Threats of Love

Nanoha invites Fate over to work on homework. They discuss a date and talk about how Fate feels about some things. Fate threatens to tell Nanoha's mother that she 'loves Nanoha, romantically!' unless Nanoha tells her mom about them under her own terms in the next day. Oh dear!

Date: 2019-01-02
Pose Count: 12
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-01-02 23:52:26 102184
Nanoha Takamachi is sweeping the front part of the main lobby area of the bakery. She's been working hard all afternoon after school, helping her parents keep the store today since her brother had other things to do. She slumps into a chair when she finishes and then pulls her phone up and texts Fate.

    TXT Fate > I'm done with my chores! Fate-chan do you wanna visit tonight?

She then rests again as she yawns quite wide. She's tired, but not exhausted- and she'd like to see Fate-chan tonight. Nevermind she sits in front of her in class! School is school! This is home. They can talk and chat and maybe snuggle. ROkay- definitely snuggle but that's not at the forefront of her mind right now.

She waits patiently for a reply, as she gets up and begins walking up to her room. "Mom, I'm done with the sweeping, I'm going to finish homework... Fate might be by!" she warns mom as she walks into her room.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-01-03 00:08:47 102185
Fate T. Waldia was working on her own homework in her room as her phone beeped. She checked it, and then her face lit up when she saw it was Nanoha. She put down her pencil and picked up her phone.

    TXT Nanoha > I'll be there in a few moments! Go to your room, I'll window land.

Expressing her intent to fly there so she'll need the window open. She walks to the backyard of the Waldian's residence and then transforms as she takes off into the air! She'll land in about five minutes, grabbing the windowsill and tugging herself in, as she lets her barrier jacket fuzz off suddenly.

She'll move to grab Nanoha's shoulders and tug her into a bright hug and and a pleasent sigh. "Hi Nanoha." she says. "I brought my homework, I hope that's not a problem." she says. "But I wanna finish it." she says.

She moves to sit on the bed and pulls her textbook with her homework folded in it out and says.

"...I hope nothing is wrong and you just wanted to see me?..." she suddenly asks with a slight blush. As if Nanoha might had pulled her over here to talk about something unpleasent. Usually Nanoha would had warned that though in the text. Usually.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-01-03 00:19:03 102186
Nanoha Takamchi indeed does open the window about two minutes into when Fate replies and she waits patiently sitting on her bed and staring at the door. When Fate peeks in, she helps her inside and closes the window. Hopefully, no one in the store realizes she didn't actually enter through the front door!

She beams as Fate tugs her into a hug. She then sits back down next to Fate on the bed and drags her feet up to her chest and looks over to Fate. "...I already finished mine. But if Mom asks we're both working on it~" she says.

She watches as Fate starts to work, as she asks if something was wrong? "Oh! No! Everything is great!" she says. "I'm just a little tired from sweeping for a few hours." she says with a blush. "I--i mean. There is something. I want to ask you- but um! It can wait until you're done homework!" she smiles. "Nothing bad. Nope!" she says brightly.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-01-03 00:33:35 102187
Fate begins working on her homework, she eyes Nanoha. "Why would you tell your mom that?" she asks. "I mean isn't it a good thing you're done already?" she asks as she works through the math. Math comes easy to her. She should be done with this fast- at this grade level at least, and then can finish History. Which is more of a problem for her. She doesn't know Earth history very well. Luckily, Nanoha can help her there, right?

Fate finishes the math and slips the paper under the history paper and she stares at it blankly... she begins flipping through the textbook for answers, first- before bugging Nanoha for help.

She does eye Nanoha a little as she says there's something she wants to ask her as she looks back to her history paper. "You can ask me now, Nanoha, if it isn't a big bad thing." she says with a short smile as she jots down the first answer, hesitantly as she motions to Nanoha. "Is... that answer right?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-01-03 00:46:59 102189
Nanoha smiles a little impishly. "Because having you over to get help on my homework was a good excuse to not have mom check in on us all the time?" she asks sheepishly. It's not that she was up to mischief- it's more... well!-- "--I mean I haven't told... mom yet. And-- I didn't want her... coming in when I ... was asking--um..." she shifts a bit.

"Well fine then I'll ask! Oh..." she says. "That answer is right!--" Nanoha says brightly again as she crosses her arms against her chest. "BUT um!-- I want to take you on a date...!" she says. Never mind that- this would not be the first date.

Which she corrects. "I mean... a date. Date... a -- go to a place, date!" she says. "I've been saving up! And-- we can do to someplace realllly nice and with an outdoor patio and--!..." it seems Nanoha has some vision of a perfect date.

And maybe hoping Fate'll go along with it, as she seems to gleams into starry eyes about the concept as she swoons about it pratically!
Fate T. Waldia 2019-01-03 00:57:28 102191
Fate T. Waldia goes to the next question on the paper as she begins searching through the textbook for the next question as she listens to Nanoha. She blushes when she hears Nanoha hasn't talked to her mother yet. She has no idea why Nanoha is afraid of telling her mom. It's not like... Nanoha is afraid of her reacting like her mother might right? No.. No there's not a single mean or bad or cruel bone in Nanoha's mom.

When Nanoha asks her on a date- she seems confused. They've had at least two... now. They we're low key affairs, yes. But Fate doesn't really know how dating works. She hasn't been thinking as deeply on it as Nanoha has of course.

But Nanoha seems dead set on something specific-- and how could it really be so different? And she's been saving money for it? She closes the book on her homework and places the book down next to her as she gently turns a little to her side and places her arms around Nanoha and tugs her to her chest a moment and gives her forehead a kiss.

"--well... if that's.. what you want Nanoha. I don't see why it couldn't hurt!" she says. "But I have one stipulation." she says frankly. "I'll go, happily! Whenever you want!" she says. "But--- you need to tell your mom about us." she says thoughtfully.

"---I don't think there will be any issue with you telling her and if you don't? I might." she says with a huff. "I will tell your mom...."

"...I love you... romantically." she says as she closes her eyes, only peeking one open. Arf may have told her this may be a good threat to use against Nanoha when it comes to things like this.

Because Arf knows things Fate doesn't very well sometimes.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-01-03 01:07:17 102194
"Fate!" Nanoha says with a shocked expression! "P--please don't tell my mom exactly like that!!" she says in a flustered tone. Oh god, she could just see her mom's face with that kind of explanation. Someday. She's going to find who told Fate that wording. Then she's gonna boop them in the snoot, just you watch.

"F--fine!" she says as she crosses her arms. "I will... tell my mother. Tonight, or early tomorrow if I can't tonight." she says with a fidget. "T--that we're dating at least..." she says. "I promise. Even if I have to.. embarrass myself in front of others to do it." she says.

She huffs just ever so lightly as she rests against Fate and bites her lip at the forehead kiss. "The Hotel Augusta has a nice patio... and that's where I wanna take us." she says. "--and I'm able to get us a discount because of all the catering my dad does for events there!" then a pause.

"U--um! Not that. I want to cheap on a nice date." she says at Fate suddenly. "But I only make so much allowance a week..." she says with wide eyes. " probably... can't do this a lot." she fidgets. "But I wanna do it.. at least once." she whispers.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-01-03 01:15:21 102195
Fate shakes her head. "Nanoha... I don't care about money..." she says. "--I mean. My basis for things... is so messed up... but you know that. I mean... D..." she takes a deep breath. "Dad..." still an odd word for her to say! "Worries a little that he's not able to be a proper dad through the portal sometimes. But the fact is...." she says. "--he could ignore me and just make sure I have a place to live and food and he'd still... be a better parent than mom was..." she says quietly.

"You could take me to The Game Crown, and I'd be happy with it. We could have a date on a dirty rooftop..." like they have before. "...and I'd be happy with it." she says.

"But if that would make you happy I want to do it!" she says with a curt nod. "Besides, a nice place lets me wear one of the dresses I have from Waldia and not be asked why it's so fancy." she says with a short smile.

She releases Nanoha carefully and pulls her book back up. She fills out the second and third questions quick and motions Nanoha to it. "A--are those correct?" she asks sheepishly suddenly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-01-03 01:29:43 102199
Nanoha sits back from the cuddling and nestling and fixes her hair and huffs a little. "I know..." she says. "But... I just think. It would be romantic." she says just a little wistfully, before she looks at Fate's work and nods rapidly. "That's right! Just... one little fix..." she says as she points to one 'place' in her answer. "Wrong place-- it's the other side!" she says with a smile.

She relaxes a bit and takes a deep breath. "I'm glad you have a home now, Fate..." she says softly. She blushes. "Sometimes... I forget I'm dating a princess now..." she mutters off. "I mean. That also... doesn't matter to me. I guess I wasn't dreaming about storybook scenarios a lot..."

She eyes the door and then looks back to Fate with a warm smile. "I'll be right back." she says as she sneaks downstairs... before returning a few moments later with tray of fresh bakery rolls and some jam--- and milk, which she places on the nearby dresser within reach- so she can offer Fate a roll with jam. "Here!" She says with a grin. "They just came out of the oven so they're super warm and soft."
Fate T. Waldia 2019-01-03 02:03:00 102203
Fate T. Waldia crosses her arms softly. "I am a princess and... don't worry. Sometimes. I have problems accepting that too." she says as she finishes the last question and motions for Nanoha to check it quick with nervous eyes. She isn't used to asking for help but--- it's homework! And she wants to get it right!

She softly watches Nanoha go to obtain fresh bakery rolls so she uses the moment to check her phone for texts. Making sure that her sister knows where she went, just in case before putting the phone back away as Nanoha enters back in.

She gratefully accepts the roll and takes a bite as she mmmmmms. "....Your family always bakes the best rolls... I feel lucky to have learned to bake under them..." she says softly. "....maybe I'll get my rolls this good tasting someday!" she says.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-01-03 02:24:17 102210
Nanoha nods matter of factly. "I know you don't care about that so much, Fate." she says. "But it still is pretty special..." she trails off with a happy sigh as she takes a bite out of her own roll. She looks to the answer and nods. "That's right!" she says with a series of soft nods. "You should have an ace on that work then." she says softly. She beams.

"I know you'll be as good as my mom someday when it comes to baking, Fate!" she says. "You're already better than me." she smiles. "And I've been doing this for years!" she says. She softly lets herself lean against Fate.

....She's gonna need to gather her courage to speak to mom tonight as it is about Fate. At least she wont' hear Fate's summarization of things! Oh dear no.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-01-03 02:25:11 102211
Fate smiles and rests her head back against Nanoha's and closes her eyes. She'll need to go shortly. But she knows Nanoha will keep her word. She'll wonder how Nanoha's mom will react. She'll find out tomorrow at school when she sees Nanoha there...

Love, romantically, indeed.