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Date: 2019-01-08
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Madoka Akemi 2019-01-08 22:32:30 102389
    It's just another day in the life in Madoka Kaname, something which has come to mean exciting days as enormous change comes closer and closer. It's also very blissful because as always it means spending many hours in the presence of her beloved Homura. It's after school and rather than focusing on pressing matters she's simply enjoying being with her sweetheart, walking arm in arm with her through the snowy white King Penguin Park. She's wearing her school uniform and a warm jacket over the top, her head leaned over to rest on the taller Puella's shoulder with a happy smile on her face.

    This place has seen so many things, many of them dangers and disasters. The ones she remembers most vividly are the happy times spent here with friends, and a tingle of excitement runs up Madoka as she imagines the most exciting one yet that will take place here too. Her eyes peek over to the frozen lake, one specific bank of it to be exact. She tries not to get too excited but Homura can probably feel her getting a bit wiggly next to her, an extra sparkle in her eyes.

    People say it's supposed to be the most important day of your life. One could easily argue that becoming a Puella Magi would vastly overcome that statement, but for both herself and Homura wasn't that have merely been a step towards this? They're truly blessed to be able to think like that, she thinks to herself, not getting sad at all the memories of pain and suffering, but thinking instead that these good moments in life are all the more beautiful for it.

    As they walk Madoka notices a small hill where the snow has thus far untouched, looking at the fluffy mass of white and giggling a little to herself as she thinks that it's also Homura's favorite descriptor for her hair. She breaks away from Homura and steps ahead of her, taking her hands in her own and walking backwards while smiling to her, "Say, Homura-chan. If snow is fluffy does that mean cuddling a fluffy little angel in it makes for extra fluffy cuddles?"

    It's a very silly question, but Madoka's face is all bright and playful, drawing Homura over towards the thicker white snow and looking like she could 'trip' and fall backwards any moment now.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-08 22:46:48 102390
    The most important day, the day that Homura at one point never dreamed would come, was approaching. The enormity of that day and all that it meant overshadowed everything else in her mind, to the point where she had almost forgotten about her own birthday until those close to her reminded her. It would be a tragically unfair thing for something to force her to rewind at this point, all things considered.

    She walks arm in arm with her sweetheart, also dressed in her school uniform. The chilly air occasionally plays with her long silky black hair, brushing it against the sweet little angel currently clinging to her. Her own expression is serious, perhaps a little distracted, as she considers the increasingly immediate future. Yet when the wiggly little angel at her side catches her attention she cannot help but smile.

    When she sees the specific point that Madoka seems to be looking at, Homura's cheeks get a little bit warmer and a bit more red.

    It would be disgustingly unfair if Homura had to reset time after this point. Especially if it was for some catastrophic reason. She isn't sure she wouldn't just let the world end out of spite if that happened.

    Madoka's giggle snaps Homura back to reality, and the color of her cheeks deepens even further. "... Well." She hesitates for a moment, considering how to answer. "Let's find out."

    As her hands hold her darling's, Homura lets Madoka lead her onto yet another cuddly adventure, smiling softly as she looks into Madoka's pretty pink eyes. Should Madoka trip and fall, Homura might very well land on top of her.
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-08 23:08:41 102391
    Madoka found it sweet that Homura's mind was so focused on the days to come, knowing how much it meant to her as well. In truth she was only giving herself a little bit of a break from everything. It's not like she needed reminding of why she wanted to marry Homura Akemi, but seeing her walking along so focused on getting what she wanted and making it come true certainly did so. She even lets out a happy sigh at seeing Homura's hair blowing in the wind. So pretty~!

    If Homura had to reset now it would be a tragedy, but so long as she remained in the world they both inhabit Madoka is sure they would find a way to come together again. ...though she can also imagine just how embarrassing it would be to have Homura appear before her with all that love in her eyes!

    The blush on Homrua's cheeks makes Madoka want to cuddle her even more, and she giggles playfully as Homura says they should find out. She backs up to the small hill and lets herself fall backwards, tugging Homura closer and giggling as Homura falls forward, landing beneath her in a poof of snow and hugging onto her while cushioning her guardian angel's own landing.

    She laughs playfully and clings to Homura, holding onto her tight and pressing her cheek up against her sweetheart's, nuzzling her while holding a great big smile on her face and enjoying the extra warmth from her pretty blush. "You're so pretty and beautiful and cute, Homura-chan. So warm and cuddly but also fierce and strong." She turns her head to press several small kisses to Homura's cheek, twisting from side to side in a way that rocks them about, the snow making a nice sound beneath them as it compacts.

    Then she remembers that they're testing whether the snowy cuddles are extra fluffy, so she turns her head away from Homura's and presses a fluffy pigtail against her cheek, nuzzling the soft pink hair against Homura's cheek. Of course it's not fair if only one of them gets to enjoy the other's hair, so she reaches back with one hand and smoothes out Homura's long silky hair, combing her fingers through it and straightening it after the 'fall'.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-08 23:32:41 102392
    Homura doesn't particularly need any reminder as to why she wants to marry Madoka Kaname, either. It's an extreme level of success. Not only did Homura manage to keep Madoka alive for this long, but she's going to marry her as well! She'd probably brag about it if she wasn't so busy cuddling all the time. Still, getting to spend so much time in Madoka's arms is far more rewarding than any boasting could ever be.

    Besides, Homura imagines that if she bragged to Mamoru about it all he'd say is something like, 'Oh yeah? Well I get to marry Usagi!'

    Homura's pretty sure she could set sparks to the flame that burns between them. Especially now that she knows just how much Madoka likes to cuddle. It wouldn't be the first time Homura embarrassed Madoka-chan on their first meeting, though Homura would probably at least be a little more discreet about it.

    For a brief moment Homura considers how falling into the snow with Madoka-chan is much like falling in love, catching and being caught, finding warmth in an otherwise cold world, and seeing even what would otherwise be harsh weather become something beautiful in of itself. That moment passes though, because immediately after her arms are around Madoka-chan and the only thought on her mind is that of bliss.

    She giggles along with her little angel, enjoying her sweetheart's tight clinging while pressing closely against her. "You're so adorable and sweet. Everything I've ever loved is in you." Her blush gets slightly warmer as her cheeks are kissed, and she giggles again at the pleasant crunchiness underneath them. She plants a few kisses of her own on Madoka's cheek, enjoying the warmth and love of her little angel.

    She instinctively nuzzles her cheek against the fluffy pigtail without thinking much about it, though it certainly does feel nice and fluffy. Her own hair has picked up a slight amount of snow from their sudden descent, having spread out over them haphazardly. Homura smiles as Madoka straightens out her hair, and she reaches up to cradle the back of Madoka's head.
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-08 23:41:57 102393
    Madoka isn't the type to brag. She wouldn't want to rub just how happy she is marrying someone so amazing and beautiful into the faces of the lonely, though maybe expressing her glee to those she knows are happy themselves wouldn't be too bad.

    If Madoka is going to fall in any way she'd prefer to do the falling with Homura-chan. Especially if that falling is in love. It's true that the snow could be a freezing horror in some circumstances, but in a world where she has Homura to hold onto the cold is a happy contrast to the warmth of her beloved's arms. She does shiver a little, of course, but that shiver just makes her nestle even closer against Homura, soaking up her warmth and enjoying being cuddled up so very close to her. That's why she likes snowy cuddles so much, after all!

    "If that's so then I'm very glad you like sweet things, Homura-chan," Madoka replies, peeking up into pretty purple eyes with her own soft pink ones. Then as her head is cradled she blushes a little herself, brushing the tip of her nose against Homura's before pressing a soft little kiss to her lips, squirming a little more. Her movements make more crunchy sounds from the snow, and she wiggles a little to enhance the effect, smiling brightly to Homura, "Does this make us snow angels, Homura-chan?" She giggles one more time at the thought of being Homura's little snow angel.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-08 23:51:31 102394
    "I do like sweet things," declares Homura, "and you're the sweetest!"

    The earlier shiver from her little angel was taken as a sign that she should hold her beloved tighter, and press against her more firmly, letting the warmth between them push away the cold of the soft snow. That her little angel gets the same idea is a plus, since Homura will take any opportunity to get closer to Madoka-chan. Snuggling in the snow is a very chill way for Homura to spend time with her fiance!

    She nuzzles the tip of her nose against her darling's, and returns the kiss with a soft press of her lips. As Madoka squirms, Homura gives her a little squeeze, holding her tight in her arms and feeling her darling's cute happy movements. That squeezing becomes tighter as her darling wiggles underneath her, and Homura smiles brightly as she holds her darling oh so tight.

    She giggles at Madoka's playful question, nodding as she smiles at the object of her affection. "It would, wouldn't it? Let's be snow angels, Madoka-chan. I'll cuddle you in the snow. I'll cuddle you anywhere."
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-09 00:03:51 102395
    A soft blush forms on Madoka's cheeks as Homura gives her such sweet compliments. As playful as they're both being she knows her beloved means every word she says, which is something she loves about Homura and tries not to take for granted.

    Being held tighter is something Homura's little angel will always appreciate, squirming happily in response and clinging to Homura, pressing against her and cuddling nice and close, not minding the cold, snowy ground beneath her one bit when she has a warm, cozy guardian angel holding onto her.

    Even though it's a small kiss she sighs happily through her nose when Homura's lips press against her own, a warm and tingly feeling running through her at sharing such loving affection with the one she cares about most. Being squeezed means Madoka squirms even more because she loves that feeling of Homura's arms so tight around her, holding her extra close and making her feel so safe and loved. She's absolutely sure there's no safer place in the world for her than the arms of her guardian angel, and knowing that Homura is so very protective of her now fills her with a very romantic feeling.

    She gets so squirmy as the squeezes tighten that one could say she's positively wiggly! She wiggles around in the snow, giggling because she's happy and having fun, a bright smile on her own face as her eyes twinkle while looking into Homura's, expressing her joy at being so close without needing to say a word.

    Everything being white around them as Homura talks about cuddling her in the snow feels just right, and warm blush shows on her cheeks as she thinks about white being the color of weddings. She gets a little shy and she squirms coyly beneath Homura, peeking away for a moment. But that peeking away wasn't from embarrassment, it was a ploy! She'd pressed her blushing cheek into the snow and now it's nice and cold as she lifts her head and nuzzles it against Homura's cheek. But as she nuzzles Homura's cheek the cold goes away, soon replaced by the warmth of her blush.