Date with a Dragon

Lamya and Nakusu finally go on a date! It was mostly romantic and sweet, but got a little spicy at the end.

Date: 2019-01-14
Pose Count: 25
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 01:19:11 102623
Sometime, earlier in the week, Nakusu would have gotten a text from Lamya. She's gotten better at writing texts, in that they aren't long, formal affairs, but they're still a far cry from being what would be considered normal.

"Dearest Nakusu,
Please meet me at the Manor this Sunday
for a romantic dinner and
something special which I am sure
you will enjoy.

Love, Lamya"
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 01:29:37 102624
Nakusu got a super formal text from Lamya. One that made her super blushy. It did not help that she got the text while she was out with her dad and her dad wondered what'd make her so flustered?

I'm fine, perfectly fine she'd tell her dad!

She spent time getting ready for a 'date' as it we're. The most prettiest sundress- she made sher her long hair was immaculate. That odd hair decoration she shared in common-- at least on a base level- with Sabra was taken out and straitenged even!

She arrived at the manor and knocked on the door with a series of knocks-- and her taking a deep cleansing breath. Innnn and outtttt! "Whew..."
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 01:34:36 102625
Lamya opens the door to the mansion, looking to see who it is, and can't help but beam when she sees it's her Princess. Lamya is dressed rather elegantly herself, a long green dress that matches her hair. "Come in!" she says, standing back to let her in. "I apologize for taking so long to ask you out on a formal date," she says. "But I wanted to make sure that I am doing this correctly, so I spent a lot of time with a computer to find out what I should do."
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 01:42:17 102626
Nakusu Miki smiles widely. "--Lamya-chan. It's okay! You take your time!" she says. "I mean. I'm new to this too." she says a little, ever so softly. She'll offer Lamya a hug but she doesn't push it. But she does blush--- why?

That is a very pretty dress Lamya is wearing. She smiles and follows in. She'll fidget. "I guess Lacchan and Jia-Foxen gave us the manor to ourself for tonight then?" she asks. She doesn't see heads or tails of 'em. She assumes as such.

She smooths out her own dress, a little self concious suddenly- but only a little! She gently smooths her hair out down her back. "So.. what is for dinner?" she asks.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 01:44:52 102627
Lamya accepts the hug awkwardly. This is one of those human affection things that she's not quite used to yet. When they let go of the hug, her hand trails down to grasp that of Nakusu's and shakes her head. "No, the dinner isn't here. Come!" With that, she leads the other girl out to the back yard of the manor.
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 01:51:51 102628
Nakusu Miki is okay with Lamya being awkward with the hug. But hugs are important, right? Still, her hand is taken and she's tugged and led to the back yard as she blinks. "It isn't? T--then why are we meeting here?" she asks curiously. "Are we taking the bus...?" she asks quietly. She doesn't sound worried or upset. Merely so so curious about this as she's tugged to the back yard.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 01:54:51 102629
Lamya's eyes glitter in excitement. "No, something better," she says mysteriously. Once they get out to the back yard, she lets go of Nakusu's hand, takes a few steps, and shifts into full blown dragon. She spends a moment to show affection the dragon way, by nuzzling her head against her Princess, before crouching and lowering her neck. "Climb on."
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 02:09:27 102632
Nakusu Miki follows with wide eyed awe a little as she blinks as she watches Lamya transform into her full on dragon from. She's seen it before- but her eyes are still wide about it. She blushes a bit when Lamya moves her head down to nuzzle her own head and she reaches out to touch fingers against the snout, giggling brightly.

Then-- then Lamya says to get on? ... Like..

On her back? Like... to ride...? Ride!? Oh her eyes light up, as she moves to carefully climb to Lamya's back. She trusts Lamya. Lamya isn't gonna like- roll over and crush her. She knows that much! Yup! Or let her drop if they're flying.

"L--amya-chan are we flying!?" she asks.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 02:17:28 102633
"Yes!" Lamya's deep dragon voice has a hint of girl like gigglishness to it. "You are the only person I would ever let ride me," she informs. Once she's sure Nakusu is secure and has a tight grip, she crouches, spreads her wings, and within a few flaps is airborne.

While in flight, Lamya makes sure to keep things as smooth as possible. Not to steep of inclines, gentle banks to catch thermal updrafts so they can just kind of float in the air. It's obvious she's not heading towards their destination right away, instead heading towards and making a slow, lazy circle around Tokyo Tower. "Is there anywhere you would like me to go to before we have dinner?"
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 02:29:43 102635
Nakusu Miki holds on tight. Flap.. flap... she's keeping her eyes shut-- and it isn't until she can feel wind against her face and your body not moving as roughly in flapping that she peeks her eyes open.

O..Oh wooooow! It's so pretty. Nakusu doesn't have vivid, bright memories of Sabra still--- but she's pretty sure that Sabra wanted a dragon ride like this at least once in novelty but couldn't bring herself to ask back then.

She didn't need to ask of course. Lamya had this planned. "!" she stutters again!

The city looks so different from up here- so beautiful and there isn't sounds of a jer engine or helicopter to ruin the expoerience either! "U--um.. I wanna. Fly over Tokyo Harbor! But then.. um! F-food!" she stuters happily. She's getting used to the winds in her face for sure.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 02:35:33 102638
Lamya's wings tilt and the giant creature's heading slowly turns towards the harbor. It only takes a few moments for them to get to a place where they can look out over the harbor and into the endless expanse of the ocean, the lights of Tokyo glittering on the water.

"As amazing as I find this city," the dragon says, "there are times when I miss seeing the stars." She guestures with her nose out towards the horizon. "Some nights I fly as far as I can from the city so I might see them again." She cocks an eye towards her passenger to make sure she's enjoying herself. "Perhaps this is something we can do in the future."
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 02:50:46 102641
Nakusu Miki gently looks up towards the sky. "....The lights of the city and the pollution it makes clouds the sky at night, makes it hard to see only but the brightest stars." she says quietly. "That would be nice, Lamya-chan!" She smiles.

" so where are we going?" she asks as she looks down into the water from this height. She swallows a little, still keeping grip--- but not uncomfortably tight for the dragon.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 02:56:16 102642
"I will show you. It's not too far away." Lamya banks again, and heads towards the city proper. It isn't too long before they get into the part of town populated by taller buildings. It's on the roofs of one of these that she finally lands, and lowers her head so that her date can disembark.

On the roof there is a table set up, with a nice table cloth, some candles that burst into light as soon as they're approached and a few glowing runes that seems to be keeping the wind at bay and the tempurature nice and warm. The view, as expected, is spectacular. "I have made us dinner," she says.
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 03:13:37 102645
A tall building. More memories teasing into her head. Sabra on a castle's turret. Not as tall. Never this tall, but as tall as she'd ever been before that wasn't a mountain cliff. She steps off and regains her land legs as she whews and smiles brightly.

"!" she goes again. Wow will pretty much be her catch phrase tonight. There's a lot to be amazed by. She isn't used to magic being used like this. Neither was Sabra. It's a double wow.

She smile and begin towards the table. "This is really pretty..." she says quietly. ".....erm..."

"How is it not windy up here?" she asks curiously.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 03:18:57 102646
As soon as Nakusu is no longer riding upon her, Lamya shifts down into her human guise, grinning widely at her date's delight. She guestures to the faintly glowing runes. "I set up some minor runes to keep the wind at bay and to warm the area a little bit, otherwise it would be biting cold." She blinks, remembers something, and hurries to the table where she scootches out one of the folding chairs for her date.
Nakusu Miki 2019-01-14 03:31:59 102649
Nakusu Miki ohs! "So rune magic...?" she asks. She furrows her brow a bit in thought, she's about to move to sit when Lamya moves to scootch (tm) the chair out. She smiles and sits down. "Thank you, Lamya-chan~" she giggles a little. She settles on her chair and looks around.

"I guess it would be very cold and thre be biting winds otherwise..." she says quietly in thought.
Dragon Lamya 2019-01-14 03:42:09 102650
Lamya nods, as she seats herself. "Indeed! In my time it was the most common kind of magic. Direct application of will to form, using symbology as a focus. You can see it in a lot of modern day magics, it's just that the creation and application of such forms are vastly more complicated than what I can produce." She sighs wistfully. "If only I knew what happened to my library. I had some texts that could explain it better than I could."

She reaches out underneath the table to pull out two earthenware pots, still warm. "I have attempted cooking for us," she explains, opening the lid of one to spoon some rice onto their dishes. "I have made curry." When she opens the lid of the other pot, the scent of red curry is almost eye wateringly strong. She gives each plate a sizeable dollop before pulling out a pair of champaigne flutes and a bottle. "I have been told that you are not old enough to drink alcohol," she says, uncorking the bottle. "and that sparkling cider would be an adequate substitute."
Nakusu Miki 2019-03-12 22:22:42 104156
Nakusu watches as Lamya produces earthenware pots as she talks about magic. She blinks with just hints of confusion. "Library?" she asks. She seems to be searching dreams and random thoughts she's had about the princess. She can't quite remember that clearly about books or parchments. She shrinks back, unhelpful in this facet of thought!

Though, she does eyes the pots and that smell is pungent!. Did Lamya over do the spice? Is this barely spiced to a dragongirl? She manages to not cover her nose but her eyes do water some and she has to rub them as she sniffs. "No, I'm not old enough to drink but.. um..." she doesn't want to hurt Lamya's feelings. "Nevermind!..." she says with a wide smile. "Let's eat!" she regrets saying.
Dragon Lamya 2019-03-12 22:33:46 104157
"Yes," the dragon explains, as she takes a spoonful of curry and rice, and pops it into her mouth without any issue. (Clearly, a dragon's idea of 'spicy' is vastly different than a humans.) She chews thoughtfully as she considers how best to explain to her date. "So... you've heard of dragon hoards, right? In modern literature it's usually gold and treasure, but they never bothered explaining why a dragon amasses such wealth."

"It's about power," Lamya says, with a wave of a spoon. "Wealth is a kind of power. Some amass knowledge. My lineage hoards magic, in a way. At the time we were accomplished spellcasters, and part of that is to have a library of magical tomes."

She sighs sadly, and takes another bite of curry. "I had managed to rescue some rare texts from the Library of Alexandria before they managed to raze it. It had a wealth of knowledge... some of which is has been lost forever. I mourn it's loss."
Nakusu Miki 2019-03-12 22:42:11 104158
Nakusu is listening and she nods. "Oh! So... important texts like that. Maybe they weren't lost...? For all we know. They're exactly where you left them but I wouldn't even remember where that might actually be." she says. Even if she could remember, it's not like people knew the Earth very well back then or had accurate maps and all the landmarks would be gone by now save the most stalwart ones like 'huge boulders' and 'mountains' and even then THOSE could change!

She stares at her bowl of rice and gets the gumption to try a spoonful. How bad could it possibly be? Surely it'd just be like... like that challenge at Rashmi's resturant right? Toughen up! The blood of royalty BURNS THROUGH YOUR VEINS!

She takes a spoonful and eats it and she immediatly can not cope with just how spicy it is.

"A--ack!" she flails as she puts the spoon down. She chugs down the sparkling cider... "A--ackk hot!" she goes some more as she grabs the neck of the cider bottle and just begins chugging the entire rest of the bottle because the sting of acidic sparkly liquid hurts less than whatever demon spice Lamya put in the curried rice!

"S--sooo hooooot!" she gasps. "W..what did you spice it with--!? L..Lava!? Lamya-chan! I'm sorry but that's so spicy hot!" she fans her face. Everything is so fuzzy and red hazed now!
Dragon Lamya 2019-03-12 22:49:40 104160
Dragon Lamya jumps out out of her chair, eyes wide in concern. "Are you okay?!?" she asks, rushing to Nakusu's side. She looks around helplessly as she tries to figure out what to do. She's never had to deal with eating something too spicy before so she doesn't know what to do!

"Oh my goodness!" she cries, hands wringing. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know.... I just followed the recipe but it was too bland for me, so I kept adding spice until I could taste it!"

She's a whirlwind of emotions inside, most of which are new to her. "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't think about how your taste would be different than mine!" Tears well up in her eyes as she tries to process all these thoughts running through her head. "I wanted everything to be perfect and now I hurt you and I've ruined everything."
Nakusu Miki 2019-03-12 22:56:12 104161
Nakusu has to fan her mouth a lot and it takes a moment or two as she processes Lamya's lamentations while trying to see through the slowly clearing haze of mouth hurt. Oh dear she's gonna not be able to taste anything properly for a week!

Maybe two weeks. Regardless she shakes her head. "Ish oki Lambya." she says through a hurting tounge. 'It's okay Lamya'. She winces a bit. "You made a mistake!" she says more clearly. "Just next time... if you can actually taste the spice, it means it's too hot for me! M-maybe make two batches next time, one spiced for you and one for mehhhh...." she says as her tounge gets caught against her lips a bit. Yeah.

Yeah her tounge is swelling a bit.

"Mebee I shuld git hume!" she says through fat tounge. "Nao tou." 'Maybe I should get home now thou!'. "Uhm sowwy! Nought your faut!" 'I'm sorry, not your fault!'.

Oh dear she'll be fine! Just right now her tounge feels two sizes too large for her mouth!
Dragon Lamya 2019-03-12 23:03:41 104162
The fretting Lamya nods, "O-okay. I'll take you home. Maybe... maybe next time I'll get somebody who knows how to cook to make something for us." She all but runs to the corner of the building that has enough space for her to change into her dragon form, and waits for Nakusu to climb aboard.

Once she's secure, Lamya leaps off the building and makes a beeline to her Princess's house, landing on the street without thinking about being discreet. "I-I'm so sorry it ended this way," the dragon says, tears in her eyes. Have you ever seen a dragon crying before? This dragon is crying. "I'll make sure to make it up to you."
Nakusu Miki 2019-03-12 23:06:39 104163
Nakusu is carried home and she is able to get off Lamya without much issue as she shakes her head and gives the dragon a hug. Well. As much as a hug as she can give a dragon that landed on a side street in the dark of night. "You're okay. You're fine." she manages to say clearly, her tounge sort of calming.. agitating.. calming. She needs to brush her teeth she thinks and mouth and... drink ten galloons of milk and water. Ugh!

"No worries. We can try again! Because there's always more than one date! There's can be... a million!" she says with wide eyes. "Okay?" she tries to reassure Lamya.

Though the temptation to just run inside and hook herself to a hose from the sink is getting stronger, she wants to make sure Lamya is okay!
Dragon Lamya 2019-03-12 23:14:18 104164
Dragon Lamya sniffles and nods. "Okay..." she says. Now that Nakusu can speak normally again (though her face is still beet red) her fears are beginning to subside. She headbumps her Princess gently showing dragon affection.

"I don't think there is enough time in the world for a million dates," she says. "Perhaps a couple of hundred." Did Lamya just make a joke? "I... I will talk to you later."

Once she sees that Nakusu has made it safely inside, she takes off to pick up after the date. When she gets to the crockpot of curry, she scowls at it. Half of her wants to toss it off the building in a fit of frustration. The other half wants to keep it for leftovers because, to her tastebuds, it was actually quite good curry. Eventually, the rational part of her wins out and packs up the picnic and the curry and heads home.