not expect it- that could be a major advantage." he says. "-being able to take a risk they think we might not take." he says. "Then we can move onto specific maneuvers aswell-- or during." he says. "Like--maybe I might be able to hit your wand orbs with my sword out at a target- allowing angles you might not be able to reach at the exact moment-- either being stuck or at an odd angle." he offers.

"Really... there's lots of things I could rattle off." he says with another sheepish smile. "But we'd need to practice it directly. And we might want someone who heals on hand if we're doing a live practice...." he trails off.