LUSHcious Luxury Lament

Kunzite deliver's Mamoru's gift of a lot of LUSH products. Lacrima talks about her dumb problems like the events of 'Things You Can't Take Back' and about Surly, The Rude Reindeer.

Date: 2019-01-10
Pose Count: 15
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 00:18:19 102432
Apparently, there is a mound of shopping bags knocking, or perhaps ringing the bell as more likely to be heard, at the door of the Manor. It is possible to identify Kazuo. There's the box of donuts, for one thing; the specialty shop is identifiable. And he's tall enough that the fall of white hair is still visible. But mostly, there are shopping bags.

Fifty thousand yen or so of LUSH products takes up a not-insignificant volume, after all.
Lacrima 2019-01-10 00:31:41 102434
Lacrima has been trying, really, reallllly hard to not hide in her basement. She's had limited success. She hasn't left the house... but she's also invite Kukai over to talk... but she's withdrawn enough that she hasn't been doing the usual upkeep chores. But Unmei has also been staying over and she's been helping. There are still uncharacteristic small little paper bits on the ground when there usually is not.

This is not a pig sty, but it is odd for the manor to even have those tiny small bits last longer than a few hours.

Lacrima takes pride in having a big dumb manor-- so it's odd. Regardless, she's sort of curled up in her basement, sitting in the coffin--- not laying in it! Small little tiny baby steps maybe! When the doorbell rings. No one else is here right now- so she sighs and sort of sweeps up the steeps in a sudden transformation of black ichor and reforms in front of the door because that's quicker than normally walking and she peeks through the peephole. It appears to be a living shopping bag youma?

NO.. No that'd be silly. It has to be someone visiting right? Who? Kukai? Did Unmei do shopping? No that's a tall person.

She opens the door and--- "O-oh... Kazuo-kun. H..hi." she says. It's a little surprising, she didn't expect any visitors, most certainly not Kazuo. She suddenly realizes 'what a mess' the manor is. (It isn't a mess. Not even a little. It isn't even untidy. Just the aforementioned tiny small issues and bits here and there.)

"-uhm... w..what is all this? Um. you can... place it down on the couch if you want... are you on the way home from shopping?" She asks softly.

Lacrima's tone is forcibly neutral, a little shaky. Someone forcing themselves to sound 'okay' when they aren't for others benefits. She also doesn't move her left arm very much. She raises a finger. "One moment." she abscond into the kitchen down the hall and return with a tray of cookies. "I have a kettle on for coffee." she asides. "or tea. Whatever you want to use the hot water for." she asides.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 00:37:54 102435
"Hello, Lacrima. Mamoru asked me to bring over some things for you." There is no knowing edge to the tone: if Lacrima wants to pretend-okay, Kazuo is not currently about to challenge it. He lifts shopping bags and fetches them couchward, arranging the shopping bags there and the donuts (when she returns) on the nearest table, with the cookies. "I will take this opportunity to preemptively reassure you that he engaged competent assistance for the selection. Competent assistance was not Nephrite, so the things in question are rather more likely to be to your taste. Thank you for putting the kettle on."

He does not say a word about the little paper bits.

He does, however, study her left arm for a moment. Only with eyes. There's no suggestion of any supernatural power moving.
Lacrima 2019-01-10 01:00:54 102438
Lacrima does occasionally rub that arm. It's easier when she isn't moving around, but moving around obviously agitated something so she sits down while she waits to hear a kettle whistle. She blinks a little. "Ah..." she says. "Probably... Zoisite. If I had to haphazard a guess..." she says.

She doesn't go poking around them yet, she does move an arm up to peek into a bag and then back. She fidgets. "...Sorry. I was in a fight recently.. and some stuff happened." she mutters. "R...." she sighs and needs to take a deep breath. "-Ryo did something irrepressible and I've been hiding. Sorry." she says quietly.

"...Have you... seen Sailor Mars recently?" she asks. "She was there... I don't think she got hit. But.. wanted to be... sure she was... okay..." she trails off a little. "Can't... visit her place easily. Hallowed-enough ground that-- Burns my existence to be there. Not deadly. Not a good time for me to attempt it thou." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 01:05:11 102439
"Some of the girls, I understand." Which does not rule out Zoisite, granted. Bath bombs lurk in the bag, little packages of future luxury.

Kazuo considers Lacrima herself, rather than only her arm, when she asks about Sailor Mars. "I haven't seen her in person," he says. "I understand that the girls were also dispatched to fetch indulgences for her. Since she hasn't turned up to set any significant furniture on fire, I presume that this was a gesture of sympathy rather than apology. So. Physically all right. Emotionally being tended, I would imagine. Do you need anything?"
Lacrima 2019-01-10 01:33:36 102443
Lacrima nods. "Ah..." she says quietly, shifting a bit. The girls so-- that means the Senshi, right? Right. She wonders why they'd help Mamoru help pick out things for her? Maybe it was just general 'would a girl like this?' help. Maybe they didn't know who it was for? She shifts.

"...Ha.." is all she can do as she shifts. " I don't think you can help me right now, Kazuo." she shifts.

She looks down. "...I'm going to assume you know what happened then I'm a terrible person for trying to downplay it... just.. trying not to... spread the misery.. as it we're..." she says quietly.

"...Dr. Murano... found Akari. I'd been trying to ignore attempts to go after her, but I couldn't ignore this one without it looking intentional. So.. I went. Dr. Murano brought her robots. I called Mars to help protect Akari. We had a big fight. I was gonna hope Mars was gonna light me on fire and I'd run away all 'I'll get you next time and you're little device, too' and that'd look good for the suits since... well being lit on fire by Mars is usually a good enough excuse for failure." she snorts.

"....But Ryo showed up... George... I don't know who he is anymore." she says silently. "...he... cut into me then.. leaned into... Dr. Murano."

"Dr. Murano isn't even magical..." she says quietly. "Not a device user or anything. ... I.. I'd just recovered enough to move when.. that happened... and... Mars lit him on fire, but... he'd ran away after that... jerk... threw his smoldering cloak down an alleyway. Played a game of look the other way with that. Couldn't catch him." she shifts..

"..I... I tried to..." she shifts uncomfortably and just shoves her head into her hands... "Tried to turn her... tried to.. give her time like I did... Alexis-niisan...I don't know.. why it didn't work. But I know I was feeling weak after leaking black all over the rooftop from the cut...'m assuming.. I di--didn't just... have the energy..." she mutters.

"....I feel like it's my fault..." she says quietly. "...Ryo... my inability to save her.. like that... just..." she shifts.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 01:45:40 102446
Kazuo had not known. That something happened - yes. That this happened - no.

"Lacrima," he says quietly. "I know that other people have been telling you this. I know that it is difficult to believe, or even to hear, this right now. But I am going to tell you: this was not your fault.

"What Ryo did is Ryo's own fault; it is not yours. You are not responsible for his choices. You are not responsible for Dr. Murano's choices, which put her in the line of fire. And you tried to save her. The attempt did not work out the way you wanted it to. You were doing your best to use a power that had just been weakened badly in you, that you do not and could not fully understand.

"You did your best. You tried to protect Akari. You tried to protect Dr. Murano. When you could not protect her, you tried to rescue her. You tried every possible route you had available to you."

He offers his hands, palm-up, but does not intrude upon her space with the gesture. "Sometimes, it is possible to do everything we can, and still not succeed. That is not your fault. It is a terrible thing that happened. It is still more of a terrible thing to know who did it, and not to have been able to stop it. But it is not your terrible thing. I hope that in time you will be able to accept that."
Lacrima 2019-01-10 02:02:54 102448
Lacrima shifts. "I know that. I haven't spoke to many people since then." she says quietly. "Been... staying downstairs. Only been talking a little." she says quietly. "Unmei's been staying over here since the dumb tiger thing exploded her apartment. She isn't here right now. I don't think anyone else." she says.

"Just... the... even though you know it isn't the case..... it still feels like it's the case and it nags at you and it's worse when you're this dark energy... thing." she mutters.

"I haven't told Ariel. I'm afraid. Ryo's behavior as it is was enough to make her angry and she had to have how angry feels like explain to her because she'd never been angry at someone." she says with a soft deep breath.

"I don't like it when she feels that way..." she shifts. "But she knows something is bothering me now so I've just been keeping it to myself until she can find the time to visit." she says quietly.

She actually does take the offered hand with her good one-- she sighs.

"....I'm worried... about Ryo too. This... this isn't the type of thing... that many people... shrug off... when they hear... I...I've been trying... hoping... thinking there's someway to get through to him..." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 02:17:20 102451
"Is that what happened to her window." It isn't a question. Kazuo has dubious taste in joke attempts. He acknowledges the rest of the information about Unmei with a flicker of a blink - it's less important right now - and moves on.

"Yes. It does feel like it's the case. And it is worse. That's why I took the time to tell you what you already knew; because each time you hear it chips away a little at one of the ways in which it's worse." It might, at least, be harder for her internal voices to tell her they blame her for what happened if they keep telling her plainly that they don't, and why. Might. Maybe.

She's answering the door, at least. That's something.

His hand is warm under hers, mostly -- fingertips still cooler from the outdoors. "If he's gone to killing," Kazuo says quietly, "then people will do more to stop him. Yes. Is it possible, still, that he might be under some outside influence? Or are his choices entirely his own?"
Lacrima 2019-01-10 02:39:11 102455
Lacrima stares at Kazuo. ">...Mars did a fire reading of Ryo a few months back... it's... him. No outside influences. There's things I never knew that he's done. Mundane but despicable things like 'George' would had done. Things I forgot because they happened when I was basically five years old. Where we'd play 'Knight and Princess' and he'd say my name was 'Sabra'-- Nakusu's reincarnated self's name." she says quietly.

She slouches a little. "There's nothing driving him except his own dumb choices and his own dumb reincarnated past." she says quietly.

She does eye Kazuo. "Yes." she answers more seriously like it was an honest question and not an attempt at Humor. "...She'd invited a few of us over for a sleep over. As I and Jiaying we're arriving- her window and part of the apartment wall exploded and there was a tiger and we had to handle it." she says quietly.

"...she didn't want to bug you guys about it and wanted to repair it herself..." she snorts a bit. "Like tarps and duct tape would had looked totally natural and like nothing at all was wrong." she says.

She looks down. "....Mars ... saw all that ... it's why I asked if she was okay." she says. "... Tarnished.. a month or so ago.. someone in Eclipse who's been studying the effects of dark energy on people that are deep affected by it..." she says. "--- invented 'dark energy whisky'. That is. alcohol that actually acts like alcohol to me. Since.... normal alcohol does... nothing to me.

"...because she said if anyone deserves to be drunk it's me." she snorts again. "I haven't touched it yet." she says. "I have it labeled in a red warning bag in the cellar. I'm not sure now is a good time to try experimenting with things I shouldn't be touching anyways." she says.

"....that and I know what a hangover looks like now and that was kind of stupid." she says with a straight face.

"...all... kidding aside." she says with a short sigh. "...I hope your holidays we're okay?" she asks. "...Santa Claus asked Ariel and me and a bunch of others to save Christmas." she asides. "I rode a sleigh pulled by a reindeer named Surly, The Rude Reindeer. We discovered a red gem that is connected to The Prince of Nightmares. We discovered another in a creepy carnival more recently." she shifts.

"...I dunno who has that book. I dunno if it's gained new pages." she says quietly. She shifts. "Sorry... wanted to. Talk about something else... for a moment." she says quietly. "That was important."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 02:46:45 102456
"Unmei." The name is a sigh, but not an offended one. After all, wanting to repair it herself is, after a fashion, an improvement over where she was at one point. At several points. "If I might have your permission, I might come back to talk with her. Her pulling her shyness and depression over her head doesn't mean that she doesn't have a New Year's present waiting."

There might have been a comment about not indulging in depressives when already depressed; but Lacrima makes the comment about a hangover, and there's an abrupt twitch upward at the corner of Kazuo's mouth. "Ah. You have the best warning in existence, then, and need none from me."

At the mention of holidays, Kazuo looks ever so faintly strained, and glosses riiight over that question. Surly, the Rude Reindeer. Far more interesting. "I believe Akashimaru had the book, last I knew. Unless she's passed it on. It seemed appropriate. Perhaps we might be able to reach her."
Lacrima 2019-01-10 03:14:58 102457
Lacrima nods. "I've been meaning to speak to her, anyways." she says quietly. "...about dreams and-- things... my dreams about... Poderoso. Ariel can only tell me so much- and her mom likes fear mongering better." she snorts.

She shifts again. "I'm going to visit soon. I apologize ahead of time that I mean to bother Mamoru about healing my arm if he feels up to it. I understand if he isn't able or won't. I feel lame adding to the people who bug him for 'healing' but I can't recover so easily from being struck with that dumb sword." she says as she sighs a little. "I mean... it's healing? Just I'm used to healing from 'arm being sliced open' nearly almost instantly. Not over the course of a month and a half." she says miserably.

"Just... also worried about... spreading any sort of negative emotional junk around him. Physic... stuff and all."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 03:21:08 102459
"I suspect that he'd be more than willing to help." Kazuo's hand tightens on Lacrima's, just a little. Not much at all. He does not glance toward the shopping bags when he adds, completely deadpan, "Just at a guess."

His other hand moves a fraction of an inch, but is not in fact lifted; there will be no contact beyond what Lacrima permits. Especially not now. "If you're worried about that, I can stay nearby to help stabilize him. If you wish. If you'd rather privacy, then the rest of us will deal with any aftereffects; it will be all right."
Lacrima 2019-01-10 03:33:48 102463
Lacrima snorts. "I'm gonna need to go through all this. I don't think I'll need bath items for the next year. Maybe year and a half." she says. "-and the donuts are appreciated, too, thank you." she says quietly as she shifts.

"...Sorry I'm a little bit of a mess. I don't like being a mess. Been trying to... not hide. Like last time. But hard. I forced myself to call Kukai and have him over to talk." she says. "Helped."

She shifts a bit and nods. "I know he'll help. I'd appreciate, actually, if you we're there as a filter. It'd make me feel better about it if there was some attempt made to shield him from any accidental things." she says. "Than you four guys dealing an emotional fallout of it."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-10 03:38:29 102464
Kazuo bows gravely over Lacrima's hand. "We'll do our best not to complicate things any more for you." When he straightens, he's watching her levelly, but it's not critical; there's something oddly gentle about the corner of his eyes. "Kukai is good to talk to in times like this. There are some things he understands that few of the rest of us do; it can help. Please let us know if there are other ways we can help, too."

Including getting out of a stressed and hurting vampire's hair, if that's what she needs right now.