Things You Can't Take Back

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, NPC Death - Lacrima needs to finally make an attempt to bringing Akari back to Eclipse. Luckily, Sailor Mars shows up to protect her! Not so luckily, Saint George does something he can't take back.

Date: 2018-12-30
Pose Count: 24
Lacrima 2018-12-30 01:14:37 102057
Lacrima was mostly enjoying a quiet night in a laboratory room. She was tapping in some scans from a creature she discovered-- some sort of big, stationary one that seemed to be like a trapdoor spider in it's workings. That's when she gets a priority message. It amounts to "Target: 'Nightbell' detected in 'HARBOR AREA' within 'QUARTER 3'" basically, some sort of detecting net saw Akari, and was able to narrow the area down enough where-in it's telling her to go look.

She's been able to avoid getting in trouble for ignoring these since it's always reported vague enough that it was okay to 'keep a watch and report back when we have a better search area'. This is reporting about a block. It's small.
asically, she can't ignore it. This causes her to clench her hands and make fists. She didn't want to do this, to go off and hunt Akari- but she knew this was going to happen eventually.

She just wished she had more time. She disappears into a dusk step in her labcoat and appears in her more proper 'henshin' she appears in when there's trouble-- she appears in an alley off near the edge of the block she got the report from and begins by getting to the roof in a soft float and an arm cross, taking a deep breath. She starts by checking the alleyways and the exit points of them.

She's really hoping she doesn't see Akari. Then she can say Akari gave her the slip!
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 01:37:46 102058
Dr. Yuki Murano, a severe-looking thirty-three-year-old woman with her brown hair in a bun, was actually out calibrating one of the scanning devices with a couple of UMBRA's youma-bots when the network abruptly signaled her Eclipse phone with the same alert Lacrima just got.

"... Whoops, crap," she mutters, a hunted look in her eyes. All she really cares about is that she gets to keep examining Belkan artifacts rather than needing to take care of a sapient Eclipse weapon-asset; she doesn't feel as bad as Lacrima about the prospect of bringing her old charge back in, but that's UMBRA's corporate culture, so who is she to complain?

She calls up Lacrima's number on her Eclipse phone. "Lacrima-sama!" There's no response, so she waits another ten seconds to give Lacrima time for a dusk-step. "Lacrima-sama!" she says. "I'm right here by scanning device 3E. Shall I call in Zerobots for backup? Or do you think we don't have time?"


Akari has been patrolling the Harbor lately. The main reason is simply to throw off Eclipse's scent; it's the general vicinity of where she lived with Mikoto, so she's familiar enough with the area, while at the same time being far enough from where she's actually hiding out that they won't just stumble upon her real home. Right now, she's gliding over the rooftops, Rubindorn on her back.

She'd be instantly recognizable to anyone who's seen Nightbell before; it's just that she's basically a palette swap now, with eyes golden instead of red, hair blue like her civilian-form instead of purple, and with the blood-red tattoos turned ultramarine; in addition, golden trim has been added to her Knight Clothing, the gauntlets and sabatons are white, and the blade of her longsword is a rosier shade of reddish-pink.

Ping! <<HERRIN?>> Her Device's cutesy voice sounds a very particular kind of nervous. Mistress?

Akari frowns. "... Uh-oh."

<<JA.>> Yes. Rubindorn sounds almost resigned now. <<ICH ERKENNE LA CRIMA UND FRAU DOKTOR.>> I'm detecting La Crima and Frau Doctor.

Akari frowns. "Scan for friendlies," she says, slowing to a stop on the rooftop of a warehouse. "Get ready to evade like hell if there aren't any."

Ping! <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN ...>> Certainly, Mistress ...
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 01:45:21 102059
Rei Hino was one of the stops on Lacrima's sold out 'please don't let me kidnap Akari' tour; albeit it was one of the more terse conversations Rei has had.
    Still, a rocky relationship with Lacrima doesn't incline Rei to *ignore* these requests, though the irony of having a better relationship - passing though it may be - with the person who HAS tried to kill her than the one who hasn't isn't lost on her.
    Rei was not actually scoping out Akari's place when Lacrima arrives. But she is prone to the occasional premonition, and the more occasional sudden gouts of flame from her pyre...
    And, now and then... *nowabouts*... portents of death.
    So Rei decided she should dress for the occassion.
    Sailor Mars picks one of the higher rooftops and scans frantically for signs of activity, heart pounding in her chest. Gotta keep focused; gotta keep calm; gotta keep wat- There!
    Mars takes a leap whose landing would be fatal to most mortals, and - perhaps before, perhaps alarmingly close to the moment Rubindorn would detect her - lands near Akari, rising from a crouch and wasting zero time before calling, "Nightbell! You need to go *right* now!"
Lacrima 2018-12-30 02:12:49 102060
Lacrima twitches a little and grimaces at contact with Dr. Murano. She wants to say 'hell no, I don't want to actually capture her.' but this looks bad to the higher ups so she says after a short breath. "Yes." she says softly. She doesn't specify how many. She's hoping like. One. Maybe and not 'a whole army' if she doesn't specify.

She'll eventually get to the rooftops and --- oh.. oh dear. There she is. That's her and she desperately wants to pretend she didn't see her. 'Oh, she's a different color that's clearly not nightbellllllll.....'.

That is not going to fly with her superiors so she raises her hands and doesn't say anything at first choosing to loose a bolt of dark energy through the air towards Akari. She can see Mars there. Good. Good.

She means, this is going to hurt and burn a lot- but she can at least use that as a good excuse as to why she failed miserably at this attempt!, right?

"--- Nightbell..." she says flatly as a call out. It's not so 'achingly flat' as free of any emotional weight. "-- return to us, and I won't have to hurt you." she says flatly still.

A token, cold request.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 02:27:58 102061
Frau Doktor nods. "Right!" she says, then hangs up. She sends another command from her phone; what appears to be a utility truck pulls up to the alleyway where she's lurking with the device. Frau Doktor climbs into the passenger's seat, and starts driving towards Akari's location.

Rubindorn pings, but Mars lands and calls out before the Device can speak up. <<ICH HABE SAILOR MARS GEFUNDEN!>> I have detected Sailor Mars!

Akari rolls her eyes. "No kidding." She nods to Mars, and frowns. "If you mean Lacrima-san, we already detected her," she says. "I'm going by Akari Hayabusa full time, by the way. You mean 'go' as in teleporting away ASAP, or just running like hell --?"

And then she whirls around and thrusts her hand out. <<PANZERSCHILD!>> Panzer Shield. A rosy pinkish-red Belkan spell-triangle appears, and the bolt of darkness slams into it. Akari clearly has to put her back into it, but it stays up until the bolt dissipates.

She lowers her hand. "I think we both know that isn't in the cards," she says, calmly and coldly. "I can't believe I ever thought Eclipse was saving the world! And yet here you are, intending to kidnap me, to obliterate my consciousness, for the crime of walking away!" She dramatically draws Rubindorn, and raises the sword skyward. "I am Akari Hayabusa," she says, "and my will shall not be broken by the likes of you!"

Ping! <<ZEIT-RAUM-SCHRANKE!>> Time-Space Barrier. A Belkan spell-triangle appears at her feet, and a circle of rose-red and black fractal light appears in the sky above her head and spreads to form a large dome over the neighborhood, shifting the battlefield half a dimension over and filtering out non-magical life ... though Dr. Murano's truck stays.

Meanwhile, to anyone who is magical life, it's kind of ridiculously obvious which direction to go if you want to find the source.
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 02:38:55 102062
Sailor Mars looks... unusually alarmed considering that nothing's happened, and feels almost frustrated by the clash of Akari's composure, answering simply: "YES!" before sharply pulling that explosion of air back into her lungs, speaking a bit more measuredly "Whichever one gets you away in a way they can't-" 'follow' was how that sentence was going to end, but mid sentence she recoils at the sound and nearing light of Lacrima's blast, shielding herself with her arms before Akari makes the gesture redundant.
    Okay. This is still okay. Mars can probably hold of Lacrima as long as she's the only one fighting!
    Then Akari lights up the area like Time's Square, magic-wise.
    Oh well, in for a penny.
    Sailor Mars strides up besides Akari and nods sharply. "You heard her." She says, gesturing warningly with her hands in the manner she usually attacks,
Lacrima 2018-12-30 02:58:43 102063
Lacrima sighs and brushes a hand across her face and then does a short hairflip. She doesn't want to be here. She doesn't want to hurt Akari, she doesn't want to drag Akari back and she doesn't want to be burned alive by Sailor Mars. At least a time space barrier is put up.

"We all want a lot of things, but we don't get them." she says flatly, but also intently honestly. More at herself than at Akari. She gently 'hrmphs' at Sailor Mars.

She chooses not to say anything too smarmy at Mars, but says "Yes, I have ears. I choose to ignore what a .... traitor .... says." she says flatly as she throws her arm upwards-- "Oscura Tormenta...!" she calls out, as bolts of violet dark energy rain down from the sky around Sailor Mars and Akari. It doesn't seem particularly accurate but it is pretty powerful and showy. See, she's trying! Yes! See! Powerful attack! Very Bright Much Wow!

Other people have to buy it, afterall!

Come on doc... where are you...
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 03:18:50 102064
Akari is ... slightly worried about Sailor Mars's warning. Still, though. In for a pound. It's not enough just to avoid Lacrima, she needs to defeated her. And she needs to defeat her dramatically.

She zips this way and that as the rain of darkness begins, tearing through the illusory version of the rooftop. "Right, then!" she says. "Rosenpfeil!" Rose Arrow.

Ping! <<ROSENPFEIL!>> Five arrows of rose-red light appear, and immediately launch themselves straight towards Lacrima.

There's a sound like screeching tires at street-level as Frau Doktor's truck arrives. There's a thudding of heavy footsteps as two sleek white humanoid robots jump out of the back, one with red seams and one with blue seams. "ZEROOOOOOOOOO!" "ZEROOOOOOOOOO!" The red one immediately leaps up to the rooftop, while the blue one moves to the front of the truck to guard Frau Doktor with the youmabot driver.

There's the crackle of a loudspeaker from the red Zerobot. "Hello, Nightbell!" says Frau Doktor's voice with an audible sneer, even as the robot charges at Sailor Mars and Akari and starts firing stun-beams. "I rebuilt the Gemini Zerobots!"
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 03:24:17 102065
Well, Lacrima can now be taken off the list of people who haven't tried to kill Sailor Mars, whether it's for show or not.
    Follow Akira's lead, she takes off towards Lacrima, angling towards her other side so that they're flanking her when she joins in with a cry of "Fire Soul!" In in mid air and launches a streaking fall of fire down towards Lacrima.
    Mars is still in mid air when she hears the familiar cry of the androids, and responds to Frau Doktor's claim with an aggreived "wwwwwwwwww*WHY*?!" as she lands in a three point crouch, her gaze warily bouncing back and forth between Lacrima and the Red Zerobot before she claps her hands together, sparks leaping out from between her hands, and calls out her attack again, spreading her hands so that each one faces one of her opponents and fires smaller blasts of fire at them both.
Ryo Okana 2018-12-30 03:42:30 102066
Ryo Okana was walking back home at night, away from a house he was studying at. Not for any helpful reasons- just he found the person attractive. The general jerkish reasons one expects from Ryo Okana by now. He senses something is overtly keeping him on edge on the way back home though. The tingle of magic in the air. That sense of feeling and hints of magic are confirmed when the world is covered in grey tones. A barrier. A dumb trick he's familiar with from specific sources. If he can sense these people- they can sense him- so he does not, in fact, transform immediatly. No. He walks casually-- afterall. Nothing is coming after him as far as he can tell.

As he walked slowly closer to the affair- he got to watch a light show of blasts coming down from the sky and seeing some firey sparks. Still not transforming. Just a normal guy, la la la, just a normal guy stuck in this weird grey world.... la. la. la.

He watches two weird robots- one leaps up to the rooftop, one strays behind. He keeps just out of view of the alleyway near that truck. Weird robots... people attacking one another. There's one of those witches nearby of course. Everyone here has to go. Everyone will be judged guilty and will go.

It isn't until he's right on the truck that he finally calls on his past life and there's a bright white light of transformation as he moves to-----

Well he just tries to slice right into the back of the truck on an upswing. Trying to send it skyward. These weird barrier worlds mean he doesn't need to worry about 'collateral damage' right? So he can just do whatever dumb ridicolous stuff that comes into his head right now-- he's trying to get that thing roofward.

"VILLIANS!" he calls out. (Like he has room to talk.). "I will end you all. Stay right there." he bellows out. He'll chase after the truck he sent skyward.
Lacrima 2018-12-30 03:52:16 102067
Lacrima raises her arms in front of her-- a shield of dark energy appearing in front of her to tank Akari's initial attacks-- a trick Riventon taught her. Sadly-- she doesn't account for Mars attack which rakes through finally-- though Akari's attack ripped most of it away as she seethes-- ow.. ow burny sparks ow. That hurts. Yes, yes. She's about to retort back when she suddenly blinks as she hears a voice call out something from the alleyway--- just as the Zerobot shows up.

Wait- that voice...

"Oh....Oh no." she says lightly. This carries less of that robotic tone she's been using and way more dread. FFFffffff.... Ryo... George.

She suddenly looks towards Akari and Mars and then back to the alley as the truck that Dr. Murano is in just sort of... fly up... over the edge? Oh-- oh double no. Double No. That's a super no.

"D...dammit..." she mutters as she throws out a blast of dark energy into Akari suddenly and fast. She can't just... stop because her brother showed up. Well. Her blood brother. She 'wishes' that was Stahlritter.

Mars should already know who that is. She doesn't think Akari ever met this particular problem. She wishes she could yell out why this is a hilariously bad problem now she can't control. Hopefully Mars will tell her or warn her.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 04:12:53 102068
Frau Doktor shrieks as the truck starts to move! Her Eclipse phone falls out of her hand and clatters to the ground.

Akari, dodging the Zerobot's stun-bolts, jerks her head around. Her eyes go wide as the actual truck goes flying upwards. "What the f--" She shoots straight up into the air to avoid both Lacrima's blast and the flying vehicle which is not supposed to fly.

The blue Zerobot leaps up, arms outstretched. Frau Doktor manages to throw herself out at the last second and into its waiting arms, immediately before the truck comes crashing down, crushing the red Zerobot and leaving a huge dent on the warehouse roof. In fact, that part of the roof now seems to be a bit less structurally sound now. The blue Zerobot lands just behind the truck, holding Frau Doktor carefully as she clings to it.

Akari's Infiltration Mode skills aren't just limited to pretending to be ordinary, and she now uses them to hide her relief that Frau Doktor wasn't hurt. Meanwhile, she stares down at the newcomer. White armor, check. Red cross, check. Lacrima told her that much, so many months ago -- right after Akari's first darkness-crazy episode that put Dr. Murano in the hospital, in fact. "... And you must be the infamous St. George!" she calls out. Oh crap oh crap oh crap ...
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 04:17:21 102069
Mars is all tensed muscles and sharp glares as the situation continues to escalate in severity. Too bad she can't just ask Lacrima the best way to destroy these things, but Lacrima probably isn't in a helpful mood after that last atta-
    Is that a truck?
    Mars recoils as the truck lands on the roof, staring in blank befuddlement during the long awkward moment where the horn's just blaring before St. George suddenly appears.
    "... Oh my god." Mars croaks quietly, as if the noise had been wrung out of her throat. This is really... really bad.
    All the same, Mars puts on an air of confidence, striding forward a few paces and subtly putting herself between him and Akari, standing a short distance in front of her. "*You* again?" She half laughs, "What's wrong? Didn't get enough air time before?" Mars smirks a little, but when she pivots and turns her head to face Akari, she looks like she's going to throw up as she harshly mutters so only Akari and maybe Lacrima can hear, "We all need to run *right* now, this guy's too risky with that..." she glances at the reimaning Zerobot, "... *thing* around. I'm serious. We had to combo blast him with *ancient Moon royalty* last time." She can only hope that this provides enough of an excuse for Lacrima to drop her performance, because the very last thing they need is a fourth person aiming to kill them. Though hopefully Murano and her Zerobot will just focus on escape if she knows what's going on.
Ryo Okana 2018-12-30 04:40:14 102070
Yes Mars, goading the one person who actually will kill you up here for sure is always the best of best ideas! Saint George lands on his feet much like a cat does slightly behind the truck. Which apparently has crashed onto the rooftop. Oh. There was someone in there. He doesn't care right now, except noting various expressions. That woman is a part of this garbage. The robot saved her. ".....Ah." he seems to regard Lacrima with a glare. Oh he's unhappy alright. "Excellent." excellent. "I've seen you've chosen to gather yourselves all close enough for me to dispatch easily enough. Excellent." he repeats. His eyes trace to Mars. There's no ancient moon royalty here that he can see-- well- other royalty. Just... one of those witches. Two robots. That woman. Sailor Mars. The thing wearing his sister's skin. Mars and that last one upset her the most. Mars, for the time she alludes to- and the vampire on principle of wearing his dead sister's skin.

His first target is to go after Lacrima-- dashing forward at the same speed he used to escape. A fast short burst. Not easy to maintain but good for sudden strikes- aiming to slice that sword into her side. Before aiming to swing around and send a slicing wave of white energy into the Zerobot holding that woman. The robots seem to be robots. Nuisances.

"Automatons, now? Really." he scoffs. "Why not send the coffee maker out next." he goads.
Lacrima 2018-12-30 04:55:16 102071
Lacrima stutters. "Ry--Ryo go away." she says. "This isn't your fight-- go-- go find a dragon to bother... or something. Not Lamya-chan. Literarily any other dragon." she says. "Nakusu-chan isn't here. There's no dumb reason for you to be here right now." she says, trying to speak sense to the senseless.

But before she knows it... George is suddenly in her face-- dammit-- she forgets how much ground the jerk can cover in a short period when the distances are measured in a few feet. She tries to move to try to shove George back but instead that sword finds a home straight into her shoulder and her eyes go wide. "A--ahhhh....----!" she goes as black ichor begins to leak from the wound and she needs to take a moment to get some distance between George and the others--- mainly because wounds caused by that sword on her aren't easy to close and while not deadly--- it would not be optimal to leak her physical existence out during what is a major operation to try to 'catch' Akari and look like she couldn't cut it.

"D..dammit--" she mutters again. "D..dammit dammit..."

Wait-- is he going after that Zerobot. "C..crap---!" she winces-- she can't raise a hand to blast anything out just yet.

Useless. Useless-- so useless right now.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 05:05:36 102073
Akari only knows a little bit about ancient Moon royalty, but that doesn't sound good. She nods back to Rei. "Right," she mutters. "We scatter, get out of the barrier, and I can teleport away. See you la--"

And then she comes to a screeching halt as St. George long-range-slices the surviving Zerobot. It turns to try to shield Frau Doktor with its body as it jumps away, only to come crashing to the rooftop, before its body becomes filled with explosions, and then it goes completely still.

Frau Doktor thuds to the roof next to it. There's a red gash across her torso -- the slice went through the Zerobot and hit her -- not enough to kill her, but if she was a combatant she'd be out of the fight now. She stares down at the injury, then looks up at Ryo with an expression of ... well, disbelief, mostly.

Akari looks like she's frozen in midair, eyes wide. This is probably not the most realistic reaction she could be having right that minute, at least in terms of being total enemies with UMBRA.
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 05:15:54 102074
Mars has three years of hero work under her belt! Inviting stupid amounts of danger to protect the innocent and less experienced is part of the package! For all the good it does; faux gloating doesn't seem to over-ride the hatred St. George holds for his sister, and Sailor Mars barely turns around in time to see his swing land in Lacrima, an instant before she has to hit the ground to avoid becoming collateral in St. George's attack on the Zerobot.
    Not *just* the Zerobot, turns out; as Rei watches its operator hit the ground with wide eyes.
    Sailor Mars doesn't have time to help both of them, and she's long past the point of considering who she should and shouldn't *look* like she wants to protect, as Rei defaults to 'pretty much everybody but maybe Takashi'.
    And St. George.
    From the ground, Sailor Mars pounces forward and grasps for St. George's ankles, flames already igniting in her palms as she cries "Fire Soul!" aiming to spread the fire outward from the point of contact and engulf St. George's body, vaguely bitterly aware that she is the absolute worst at escape plans.
Ryo Okana 2018-12-30 05:49:14 102076
Saint George watches as the not-so-good doctor- at least as far as he knows right now- takes the strong lancing blade beam strike. He scoffs and laughs-- he laughs? Yes. Yes he does. "Not done yet---" he insists as he moves to lance forward and try to bring his sword down in a sudden, hard stab to follow up that attack. Evil needs to be killed. (Well. Evil as he sees it.)-- and If a chance presented itself? So be it. Who are these people here to judge him?

He turns towards Lacrima as she's forced backwards. She's surpressed for the moment. Good. He turns his attention to Akari--- who seems suddenly stuck in the horror- and then there's suddenly fire soul.

Ah... she should had been the first target. Yes, he'll remember that one.

He's ungulfed in fire as he grunts through the pain and raising his shield to force his way backwards suddenly.

...It seems doing that to someone makes them the primary target- of course. He could press the attack...

Or he could be perfectly happy with the single thing he majorly accomplished- and come back another day and pick off the others as able.

So he merely backs off the ledge from the fire--- cape singed heavily and on fire as he moves to get away--- which he somehow accomplished with the same deft and fast percision it seems!---except! OH! There's a trail of ash down an alleyway!---

Where if anyone chases after will find the cape merely hung into a nail in the wall where a sign used to sit perhaps many years ago. A ruse it seems, meant to throw off his actual choice of exit suddenly.

Running away when he needs to? Leaving a fake out? Smarter than he seems- but perhaps some of you new that already.
Lacrima 2018-12-30 06:13:33 102077
Lacrima manages to finally close her wound-- she doesn't feel really great and she's worrying trying to stop herself from becoming a puddle on the ground. When she finally is able to get back up again she's moving to try to go after Ryo--- he needs to be removed for this operation to continue as far as she can figure out now... maybe might even be able to use him as an excuse to end it without nabbing Akari.

Then.. oh... oh god. She watches in wide eyed horror when she watches Ryo stab that sword down.... "-----I... NO! R--ryo what have you DONE!" She screams. "H--how cou--- no!" she screams across the weird white monotone world of the barrier---- when flame lights up Ryo's position, Lacrima is already racing across the rooftop as a black puddle. She's seem him fight- he's going to run.

She chases down after that ash. "Ryo-- yo---YOU-- WHAT DO YOU THINK. YOU'RE DOING! YO-----!" there's no Ryo down here. There's that burning cape-- which causes her to cringe and twitch and---- reform as she makes a sudden bolt upwards in a float. "Oh god---!" she says shakily. Like any god had anything to do with this.

Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit. She's fumbling for Dr. Murano's general vicinity as she almost yells. "S--stand back.. please-- just-- stand back-- I!...".

She starts to build up dark energy. She starts to generate as much as she can. It isn't nearly as much as she had when she tried this with Alexis. Not after leaking all over the rooftop. Not after firing off many powerful attacks. Not before she had a unicorn tear in her body making it difficult to generate large swaths of dark energy like that time. She draws from her hands--- pressed against her chest before she throws down her hands against Dr. Murano.

"Autorizar!" she calls out as dark energy surges down into her.

Nothing.... Nothing happens.

"Autorizar....!" she shakily calls out again, trying again. Dammit...!

Dammit why isn't it working!? "Au--Au---" she stutters.

It seems trying to ressurect Dr. Murano as a vampire just isn't working why!? Why isn't it!? WHY ISN'T IT WORKING IT WORKED FOR ALEXIS!... W--hy!?

...Someone may want her to try to stop surging dark energy.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 06:22:25 102078
Dr. Murano just ... boggles at the sword as it briefly becomes embedded in her chest. And the minute Ryo leaves, she falls over and goes still, eyes empty of emotion. And soon, of life.

Akari sinks weakly to the roof and then to her knees, staring at the lifeless body in front of her, almost as if she can't comprehend what she's looking at. "... nein." No. She shakes her head. "Nein, das ist ... nein ... es kann nicht sein ..." No, that's ... no ... it can't be ... Tears form in her glowing golden eyes.

The illusory rooftop creaks under the strain of the truck. Ping! <<HERRIN. WIR MUSSEN GEHEN JETZT.>> Mistress. We have to leave NOW.

Her eyes widen as Lacrima gathers energy. She knows what's going on there. For a moment, hope returns.

And then it fades.

Akari just sits there, tears in her glowing golden eyes. "Mo ... moth--" And then she just breaks down and sobs.

Ohhhhhhhh. Oh dear. She's never admitted to anyone that she felt that way about Dr. Murano before.
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 06:36:30 102079
Mars scrambles to her feet, already sparking up the next blast when she sees St. George's cape follow him over the edge of the building. Relieved, but still on edge, Sailor Mars turns towards Akari and starts to speak, "Akari-san! It's time to..." her speech slows gradually as she follows Akari's horrified gaze to its grim destination, and Sailor Mars covers her mouth with both hands. "Oh!" her hands slowly drift away from her face as she steps closer, finding herself averting her eyes from the scene. "... Oh my god..."
    Despite the sadness that grips her in a fit of simple empathy, Sailor Mars feels... awkward. She doesn't belong here in this moment. She barely knows any of these people. There's a flicker of hope as Lacrima tries to transform the gravely wounded doctor - if she could heal in that form, then maybe Mercury could reverse it back! - but that hope fails as well.
    Sailor Mars' eyes close for a long moment, and when they open again she seems struck with a certain mtivation. She turns around and crouches in front of Akari and grabs her by the shoulders, visibly fighting through the emotional atmosphere on this rooftop. "Akari-san! Akari-san, I'm sorry. But you *have* to go now." She feels cruel saying it, but Lacrima's orders haven't changed, even if Rei doubts she's in any condition to follow them at this point.
Lacrima 2018-12-30 06:45:36 102080
Lacrima fails, miserably--- she does hear Akari's muttering words and she also understands- given the living conditions of the two and how that whole thing was going down before--- Akari wanted to get away.

She just slumps into a pile... Mars tells her they need to run. She doesn't look towards any of them. She just sits there. Besides--- it's not like the brass are gonna care after this. This is more than enough proof she was 'outmatched'-- as grim as it sounds.

She does say something. "ECFH... wh-- when...." she just stops there. ECFH. They can...

Do whatever. There. Later. In safety. Talk.. hug... whatever. Right now it's still not that good of an idea to talk much here. Besides, she is going to need to calla response team to this- regardless. Soon. Better they're not here.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-30 06:55:56 102082
Akari looks up at Rei, and blinks a few times, still shaking with sobs. Then Rubindorn lets out a louder PING and she jumps slightly. "R-right," she mutters. She sniffles. "Um. I ... we should ..." The barrier fades, and with it the damage; even the wrecked truck and the remains of the Zerobot disappear. Dr. Murano's body is still there, though. Then in a surge of rose-red light, Rubindorn transforms back into a pendant.

Akari takes a few deep breaths, and inclines her head very slightly in response to Lacrima. It's to a nod what a grunt is to 'yes'. Then she looks back at Rei; Rubindorn's been able to open telepathic communication with non-Device-users before, as long as they have magical ability. Let's get away from Lacrima-chan, she says to Sailor Mars. Her telepathic voice is simply ... emotionless. Lifeless. Drained, maybe. I don't think I'm in any state to teleport. Or maybe she just doesn't want to be alone just yet. Can you help me get to Gullwing Coffee?
Rei Hino 2018-12-30 06:59:16 102083
Sailor Mars recoils briefly, surprised to hear Akari's voice in her head, but after a brief moment of hesitation, nods. "Of course." She helps Akari to her feet, and cranes her neck to look at Lacrima one last time and murmuring, "I'm sorry." before she leads Akari away.