Family matters(And they suck)

Unmei decides to find out WHY lacrima has been so miserable lately... And finds out all about Ryo. Oh and does she find out. This calls for BOOZE!

Date: 2019-01-11
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Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 01:32:59 102489
Unmei Tama took a deep, slow breath. She could do this. LAcrima WASN'T a scary vampire. She was a.... She was another girl. Just like her. Well. Not exactly like her. After all the stuff that happened to her, well... While Unmei lost her body and got the one she wanted... Lacrima lost the one she wanted and got one she hated.

But hey. Someone! Something! Friendship rings!

And so when she stepped into the kitchen, she knew it was time. And... She inched over. Deep, deep breath... Finally... "Lacrima, we need to talk," she finally said. "You've been moping around and... And I've tried to give you space. I know how you can need some time alone. How sometimes you just need to pretend and... And ignore the world. To process. But..."

"Even I can see you're suffering, a lot! And you're upset! and... And I'm here and I want to help and... I don't know if there's much I can do but at the very least you shouldn't have to be miserable alone, so let's be miserable together instead!"

... Unmei, motivational speaker that one.
Lacrima 2019-01-11 01:53:49 102490
While it was not unreasonably late- it was still late enough that most people in the manor we're either sleeping or hiding in their rooms or not home at all this time of night because night was when the creeps came out that needed fighting/kicking and all that.

Lacrima had her head laid on the table, staring at two bottles, one was a wine bottle, opened and a quarter gone already- of an old enough vintage to 'cost a lot of money'.

The other is a brown bottle that has a bright red ribbon that she tied around the neck that says 'Danger. Do Not Drink'. Not for her benefit. For others in the house. Mainly because-- dark energy by itself-- isn't good to ingest. Combine that with liquor? and it's dangerous to various meanings of dangerous.

A wineglass is half filled. It's been drunk some. Lacrima doesn't get drunk on regular alcohol so she's mainly trying to see if she can get any sort of relaxation from the act itself.

Nope. Not even a little.

Unmei came in and started talking. She blinked and shot upwards from her laying position to listen with wide eyes. She didn't think Unmei was up-- but she otherwise is not caught completely by surprise.

She looked back to the table and sighed heavily. "Unmei. Have you ever met my brother... my 'brother by blood'... Ryo Okana?" she asks softly. "....goes by the name of 'Saint George', too... erm. Silver Armor... red cross on the chest..." she says quietly. "That guy..." she says quietly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 01:59:50 102491
Unmei Tama let out a sigh of relief and sat by her. Slowly, she shook her head. "No, I've not. You... don't really talk about him much, though. I mean, you said he was kind of dangerous. Avoid him," she said with a nod. "But other than that, I can't say I know anything. But then, me not knowing anything isn't anything new," she said.

Unmei then reached out and... nervously... put a hand on her back. Gently rubbed in a small, gentle circle. It was just a comforting movement. "What happened? If... you can tell me?" she asked softly, giving her friend a small, comforting smile.
Lacrima 2019-01-11 02:20:58 102492
Lacrima sighs and gently leans back down to the table, as she closes her eyes. "...First... he's a reincarnation of Saint George. Or if you want to go by 'proper names', Georgios of Lydda. He's a figure in the story of 'Saint George and the Dragon', wherein he comes to save a princess held by an 'evil' dragon-- completely humiliates the dragon before killing it and then marries the Princess. This story is the atypical 'Knight saves a Dragon' story. While it isn't the original, it's the one that got told a lot and the one many people think about when you tell them to think of a story about a knight." she says quietly.

"--- basically..." she says quietly. "The story has rings of truth to it-- but only rings. There was a dragon, it was Lamya. and Saint George didn't come to rescue to a princess-- he was just a jealous prick that saw a princess developing feelings for a dragon so he tried to kill them." she mutters. "He failed but only because the princess sacrificed her life to put Lamya into a deep sleep rather than death."

"....I had to go after Akari-chan recently. Finally. I didn't like that but I had to." she says quietly. "A coworker was there.. Dr. Murano. She was the one that got the word. One of the reasons I couldn't just shove the spotting under paper work... if I saw it first." she says quietly.

"So.. I went after her." she says quietly, as she leans back up to more or less shotgun the rest of the glass of wine.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 02:30:19 102493
Unmei Tama nodded, listening. "I think I heard it once... a long time ago. Maybe in school? Or.... I used to read a lot of fantasy stuff." Usually ones with pictures of cute girls she wanted to be on the cover but ANYWAY!

She nodded. "Wow... That's... I mean. It's sad the princess died. But... I mean, apparently Lamya is really good at picking up girls?" she said, trying to crack a joke. She kept rubbing the other girls back and then...

"O-oh..." she whispered. "Wait. No. If you had to fight Akari, why the whole mention of your brother? Was he helping Akari or something?" she asked, looking very confused. "Wait... did you guys succeed?"
Lacrima 2019-01-11 02:40:33 102494
Lacrima snorts. "You think you're making a joke... but those two... Lamya and Nakusu--- the reincarnated princess-- took to each other like crazy. Like they we're just continuing something they put to the side for a month rather than a thousand years and a few hundred change." she snorts. She sounds glad for that, to some degree except her current demeanor.

She pours herself another glass of wine--- halfway as she eyes the whisky bottle, before looking back to her glass and just leaving the wine glass half full for the moment as she sighs.

"....Saint George showed up, yes.... he wanted to kill everyone there----" she says quietly.

"....He...." she rubs her face a moment, as she mutters. "He....."

"He...killed... Dr. Murano..." she mutters as she begins to tear up and just shove her hands against her head as she leans into it as she sniffs. "She isn't even magical. She... she's just a researcher that worked for Eclipse!" she says.

"He cut into me first... I couldn't ... recover fast enough to do anything... Akari... was caught off guard... Mars was there helping Akari-chan and.. and she didn't move fast enough either..." she mutters.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 02:46:27 102495
Unmei Tama let out a soft awwww. "That's adorable. I guess some people are just like... destined to have someone. Eventually," she said with a shrug. Fortunately, she kept her jealous of THAT particular thing out of her voice. She then listened, nodding, eying the other girl and...

She cringed. "Wanted to kill everyone there? Not a--"

He killed someone. Someone Lacrima knew. Screw the back rub. She then moved forward moved to turn the girl to her, and hugged her. Tight. Around the neck and all.

"O-okay. I... I think I get it... And I..." She took a slow, deep breath. "Lacrima. I need you to listen to me..." she whispered, pulling back. "None of this is your fault, okay? None of it. It's... like..." She struggled for a word, before... "It's like my parents. Okay? I can't control them. And you can't control Ryo. And... And if you were hurt, if you COULD have done something, you would have. And don't do any of that 'if only I was strong enough' things. Because I have seen EVERY magical girl anime with that, and all that ends up with, is you beating yourself up. None of this. Not one. Tiny. Ounce of this. Is your fault. None. Are we clear?"

Unmei might be projecting a bit, assuming the other girl automatically took the blame on herself...
Lacrima 2019-01-11 02:57:35 102496
Lacrima shakes her head. "I tried to... save her. Tried to... turn her. Into a vampire. Like I did Alexis... at least... at least Ami and Mamoru could reversed that working together like... they did Alexis..." she says quietly. "But.. But I lost too much energy from the wound. That sword...." she rubs her shoulder and winces. " cuts and... it screws with me. If it was any other blade- I could just heal near instantly. But something about that sword screws with my ability to heal my wounds. I needed... time and in that time I leaked a lot of dark energy." she says quietly.

"I didn't have enough to.. to do the ritual." she says quietly.

"I know it.. it isn't my fault. I'm not responsible for his actions..." she says quietly. "But... I still.. feel like a failure..." she says quietly as she sniffs

"Kunzite came and checked on me. Delivered Christmas gifts from Mamoru. Kunzite may come over to deliver things to you." She says quietly.

"I need to go over there... to ask Mamoru to heal my arm soon..." she says quietly. "It's otherwise gonna take two months to heal on it's own>" she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 03:04:49 102497
Unmei Tama closed her eyes. Deep breath. "No," she whispered. "No. You're NOT a failure. One death... One time of weakness. Does not make you a failure. Being wounded and NOT being able to stop something because you're too hurt doesn't make you a failure. You're a beautiful, smart, wonderful, amazing, cool, KIND, just... all around amazing person and..."

She sighed and shook her head. Wait. Kunzite. KUNZITE KNEW SHE WAS HERE?! She blanched a little. Oh dear... Wait, no, FOCUS ON THE THING AT HAND!

"And... Trust me. The world is better with you in it. A lot better."

She pulled back from the hug and... "That's why you shouldn't have this near you," she said firmly, as she nudged away the bottle marked 'Do not drink!' "I... understand having those thoughts. I've quite a few times myself. But.... you're amazing. And... And we all need you. All of us. Becuase you're a part of us. You hold us together. You help make us all strong. And I don't think she'd ever want you to hurt yourself over something that isn't your fault..."

... Welp. A lot of things probably made sense here.
Lacrima 2019-01-11 03:25:32 102498
Lacrima is starting to tear up, as she sighs, her tears are always a deep purple, filled with that awful ichor that makes up her being. She sighs and wipes her eyes again as she is freed from the hug, as shr takes a deep breath. "I know..." she trails off quietly. She snorts. "She was my co-worker. Barely someone I spoke to.." she says quietly. "She wanted to catch Akari as much as I did thou.... not very much. She was a burden on her she thought-- in the selfish way..." she trails off.

She sighs as Unmei pushes the bottle away. She sulks. "I know." she says quietly.

"Kunzite warned me and I know better but---" she says quietly. "---and I know I'm too young to drink but...."

"...I just dunno what to do. I know... those things are true you say just..." she sighs. "....this... crap I'm made of. Makes little voices form in your head... constantly makes you doubt and if you're not constantly fighting it, it can overtake things fast and... just..." she sighs.

"...It's tiring... when it gets this bad." she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 03:48:42 102499
Unmei Tama blinked and then nodded slowly. "Oh..." she whispered. "I... I see..." she whispered. She then nodded. "I know. And... I know. Trust me. I've wanted to... hurt myself on more than one occasion. But there... this isn't the reason... And oh, no, heck. Drink," she said, nudging the wine bottle closer. "Heck, if ever there was a reason to drink, this is it," she said with a weak laugh, jumping up to sit on the counter. "I don't think anyone could blame you wanting to drink like that. Heck, if you got more I'll join you."

And then... that... Unmei sighed. "Oh... a little voice in your head always... putting you down, making you more miserable?" she asked softly. "Yeah. Kinda... know how that is. I mean, though, I guess mine isn't literal. And sounds like my parents and... Yoiu know what? Drink," she finally said with a shrug, pouring her another drink of it.

"You had a shitty time. You feel shitty. And you deserve to be able to mope, pout, and hate for the world for just being shitty for a while."
Lacrima 2019-01-11 04:16:39 102501
Lacrima eyes Unmei. "I don't want to hurt myself..." she says quietly. "It wouldn't work anyways." she says softly. She then blinks a moment. She didn't mention wanting to hurt herself?... why did...

She eyes the bottle labeled 'danger'. She looks to Unmei, then the bottle, then her.

"Unmei-chan. That's whisky." she says softly. "I clearly label it because it's dark energy imbued. Meaning it can actually make me drunk." she says. "But it's not a good idea for others to drink it. So I label it like that." she says quietly.

She sighs and sits back up as she repours herself a glass. She eyes Unmei. "Do you want some? Of the wine I mean." she asks flatly. "....You can't really 'save' wine... it isn't soda or water or milk where you can just put the cork back in and it'll be fine in a day or two." she says. "It goes bad fast." she says quietly.

"So may aswell share it..." she says softly as she takes another drink. "....Just don't tell anyone I let you have some. I don't wanna be talked to." she snorts. "On top of all the other garbage..." she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 04:20:01 102502
Unmei Tama sighed and then... "You know what? Sure, why not. Figure I can ask you some things..." She'd hop down to get herself a glass, then come back for a bit, pouring it. "And... err... really? Um, in that case..." She gripped it, and moved it over. "If... it's special drink? Then now's a good a time as any," she said with a small smile. "Just... think of it as drinking in her memory. Celebrating the life she had, as well. And hey, don't worry. No one will tell anyone. Heck, no one will even know I drank any. It's not like Kunzite is gonna pop up in the middle of our session and be all 'For shaaaaaaaame,'" she said in a joking imitation of Kunzite's voice.

"Though... Speaking of kunzite... Once... LAter, I need to talk to you a bit... okay?" she mumbled. "About like... me staying here. I hope I haven't been causing you any grief."
Lacrima 2019-01-11 04:32:15 102503
Lacrima softly scoffs as she takes the bottle and goes to grab a new glass. She pours a thin amount into the glass-- about a shots worth and gently shoots it back as she makes a face and mutters as she opens her eyes and shakes it off. "F..... I forgot how hard that can hit." she says as she pushes the glass away for a moment.

She looks to Unmei and she snorts. "I don't think Kunzite judges anyone like that- unless he's asked to." she says quietly. "Knight of... Affection or something. Which is really silly sounding to half the people that only know him by looks I'm sure." she snorts again.

She eyes Unmei. "No.. you haven't been causing me any grief. Trust me. You'd know if I was pissed at you or anyone. It isn't easy for me to hide those things when I'd need to hide them in my own home." she snorts. "And you haven't broken any of my two rules..." she says. Two rules. No Fighting. Do Not Go in The Basement.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 04:39:24 102504
Unmei Tama would chuckle. "Heh. Awww, don't be a wuss. It's just a bit of whiskey," she teased. Then had some of the wine. She'd never had wine before. She urked, coughed and shuddered. "Holy crud. It taste like... guh..." she said, shivering. "... Man. alcohol is weird," she said with a snicker.

She blinks and then sighs. "No. He doesn't. He doesn't ever... judge you. Openly. But... He sure knows how to make you feel like... Lesser, though. Not intentionally," she mumbled, swirling the glass around.

"You were generous to me and... I'll be honest. I really like being here. It's... nice having people. Around. And not being alone..." she mumbled. "You know, until... Recently, I've never lived alone before. Even if the Tama's never liked me, they were around at night. And then when i lived in the apartment, Pin and Win were there. So... it's... Been really nice to know you're here. You know. So... Just... know you're not alone ever. Okay? And youm ean the world to me. And this is NOT my way of hitting on you, just to set the record clear," she said quickly.
Lacrima 2019-01-11 04:46:30 102505
Lacrima does another shot as she finally pushes the bottle and glass away as she rests her head on the table, gently biting her lip and nodding. "I know how that feels..." she says quietly. "It's not like I'm living here by choice... if it was up to me. I'd be home. But can't be home... while brother is there." she says miserably.

She blinks a bit... then snickers into a giggle fit as she coughs a moment.

"I would hope not. Sorry, but a little too into unicorns at the moment." she says with a gleeful huff.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-11 04:51:46 102507
Unmei Tama nodded and listening in and... Sighed. "Yeah. But hey, sometimes you just... can't go home. Cause some people are jerks..." she mumbled. Like Ryo. To her parents. She downed the rest of the wine and cringed. Ick. Ew. why do people do that? Gahhh. Who THOUGHT this was a good idea? She shuddered. And poured herself some more. And then clinked her glass on Lacrima's, with a comforting smile. "Hey... To the doctor. And to Ryo... maybe pulling his head out of his ass and realizing how great his sister is. Before the combined forces of a thousand magical girls forcefully remove it with gratuitious uses of sparkles."

She took a drink and placed the glass down, before hopping onto the counter. "Heh, no worries. It'd be weird, anyway... Besides, I've been starting to kind of eye k..." and then stopped, shaking her head. "Someone I know from school. Not sure yet, though. He's cute enough, though. I'll focus on that."