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Date: 2018-12-26
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Millie White 2018-12-26 23:23:57 102029
Boxing day was far different in Japan than it was back in Canada. It was just like a regular day here and, even though it was a huge difference from what she was used to, Millie found she preferred it this way. It made it a perfect day to set out and do what she had in mind. Haruna had texted her back and they had made a plan to meet up at Gullwing Coffee. Millie hadn't said exactly what she wanted to talk about, but she knew this conversation had to happen eventually.

It was crisp weather outside but as usual, Millie simply wore her casual t-shirt and jeans with her faded green button up shirt left open. Cold in Japan was not the same thing as cold in Canada, and the fact that it rarely dipped into the negatives in Tokyo still astounded her sometimes.

It was approaching evening when Millie came within view of Gullwing Coffee. The Canuck took a deep breath to calm herself. Wait, why was she nervous? It wasn't like she expected Haruna or Blue-sama to be upset about what happened. Maybe it was because it felt like she was admitting personal failure? Bah, she was overthinking things. Millie pushed through the door of Gullwing Coffee before her nerves could say anything else to her.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-12-26 23:46:47 102030
Japanese Christmas is much different overall-- it wasn't a big holiday thing-- only certain people got gifts! Haruna yawned as she rests against a hand against her head as she had two empty coffee cups and was working on a third in front of her.

She yawns a bit--- yes it was a long day but she was also up extra late last night as she shifts. "Is it time to go home yet." she complains at Corvus-- in human form- tending the till and making a very Kunzitesque ':I' expression at Haruna about it. Yes it was a busyish day. Yes, Haruna was up all night. Yes Corvus things Haruna is irresponsible sometimes.

Still, she sat and waited for Millie, giving a tired wave when she eventually enters.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-26 23:50:52 102031
Akari is still slightly lagging behind a cultural understanding of life on Earth; she's persuaded her classmates that it's because of her spotty orphan-upbringing. Whatever the cause, she isn't really a Christmassy sort of person, and hasn't really done anything festive since she saved Christmas in the dream-world. (She's asked Rubindorn twice now to verify that it had all happened.)

Nevertheless, she was delighted at contents of the package that was delivered to room 3 of Haruna's secret bunker.

Akari steps out from the back room, wearing a blue dress and her usual apron and name tag. She has what at first seems to be her usual 'everything's fine' mask, but she brightens when Millie arrives. "Hey, Millie-chan!" she says; she's also tired from the long day, but she actually looks more upbeat than she has since the Unmei incident. "How's it going?"

... She's more energetic than Haruna. Now there's something you don't see every day.
Millie White 2018-12-27 00:15:13 102032
The first thing she saw was of course Haruna in her... currently less than awake state of being. An amused yet sympathetic grin appeared on Millie's face and she returned Haruna's wave with one of her own. Then she noticed someone she didn't recognize working the til. While she didn't recognize the person, the expression was familiar. Where had she seen it before...? The world might never know. Last but certainly not least, she noticed Akari as she stepped out. The Belkan's initial expression worried her, but her shoulders eased slightly when she brightened up.

"Evening Kurosawa-san, Akari-san." Millie said before turning her gaze to the man behind the til. "Evening to you as well, Sir." One had to be polite, even if she wasn't entirely sure who this was or whether they were in the whole Mahou loop. Without her own magic, it was impossible for her to tell. Millie made her way to the counter where Haruna was, surrounded by her slowly growing coffee cup collection.

"I'm doing alright, Akari-san. How are you two?" Millie then chuckled and smiled kindly. "Besides tired, I mean."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-12-27 00:35:39 102033
Haruna Kurosawa yawned. "Tired, yeah." she mumurmurs. She huffs and sits up straight. "Akari-chan works here now~" she sings tiredly before she softly huffs. "That's Corvus-kun. He can also be a jerk boy aswell as a jerk bird~" he gives a 'huff' expression. Akari would had grown used to this by now as Haruna smiled cheekily. She was giving the bird guff.

She looks back to Millie and Akari. "So what is it you wanted to talk about, Millie-chan?~" she asks softly. "I know you said you wanted to talk about somethin." she says.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-27 00:44:39 102034
Akari glances at Corvus, then back at Haruna. "Oh, Millie-chan knows I work here already," she says. "She dropped by a week and a half ago."

She stretches. "... This is my first school vacation since I figured out my real identity and escaped from Eclipse," she remarks, by way of answering Millie's question. "I think I'm appreciating it a lot more than I did during the summer vacation." Back when she still thought Nightbell was her real self, she spent most of summer vacation drinking caffeine and sitting around on rooftops in a misguided attempt to ground herself from the dark energy, when the real trick all along was to change into Akari.

She grins at Millie. "But a part of that appreciation is because of your gift, Millie-chan!" she adds. "Thanks a whole bunch! I, I think I'm going to have to get rid of the Doppelkreuz emblem on my cape and put a panther on it instead!"
Millie White 2018-12-27 01:07:07 102035
Millie nodded when Haruna told her about Akari's employment. She had found out not too long ago from Akari herself, and only because she had walked in during one of Akari's shifts. The Canuck blinked when it became clear that the man behind the til was in fact Corvus. Even though Haruna was teasing him, Millie offered Corvus a smile.

"Ah, it's good to see you again too, Corvus-san." The defunct Cure remarked before turning her attention to Akari as she spoke. It was good that Akari was enjoying the school break, considering this might have been her first chance to do so. When Akari mentioned the gift, Millie grinned, but the tips of her ears quickly began to go red. Akari was going to change her emblem? The brunette rubbed the back of her neck a bit sheepishly.

"Wow, that's... as long as you're sure, Akari-san. I'm glad you liked the gift! I've uh... had a lot of down time to work on them." Whiiiich brought them to Haruna's question. Millie's expression was... difficult to decipher, but she let out a small sigh and her eyes flickered to the door to check for customers. "It's about Cure stuff. I've been meaning to tell you but I could never find the right time..." Millie trailed off lamely. She looked up at Haruna and then back at the door, almost as if making sure it was alright to talk about this here.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-12-27 01:25:28 102036
Haruna Kurosawa yawned again, though this time. "Excuuuuse me." she huffed a bit at her own yawning. She looked between the two as she leaned up when Millie mentioned 'Cure stuff'. "What kinda Cure stuff." she asks softly with some concern. "Somethin happen?" she asked dubiously as she looked between the two. She leans over towards Millie and whispers.

"If you're worried about Blue's dumb rule. Don't worry about it." she says as she leaned back, nodding matter of factly a few times as she crossed her arms. Surely this answers everything Millie is having a problem with, right?

Not... not so much, but still- it's the most common one she gets!
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-27 01:29:19 102037
Akari immediately realizes that she might have gone too far, and she grins sheepishly back at Millie, blushing faintly. "I mean ... y'know ... it's making me feel positive about the future!" she manages.

And then Haruna brings things back to business. "I ... don't think so," she says slowly. She stands up straighter (she hasn't reached the point of making "straight" puns yet), and looks back at Millie. "Is it about the incident with Tarnished?" And now Akari's gone right back to being serious, too!
Millie White 2018-12-27 01:41:57 102038
Millie smiled, even if it was a bit grimly. Of course Haruna would jump to the Blue-sama Fine Print. In some ways she wished it were about that, since that would be much MUCH easier to deal with. It would be a whole different headache of course, but at least it wouldn't involve henshins. At Akari's comment, Millie nodded and lowered her tone.

"At the beginning of the month, Akari-san and I ran into Tarnished. She had some mining operation going on. There was a chimera, some fighting went down and... well, Tarnished broke my shield." Millie's brows furrowed. "It knocked me out of henshin and I haven't been able to henshin since. I... think resting is helping? I mean, there's really no way for me to tell since I don't have access to any magic, but uh... I don't reckon this has ever happened to you, has it?"

Millie's voice held forced confidence, mostly because she really didn't have a clue if rest was actually helping. It had been almost a month, shouldn't there be some sort of sign? What if it WAS gone for good? Millie's jaw clenched. Nope, she would not entertain those thoughts, not right now.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-12-27 01:56:19 102039
Haruna Kurosawa listens intently as she rests her arms on the table and 'huhs'. "Nope. Never happened to me." she says. "As far as I know, the only way you 'stop being a Cure' is literarily giving it up or having it stolen from you." she says with a shrug. "So unless you given up, or you lost your PrettyChangeMirror, you should still be capable of turning into a Cure." she says.

"--I dunno why your shield breaking would cause that, thou-- I mean the stuff I make and summon breaks all the time and it doesn't cause me to loose my powers?" she asks. "--also who's Tarnished. I dunno this name." she says. "But mining op sounds like Eclipse territory if I had to guess. Not anyone Hannah-chan works with, I know that much- I'd known by now." she says softly.

She taps her foot in thought. "Have you actually tried transforming?" she asks. "I mean since or are you just assuming you can't?" she asks.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-27 02:03:02 102040
Akari listens to Millie's explanation. She still feels a twinge of guilt, both from being unable to save Millie, and from the unpleasantness of seeing Tarnished lose control of her darkness, much less what Millie's purification did to her ...

She takes a deep breath. No, she's not going to lose herself in that pit.

Anyway, Haruna has a question which Akari can answer in more detail than Millie can. "Tarnished is a member of Eclipse, yes," she says. "She's the head of SERUM, the pharmaceutical research and development division. She's kind of ..." She tries to think of a good way to describe it. "... She's really full of herself and doesn't really get the idea that she might be in the wrong." She grimaces. "Kind of like how I used to be."

She shrugs uncomfortably. "... She went kind of ... darkness-crazy, during the fight," she says softly. "And that's when she broke Millie-chan's shield. I'd had that happen twice, before I was purified."

She looks to Millie when Haruna asks the other question.
Millie White 2018-12-27 02:27:09 102041
If Millie were a less patient person, she might have been insulted. Of course she had tried transforming. It had actually been one of the first things she had tried once she was actually fully conscious and not at the ECFH. The rest did make sense though. The Canuck mulled through her thoughts while Akari explained Tarnished and Eclipse to Haruna.

Haruna was right, her Mirror was fine and it was her actual henshin item. The only difference was that her shield wasn't exactly something she summoned like her sword. While Millie didn't know a lot about Cures, she had seen footage of them thanks to a helpful newscaster right here in Tokyo. They all seemed to have a bracelet that had something similar to the gem dial on her shield. Once Akari was finished speaking, Millie responded.

"I've tried, yeah. My mana scent is dead too, and usually I can use that in both forms." Millie grunted, running a frustrated hand through her hair. "I noticed that other Cures have a bracelet with a gem dial thing... it looks like what's on the face of my shield. I think they're functionally the same item? Whatever Tarnished touches starts to corrode and decay... I guess the henshin doesn't like losing the bracelet either."

Millie mumbled. It was the only explanation she could think of. Maybe it cut off the henshin to protect the Mirror from the decay? Or maybe the darkness destroying the bracelet caused the mirror to short circuit, or go into lockdown... or maybe Haruna was right and she was doing something wrong. Knowing her, it was actually quite likely.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-12-27 02:47:22 102042
Haruna Kurosawa listens about Tarnished and taps her finger against the counter as she chugs the last of a cup of coffee. She sits back and thinks. "You mean the PreBrace? Yeah, every Cure aligned with Blue-sama has it, or something like it, and if they don't- it means they've made their wish and simply don't need it anymore." she says softly.

"I mean if your shield is your PreBrace then I dunno what to do about that. Maybe something cracked your love seed? In which case you'd need to go to Blue-sama and asked him about it, cuz I can't repair those. I mean. I could try-- go all Super Happiness and try to just shove all the light energy into you." she says. "But not sure what that could do." she says.

"..Right." she says. "I wished Hannah-chan's Linker Core back into existence. That was my wish." she says.

"-so it's kind of left me with an ability to try to set people back to how they're supposed to be? I know it works realllly well on darkness corrupted people-- not sure if it can repair something like that." she says meekly.

"I mean-- if you we're darkness inflicted-- you'd probably know it. You'd start to feel depressed as heck and feel like nothing is worth doing and basically full on despair." she says.

She looks to Akari and gives a small, meek forced smile. "Trust me. I know... all about... dark energy fueled mental breakdowns that end up with a crapload of dark energy being expelled into an attack." she mutters. "So does Corvus-kun."
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-27 02:58:41 102043
Akari is kind of out of her depth in this conversation. She really doesn't know a lot about how Pretty Cures, so she can only listen in, and hope really hard that they can figure something out that will help Millie.

She smiles faintly to Haruna. "I didn't even get a super-attack or whatever, I just went rage with no positives," she says. "But yeah, Rubindorn and I checked, there wasn't really an appreciable amount of darkness in Millie-chan, and none at all after she got healed."
Millie White 2018-12-27 03:28:19 102044
So they were called PreBraces? That was good to know. Millie knew one more thing than she did when she walked in here, and she considered that a win... a very small win. Was it possible to crack a love seed without destroying the mirror? Millie didn't know, and considering they were dealing with something as volatile as magic itself, she wouldn't think anything was impossible. Millie frowned and nodded, quirking a brow at the mention of what Haruna called 'Super Happiness'. It was an ability to set people back to how they were supposed to be... unbidden, a dark thought sprouted in her mind. What if Haruna used it and it returned her to before she was a Cure? Nope, that was just stupid insecurity talking.

"Akari-san is right, there's no darkness so I'm not sure if... Super Happiness mode would help. It sounds like my best bet is to ask Blue-sama." Millie said with a small sigh, crossing her arms over her chest. Millie looked between both Haruna and Akari as they spoke about dark magic... both of them had been in situations where they had done things they might not be proud of. Apparently it came with the territory of being a magical defender, but even so, Millie's brow furrowed. The tall girl reached out and gently placed one hand each on Haruna and Akari's shoulders, offering a soft smile. When she spoke, her voice was warm.

"I'm lucky to know folks as capable as you guys. Akari was the one who got me out of there when things got crazy, and you always seem to be answer all of my dumb questions Kurosawa-san. Thanks for always having my back, guys."