Puella Magi Erato reporting for duty!

Sky Jack, Life Witch Joy and Princess Runealy meet up in the middle of a witch's labyrinth, aiming to save the captured civilians. And, with a bit of luck, a little hard work and a whole lot of skill, they manage to do just that! Additionally, they run into a brand new Puella Magi, Erato. Oh dear... Kyubey got another one.

Date: 2019-01-05
Pose Count: 25
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 02:05:38 102249
It was a beautiful day in Tokyo, a beautiful day indeed. Birds were singing, sun was shining... And a witch's labyrinth opened up in one of the rural, outer edges of Tokyo.

Those caught inside it would suddenly find themselves in a light, small downpour of snow coming. Oh... wasn't that nice... And the weird distorted colors. And the kisses appearing on the humans caught within. And they began to react. Some seemed to have horrible fevers, as if a great sickness came on them suddenly. But the majority of them gained dazed, confused looks. And they started walking, gathering... Christmas lights seemed to be laced through out the snow that had inexplicably gotten almost a foot deep. As little... reindeer like creatures pranced about. Prancing besides the lined up folks are they started walking towards a large candycane house.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-05 02:22:40 102250
The lack of recent assassination attempts on Rune has been enough to convince her to no longer make sure she has her sister or a Guardian Knight with her any time she's outside the group's house. She has thus gone to the edges of the city alone today, somewhat preferring it to the normal high noise (from her medieval perspective, anyway) normally found throughout Tokyo.

The snowfall nets a smile and pleased gasp, even as she realizes aloud: "If it's getting that cold, I should probably go back before it gets too b... hnn?" The area distorting is enough to cut her off mid-sentence, and she's greeted with alien sights. "This isn't normal... summoning Princess' Tiara!" The jeweled headwear appears in one hand, energy humming from it. "The line of succession..." The tiara is passed to her other hand, which brings it to her head in the same motion. "Transform!"

A flash of red light engulfs her, then fades to reveal Rune in full magical form and main wand in hand. She's not attacking anything yet, but does call out in a confused tone: "Is anyone out here?"
Kukai Souma 2019-01-05 02:25:31 102251
Sky Jack had gotten the call for the report of the labyrinth over HeartNET. It was way out of his path, but getting to it isn't so hard as long as he flew on his flying board at top speed. Still, it took him several minutes to even get to where he can see the familiar magical shimmer in the distance. He'd upped the alarm on the message to where more people could see it on HeartNET and made his way out towards the edge of the metropolis.

When Jack reaches the edge of the labyrinth, he double checks, seeing if anyone else has made it yet before entering. Going into a labyrinth alone can be extremely dangerous, even if there are a double handful of those out there who do it on a regular basis. Then he hears a faint voice from inside calling out, a somewhat familiar one. "Rune!"

Into the labyrinth he goes, looking for the Princess and the Witch...
Miho Kagami 2019-01-05 02:30:16 102252
Miho's family was visiting one of her dad's work friends! It was a man in his 20's who lives alone, and Souichirou Kagami wanted to ensure he had some festivities going on. Miho, in an unusually sociable mood, decided to join in.

Now, Miho is the only one of the four who is not sporting a witch's kiss. Her parents and the friend are lumbering towards the greater group, leaving the worried and startled Miho behind.

This is not the first time Miho has encountered Witch-energy. It's slightly harder to notice than darkness, which she can detect her Life Blessing, but ... she recognizes it. Plus, there's Rashmi's description from so long ago: If reality starts looking scratchy and thin, like you gave a five-year-old glue and craft stuff and a triple espresso ... "... Welp."

She claps her hands together. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!" she exclaims. Mint-green and jade-green light spews around her hands, swirls around her, and forms a mint-green-and-white costume, which is joined by a lengthy staff with a glowing emerald at one end. Life Witch Joy hops onto the staff as if it was a broomstick, and takes off at speed.

Fairly quickly, she hears Rune calling out, and she promptly changes her course to rendezvous with her. "Hey!" she calls out. ... She's recognizable as Life Mahou Joy, just with a completely different costume now (she posted a selfie to HeartNET a couple of months ago).
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 02:34:22 102253
Into the labyrinth, in this case, meant into the house... And the house was far, far bigger on the inside. It was some kind of massive wooden work shop. Where wooden elves were making toys for all the boys and girls.

Except in this case, the toys were cookies. And in this case, the cookies were deadly. And as the magical girls(And kukai!) came, the elves began to get up, moving towards them in wooden(ha!) jerky motions, flinging deadly cookies at them.

Meanwhile, the crowd started moving deeper and deeper into the compound and, as they did, they'd all get this feeling as if... It was as if they forgot something. Or were missing something. Nothing important, and easy to shake off. But it was there until they did, this little nagging... thing. As if something was happening right under their noses and they didn't realize it.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-05 02:41:09 102254
Rune blinks several times when she hears a familiar voice in the distance. It takes her a few seconds to place exactly who it is, and a glance in its direction reveals Sky Jack. "Oh? It's you! If you're here to help... ah, is there room on your board for me? I can't fly on my own, not yet at least."

When joined by Joy, Rune nods over to her. "I think I've seen an image of you... and if it's where I think I saw it, you're a friend too, then."

The workshop itself briefly cuts off any further immediate conversation on her part. A stressed and alarmed "Hn?!" follows as the elves march and hurl a cookie volley, prompting the princess' boot wings to light up. Silvery sparkles flow from them as she's launched into the air, and begins to fall back down from her 'boosted leap' as projectiles fly past where she had been standing. "I've seen monsters like this land fatal blows in a single strike, be careful!"

Wand aimed down, she fires her wand's emerald orb-tip down at one of the wood-elves. Another tip grows to replace it immediately, and this one is also fired at the same foe. If either of them connect, they'll explode into a sparkly green mist as if they were missiles of some kind detonating against their target.
Kukai Souma 2019-01-05 02:48:12 102255
Jack looks over as he sees Joy closing in just ahead of the waking elves. "Joy! Rune! Let's not stand still, those elves are going to turn us into decorated corpses if we stick around!" He lands near Runealy, plopping the board onto the ground and sliding to the back of it, giving her just enough room to balance on the front with one arm around her. "Hang on! Joy, can you keep up?!"

Jack gets back off the ground ahead of the next wave of elven attacks, following the crowd. "So I assume the Witch is in the center of this place? We have to get there ahead of the people, and not give the elves a chance to kill us or them!" He stays low and as fast as he can manage, not wanting to get a lot of altitude in case Rune suddenly jerks one way or another, or if he needs to dodge a barrage, giving Rune a platform to fight from and trying not to abandon Joy, either...
Miho Kagami 2019-01-05 02:57:03 102256
Miho smiles at Rune as she moves in closer. "I helped you and your sister out at that ball a while back," she calls out in her clear and bright voice. "And yeah, this is my new form, 'Life Witch Joy', I put it on HeartNET -- ack!"

She grabs her staff/broomstick and zips straight up out of the way of the opening volley. "Yes! Yes I can!" she says, darting sideways at high speeds -- even if she can fly perfectly well at under her own power, she seems to have greater precision now.

She thrusts one fist towards the elves. "Jade Barrage!" The heart-emblem on the back of her fist glows bright green, and begins firing pellets of jade-green light! It's not exactly the strongest attack, though, at least if the target isn't made of darkness. Still, though, these guys shouldn't be too tough either ... right? ... Right??
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 03:05:37 102257
Rune and Joy found their attacks were QUITE effective, beating through the elves and cutting them apart with ease. Granted, they were just the familiars, and expected to be fairly weak. However, while they fought the crowd was going deeper and deeper into the building...

The next room had a train set going around, with all manners of lights and sparkles flying everywhere. Elves from the trains threw more stars at them, as tiny little reindeer... things, seemingly made of glass and only a few inches tall, start flying through the air to slam into them and explode. If they were attacked with magic, they disappeared into magical, sparkling dust... but if they hit? They exploded into jagged shards of deadly magical glass.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-05 03:11:08 102258
Rune lands on Jack's board, with a soft gasp as she's held. "Ah? Thank you... let me know if you ever need me to jump off. I can't fly, but I can get to the ground just fine." She reaches behind herself, main wand disappearing into the back of her dress and being replaced by a smaller one with a thin red tip. "This way, I'm not bumping you with my staff," the princess explains. "So go as fast as you need to, if speed is vital to protect them!"

Joy's introduction draws a raised eye, looking aside to her since they're all now in mid-flight. "Then that means you're... I see!" Recognition dawns on Rune's face, "I'm sorry you got caught up in our problems. We can talk about it later if we need to, but for now..." She nods down at the wooden-elves that trail in the distance as the group flies on.

Then they're met with a train convoy... a very bizarre 'drive-by' attack. "I'll stop the ones I can!"

Instead of targeting the elves outright, Rune tries to pay attention to the airspace around herself, Jack, and Joy alike. Her tiara's gems light up, spraying tiny green energy-sparkles down at the mini-glass-reindeer projectiles. This is a defensive measure; she won't be doing any damage to their attackers, but she's trying to shoot down as many projectiles as she can. Frequent 'gaze flicks' in Joy's direction are made in an effort to make sure she's protected as well!
Kukai Souma 2019-01-05 03:17:17 102259
Jack grins at Rune, nodding to her. "OK! I'll try to not dump you off on your head!" He zips along with the two magical girls, racing into the next room only to veer a hard right, following the train around. This provides both Rune and the elves aboard the train a steady target to fire at. Jack begins pulling sharp climbs and sliding dodges, something inside his brain calculating the trajectories of the elves as they fire.

The problem becomes when the suicide bomber reindeer add themselves to the mix from all directions. Jack grits his teeth, hanging onto Rune's middle as he swipes the board across a wooden elf's head, taking it off in the process, trying to ignore a few tiny shards of glass dug into one arm where an explosion had gone off just a hair too close. "Dammit! Hey, Rune, Joy! Shoot at the tracks ahead of the train - derail the big bastard!"
Miho Kagami 2019-01-05 03:26:09 102260
Life Witch Joy just shakes her head and gestures vaguely at Rune's comment. "Not a problem! Helping out's just why I joined Virtue!"

And then suddenly they have bigger things to worry about. She continues using her super-speed to dodge the attacks, but a star nicks her cheek and she barely manages to stop a thrown a flying reindeer before it hits her in the face. "Crap!" At Kukai's comment, she aims her fist at the train tracks. "Jade Strike!" she calls out, and a bowling ball-sized burst of jade-green light flies forward and explodes into the tracks just ahead of the train!

She looks up at the crowd. "Okay, no, we need to help the civilians!" she exclaims. She boosts forward surrounded by a jade-green glow with a mint-green corona, attempting to get ahead of the crowd.
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 03:34:51 102261
There is a loud BOOM as the explosions hit the tracks and break them. The train goes off the tracks and... explodes THROUGH the door. Fortunately, as rubble flies towards them, the shielding efforts of Rune manages to keep them mostly safe, only a few strikes getting through her defenses, and with their speed it doesn't seem bad...

Except now they can see the next room. And the one after, housing the witch. The next is a chamber smelling of chocolate, marshmellows and FIRE! Massive pits of fire, with the elves with scewered marshmallows by the fire, running at them, wielding the scewers as... oddly effective skewers.

And then they could see where the crowd was heading. And the witch, at the end. The next room was a massive, grandoise hall with a red carpet down the center... Which was more impressive, because everything ELSE in the room was shades of black and white. As if it had been drawn with lead. And the carpet was leading straight into the massive mouth of a great nutcracker that would occasionally crunch down... Oh boy.

And more rooms, more monsters, unleashing their stars... But they weren't so important.

And also... they'd see *her*. She wasn't a very intimidating witch. In fact, she was a rather simple witch. At first.It looked like an angel...On top of a tree...

Except the tree was part of the witch. And as its eyes opened, and the great wings and arms seemed to jut out at unnatural positions. The tree began to spin under her, as she started towards them, a black and white halo flying around it in a weird orbit.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-05 03:43:15 102262
"I'm kind of busy!" Rune protests Jack's request; it's a good idea, just one she can't deal with while she's busy trying to protect the group. Thankfully, Joy is able to take him up on the idea instead... and none too soon, as the princess' efforts do not prevent all harm; Rune winces and cries out when she's glanced by some of the glass shards. "I hope those weren't like the ones when..." Her voice trails off, remembering a time when a 'mere familiar' proved to have poison sufficient to outright kill someone in a single strike.

Thankfully this does not seem to be the case this time. She holds mostly still as Jack's passenger-slash-turret, staring in alarm at the improvised 'spear/sword rush' the elves have mounted! "Careful! If they get close...!" The rest need not be said.

Instead, Rune aims her wand at their attackers and begins firing thin red energy rays at them! No one shot is going to be as powerful as those from her main wand, but Rune hopes these should be meaningful attacks against familiars. "I'll try to thin them out, but I can't deal with them and that tree at the same time!" In other words, the witch itself will have to be someone else's problem to solve for the moment.
Kukai Souma 2019-01-05 03:50:23 102263
Jack winces, hearing Rune cry out, still doing his best to dodge the incoming shots. "Like.. what?" He doesn't know that story, so for now he's just going to grit his teeth and hope there's no poison or infectious diseases or anything... And then Joy blows the track, knocking a hole in the building through to the chocolate hell and the black rear room. He cheers for her, raising one arm for a second. "Great shot!"

Jack looks past Rune to see the spear and sword wielders, and then laughs. "No worries! Let's get some altitude!" The board rises underneath them, steadily bringing them up out of the range of the melee wielders. The problem becomes evident however as the angel and the tree Witch begins whirling towards them. Jack wheels suddenly to one side, moving to get out of her path!
Miho Kagami 2019-01-05 03:57:36 102264
Miho opens her mouth immediately before the Witch reveals that the tree is part of itself. Then she closes it for a moment. "Honestly I'm kind of disappointed," she says finally. "I ... guess Her Worshipfulness Sailor Earth raised my expectations too high."

She dodges the midair attacks as best she can, and tries to stay high enough that the ground-based enemies can't reach her. Another thrown star cuts a hole in one of her sleeves. "Yow!"

She shakes her head and rights herself, shifting her position on her staff. "Yeah okay!" She thrusts her fist out again, this time at the Witch. "Jade Strike!" she calls out again, firing another jade bowling ball. "... Can you guys handle the nutcracker? Or, like, the people? I, uh, I think I can ... try to keep the Witch's attention!"
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 04:11:58 102265
Well excuse ME for not being 800 feet tall, powered by grief seeds and whatever other dark magic earth had. Is what the witch would feel, if it wasn't enveloped in grief. It span like a top...

As the scewering elves stared up... And then began launching flurries of lollipop and candy cane arrows at them. Well, shoot.

And the witch was spinning around and... IT WAS GOING STRAIGHT AT THE PEOPLE! It was about to be a bloody flurry... then... something.

The witch's tree was cut in half as suddenly a whip made of magical notes wrapped around it, bladed notes chewing through it and making the witch slam to the ground just short of the people.

And a new girl was there, holding the whip and... singing? She was singing. Definitely singing. And it was a singing they realized, they had been HEARING this entire time. It'd been there. And frankly, so had the girl. It jsut... didn't... matter. She'd been a background feature. Nothing to remember. Or at least, that's what they remembered. Gosh darn magic...

And then she pulled the whip back, now just a normal whip covered in painted musical notes. And then her song changed.

"Amefuri de mo kasa wa sasanai no!" She was... singing drop pop candy? And yet now suddenly she was the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD! Every eye was drawn to her. And even they would find it was hard not to stare directly at her. Something about her, it was as if something in your vision, or the sound, or SOMETHING just told your mind 'HEY! LOOK! LISTEN LISTEN OH MY GOSH WATCH THAT!'

"Okiniiri no hiiru o nurasu no!" Her whip lashed out, the music notes sailing across the whip as she gripped the witches's disjoined arm with it, obviously intending to throw the witch...

Instead, the witch threw HER! It spun around and a moment later the whip released, sending the girl flying.

She flipped through the air, the whip surrounding her as if it had a mind of its own, slicing through the elves as she landed and... bounced. Ow. The song ended and then that 'oh my gosh, gotta watch!' effect ended.

"O-owie... Ah! Right! Um..." And then she started another song a moment later, and there it was again, that feeling, luring both the focus of the witch, and the familiars... And them, if they weren't careful. She flicked her wrist, the whip moving with both her hand, and seeming to react to her voice to cut through the elves as they came close. She had reach but, well. They had numbers. Skewers bad.

Unfortunately, it DIDN'T seem to be having an effect on the mesmerized. And they were getting closer to the nut cracker.

But, hey, the witch was wounded now. And nothing was watching them.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-05 04:23:41 102266
"But won't that...!" Rune cuts off as Jack figures out the problem with ascending; the skies aren't very friendly right now. Then Joy has a very good point about priorities, and Rune volunteers. "I'll go after them! I'm jumping off from here!" Boot wings lighting up, she launches off Sky Jack's board and descends toward the nutcracker's general direction. As Rune makes a relatively controlled glide downward, she continues to fire wand-beams... but this time, she's focused on the nutcracker rather than the elves. "If I can disable it, maybe they won't be able to go in!"

There are some complications with that plan. For one, she's still being attacked by said elves; Rune occasionally has to spin aside from their attacks, and cries out as an arrow hits the side of her leg; it's not a clean hit and it didn't stay in, but it still hurt! It's forcing her to split her fire now, and some of her wand-beams instead go at the elves. The witch falling right next to the people she's hoping to protect is also a big problem...

...Yet there appears to be a solution, as an apparent newcomer arrives. "Who...?" Singing, it seems. Singing with actual effects accompanying it, to varying effectiveness. Yet in the end it appears to be mostly drawing attention to the newcomer, and this leaves Rune free to resume firing on the nutcracker itself. "Whoever you are, thank you!" With this opening, the princess seems to be free to pour sparkling red beam after beam into the nutcracker. No one shot will be all that powerful, but perhaps if she unloads enough of them into it...
Kukai Souma 2019-01-05 04:38:29 102268
Jack swears as Rune leaps off the board. "Be careful down there!" He reaches down, grabbing the side of the board, shifting his weight to the midsection and getting full mobility again, sliding back and forth through the wave of candy canes and lollipops.

And then Jack looks up, past Rune, looking over at the new girl. Wow. Who is she? Why can't he stop looking at her. What else was he doing?

A candy cane blasted through the bottom of the board, inches between his feet and his hand, the tip sweet and sharp enough to kill, and Jack looked down, just in time for the song effect to end. "HELL. Who is that and what's she doing?!"

Jack took stock in the battlefield, and began creating soccer balls, punting them at the elves and assailants, the forceful, electrically charged shots blasting them into bits. "Joy! JOY! Where are you - hit the witch! Help the girl!" He can't find Joy in the mix, and for a second he just prays she's still alive...
Miho Kagami 2019-01-05 04:43:37 102269
Life Witch Joy blinks in surprise at the sudden revelation of another magical girl who was in a Somebody Else's Problem field! "Well, okay, that works," she says flatly, distracted --

And then she blinks and shakes her head as she realizes that the new song is having the opposite effect. "Augh, no!" she exclaims. Okay, right, no, she can handle this. She darts sideways to avoid an arrow, winces as another one punches a hole through the skirt of her dress, and lets out a yelp as one clips her arm.

Sky Jack's words cut through and catch Miho's attention. "Right!" she calls back. She zips sideways through the air, then comes to a sudden stop and turns to face the Witch. She waves each of her hands in a circle, leaving ring-shaped trails of light from the glowing heart-emblems on the backs of her hands. "DOUBLE SHINING RAY!" she calls out, punching through the rings, which then collapse and fire twin beams of brilliant mint-green light right at the Witch!
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 04:59:40 102270
Boom, boom, BOOM! The blasts hit the nutcracker, blowing pieces away. Meanwhile, the song holds the witch focused on her... Except... Right before Joy hit's the witch, the song ended, and the 'focus on me!' spell ended.

And then the witch was hit from behind by the glowing blast of minty goodness... And a second later the nutcracker explodes, blowing into pieces.

This suffices to distract the witch, as it turns and... The song shifts again. They could see Erato, that was important. Because they felt that nudge again, like she wasn't important. But the fact they had their eyes on her when she started the song, meant it was easy to block out, to recognize she was still there.

But the witch didn't. Its back was to her now, as if it had completely forgotten her as the girl raced forward... Her whip lashed out, coiling around the heavily damaged witch, now missing an arm and most its branches from Miho's strike...

And this time the song could be, roughly sung as 'DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!' as the notes on the whipe expanded out, cutting into the witch... and flowed up, sawing through her like a... well. Puella weapon through witch. She yanked the whip back and the witch fell to pieces.

The elves began to collapse, dropping to the ground, their weapons falling besides them as the world began to fall apart, the civilians collapsing from the magical burst...

And Erato lets out a sigh of relief. She slowly looked around, and then her eyes fell on the three.

*Okay, Erato. You only get ONE shot at this. Don't ruin it. You can do this. Come on. You're nice. You're cool. And you're awesome. They're going to like you. Just be cool. Be calm. And no matter what you do, don't gush. And don't ask ten thousand questions...* She told herself, before looking around and... "Kyubey?" she called out.

After a few moment Kyubey came out from... wreckage and WHY in the world was he in an ADORABLE LITTLE SAILOR SUIT?! She scooped him up and then made her way towards them, holding Kyubey towards them. Her face scrunched up as she tried... So... hard.

And failed.

"Eeeeee! Oh my gosh that was so much easier with someone to help distract it! You're all Puella Magi too, right? I haven't met any others yet but Kyubey told me all about you and, wait, aren't you a girl then?" she asked Kukai, but before he could answer, she started up again. "I'm Erato, Puella Magi Erato! Wonderful to meet you! I'm new to Tokyo and I didn't know there were other Magi here, I guess there had to be though, it's Tokyo after all. Are there a lot of other magi? Oh, right, Kyubey said if I met other magi, it's polite to give a grief seed if like... you are okay working together and you're in their area, I think? I don't actually have three, I only have half of one but, um, well, you guys can have the one from this witch, is that okay? How long have you been Magi? What wishes did you make? Is that okay to ask?"

Her eyes almost gleemed with excitement and she hopped up and down with energy as she talked to them. Though... She was obviously pretty beat up from the fight, breathing heavy, covered in scrapes and cuts from the creatures that got too close. But she was a little too focused on asking them everything she could.

"Are you three like a magical person team? Is there a whole Magi team thing? Am I going to have to join a club if I'm here? Do any of you go to verone?" Also, she was... quite a bit shorter than them, staring up as she asked her questions. Obviously a bit younger than them.
Runealy Waldia 2019-01-05 05:11:05 102271
"It's done!" Rune calls out as the nutcracker is disabled; as far as she can tell a mix of her attacks plus the damage inflicted on the witch was sufficient to destroy the threat to the bystanders. It appears only the nutcracker is 'done' however, as the fight continues...

...yet it does not last much longer; the witch is felled before Rune can even finish switching wands, leaving her standing there with her main one once again in hand.

Then they're back in Tokyo, and she has some questions. "Is everyone okay? I... huh?" Erato has far more questions, and these preempt the princess' own inquiries.

"Please, keep your Seed. It has been a very long time since I dealt with them, but I understand enough to know they're something you truly, deeply need. I'm not quite like you... my magic is quite different. I'm my world's Guardian Princess, and my 'wish' was to keep my friends, family, and citizens safe. It hasn't been fulfilled yet, but I am working toward it."

A smile forms, "So I've been doing this since I was a child, and if you'd like I can try to tend to your injuries. We are a team of sorts, merely... 'disjointed' in some ways." A nod to Joy, then to Jack. "At the very least, we share the same interest in protecting people."
Kukai Souma 2019-01-05 05:21:30 102272
Jack shields his eyes as first the nutcracker explodes, and then looks up at the giant sound from the witch and the musical girl, watching the Witch suddenly shred to pieces and collapse, melting into a dozen pieces! "That it? Is that it?!" Jack looked around at the elves and reindeer, as they begin to fade away into nothingness. "WOO!" One fist goes up, pumping in the air. "Gotcha!"

Jack moves down to meet the new girl, but as he approaches her his eyes narrow, staring at the little white rat in the sailor suit. "...You. You got another one, you worthless rat. Dammit." He stares at Kyubey for a long moment more before shaking his head, looking up at Erato as she sort of explodes into words. "What? A girl? No! Like Rune said, there's a lot of different types of magic. I'm Sky Jack, Jack of Guardians. And this is Life Witch Joy - not the same kind of Witch like we just stomped, another type of good magic." Kukai grins and gives Rune and Joy both a hug around the shoulders, then nods to Erato. "Yeah. I don't use Grief Seeds either - I don't even like having them around."

Jack arches an eyebrow, looking over Erato and reaching out, examining her wounds. "Good grief. You look about as torn up as me." He seems to be carrying the wounds better, at least. "And um. Wow, that's a lot of questions all at once. We should maybe answer one of those at a time somewhere we can sit down and not be bleeding."
Miho Kagami 2019-01-05 05:28:33 102273
Miho exhales with relief, and starts sinking to the ground. "Wow," she says. "Heh. Witch Labyrinths were almost the first thing I got warned about when I was first learning about all the magic, and now ..." She chuckles and shrugs.

She frowns curiously at Kyubey; she's never actually encountered a mascot besides Corvus before, and she has no standard for comparison. But then she recoils slightly from the Erato's ... intensity. "Um ... hi?" she says. "I, uh ... y-yeah, I'm ... not ... a Puella."

Sky Jack's fury towards Kyubey is a bit of a surprise, but then she frowns as she puts two and two together. "... ah." She shrugs. "Um. Y-yeah, what he said, hi. Also, um, I have full healing powers! You, uh, won't need to use a Grief Seed at all. It'll, um, it takes me a minute to get it going, though ..."

She glances at the unconscious crowd. "... after which I'll probably need to pretend to wake up with my family ..."
Erato Ishin 2019-01-05 05:32:09 102274
Erato Ishin blinked a few times. "Guardian of... wow. I didn't know there were other, non-magi. That's pretty cool. Why didn't you tell me that, Kyubey? Wait, no, don't answer that," she said with a roll of her eyes. "Oh? You can? I'd actually appreciate that. It's a lot easier to block out the pain during fights but... ummm... Afterwards it comes back. Kyubey says I can turn it all the way off if I want, but... then I can't feel anything, really. And it's kind of furstrating, you know?" she certainly liked to talk.

"Wow. You're a guardian too? and a witch? That's really cool. Well, if you all aren't going to use it, I'll certainly take it!" she said, running off a bit to snag the stone... And then... She de-henshioned, so she could pull out her soul gem. She pulled out another grief seed and used it to cleanse her gem. "Hum... This one is almost down. Probably a good thing I got a new one today..."

She then hopped back up and moved to them and... "And yeah, if you two can heal me, that'd be great! No idea when I'll run into my next witch, and I'd rather not spend energy unless I have to. It's like running out of MP. Or... I guess elixers in a video game. If you hoard them before the big boss, you end up having 100 and letting them go to waste. And then you die to the boss because you were greedy, I guess." She supported Kyubey under one arm, as the other pet him. The creature just stared back at them, not speaking. Just that adorable little face of pure evil smiling at them.

"And really, thanks for your help. Sooooo much nicer NOT doing it on my own."