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Date: 2019-01-01
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Millie White 2019-01-01 22:21:39 102179
Christmas and New Years were finally done with, allowing the world to once again calm itself down. As calm as Magical Epicentre Tokyo ever got, anyway. It meant that, perhaps, it was time for Millie to stop sulking. Maybe sulking wasn't the correct term, it was actually closer to brooding. Was glooming a word? No, that would be stupid. Regardless, homesickness had struck the foreigner during the holidays and so she had made herself scarce save for delivering a few things on Christmas Eve... and of course training. Millie never skipped training, but it was definitely time to stop brooding.

It had only taken a quick text to Alexis before a plan to grab burgers at the Crown began forming. Burgers had actually been mentioned to her on multiple occasions, so it was probably best she see what the hullabaloo was about. It was chilly outside since it was late afternoon in January, but that didn't bother Millie as she peered through the window. It didn't look like Alexis was here yet.

Millie pushed open the door to the arcade before taking a quick look at the floor plan. The food was on the second floor. which made sense, but it also meant that the Canuck had to fight to not wander off and start playing games. Somehow she succeeded and made her way to the Cafe upstairs. Alexis was generally the punctual sort so she didn't reckon she would have to wait long. Her emerald gaze swept the crowd expectantly.
Alexis Raskoph 2019-01-01 22:48:03 102180
    Punctual indeed. And somehow Alex still has a habit of appearing almost out of the blue too. And that's not at all different today either. While Millie is scanning the crowds, two points suddenly poke against her lower back-- two fingertips. It's probably not even the first time Alex is mimicing the 'gun against the back' gesture with his hand for her either-- call it part of her training for maintaining situational awareness!
    "You're here early too," the German notes from just behind her, just before he draws his hand away from her back-- but not without a quick pat to her shoulder. THe first thing the canadian will notice upon looking up to him is... the bags under his eyes. Oh. Oh no. Someone's been going about their Knight duties without enough sleep again.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-01 22:53:13 102181
Every so often, Miho decides to brave the noise and crowds of the Crown long enough to play through a few levels of the arcade games. She's particularly found she has a predilection for the Sailor V games.

Miho is no longer capable of being intimidated by the prospect of meeting new people; Sailor Earth burned that out of her. This did not, however, have any effect on any other part of her social anxiety.

And so, after two game overs in a row, Miho steps away for the next person to play. Sighs softly as heads upstairs to grab a bite to eat; she's used to this, but that doesn't mean she has to like it.

Oh. There's two of the few people she knows who are taller than she is! She perks up slightly as she alters her course and walks right up to them without the slightest concern. "Hey, Alex-kun, White-san!" she says.

... She notices the bags under Alex's eyes, and sighs softly, but doesn't comment.
Lacrima 2019-01-01 22:58:31 102182
Where is Lacrima!? Well. She's already here. She's currently in a booth. Alone. There's basically yen milkshake glasses around her, and there's a half finished one in front of her. She has her head basically laid down on the table and is staring into the milkshake like it's magic and would have answers for her.

All it has is a burble as it melts a little more. She sighs a bit as she hears familiar voices and looks up and mutters under her breath....

She'd normally say hello... nod... some action that notes she sees them and wants them to know she's here.

Not this time, as the purple haired girl slumps her head back down- staring back into the milkshake.

Yeah she looks tired, depressed and various other not nice things-- bags under the yes-- which shouldn't even be possible- and overall looking more pale than the undead girl usually even looks normally.
Millie White 2019-01-01 23:27:40 102183
Millie should have known. Sometimes it was a little exhausting always being treated like a training partner in the middle of combat, but she couldn't deny that it had produced noticeable results in her combat performance. Instead of listening to her reflexes (which were screaming something about kicking with fists), and instead of getting annoyed, Millie grinned and raised both hands in the air as if in surrender. The defunct Cure turned around only to see Zombie Alexis standing in front of her. Millie blinked before she let out a small sigh.

"You need to sleep more, man. If you fall asleep in your burger I WILL take pictures." Millie warned in the half joking half serious tone she adopted when speaking to Alexis. It wasn't long before someone familiar began walking towards them with a purpose, and the Canuck grinned and waved. "Hey there Miho-san. You can just call me Millie, if you want. Alexis and I are gonna grab some burgers. You hungry?"

Millie asked casually. Hopefully Alex didn't mind Miho joining them, but she couldn't honestly think of a reason why he wouldn't be. Her gaze flickered to the Cafe and, after a moment, had to do a double take. Someone familiar was in one of the booths... was that Lacrima? It was hard to tell through the uh... forest of milkshake glasses. A concerned expression settled on her face as she waited for Miho's answer before actually going inside. It wasn't hard to see where her gaze had been directed, however.