Scarfing Down Gingerbread

Lacrima invites Ariel over for a Christmas visit and gives her the gifts she got for Ariel and Lucky! Lacrima can't make gingerbread people look like gingerbread people.

Date: 2018-12-21
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Lacrima 2018-12-21 22:42:18 101974
Lacrima is into Christmas. Now it's probably really strange for someone living in Japan their whole life-- but Dad's side of the family is Japanese American and Christmas was a thing their family celebrated with Santa and the Reindeer and the cookies and milk for Santa and the stockings and even finding out that Santa is particularly 'real' when you're older and having an emotional melt down at age ten!

Regardless, this has not stopped Lacrima from setting up a tree in the small sitting room- decorating it with colored, glass balls, tinsel, a star and multicolored lights and hanging a stocking for each of the manor's residents off what was a series of coathangers by the door.

There's various presents under the tree-- Lacrima put some there-- maybe some of the other housemates did, too. Regardless she shifts a bit and fidgets, waiting for Ariel to arrive, as she places down a tray of gingerbread cookies that are in vague people shaped blobs.

...Lacrima can't figure out how to make gingerbread men keep their shape. Obviously. She's pacing, just a moment. Pace. Pace. A little nervous. Gift giving always made her nervous.
Ariel Theodore 2018-12-21 22:50:51 101975
    The doorbell rings and... There are two reindeer at the door.
    That is to say a small one, mounted atop a big one. Because Ariel rode Lucky to the manor, as could be expected. But BOTH are wearing antler headbands. And poor Lucky has been forced to wear a big red nose.
    "Hello! I am here!"
    Ariel has been around in the waking world long enough to know about the gift giving rituals of christmas, but really... When you're born in a dream, where Santa prettymuch is real, the whole holiday comes as zero surprise to the littlest unicorn.
Lacrima 2018-12-21 23:14:31 101976
Lacrima hurries to the door to answer it-- the sitting room is close to the main door-- just off the vestibule. She answers the door... and--- gives a smile and then a series of giggles. "...H--Hi Ari-chan, Lucky-kun..." she says as she ushers the two inside. She leads them to the sitting room and motions to the couch and sits down. "Here... Gingerbread cookies-- I um. Tried to make gingerbread people? But they sort of lost their shape." she says lightly and as she shifts on the couch a bit.

"---I don't think you'd... celebrate Christmas?" she asks. "I mean... I don't.. see why you would but maybe I'm wrong?" she asks sheepishly.

"My family did..." she trails off lightly. A family she can't exactly go see at the moment. Because Ryo still exists.
Ariel Theodore 2018-12-21 23:23:23 101977
    Lucky is looking a little nonplussed by his red nosed situation, but Ariel is all smiles as she dismounts from her canine steed and follows Lacrima into the manor, hands folded behind her back.
    "Well I mean. Santa is real, you know." She points out gently. "At least in dreams. Mom said she even met him once-- I haven't because I was always asleep when he came on Christmas."
    Into the sitting room though and she plops onto the couch once bidded sit, and starts to settle in- even beginning to nibble on a misshapen gingerbread cookie when offered.
    "Mn." Of course the mood gets a little somber when on the topic of Lacrima's family. Thanks to Ryo.
    "Well." She ventures after a beat. "You can always celebrate with me and your other friends, you know."
Lacrima 2018-12-21 23:41:30 101978
Poor, Poor Gingerbead people. It's a good thing gingerbread people aren't alive, these would be horrid monsters! Luckily they are just cookies. They at least taste okay. They're not exactly Makoto quality but really, only Mako can do Makoto quality. Lacrima ohs! "I forgot the milk!..." she says as she scampers off... then returns with the jug and two glasses and places them down, filling the glasses.

"Yeah... that's.. what I'm doing." she says sheepishly. "I have people to celebrate with. Just... yeah." she says softly. She sighs a bit and shakes her head. "Hoping... Alexis-niisan can drop by at least. But.. he might have his own issues with Christmas and his own family for all I know." she offers. Then she gets up after taking a bit of a cookie and peeks under the tree and picks up two boxes. One is big and long, the other is more square and smaller. She gently sits down and offers them both to Ariel with a smile. "One is for Lucky... the long one... the other is for you..." she says quietly, a soft blush forming. "Merry--Christmas... I hope you... like it... I um..."

"...I made it... like... by hand. I mean. Yours. It would... be... very odd. If I made Lucky's." she says even more sheepishly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-12-21 23:49:46 101979
    Well, on the upshoot, Ariel has never had Makoto's cookies. Which means she has nothing to compare Lacrima's too. Not that she would compare them anyway, she'd eat Lacrima's cookies and enjoy them all the same. They're honestly good enough for Ariel, she has no complaints and she's nibbling away happily, already pouring a glass of milk- for Lacrima first before one for herself once it's all provided.
    But then boxes. Even Lucky lifts his head when he hears there's one for him, and Ariel purses her lips briefly. "Mn. Thank you Norie." She says, opting to focus on the good of the moment rather than let anyone dwell on issues with Alexis. Hopefully Lacrima can catch him soon.
    Ariel starts... With the box for Lucky, beginning to gingerly peel away the paper-- going for tape first and then neatly unworking the folds so that it can be saved and used again next year. Because recycling is caring. After that though she'll follow the same process for her own.
Lacrima 2018-12-22 00:18:54 101980
Lacrima wrapped the gifts in shiny, light purple paper, with a more deeper violet bow. All her presents for people look like that. Sort of like a color code from others! Lacrima watches with intent, and--- Lucky's is-- a big ol' hambone that she got from a butchers it looks like! It's been boiled-- it looks like- primarily because it's pristine and doesn't have bits of ham on it still. "I figured... dog... and... bone and-- a big one because.. Lucky.. is big..." she mutters. As if it wasn't clear why she got Lucky a big bone. And why it'd be weird if she made it herself.

Ariel's gift is a -- scarf- stitched out of warm yarn. It does not have a complicated pattern, but it is rainbow colored in five inch bands. It's long enough to be comfy but also not leave a lot extra left over. She shifts. "...I wanted to... make you something. Rather than buy it... and a scarf seemed like... something useful and... yeah." she shifts a little bit softly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-12-22 00:32:59 101981
    That... That is the sound of Lucky recieving a hambone and already beginning to gnaw away. Star or not a dog will be a dog, and Ariel is giggling as a result, while her faithful hound goes to town on his gift.
    "I think Lucky likes it." She says, before her attention turns to the scarf. "Ah..."
    It's... It's perfect really. With the chill weather as it is. But Ariel gives it a single loop around her neck. ... Before it gets a loop around Lacrima's neck. And then around both necks. It's not quite cold enough to need it inside the manor, but she's clearly giving it a try and it's a good excuse to snuggle close, as a result. "I love it, thank you."
Lacrima 2018-12-22 00:59:58 101982
Lacrima nods nods! "It is chilly! and-- um.. I mean. I could by you anything I wanted and that's... kinda lame? I mean... I'm sure you would had liked it but.. I made something. Because... that... has thought in it?" she asks. She shifts a bit with a blush when Ariel wraps the scarf around her, too and--

Yeah-- she's just enjoying the close snuggle now as she huffs a bit, before she closes her eyes a bit with a chuff. "W..well you're welcome." she says softly. She steals a cookie from the tray and tries to feed Ariel one.

"...Lucky seems to be enjoying his gift at least." she says quietly. She closes her eyes and sighs a little happily.

"Merry Christmas, Ariel." she says softly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-12-22 01:16:36 101983
    This time it's Ariel nibbling away when Lacrima feeds her the cookie. But indeed, it's clear she loves the scarf, and is making the very most of it right now.
    Once she's done with that cookie, lips press in warmly; just a tender peck right on Lacrima's cheek.
    "Merry Christmas, Norie."