A Christmas Cuddle

Homura and Madoka cuddle under the Christmas Tree. Homura gets her most favorite plushie ever and they both get angelic cuddles.

Date: 2018-12-29
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Homura Akemi 2018-12-29 21:21:07 102045
    It's Christmas, and the Homu House is very much intending to have a happy holiday. Chisato Akemi is off somewhere with her husband, meaning that aside from Amy, Homura and Madoka pretty much have the house to themselves.

    This year the Christmas Tree is of the white plastic variety, covered in soft white cotton streamers resembling snow, and dotted with many colorful ornaments and lights. At the top of the tree is a little angel, glowing from an internal light source. Underneath it are many presents, some of which have already been opened and some still waiting to be so. Many of Homura's smaller presents for Madoka have been various chocolates and treats, and a few cute little plushies that Homura found. Homura's presents for her parents and friends have been delivered elsewhere because, obviously, they had their own plans and those plans don't involve them being here.

    Homura herself is wearing a soft white oversized sweater that compliments her black hair, as well as a black skirt and black stockings that cover her feet. She has a black band in her hair with a cloth flower mounted off to the side, hovering just over her ear. She's dressed very comfy right now, because considering how things tend to go between herself and her beloved she's just being prepared for the inevitable.

    Homura is lying on the ground, belly down, head propped up by her hands and black stockinged legs kicking slowly in the air. She may be acting lowkey but, for her, this is probably the peak of excitement.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-29 21:35:46 102046
    As much as Madoka enjoys the company of Homrua's parents she doesn't mind having as romantic a holiday as Christmas all to themselves. There's nothing she wants more for the holiday than to spend lots of time with her sweetheart and fiance, though she certainly doesn't protest at all the nice things Homura gets her. Chocolates are sure to be shared and plushies are squealed over and immediately given names and hugs, because they're precious things to her.

    If Homura keeps giving her plushies though she might have to worry about her house getting filled with them. Then again, there are plenty of bedrooms for them to inahbit.

    As for what she's given Homura there's mostly been cute little crafts and momentos that Homura can keep around wherever she likes to remind her of her little angel. It isn't conceit or narcissism on her part though, it's that Homura has made it abundantly clear what her favorite subject matter is and Madoka always goes for a personal touch with her gifts. She also splurged on a few pairs of extra fancy and expensive sets of stockings from Homura since she wears them so often-- and it certainly doesn't hurt that they look amazing on her.

    Today Madoka is taking advantage of her natural colors to get dressed up all cute in red and white, her pink hair and eyes complimenting the cute Christmas dress she's wearing, all fluffy and fuzzy around the hemline, collar and cuffs. There's even big puffballs pretending to be buttons over the top part! It's not exactly thin either, the entire dress soft and plush to the touch, though perhaps not as much as Homura's sweater looks like it would be. She has tall white socks that end an inch or so beneath her skirt, little mistletoes on the outsides.

    There's one more gift for Homura under the cute snowy tree and Madoka is just barely managing to contain her excitement as she scoops it up and brings it over to her guardian angel. It's a fair sized box wrapped in ribbons neatly tied into a bow on top, easily hiding whatever might be inside. "Here you go, Homura-chan! This one is special, so open it slow." She drops down to sit in front of her fiance as she sets it before her, legs folded beside her as she watches intently.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-29 21:54:17 102047
    Anyone who thinks that Homura's favorite subject is Madoka is absolutely correct, and it's not conceited to know your audience. For one who has for so long carried memories that only she knows, receiving mementos and keepsakes goes a long way towards letting her feel connected to the world around her, instead of floating adrift across multiple timelines. She especially feels more connected to Madoka-chan, who shares a lot of those memories, and that's the one person she'd most want to connect with anyways.

    Homura isn't that worried about filling her house with cuddly things, especially when she's intending to marry the most cuddly little angel ever! There's plenty of room in her house for such things and she wants her sweetheart to always be happy. The stockings are also well received, and Homura rushes off to start them washing because she wants to wear them as soon as possible. It doesn't take her very long.

    When she comes back to her little angel, she soon makes her way back to the floor. A part of her wants to grab Madoka and just start cuddling her right now, but she decides to wait, letting anticipation build as she considers just how pretty her fiance is right now, as well as how soft she'd be in her arms...

    As she's fantasizing about that, she's handed a gift that she's told is 'special'. After giving her sweetheart a smile, and blushing lightly at how adorable she is, Homura accepts the present and slowly begins to open it, deftly pulling on the ribbon to undo it before cautiously opening the box to peek inside.

    It's a present from Madoka, so of course Homura would like it for that alone, but this one is special, so it must be pretty good.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-29 22:03:57 102048
    Madoka thinks it's very cute that Homura rushes off to wash the stockings right away, thinking she must have chosen them well if her darling wants to wear them as soon as she possibly can. When Homura gets back and accepts the present Madoka is giddy to see her open it but keeps herself calmed so that her excitement mainly shows by the sparkle in her eyes.

    She probably wouldn't have minded if Homura just pounced on her and started cuddling. Presents can wait and cuddles are oh so very nice. There's something to be said for sweet anticipation though, especially when the payoff is sure to be wonderful.

    When Homura opens the lid on the box she'll find a plushie waiting for her, but not just any plushie. It's one of Madoka herself as a Puella Magi, her pretty pink, yellow, and white dress all nice and poofy and soft, her hair very soft and fluffy with her big red ribbons in her hair. It's got the ruffly socks that end just above her knees and her red shoes with the bows on them and everything. Even her bow choker! But more than that it's extra special, because this isn't just a plushie of Madoka, but of Homura's Little Angel, so of course it has a pair of feathery looking wings as well, though actually they're fuzzy and soft as befitting a plushie. The expression in it's face is a sweet and tender look that Homura often sees when looking at Madoka when her fiance is enjoying her company and cuddles.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-29 22:21:09 102049
    As Homura looks at the contents of the box, her purple eyes go wide, and she sits up. If one could hear her heartbeat, they would notice it skipping. Resting on her knees, she lifts the little angel plushie out of the box, each hand resting on plushie Doka's sides. She stares at the small, soft thing in her hands that emulates her sweet beloved with an expression that almost seems like she doesn't believe what she's looking at.

    Then, with a blush, she wraps her arms around the plushie and holds it close to her tummy, letting it rest in her lap. She blushes lightly as she gives Madoka a serious yet happy smile, giving her a look that might be somewhat mysterious but also loving.

    "This one is my favorite," says Homura. "I think it might be favorite present ever. This beats the Madokaloupe ice cream, and that's saying a lot." Homura might be speaking in a calm voice, but it's the kind of forced calm that hides a bit of passion underneath. "Just don't be surprised if this ends up in my shield or something. You never know when I'll need it."

    Homura scoots closer to Madoka-chan, the real one, letting her hips brush against her darling in a flirty way before she reaches past her to find another present. This one, Homura was saving for last, for reasons that might become clear later.

    "This is... really a present for both of us, but... well, I mean it's... Um... It was something I thought you might find cute." She holds it closer to Madoka with one hand, while her other arm is wrapped around her soft new plushie. Homura was blushing lightly before, but now her cheeks are a bit brighter.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-29 22:31:52 102050
    Madoka giggles quietly as Homura looks so focused after opening her present. She doesn't interfere and lets her darling savor the moment, feeling all warm and tingly once she can tell how much she likes it. She blushes herself when Homrua says it's even better than the Madokaloupe ice cream she made, thinking of how she still has the container. Homura even went to make sure it was safe when a building smashed into her apartment.

    "I was trying to think of something you'd love, so I'm really glad you like it. After you got me Moemura I knew I should do the same for you, it was just a matter of how," Madoka replies. She then giggles again and shakes her head, "I don't mind at all if you keep her in your shield. She's yours to do whatever you want with, and if you want to keep her close to you I think that's very sweet."

    It's probably not much of a surprise that Madoka is giving Homura that same sweet, loving expression that the plushie itself has, even if they're note all wrapped up in each other's arms at the moment. As often as she says cuddles are her favorite thing that might not actually be true- making Homura happy is. Of course cuddling with Homura tends to make them both very happy, so maybe that's still fair.

    As Homura's hip brushes against her Madoka shifts around a little, squirming a bit in place and clearly being on her very best behavior by not immediately clinging to her guardian angel, instead just shifting about a bit so the fuzzy hem of her skirt teases against Homura's stocking covered legs.

    "There's more?" Madoka asks in surprise, somehow having missed the last and final present Homura had for her. Really she thought spending time like this was the best possible present, but she doesn't mind getting showered with gifts, because she knows it means Homura cares for her and wants to make her happy.

    She reaches out and carefully accepts the gift, letting her fingers brush against Homura's as she accepts it, setting it down in her lap and tilting her head a little, trying to guess what's inside. For some reason the idea of a pair of Charlotte oven mitts pops into her mind and she almost busts out giggling, but there's no way Homura would get her that and call it for them both! The box would also be serious overkill for such a gift.

    Her guess clearly wrong and not having much idea, she opens the box and peeks inside.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-29 22:48:44 102051
    Homura would be pretty sure that someone would lose their mind if she got Charlotte oven mitts, should the idea ever be floated to her. However, what Madoka finds in the box is very different from oven mitts.

    There are two halos, which is to say there are two hairbands that each have a soft, white, fluffy halo attached to them. One of them has a pink tint on the end, and the other a purple. Underneath the halos are two pairs of soft angel wings, large enough to be worn as part of a costume but... well they're nowhere near the size of Madokami's wings. They are small enough to not be heavy, which means that they don't need internal wiring to make them look right, and they hang off the back like a cape might.

    Homura's blush turns bright red as the present is opened, and she clears her throat. "I thought... we could be each other's angels." She gets increasingly shy, maybe feeling a bit nervous and vulnerable but not at all worried about what Madoka-chan might say. "I was thinking it'd be cute."

    Homura glances away for a moment, but then looks back at Madoka. She studies her fiance's expression as her arms subconsciously squish the little angel plushie in her arms.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-29 22:57:17 102052
    Madoka giggles excitedly as she sees the halos and the wings, lifting one set out of the box and seeing how nice and soft it is, not at all something that'd get in the way when they snuggled up to each other. "This is so cute, Homura-chan! I'm going to try mine on right away!"

    She sets the box aside and sets the halo she inspected earlier by Homura, since it did have a purple tint, and sets the matching pair of wings alongside it. "You're most definitely my guardian angel~," she playfully comments, quickly picking out the other halo and taking a moment to figure how it fits before putting it on, taking a moment to wear the wings as well.

    She gives a few twists from side to side for Homura's benefit, letting her fiance see how the wings look on her. "I'm a Christmas Angel," Madoka cheerfully states, thinking she must look extra cute in this dress with a halo and wings on her. She scoots closer to Homura, noticing the way she's hugging on her plushie, and wraps her arms around her darlings waist.

    "I have more presents for you," she whispers into her ear, nuzzling her nose into Homura's hair, "as many as you want. I'll never run out. Your little angel has all the cuddles you need. I really am a cuddle angel from Cuddle Heaven now."

    Her voice is still playful but her words are spoken much more softly as she gives Homura a cozy squeeze and presses against her. There's little doubt that the fact she's hugging onto Homura in a way that doesn't obstruct her arms is on purpose.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-29 23:11:20 102053
    Homura shifts around slightly as Madoka calls her present cute, smiling softly while trying not to look too eager. She's pretty sure that her beloved fiance knows just how much Homura would like to throw her arms around her, but she's trying to hold back at least a little bit. It's only a little bit longer, after all.

    As the halo is set down next to her, Homura takes it and puts it on. She knows how it works already, but since she's only using one hand it takes her a second. She has to actually release the plushie in order to put on her own wings, wondering for a moment how she looks, but when she glances to Madoka and sees the way she's showing off Homura's doubts are erased. Her fiance looks beautiful, and Homura's pretty sure that she does too.

    Homura giggles at the Christmas Angel comment. "You are." When her darling's arms start to wrap around her, Homura leans against her little angel, getting as close as she can to her soft cuddliness. At long last, Homura can enjoy the moment she's been anticipating all day long. She anticipates this moment just about every day, really. It's the moment where she can cuddle Madoka-chan.

    "Ahh~. I love those presents. I'm going to need a lot. I have plenty of presents for you, too. Your guardian angel is here to take you into a cuddly paradise."

    Homura loves her new plushie, but her arms crave the real thing. One arm stays wrapped around her new favorite present while the other finds its way around her little angel's waist, holding her tight and pulling her closer. There's a lot that Homura loves about Madoka, but of all those things her fiance's loving smile ranks among the highest, along with her warmth.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-29 23:22:44 102054
    Madoka thinks Homura looks beautiful in her new halo and wings and it shows on her face, her eyes turning towards them and then sweeping over all of Homura admiringly before returning to her pretty face and her beautiful purple eyes. The soft pink of her own meet them and sparkle, showing that Homura's little angel is very happy while she looks sweetly towards her beloved.

    As Homura leans against her the plushness of her dress brushes against Homura's sweater, a soft brushing sound coming from them as Madoka presses into her more and starts to squirm, the motion not unlike giving a great big stretch in how it feels oh so nice. The poofy balls on her dress are firmly attached and offer silly points of floof on her chest and tummy.

    It's all very interesting and nice, but it wouldn't mean much if Homura herself didn't feel so amazing in her arms, Madoka wrapping her arms around her even more and squirming ever closer to press up against her more and more now that they've really started to get close. She anticipates the moment they give into their cuddly desires just as much as Homura, and that enjoyment is heightened all the more for the special day they're sharing and all the anticipation that led up to it.

    "Do I really get cuddly presents?" Madoka asks in a happy tone, "I'm very happy, because I want lots and lots! Cuddling with Homura-chan is the one present I'm always greedy for." She giggles a bit at the idea of being greedy for snuggling with her fiance, sighing happily at getting to be in cuddly paradise with her. She easily slides closer when Homura pulls on her, pressing tight against her and clinging to her while squirming all the more.

    With a giggle she nuzzles her nose into Homura's hair some more, but actually that's incidental because she's brushing her halo up against Homura's, laughing even more at how silly it feels. Of course giggling so much means she's a wiggly little angel as she cuddles with her darling, something she's sure her guardian angel won't mind one bit.

    Then, finally calming down a little, she presses her cheek up against Homura's and nuzzles her slowly and softly, enjoying the simple silky softness of her beloved's skin brushing gently against her own, in contrast to the brushy friction of their festive clothes.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-29 23:37:24 102055
    The look on Madoka's face is all the validation that Homura needs, and the fact that she can make such a cute person react like that tells her that her confidence is fully justified.

    The softness of Madoka's Christmas outfit brushing against her own sweater only makes Homura want to cuddle even more, and after a moment or two she takes her new plushie and sets it aside, giving it a pat on the head before her other arm also wraps around her beloved. Her darling is getting squirmy, so of course Homura has to squeeze her. She can't help it. It's just a thing that guardian angels do.

    The wait was well worth it. While it's true that Homura could probably cuddle Madoka whenever she wanted, if Homura actually cuddled her fiance as much as she desired then she might forget to eat or something.

    Madoka's happy tone and playful nature draw a giggle out of Homura, who looks her sweetheart in the eyes and says, "Of course you do. You can have cuddles every day. It's okay to be greedy, because I'll give you as much as you want."

    More squirming means tighter squeezes of course, and it's not as if Homura's arms haven't been craving her little angel all day anyways. As their haloes brush together, Homura giggles again, shaking her head a little to brush her fluffy halo against her darling's. It's a very silly moment, but that only adds to her little angel's charm.

    As their cheeks meet, Homura sighs happily and presses against her beloved. Nuzzling cheeks with Madoka feels so warm, and the guardian angel can't help but enjoy being so close to her darling.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-29 23:47:34 102056
    Little angels love being squeezed by their guardians so it's no wonder that Homura squeezes Madoka so much. As squirmy and wiggly as she already was it feels so wonderful that it gets her squirming all the more, pressing even tighter up against Homura and squirming about all over her.

    She does settle down a little as her new plushie is set down, not wanting to cause her darling to knock it over or squish it accidentally, nevermind that being a plushie being squished and squeezed is exactly what it's for. Now that both of Homura's arms are around her Madoka turns towards her, squeezing her around the waist and then shifting to face her as best she can while sitting mostly beside her.

    "Yay! I love cuddling with you, Homura-chan. It's my very favorite! I'm going to cuddle with you forever and ever, especially now that I'm going to be your bride. Nothing will ever be able to keep me away from you. Not when I love you so much." She brushes the tip of her nose against Homura's and gives her a soft, tender kiss, suddenly very sweet and romantic despite being so energetic only a moment ago.

    Or, well. Okay she's actually right back to being energetic again, because a few moments into that kiss she adjusts her hold on Homura and all but throws herself at her, flopping half atop her reaching with her legs to entwine them around one of Homura's, eager to find out just how silky her stockings are while squirming and wiggling all over her, clinging to her and cuddling with her while giggling playfully, unable to get enough of her very favorite person.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-30 08:14:19 102084
    Homus love squirmy Dokas so of course they get lots of squeezes. If her little angel wants to squirm all over her then this guardian doesn't mind at all. Homura giggles as her energetic fiance gets all excited in her arms, smiling softly and holding her all the tighter. This is certainly a playful time, though it's also sweet and romantic in its own way.

    As Madoka turns more towards her, Homura shifts around to turn to her darling as well. It's not hard to guess what's going to happen next, since it was basically the plan all along! Homura giggles as Madoka yays, and then her blush returns to her cheek at the mention of Madoka being her bride. She happily nuzzles noses with Madoka as a peaceful bliss overtakes her, feeling nice and tingly all over because she's finally getting what she's wanted the whole time. That feeling is accentuated by the kiss that her little angel gives her, and her eyes droop half-closed as she enjoys the tender moment.

    Then Madoka throws herself at Homura, and with a kiss-muffled 'oof' Homura lays on her back, angel wings splaying behind her along with her hair. She pulls Madoka on top of her, because laying like this makes it a lot easier for them to entwine legs. As for her stockings, well, they are very silky, and all of Madoka's squirminess and wiggliness is making Homura start to squirm a little, too. Of course, her arms are squeezing tight around Madoka's waist, pulling her darling close as she presses against her.

    To be so loved and adored by the one she loves and adores... Homura is very much in bliss, and her cuddle-drunk smile doesn't hide that at all.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-30 08:24:17 102085
    Madoka doesn't squirm just for the sake of squirming, though she might because Homura seems to enjoy it, it's an expression of how happy she is and how much she enjoys cuddling with her sweetheart. She wasn't always so squirmy, but once things got romantic Homura always managed to make her feel loved and adored, holding her and squeezing her in just the right way.

    She is a bit playful today too, and it's hard not to be when wearing such a cute halo and angel wings. She really is Homura's little angel and Homura's little angel is a cuddle angel, of course. She presses closer and closer as Homura holds her tighter, pressing into and brushing against her beloved and soaking up the feeling of her sweetheart against her, her strong arms wrapped about her and making her feel safe, protected and loved.

    She feels a little bad for getting excited again so soon as Homura reacts to being pushed back, deciding to make up for it for giving her fiance several more soft kisses, each one coming right after another as she entwines legs with her beloved. The way she squirms and wiggles around makes her cloth angel wings appear to flutter in delight, Madoka moving about to get as close as she can to her sweetheart, resting atop her and calming down a bit to enjoy cuddling now that they're so very close.

    She enjoys the silkiness of Homura's stockings against her socks, softly playing footsie with her. She makes a happy whimper when squeezed so tightly about her waist, squirming even more and pressing tightly downward against Homura because it feels so nice, reaching up to caress the back of her head, only to giggle softly and tease her cute halo.

    Seeing Homura so blissful and happy is everything Madoka could ever want, especially when cuddled up together, and she gazes sweetly into her eyes while kissing her and squirming against her, breaking the kiss only so she can nuzzle against her cheek again, because that really does feel so sweet.
Homura Akemi 2018-12-30 08:40:46 102086
    It's true that Madoka hasn't always been so squirmy, but if the way Homura holds her is making her so happy then all that tells Homura is that she should hold her bride-to-be even more. Madoka is loved and adored, especially by Homura who wants nothing more than to hold her and love her forever.

    Homura doesn't mind Madoka's playfulness at all. It makes her more cute, and it makes Homura want to play too. She loves her Angel of Cuddles so much that she just can't help but want more and more of her. To hold her, to protect her, to keep her safe and warm and well loved... what could Homura want more than that? She has all she ever wanted and needed right here in her arms.

    Homura mms softly as Madoka kisses her over and over, smiling blissfully and gazing up at her darling as she savors every touching of their lips. She happily surrenders a leg to Madoka's, only to take one for herself in return, wrapping her legs around her darling's leg and giving it a soft little squeeze. The way her darling's wings flop around makes Homura giggle, and reminds her that Madoka really is her little angel. Of all the cuddly costumes they've worn, halos and wings are going to be one of her favorites.

    She softly and slowly brushes her stockings against her darling's socks, letting her beloved feel her tender touch. The feeling of her darling squirming in her arms and squirming against her, especially when she's so happy, really adds to the overall nice feeling that Homura's enjoying. Part of her squeezes Madoka because she knows her little angel likes it, but another part of her squeezes because she just wants to get as close to the source of that nice feeling as she can. Homura smiles as her halo is teased, and she reaches up to play with the bottom end of Madoka's wings.

    A nuzzle after such a nice kiss is sweet too, and Homura makes sure to kiss Madoka's cheek while it's so close to her lips. Nuzzling her darling even more after that is only natural, and Homura would love nothing more than to have this joy forever.
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-30 08:51:20 102087
    Madoka absolutely loves being held by Homura and soaking up her love and adoration, but she also loves getting to hold Homura in her own arms and let her know that she's loved as well. That's why cuddling is such an amazing thing, they can both express themselves in a way that amplifies the message of the other.

    She's also content to give more and more of herself to Homura, and she soon to be Homura's to have and to hold as long as they both live, which she intends to be forever and ever, because that's the only way she'll get enough cuddles to be satisfied. It's also hard to overstate how flattering it is to be everything Homura wants and needs, because Homura is such a wonderful, amazing person. She's powerful and strong willed, and absolutely goes after whatever she wants. Just the thought of it is enough to make Madoka shiver, especially when the thing Homura tends to want is herself. Is it any reason she throws herself into Homura's arms so often, to be loved by someone like that?

    Legs entwined Madoka softly brushes hers up and down against Homura's, squirming a little as hers is squeezed and giving Homura's leg held between her own a little squeeze as well. She's so happy resting here with her darling, and while an angel with wings can clearly fly she's content to let gravity pull them closer together, proving that even the universe itself has decided they need to be as close as possible.

    She giggles as her wings are played with, wiggling playfully to get them to flutter again, smiling as her cheek presses against Homura's in a way that's easy to feel. She lets out a soft, "Aww," and blushes softly as her cheek is kissed, because it's such a sweet expression of affection. She turns her head and kisses Homura's cheek back, only to nuzzle against it a moment later to rub the little kisses in.

    Then she gives a big stretch, making a happy sound, and then wraps her arms about Homura in a gentler fashion, holding onto her sweetheart and looking into her eyes once more. Her lips press sweetly to Homura's in a small kiss, "Merry Christmas, Homura-chan. Thank you for all the presents. I can't imagine anything better than being here with you right now."
Homura Akemi 2018-12-30 09:13:32 102088
    Homura also loves accepting and receiving all of Madoka's love as well, especially when that love takes such a cuddly and sweet form. Cuddling is the most sure way for Homura to express her own feelings as well, and it lets her express her love in ways that words alone never could.

    Though they way her voice sounds like a soft sigh when she says, "I love you," should also make things pretty clear.

    To be with Madoka, to be with her forever, and to be hers forever... Homura doesn't know if that can be done, but if there's even the slightest hope she'll keep going just to get more and more of Madoka's happiness. Homura is most certainly determined. She knows what she wants and always goes after it with her whole heart, and what she wants right now is to be cuddled up with Madoka-chan! She always eventually gets what she wants on that front, but that doesn't make her appreciate it any less. It's just a sign of how loved Homura is that she's able to cuddle Madoka so very often, and it's a sign of her own love that she's willing to give her little angel everything. Even the rest of her life. Even if that means forever. Especially if it means an eternity of cuddles.

    The fact that the two of them can fly via magic makes their wings especially cute in Homura's mind, and the mental image of the two of them super jumping across town while their wings flutter in the wind would probably make her giggle. For now though, she's perfectly content to let gravity do its work, since the very nature of the universe is bringing them closer together. This is how it should be. Homura belongs with her little angel, and the coming wedding is an acknowledgement of that.

    Homura feels all tingly as she hears her darling aww so close to her ear. For one who usually presents such a tough front, being adored by her beloved is bliss. Perhaps a part of her has always been cute. She doesn't mind reserving that cuteness for Madoka alone. It's a part of her heart that belongs to her little angel.

    Getting kissed back draws a contented 'mm' from Homura, and she eagerly nuzzles to rub the kisses in. She holds onto her darling as Madoka stretches, smiling softly at her happy sound, and then going 'ahh' as her sweetheart wraps arms around her once again. She purses her lips as they meet Madoka's, and she smiles up at her darling after. "Merry Christmas to you, too. I'm happy you gave me such nice things, and I'm glad you like what I gave you, too. Being with you, and being your betrothed, is the very best."
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-30 09:29:05 102089
    Talking together has always been important but it's true that expressing herself through cuddles is the best way for Madoka to let Homura know exactly how much she loves her. Of course that doesn't mean hearing the words doesn't make her feel all happy and tingly, too. Her blush warms and she looks sweetly into Homura's eyes, "I love you too, Homura-chan. More than anything."

    It's a love beautiful enough that if there is a way of preserving it for all eternity Madoka is intent on finding a way. While once becoming a Puella Magi might have been seen as a short, cursed life it also has the potential to sustain someone forever. If there is a way of turning the 'curse' that offsets their wishes into a blessing Madoka is sure that Homura and herself will find it. They have so much to keep living for and Madoka honestly can't ever imagine not wanting to keep cuddling with Homura, not after it's been this long and it's still so amazing.

    Just thinking about everything they've been through together, all that Homura has done for her and how much they've both suffered- Homura always says if this is their reward at the end it was all worth it, and Madoka can't help but agree. It doesn't matter how many times she was left crying and hurt, if the end result is realizing just how important Homura is to her and how they can make the world a better place while loving each other so dearly than there's no way it wasn't all worth it. It's not even close.

    Flying around with magic while wearing angel wings and halos would certainly be cute. Madoka would be happy to fly around with Homura using her real wings if her darling wanted, though there's a certain intensity to that that might not be as cute. She doesn't have a halo in that form, either!

    Madoka is very sure that Homura has always been cute. She finds it completely impossible that anyone could not find Homura wearing glasses and braids as completely adorable- she has her Moemura plushie to prove it! Homura might have gone through a whole lot, but that little nugget of cuteness is still firmly within her, and Madoka sees it all the time on her pretty face when they cuddle. If Homura wants to reserve it strictly for her then that just makes it even more special.

    When Homura says that this is the very best Madoka smiles softly and looks deeply, lovingly into her eyes. She gives her a gentle squeeze about the shoulders and brushes the tip of her nose against her sweethearts, making a happy sigh. "It's the best thing I've ever felt, but I still have hope it can get better still." She makes a tiny little wiggle of excitement, "It's only a month away now, when I'll be able to let the whole world know that my heart will belong to you forever. That I'll belong to you forever."
Homura Akemi 2018-12-30 09:48:14 102090
    Being told that she's loved is really one of the best things that Homura has heard all day, and the fact that she's told as much so often doesn't lessen that at all. She will never get tired of hearing those words, not for as long as she lives. "You make me so happy. I couldn't love anything more than I love you."

    If anyone is going to hold onto hope no matter what, Homura knows that it's Madoka. A few timelines ago, Homura would've considered such a thing impossible, but this timeline has treated her the best of all. Besides, no matter what, Homura will not give up on Madoka, so if that means finding the way to become immortal then so be it. She has gone this far because she would stop at nothing, and that continues to be the case. Being cuddled and loved so much hasn't softened her resolve at all. It's only given her even more to fight for.

    These years of bliss have been worth it. It's more than Homura ever could've hoped for. To have fought for so long and so hard against seemingly impossible odds, after having resolved to suffer and endure for the mere chance that Madoka-chan might be happy, after sacrificing herself on the altar... finding something like this on the other side of all of that is more than enough. Her favorite person is not only alive, but happy and fulfilled, living the life she wants. More than that, Homura is going to marry her, and very soon. The universe may have tortured Homura mercilessly, but it was all made up for the moment she paired up with Madoka.

    That deep loving look in Madoka's eyes mesmerizes Homura, to the point where she's transported to a world where there is only herself and her beloved. Hearing her bride-to-be say such wonderful things deepens her bliss further, and with a soft, happy tone she responds with, "Only a month... it's hard to imagine that it's so close. I have so many more cuddles to give you that I'm not sure eternity will be enough. I can't wait to be yours and yours alone, especially knowing that you'll keep me in these wonderfully soft arms of yours."
Madoka Akemi 2018-12-30 10:04:20 102091
    "I didn't know a love like this was even possible before I met you. You've shown me such wonderful things, what it means to be cared about and supported no matter what happens. I feel lucky if I can give back half the love I feel from you," Madoka replies, knowing how honest and deep Homura's words are.

    It really does feel to Madoka like the storm cloud of Walpurgisnacht really did have an amazing, beautiful rainbow at the end of it for Homura and herself. Even with all the destruction something beautiful was able to come from it. Not just them, either. Seeing how everyone was able to pull together to defend that which they cared about was amazing. She isn't callous about all the people who were hurt and those that died, of course, but just as the beautiful moments don't completely erase the pain and loss, the terrible things can't completely erase the beautiful connections that came about because of it, either.

    Besides, if something horrible like that has to exist there may as well be something wonderful that comes out of it so everything isn't complete doom and horror. Being brought together with Homura- she can't think of anything more wonderful, and now all that pain and misery has something to show for it.

    As Homura returns the gaze into her eyes Madoka gets completely lost in a world of beautiful purple eyes and strong, warm arms. She squirms slowly and presses close to Homura, squeezing her leg again because everything feels so fuzzy and magical. "I want to experience every one of your cuddles. The idea of getting to be held like this in your arms, not just as your fiance but as your wife... it makes me feel giddy and excited just to think about it." She wiggles a little and sighs happily while hugging Homura very close with her arms, "And that I'd get to have you all to myself, it's like the cherry on top. My amazing, beautiful, passionate and loving Homura-chan."

    As happy as her expression was getting so many wonderful Christmas gifts, the idea of getting Homura herself puts an even brighter smile on her face.