Wasted pages

Shortly after the events of Emergency Shutdown, the Wolkenritter return home and attempt to make sense of Signum's choice.

Date: 2019-01-17
Pose Count: 8
Signum 2019-01-17 01:19:53 102742
The flight home with Signum is incredibly quiet.
    Not that Signum was ever the life of any party or given to small talk, but...
    The silence is palpable.
    When she finally touches down on the patio, her knight uniform dissolves into pink sparkles of light, leaving her in her civilian clothes as, an instant later, the Book of Darkness appears in her hands, barely slowing her stride to open the sliding glass door - leaving it open behind her - flicking on a light and setting the book down on the kitchen table where she begins to rapidly flip through the pages with a manic urgency, her eyes uncomfortably wide, breathing heavily.
Zafira 2019-01-17 01:36:23 102743
Zafira frowns as he silently follows after her. Likewise, he's normally silent, but the silence was somehow...different. "...I did nothing outside of the usual," he finally insists as he comes to stand nearby while she's eyeing the book's pages, "Something else was different. That shouldn't have happened." As much as the situation had obviously shocked him, he seems less like someone insisting innocence and more as if he's just trying to make sense of WHAT in the WORLD happened for her to have fallen lifeless like she did.
Signum 2019-01-17 01:43:14 102745
Signum stops to suddenly and sharply look at Zafira as he speaks, staring at him with a worrying intensity for a long moment before turning back to the book. "Should have been. Should have been." She repeats under her breath before she reaches a blank page and runs her fingers over the paper, her nose twitch as her face seems to shudder, like her face is trying to make a grimace but can't quite commit to the motion.
    "Said she was a program." She finally says, flipping back and forth between the last filled page and the first blank one in a vaguely hypnotic manner. "Based on us. Should have been fine. We're compatable. May have been... may have been faulty." She says, her voice getting progressively quieter as she muses aloud with detached, worried interest, "Poorly made." Though in hindsight it begs the question, did Akari NEED to be shocked back to life?
    Signum closes the book with a meaty thud of paper collapsing on more paper, and puts her hand to her forehead. "I shouldn't have done that."
Zafira 2019-01-17 01:51:30 102746
Zafira gives a slient, hesitant nod. "We've been...jumpy. Understandably...desperate. You are our leader, so you've had to cope with it the worst. The rest of us should watch ourselves better for your own sake..." He gives a sigh, surprisingly continuing to speak. "You shouldn't have done it, but I shouldn't have done it either. It's on me as much or more than it is you."
Signum 2019-01-17 02:06:51 102749
Signum gives Zafira a very long look before slowly saying, "Your only responsibility to me is to follow my orders. Which you have. There *is* no pressure in fulfilling our purpose."
    She puts one hand on the back of a dining room chair, putting a white knuckle grip on it before eventually adding, "There isn't *supposed* to be pressure." with uncharacteristic frustration. "... Something's wrong. We're becoming erratic. Distractable." She grits her teeth behind closed lips and almost venomously concludes, "... Soft."
Zafira 2019-01-17 02:26:17 102751
"Because that's what master wants from us..." Zafira murmurs hesitantly, "But at the same time, it feels like that is problem in our efforts to fill the book for her sake... Maybe we should consider trying to find other means of selecting our targets than just searching for them and ambushing them?"
Signum 2019-01-17 02:36:45 102754
Signum actually looks a little... uncomfortable at Zafira's reply. Ironically it may be a symptom of her 'problem' that she doesn't want to lay any blame at Hayate's feet. Though it's true they'd been holding back in order to... at least try to honor the spirit of Hayate's request, Signum had not considered there to be any emotional investment in that choice. Hell, she hasn't considered emotion at all. It was barely part of their programming, nevermind their purpose. They'd always done what was ordered of them without question or investment before - their individual quirks aside - so why now?
    "... Perhaps." Signum replies hesitantly. "I'll... consider this. We still haven't investigated the group of these mages that supposedly exists." Signum furrows her brow. "In the meantime, we carry on as planned. Be mindful of these... glitches and don't let them distract you."
    It's at this point that Signum would usually look to any present Wolkenritter for confirmation of their understanding, but Signum realizes with profound discomfort that the only person who has 'failed' in the matter at hand so far... has been her.
Zafira 2019-01-17 02:45:00 102756
What had happened DID greatly bother Zafira as well. He was still following the mission but, if Signum hadn't of done what she did, he would have done something 'wrong' in her place. He gives a nod however. ...it doesn't feel as certain as usual. It's like they're worming out more and more information about Hayate, and he doesn't like that fact. "...we have to be careful of many things..."