Moving On Up -or- 'Take the Milk, Leave the Catte'

Unmei asks to move into the manor! She agrees! Also Venus barges in as Venus does and gets the info about Ryo. Lacrima barters with Venus for her to leave Artemis over until she's fed him all the tuna in the manor.

Date: 2019-01-17
Pose Count: 19
Lacrima 2019-01-17 01:42:50 102744
Lacrima is in the kitchen. She is staring at the oven, watching it intently. There are supposedly muffins in there. The kitchen smells of blueberry and raspberry baking in flour and milk and eggs. Lacrima tries to bake something once a month. While she has good attempts and bad attempts- they're never really Makoto Level awesome but they're also never inedible either-- 'Bland' at worse, 'Tasty' at best.

She seems to be pacing in front of the stove occasionally, as if the stove was a pregnant mother about to give birth and she was the expectant parent.

Lacrima worries too much about the things she makes coming out 'Edible' really. It's the least she could hope for that she doesn't accident make muffin rocks or cake frisbees.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-17 01:54:02 102747
Jiaying Maki has stepped out of wherever it is she's been hiding lately. Dressed simply enough, what with it being around the manor, in her PJs, she's following the smell of cooking food. She's barefoot as usual, but quieter than she would have been even a month ago. Maybe she's been practicing.

Still, there's cooking food, a friend cooking food and pacing and... why is friend pacing. "Did I miss something?" She asks, leaning to the side to look at the oven, looking for telltale signs of smoke. Or fire. Still, she slips past to grab a few things from the pantry, working with some dried noodles, some bouillion cubes, sea weed and finally a few things from the fridge before fishing out the pot to boil it all in. As long as she's out of the way at least.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-17 02:01:16 102748
Unmei Tama had been living here a while, but... she couldn't. What she was doing was selfish. She had another place, and instead she kept mooching off Lacrima. So she'd been trying her hardest to be a good room mate. While normally Unmei wasn't the type to leave messes, heck in general she cleaned up after herself really well(thanks Kun!), lately she'd been going out of her way to clean other people's messes.

On top of that, she'd been cooking a bunch for everyone... Granted, her food was... Just okay. Good, maybe. Sometimes. Usually good. But when you compare it to someone like Makoto's? It was... well. She couldn't fair much better than Lacrima. Though she could taste it better, at least, and had had a good teacher, so the good sometimes WAS pretty great.

She'd also been trying to stay out from underfoot. giving Lacrima space since their booze night. Even if they hadn't gotten too wild, she didn't wanna give the vampire a headache. She'd spent a lot more time hiding in her room, reading manga or doing homework.

Or going on patrols. Sometimes with Kukai. Who she still enjoyed the company of even if she was now fairly certain he wouldn't ever like her like that. She wasn't that... flame he needed. And she doubted she ever could be. She just... wasn't that impressive.

Compounding all that, Unmei had spent days working up the courage to ask certain people about her staying here... And then Kun pretty much ANSWERED it for her, on his end... so...

It was probably a surprise when, after almost an hour of building herself up, the girl opened the door and came running down the stairs and... "Lacrima!" she called out, running into the kitchen... slipping a bit on the gloor, she shrieked and BAM, ran right into the wall as her shocks slid. She stumbled back a few feet and shook her head, before turning to face Lacrima, filled with DETERMINATION!

"Lacrima I wanted to talk with you me staying here! you've been really nice and it's been really nice and and I really like you and you're really cool and you're all wonderful and and I don't want to be rude and stuff but but I really like being here and I wanted to talk with you if you'd maybe consider letting me move in? I-I know it's a bit sudden but but I think Mamoru might... kinda pay the rent here more than the apartment? And and I'll stay out of the way, and and I can put some of my stuff in storage or toss it or... or something but... do you think you'd want to? Maybe? Let me? Please? Sorry..." she said. And then...

Blanched. "O-0oh... Miss... Miss Jianying... I... didn't... s-see you there...."
Lacrima 2019-01-17 02:23:23 102750
Lacrima looks towards Jiaying. "Huh? No.. No this is just my first time baking muffins..." she admits awkwardly. "I'm worried I'm gonna let them stay in there too long... or not long enough." she says with wide eyes. She wants to check them-- but no! It hasn't been long enough! OR HAD IT!? Regardless, she's working up the courage to check it when Unmei runs in, slides across the ground and smacks into the wall. She tenses and turns around to face the direction.

"U--nmei-chan!? Are you okay!?" she blurts out. Unmei starts a stream of consciousness chat to her apparently-- but she's able to get the gist of it as she purses her eyes lips and blinks, and looks from Unmei, then to Jiaying, then to Unmei before she says. "A moment."

She turns to open the oven and---- poooooof! Smoke! Burned. She whinnnneessssss. "Argh-- just a few seconds too late." she says as she grabs two pot holders to tug the pan out and places it on a towel on the table as she sulks.

She sighs and straightens out. She looks back to Unmei and clears her throat. "You want to move in?..." she asks quietly. "...I don't... have a problem with that. You'll-- right. Need to work out... rent with Mamoru. I already handle Lamya-chan's and Jiaying's expenses." she says softly.

"But if you want to live here... I'm okay with it." she says softly. " the room you're staying in right now okay....?" she asks softly.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-17 02:29:06 102752
Jiaying Maki moves around the kitchen, gathering things, neatly sidestepping at the last minute to avoid dropping the pot, ingredients and so on. Setting it all down, she offers her hand out to Unmei and says, "I'm not that short am I?" she asks, in response to going unnoticed. She decided against a tail joke. Still, help up or not, she then slips past the burnt food and fishes a few more things, some from the fridge (Veggies, meat and a big bone.) and the small bottle of oil she keeps hidden out of the way.

Finally, she pulls a few toothpicks out of the drawer and sets them down next to the burnt muffins while saying, "Poke the muffins with those when you're sure they're about done. If it doesn't come back stuck with things, you're done."

Pot filled with water, she carries it to the stove top and sets the bone in it, setting it to a boil. She then hops up onto the counter nearby to watch the two. "New roommate then?" She asks simply enough. She points up after and says, "Careful going into my room, it's weird and the step is funny. Also if you're a zombie or something it apparently hurts." There's a moment of hesitation and she asks Norie, looking right at her, "Do I need to clean the stuff out of the attic?"

Then there's a few minutes of waiting and she asks, "Wait how long has she been sleeping here then?" There's a scowl, "I... sorry."
Unmei Tama 2019-01-17 02:32:59 102753
Unmei Tama hadn't expected that answer and was already going on. "A-and I know it's kind of a lot but but if you just give me a chance I promise I'll take up any rules you tell me and you'll barely even know I'm here and I'll do extra chores and and I'll even be your maid if you want and... And...

She just blinked and trailed off. Finally, she spoke up.

"... You... said yes..." she said. "I ummm.... was expecting... more doubt or... out right rejection and ummmm..."

She blinked a few times and just sat down. "Oh. Well.. huh? Oh. No. The room is fine. Perfect, even. Wonderful. It's... not..." She'd shake the offered hand, as she searched for the word.

"It's... not... quiet here. I guess. You guys are... sometimes loud. And... I know you're here. So... it's... nice. You know? To know someone else is there. That... there's other people and you're not all... isolated and stuff...." she mumbled, her cheeks burning as she poked her fingers together.

"The room is really nice, though, better than I deserve. And... I'll... ummm... I'll talk with Kunzite... He'll sort it out." Once again trying to isolate herself from the people she owes.
Minako Aino 2019-01-17 02:44:10 102755
    "SAILOR VENUS IS HERE!" calls out Minako as she literarly kicks in the back door like she lives here. The one near the kitchen. "Checking in on evil vampires making sure they're not doing evil things.". Artemis is riding Minako's shoulder and face palming. "Sorry Lacrima." says Artemis apologeitcally. "I tried to get her to at least use the front door. She wanted to crash through a window so we split on her just coming in the back way." he says, paws splayed in a 'I have up' expression.

    Minako smiles. "It would had been cool to crash in through a window." she asides. "More seriously!" she says as she points at Lacrima. "I need to know some stuff about your brother. Like what's his sign? Does he like the color green? Does he like cute girls or beautiful girls!?" she asks.

    "This is super important spying on stuff to know." she asides. "Catch more flies with honey than sake in the vineyard!". Artemis facepalms at the totally butchering of a normal turn of phrase of 'catching more flies with honey than vinegar'. Poor, poor Artemis!---

    "Oh people! Hi people! Hi Unmei! Hi--um..." she looks to Artemis. "Who's that?" she asks to Artemis. He whispers to Minako and Minako looks back. "Aha! Jiaying. The person who isn't a dragon right?"
Lacrima 2019-01-17 02:49:56 102757
Lacrima blinks. "Ever since her apartment exploded with the tiger thing?" she asks Jiaying. "Don't you remember?" she asks. "She asked to stay a little longer a bit ago. I was fine with it." she says to Jiaying. She looks to Unmei and purses her lips. "I need to go over to Mamoru's place soon anyways... I could always ask about it for y----" then she tenses when the back door gets kicked in and there's Minako. She sighhhhhhsssssss and sulks.

"Minako-san. Why can't you just knock like everyone else in existence?" she asks bluntly. She raises hands to stay Unmei's or Jiaying's hand. Like this is a common enough occurrence that Lacrima is used to it.

"It's fine Artemis-kun." she says quietly. Artemis at least tries to be polite.

"...Look...." she says quietly. "I've been meaning to try to find you anyways." she says softly. "--you don't want to go anywhere near my brother right now or ever really. Stay away. There's nothing more I need to know about him. He's dangerous. Ju--just stay away." she mutters.

"...I'd offer you a muffin but I burned them viciously." she says. "...Um...." she begins poking around cabinets. "I think... I have some cookies left.. somewhere..." she mutters.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-17 02:55:38 102758
Jiaying Maki idly stirs the pot with a twist of her finger, swirling it one way then the other. She's cheating with some magic rather than dirtying more dishes than she needs to. The heat she's got it set to is quite high, but hse's steadily lowering the heat as it well, heats up. She is listening to Unmei the whole way though. "Deep breaths, relax." She pauses and looks to Norie to ask, "Is this what it's like when I'm on a few tangents at once?" Suddenly realizing what it must be like for others.

"I remember the tiger thing. Has it really been that long?" There's a momentary scowl, the pot splashing briefly causing her to hop away quickly. Then it's back to stirring slowly.

"Sorry" she offers Unmei, adding, "I think I've lost track of time. Badly. Why would you think anyone would want to kick you out? Other than the insinuation that I'm loud. I'm perfectly quiet! Maybe I can tell Meifeng to turn the TV down though." She drums her fingers on the countertop next to her.

Then there's a door slamming open and an insistence on a vampire and-... she gives the new girl a flat look. But, before she can do anything, Norie at least tries to stop it from getting out of hand. Which gets something of a shrug from the fox girl. That doesn't stop a stuffed bunny rabbit from sticking it's head around the corner, glaring up at the woman and wandering over to poke her in the calf before shushing her, or at least mimicking the body language for it before turning and wandering back to said TV. "I'm not a dragon, no. Good guess though." As she says that, her ears twitch and that tail slowly swishes back and forth briefly. "I really should keep the illusion up around the house shouldn't I."
Unmei Tama 2019-01-17 03:11:21 102759
Unmei Tama nodded, sighing. "Because I'm obnoxious, annoying, a pain in the butt and--"

And then the door! Her eyes widened and Minako burst in and... Normally, Unmei would have been giddy. Minako was the SAILOR V! She was a hero, a legend, a--

And was calling LAcrima evil. And then... Then she mentioned Ryo. And those words and just... "One second, I wanna talk to her about the new Sailor V game that's coming out, one second!" she said, then ran and... BODILY DRAGGED Minako by her wrist out the door and closed it. Fast. Her hand so tight it was almost like she wanted to break it. She was silent for a moment before she turned on Minako and...

Minako was probably used to sad, annoyed, panicky, giddy, excited Unmei. She likely was NOT used to rage Unmei. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" she hissed, getting WAY too close to Minako's personal space and letting the wrist go. "For one, Lacrima isn't evil and that's borderline CRUEL to just come barging in saying that. Who the hell does that to someone? I used to be a bad guy too, are you going to start rubbing my nose in it?"

"On another thing, are you completely blind? Or haven't you been paying attention? Do you have ANY idea how miserable Ryo has made Lacrima? The last thing she needs is some obnoxious airhead bursting down her door and yelling that at her. She's been going through enough without you causing her more grief!" she snapped. She was... actually clenching her fists and she looked like she might actually SLAP the other girl.

And no, she wasn't... normally like this... But the Clotho gem under her shirt was glowing a nasty red and now, so were her eyes. Lacrima was her friend. And she'd seen her friend just... The last few days likely haven't been easy on her. The last thing she needed was Ryo being brought up. "So if you're going to visit, can you at least keep your mouth shut about her brother? And if you're really that desperate for a boy, I don't know. Find a youma or something! It couldn't be any worse than that.... that... that... I don't know what he is but can you keep your mouth shut about him?!!" Her hair was beginning to shift red as well...
Minako Aino 2019-01-17 03:27:01 102760
    Minako gets dragged back out the door easily enough, but makes Unmei release her hand when she's out of sight. Unmei gets the impression she could had done this anytime she wanted but chose to wait until they we're past the door. "Yeah okay." says Minako. "Except that's a dark energy creature in there. You might not like it, but it's subject to certain acts and whims it can't control. Ask her about it sometimes." she says bluntly. "I check in on her to make sure she's staying straight and narrow." she says.
    "Secondly, I have no idea what you're talking about. Lacrima asked me a few months back to spy on her brother for her and I'm about to get ready to do that- but I need more information.".

    "--and uh. No. I promised I'd look into him? So I'd rather do it. Or find out why she's telling me no to suddenly? So anyways! Going back in!" she says as she makes for the door.

    Artemis facefaults. Oh god Minako what the heck are you doing.
Lacrima 2019-01-17 03:48:31 102763
Lacrima blinks and watches Unmei escapes with Minako--- she knows what is actually most likely up-- but she does lean down and give Meifeng an ear pet on her way out the back quicky. Tiny ghost possessed stuffed rabbit. ~.~

She throws the door open. "S--stop!" she calls out near the end of that discussion. "Un..Unmei... Venus is allowed here in the same way Kunzite-kun is... when she wants-- and she doesn't need to know." she frowns.

"T--think of her as a parole officer or something okay!? I.. I did some stuff and she's here to make sure I don't do that stuff anymore okay!?" she says rapidly.

She pants and takes a series of breaths. "L..look Minako-san. Ryo... Ryo... murdered. A coworker... a non-magical coworker..." she says silently. "He's dangerous to be around. Pleas.. please. Don't spy on him. I'm rescinding my original request. I don't want to need to explain to.. to Moon or Mars or Jupiter or Mercury why you got killed trying to spy on my brother right now....!" she says wide eyed.

"Lo--look I didn't get to find the cookies but I can make tea-- or.. or there's milke! I know there's milk." she says with wide eyes.

"....I got a can of tuna...! I.. In case Artemis ever came over again!" she says with wide eyes. "So can I at least feed him?..." she asks softly.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-17 03:58:54 102765
Jiaying Maki looks over to Norie and asks quietly, "You didn't let another dog loose did you?" As she adjusts the pot on the stove and starts to move things around, broth prepared so that she can add the various other ingredients. There's still the occasional stirring. She watches Meifeng and says something to her in odd sounding Chinese, then waves as she wanders off to couch surf.

She rests her elbows on her knees and leans forward calling out, "Stop fighting, it's fine." Before hopping down. Looking to Norie she asks, "I could get a cup of water for them maybe?" Her suggestion to just soak them in the nice, cold weather probably wouldn't go over well though.

She sighs, stopping short. "Are you okay?" a question to Norie again, letting the two outside wrap it up or not.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-17 04:04:23 102767
Unmei Tama blinked and... "W-well, yes. I mean, she... she is, and I know, but... but you don't..." And Minako had responses to pretty much everything. And Unmei had just almost yelled at her. Oh gosh. Oh my gosh. She'd yelled at Minako. "I... but she's not..." And then she said that Lacrima had ASKED HER to spy on him. "O-oh... I..."

And she just kind of stared, the red fading from her eyes and hair. "I... I thought you were..." As quickly as it flared up, the anger faded. "You... you shouldn't... but..." But what? What could Unmei say? She's not a... ".... Sorry..." Unmei mumbled. Ugh. What was wrong with her? This is why she shouldn't argue with people or... get mad at them! Gahhh! She was such an idiot! She followed behind the other girl, her eyes meekly lowered. And with Lacrima there, being all adorable and calling her down and Unmei just felt... worse, her face burning as she followed them in. Ugh. WHY WAS SHE SO GAHHHHHH?!!!

"So uhhh... sorry..." She sat in a chair and... Hey. If Artemis was close enough, he got scritches. Because cats were AWESOME!
Minako Aino 2019-01-17 04:10:56 102769
    Artemis agrees that cats are awesome but he is also super biased about that fact!

    She looks to Lacrima and then Jiaying with a soft series of nods. "Everyone is cool. I'm cool-- defintily, Unmei is cool, we cool- we don't need no water bath," she heavily insists.

    She looks at Lacrima though as she gives her the low down as she 'ohs' and then 'oooooohhhss...'. "Oh... that's... lovely to hear. Yeah- thanks for telling me. You know this means I can't keep my promise about... not hurting him though. Right?" she asks in a more grave tone. "If he's done that... once. He can do it again. I can't second guess it anymore." she says with a curt series of nods as she keeps her arms crossed. She walk back inside properly and place Artemis down on the table. When Lacrima opens the tuna can, Artemis starts stuffing his fat lil adorable mouth directly from the can.

    Artemis enjoys scritches. Yes he does.
Lacrima 2019-01-17 04:16:23 102770
Lacrima calms down when things calm down. She gives Unmei a short little smile and then one to Jiaying. No harm, no foul. "...Venus... means well. Okay?" she says quietly. She follows the two inside. She sighs to Jiaying and raises her hands. "It's fine. Thank you." she says to Jiaying softly. "JU--just stuff." she mutters. Not things and stuff-- sadly.

She nods to Minako sadly. "I.. know. Just... y-yeah." she says quietly. "I don't want him to hurt anyone else... like that." she says softly as she moves to get glasses and milk, pouring glasses for everyone.

She'll open the can of tuna for Artemis and then place it on the table. She smiles stupidly when Artemis starts scarfing it down. She looks at Unmei though as she clears her through.

"Um.. Do you... need help moving anything over?..." she asks. "I know everything you have here isn't all of it..." she says quietly. "I can rent a truck easily enough." she says.

"-and I'm sure Jia-chan or Lamya-chan can help you move stuff around or put things away..."

"....By the way...." she says at Jiaying. "I need to... talk to you soon. In private. In the attic--- no you don't need to move anything up there by the way--- but... I'm.. suspecting. Things." she mutters. "About... Poderoso... and I need... your help with the... ghost. Thing..." she asks. Like she's asking a bighuge favor.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-17 04:29:24 102772
Jiaying Maki hesitates, wanting to give Norie a hug, but for once remembering she's not really a fan of that sort of thing. She looks over to the other two, then back to Norie and adds in a stage whisper, "I'll keep a cup handy if it starts up again." Clearly trying to joke at least a little.

Back to Unmei, she points up and says, "We could drag them through my room. I've still got some of the notebook doorways made already. Would skip the truck stage. If you're sleeping on the second floor it would save a lot... A LOT of headache too."

Finally to Minako, she offers a polite half-bow and says, "I'm Jiaying Maki by the way. I don't... think I've met you. Or I've spaced it like I've spaced everything for the past few months." The nekomata, or what she assumes is one is given a look too. "He won't try and do the nekomata thing to Meifeng right?" Not that she has room to talk.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-17 04:34:30 102773
Unmei Tama smiled gently down at Artemis. "Best Mascot," she said with a small giggle, gently scritching him behind the ears. Though her smile faded. She missed her mascots. Win and Win... And then talking. "Huh? Oh... a... a truck? I thought... Oh. Wow. I actually... didn't... think that far ahead... do... do I have boxes?" she asked herself. "Notebook... things? Ummm... if they teleport things, that might help... I don't... know... exactly what all I have. I have... Mamoru has spoiled me, a lot better than I deserved..." Granted, a lot of it was likely because, well... Anyway. She got up and gave Lacrima a hug. "I'm gonna go and start... organizing stuff, okay? I know where I can get some boxes and... Thanks. Really. I'll talk with Mamoru and just... thank you." And then she let go. "You're the best vampire ever. Even more than that one I made you watch with me." And then she turned, and ran out the door.
Lacrima 2019-01-17 04:38:40 102774
Minako Aino has to go it seems! But not until Lacrima barters for Artemis's presence to keep him here until she 'feeds him all the tuna in the house'. Artmeis is probably not complaining about this. This isn't an insane amount of tuna but it is an unreasonable amount.

She looks to Unmei and urfs! Into hugs- but regardless she nods. "...If you need anything Unmei... call.. text..." she says quietly. She'll look towards Jiaying, as Lacrima scoops the white cat up.

"....He's a cat. Not a human being a cat. Or a humanoid cat. He likes tuna..." pause. "And is cute. Come on." she says as she drags the cat to go watch TV.

...and feed him tuna. :I