She DOES exist!

Unmei invites Kotomi over to watch a magical girl anime and, unwittingly, introduces her to Lacrima... Oh, they have a LOT of explianing to do.

Date: 2019-01-19
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Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 18:31:06 102828
Unmei Tama was prepping! And was giddy! Why? She'd moved in! And... Still needed to talk with Mamoru about everything like... How this was going to work. But hey! She could push that off as long as possible and send like... Kunzite texts. Anything to actually avoid talking to them and sorting out her own problems and issues!

She was an adult!

And adults avoided their problems!

She had got a lot of stuff up in the attic and... her room had posters, and a few memorabilia... And her pen on the nightstand in a special display case so if she ever lost her gem she didn't HAVE to be a boy any more. And then...

Her TV. And her bed. but to Unmei's credit, it wasn't really... packed. She had her bed, TV, desk, some shelves of stuff, dresser and just... It was one room. But it was a BIG room. And she kept it clean, kept her stuff organized, didn't make a mess. IT wasn't really... bad. Rather nice, to be honest. Everything she needed. If she hadn't sprawled out a bit before when she lived by herself, she probably could have fit everything in here. And hadn't had to put things in the attic.

Granted, it was basically a shrine to magical girls so... it was probably a LITTLE creepy to the more magical inclined. But at least Unmei was generally fairly quiet and tried to stay out of the way. And her cooking wasn't bad, and she always made sure there was plenty to share.

Of course, now, she was having a VISITOR! She'd asked permission, and then called her new friend(a fellow magical girl fan!) over to watch anime! and eat popcorn. VERY important part, that. She'd of course invited the other girls to join her since... Well...

Unmei really liked having people over.... She felt lonely otherwise...
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 18:41:13 102829
When Kotomi doesn't know someone very well, she has a tendency to overthink things like "Do I have the social-interactions-capacity for visiting this person?" and "What if something GOES WRONG!?!?" Today, however, she got a critical hit, and found herself able to accept the invitation without any fuss. She doesn't even need her mom or sister to escort her over to the house!

And what a house it is. When Unmei gave out her new address in Uminari, Kotomi wasn't expecting that creepy haunted-looking house. "Oooookay," she murmurs to herself. Still, though, no turning back now; Unmei's expecting her. Kotomi hesitates, marshals her social-interactive-ness, and then knocks on the door.

She happens to be wearing the same lavender dress and navy-blue jacket she wore the first time she and Unmei met, actually, and she still has a trans flag button pinned to the lapel. She looks subtly different between the dream-world and the waking world; it's not something you can clearly describe, there's just ... something different. Her voice is a touch less girly, too, while still being obviously feminine and obviously Kotomi.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 18:50:35 102830
Unmei Tama was all ready, admiring her preparations. DVD in the player upstairs, popcorn in the microwave, all she had to do was press start. A cheese, meat and cracker plate to tide them over, a... Well, it didn't matter. It was good! She'd done a good job! More importantly, she was going to make a non-work friend! Yay! Or... had made one! And she wasn't kind of... scary or creepy! Double yay! She pushed the button the moment the door knocked, and then started the popcorn before running to get the door.

"Hi Kotomi!" she said with a wide grin. "Come in, come in. I'll show you to my room, did you have fun?" Unmei was almost jumping up and down she was so excited. Eeeeee! "Oh, and some of my room mates might join us, hope that's okay. I don't think Lamya will, but Lacrima said she might swing by!" The house, at least, was clean and seemed well maintained enough.

Fortunately, unmei hadn't broken any windows and tried to repair them herself.

She led her to the kitchen, showing her around, and then... Making it just as the popcorn finished. She grabbed a bowl and poured it in. "I hope you like sweet kernal, and..." Poured it, then dragged the other girl back through the house, upstairs, and into her room!

And unmei WAS NOT KIDDING about being a fan. Though she didn't seem to have any cosplay clothes... lots of cosplay devices, though... And a strange sailor V pen that... didn't... match any known design. Weird.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 19:02:11 102831
Kotomi bows to Unmei, relieved that it's actually her, she didn't blunder into the wrong place somehow. "Hi, Unmei-san," she says, managing an awkward smile. "I'm, uh, I'm here on time, right? I'm not late?"

And then she freezes up slightly. "R-roommates? Um ... that ... probably won't be a problem," she says. "Sure, um, that's fine!" Nope, nope, it'll be fine, if they're friends with Unmei it won't be a problem, her presence won't be a problem ...

She does her best not to panic as Unmei bustles her through the house and into her room. She actually relaxes slightly when she sees the massive collection of magical girl paraphernalia. Oh, good, something more down-to-earth. Her gaze lingers on the Sailor V pen, but ... maybe it's some knockoff or whatever? Her gaze flits to the screen. "Oh! I think I've read the manga of this show!" she says.

And then she frowns as her attention catches up to her. "... Did you say 'Lacrima'?" she says. "I ... could swear I've heard that name before ... somewhere ..."
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 19:11:00 102832
Unmei Tama hopped onto the bed and bounced a little bit, a grin on her face. "Probably. I hear it was a good manga, never got into it, though," she said with a giggle. She patted the bed next to her. "So, ummm... you seem kind of nervous, is everything okay?" And Unmei felt some of her own doubts. Own worries begin to snake in. What if the other girl was scared of her? What if she though Unmei was some.,.. criminal or something, brought her here to attack her?

Unmei bundled up a cheese, meat and cracker thing and tossed it in her mouth. "Here, have some," she offered with a smile. Hoping showing that it was 'safe' would make the girl feel more comfortable about it.

"And Lacrima? Probably. I mean... you probably saw her or something at one time," she said with a shrug. "She goes out sometimes, maybe you even met her sometime," she said with a shrug. "I mean, it's a big city. But sometimes it feels really small," she said with a small giggle.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 19:17:50 102833
Kotomi nods. "It's really good!" she says, slipping out of her jacket and transferring the pin to her dress. "I can't wait to see what the anime did with it!"

At the other question, she smiles back to Unmei. "It's fine, it's just ... I'm just a bundle of nerves about meeting new people," she says frankly. It's clearly a problem which has been going on long enough that she's gotten used to it. She pauses, then immediately starts munching on snacks. Mm, snacks!

She frowns as she considers the Lacrima question. "Maybe I have met her, or something," she murmurs. "... I'm just totally drawing a blank." Uh-oh, looks like she doesn't clearly remember the dream ... at the moment.
Lacrima 2019-01-19 19:28:15 102834
Shave and a Haircut comes knocking on Unmei's door. Before she peeks the door open and a purple eyes peek past the door. "Unemi-chan?" she asks. "I.... um... brought milk.... and some cookies I baked after the muffins burned..." the voice says quietly, before she passes the door, with a tray of two glasses of milk and some homemade cookies of the sugar variety on it.

Lacrima is dressed in her usual fancy manner. A fancy dress-- but not her authentic period one-- but close to it. It probably doesn't help she looks almost like she did in that dream Komoto supposedly had, probably.

"Is.. um. Is everything okay?" she asks awkwardly. "I just thought... you and your guest might enjoy something..." she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 19:33:42 102835
Unmei Tama nodded, relaxing back against the wall. "Oh, I know how that is. Terrified you'll say the same thing... or look like an idiot... or they'll never want to talk to you again. Or you said the wrong thing and now they hate you, or they'll think you're weird or a freak or..." And now she was hugging her knees to her chest. And urked as she realized SHE WAS MOPING! Bad, no! She shook her head.

"R-right, Anime! Let's start and--"

And then Lacrima! Unmei grinned and got up. "Oh! Kotomi, this is my room mate, Lacrima! She's the best." She really was the best. She was letting Unmei stay here!

"No, it's great. Do you wanna join us, Lacrima?" she asked with a grin. "We're gonna watch Star Star Orion Makeup! It's better than it sounds."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 19:41:17 102836
Kotomi nods at Unmei. "Right, right!" she says, grinning. She hesitantly puts a hand on Unmei's shoulder. "It's ... that's basically it exactly!"

And then Lacrima enters.

Kotomi quickly lowers her hand, and stares at Lacrima's all-too-familiarity, blinking a few times as if she was trying to dislodge a stuck memory. "Oh! Um ... hi!" she says. Her nervousness about meeting-new-people is suddenly fighting against the cold hard certainty that she has met Lacrima before, in circumstances which cut through the meeting-new-people-nervousness. Does Lacrima remember? "I'm ... Kotomi Kobana ..." Her voice trails off.
Lacrima 2019-01-19 19:53:51 102838
Lacrima places the tray down and smiles. "If... if I'm not intruding...!" she says nervously. "I would like to." she says. She settles down on the bed and sits as she looks towards the TV. "What is this one about?" she asked softly.

She nodded over to the girl a moment- who only has the vaguest hints of familiarities until she says her name is 'Kotomi Kobana'. This causes her to pause a moment and purses her lips a bit as she looks over to Unmei and back to Kotomi. "... Ah.. Kotomi-san. Have you... erm..."

"Have you been to a carnival recently...?" she asks. Since it's the most vaguest way she can ask about it without a complete out.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 19:56:52 102839
Unmei Tama relaxed at the touch. She at least didn't flinch or anything, and smiled at the other girl. She was very nice... And there was still... something about her that nagged at Unmei. But hey, she wore that pin fairly prevalently, so she couldn't be bad. She missed her hair pins. They were sweet... Okay, they were jerks. But they were HER jerks.

"Are you okay, Kotomi? You look like you saw a ghost..."

She then glanced to Lacrima. "Oh, it's about a organization of magical girls in space, dozens of teams and all that, they travel the universe, fighting off monsters and rescuing people. It's kind of fun, but usually fairly silly and light hearted."

And then they were both looking like they saw ghosts and... "What? Did you two go to a carnival or something? Wait. You go to carnivals?" she asked Lacrima, shocked by this news! Absolutely shocked!
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 20:01:21 102841
Kotomi smiles at Unmei, and lets her deal with the summary. Unmei obviously knows Lacrima better, so chatting with her is much easier.

And then she frowns at Lacrima's question. "A carnival? Not ... really ... I ..."

She blinks. And then she blinks again, as if a lightbulb was going off in her head. "W-wait," she blurts out in the tone of voice of someone for whom reality is starting to unravel, "that was real!? That ... carnival ... dream ... thing!?" She's just boggling at Lacrima now. Also, her voice has taken another couple of steps further away from girliness.
Lacrima 2019-01-19 20:10:30 102844
Lacrima looks to Unmei. "Huh.. okay." she says. "That sounds better than... all the vampire anime." she says with a slight smirk. She sighs a bit. "Huh? N--no not really?" she asks at Unmei as she asks if they go to a carnival. "I'm just ask if--- ah---"

"Aha." she says at Kotomi. "So you we're that Kotomi then." she says softly.

She looks to Unmei. "Ah... Ariel has been... having an issue pop up. Things have been appearing. I've been helping her...." a short blush. "Of course--" she says.

"...Kotomi here, showed up in a recent affair wherein- one of the pieces of these gems-- one of the aforementioned appearing things- we're. It was some strange dark carnival with a giant singing creature." she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 20:20:41 102846
Unmei Tama looked very confused, eying Kotomi and... Then Lacrima. "What? Lots of... what?" she asked, blinking a lot. She was very confused. Wait... "Oh. OH! Oh my gosh..." she said, turning to Kotomi and... "You're MAGIC? Oh my gosh, that's so cool! Are you new in town? Oh. Right. If you're magical, I should prooooobably tell you who I am, too. Magical Girl Clotho," she said matter of factly. "I mean... I'd hide it and try and keep secret identity... But honestly EVERYONE knows who I am anyway, not really fair to just hide it from you. So, what kind of magical girl are you? You're not a Puella, are you? Cause those ones got it bad. But the Cures are really cool, I have a whole notebook of notes on them. Then there's the random ones..."

... Unmei MAY have jumped the gun in excitement.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 20:27:26 102848
Kotomi looks between Lacrima and Unmei in confusion. "Ariel was that ... unicorn ... clown ... uniclown, right?" she says weakly.

But then she actually recoils from Unmei's sudden forcefulness, feeling as though the air pressure just doubled. "W-what!? No, I'm not magical!" she exclaims. "It ... I ... w-we were just in a dream, so we, uh, we were kind of ... I could sort of 'affect' things with my will!" She glances at Lacrima. "I ... I just threw a pie made out of 'light' at the nightmare boss ..."
Lacrima 2019-01-19 20:37:54 102851
Lacrima snorts. "Ariel is just a unicorn. But sometimes her outfit might fit the locale. In that case- the carnival dictated a clown outfit." she says softly. "Ari-chan was born in the dream realm. She's technically mostly unicorn and also part mermaid. If you ever catch some glitter from here... or see me covered in it- it's from her." she says.

She raises her hands. "Unmei-chan, calm down just a little." she giggles just a little mirthly. "P--please excuse her... us." she says.

"As for... 'light pies'..." she says quietly. "Just be careful with that around me please. Purifcative energy is toxic to me." she says ever so quietly. "It burns and is potentially fatal to myself. Not to others. I don't think. But I.... have an affliction that makes it fatal and toxic to me."
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 20:41:01 102852
Unmei Tama blinked a few times and looked to Lacrima, then back to the girl. "Of course you're magical. You remember magic things. You can only remember magic things if like... you are magical. I... I think... That's the rule, right Lacrima?" she asked, not so sure now...

She nodded quickly. "And yes. No purifying Lacrima. She's a..." Trailed off. "Her condition is just really rough, okay? And if you hurt her a LOT of people will be mad at you. Because she's awesome." And a vampire.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 20:45:18 102853
Kotomi nods slowly to Lacrima. "Oh ... I see," she says, only half-understanding it. Her eyes widen slightly at Lacrima's warning. "Oh, jeez, sorry! I'll, I'll be careful!" Even though she didn't actually hit Lacrima with it ...

She runs a hand through her hair and sits back, sighing softly. "This ... is a lot to take in," she adds weakly. "It's like ... wow. I don't even know where to begin ..."

And then her head jerks around to Unmei. "W-what do you mean only remembering it if I'm magical!?"
Lacrima 2019-01-19 20:49:47 102855
Lacrima gently nods. "...My.. real name is... Norie Okana." she says softly. "I was a human until a cursed necklace took my body from me and replaced with a dark energy construct. I am--- well a casual term for it is 'vampire'." she says softly. "Please do not-- be frightened on that. It's a common reaction- and honestly makes me feel bad." she says quietly.

She sighs. "Not always true, Unmei. Like Nakusu-chan. She doesn't have magic, but she remembers it. Though she might be cheating- because her past life incarnation was magical." she says quietly.

"But-- it does take.. someone with a lot of potential to remember magical things." she nods to Kotomi. "So while you might not be magical right now- it's possible you might in the future." she says.

ZA pause. "This is your first interactions with magic I take it." she says quietly. "My Apologies. Please don't be afraid to ask questions." she says.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 20:58:04 102857
Unmei Tama nodded rapidly. "Y-yeah! Even if she's a vampire she's my best friend! And she's one of the nicest people I've EVER met! Like, ever! And she's incredibly supportive and carring and forgiving and she's great, vampire or not." Pause. "And she does, indeed, sparkle. But I think that's more glitter than the sun," she joked.

Then urked. "Wait, they can? I... I should probably be more careful of what I say to people then... oops," she said sheepishly. "But yeah. All of that!" she said proudly. "Anything you wanna ask us? Ask away. And hey, if you have a lot of potential, well, you probably will be! I mean... I had like, none, when I became a magical girl. You probably have double or triple the likelihood!" she said encouragingly.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 21:03:35 102858
Kotomi blinks. "Wait, you're --" Seems she's heard of Norie as that girl who went missing. "... oh. Ohhhhhh." She shakes her head. "No, don't worry, I'm afraid because meeting new people is scary, not because you're a vampire. Vampires are cool," she adds, with a glance at Unmei.

She snorts at Unmei's comment about sparkling. "... right," she says. "Anyway, uh ..." She sighs softly. "Am I really 'interacting with magic'? Like ... all I have is a half-remembered dream ... or maybe it's a two-thirds-remembered dream ... plus you guys talking to me. I dunno if ..." She shakes her head. "... I don't even know what I'm trying to say there."
Lacrima 2019-01-19 21:11:24 102860
Lacrima softly giggles. "...Ariel likes to.. hug me. And.. cuddle erm-- she's my.. girlfriend." she mutters. "S--so yeah. Usually I sparkle.. and it gets in my hair. But I don't mind." she snorts. She nods at Kotomi. "---I get.. shy and 'hard to approach' people." she says. "It's a good idea to get better at that..." she says as she eyes Unmei. No reason.

"Are you really interacting with magic?" she asks. "Yes. Yes you are. Right now you are. I'm a vampire." she points to Unmei. "She's a Magical Girl." she says.

"We're not in a dream right now. Yet you're here." she says quietly. "Just relax. Everyone figures this out at their own pace. Some faster than others-- like..."

"...Nakusu-chan. Is the reincarnated princess at the center of the myth of...." quietly... "Saint George..." more normal. "..and the Dragon." she says.

"She accepted that magic just exists really easily. Right-- if you ever... meet a knight in silver armor.. and a red cross on the front. Run. That's.... Saint George. He is not a hero like the myth claims." she says frankly. "He's a jealous bigot who couldn't deal with the fact a princess would love a dragon rather than a 'handsome knight like him' so murdered the dragon in an attempt to marry the princess against her will." she says frankly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 21:27:32 102864
Unmei Tama nodded and... "Ah. Here. One second." And then PINCHED Kotomi. "See? Not dreaming and..." Then, she jumped to her feet and... Transformed!

Into her brand new outfit! Kotomi got to see the transformation sequence that involved a lot of magical threads weaving the clothes, so on and so forth and... Then Magical girl Clotho appeared in front of her. And bowed politely.

"Magical Girl Clotho, the... err... chosen of Clotho?" she offered with a shrug. "I really need to get like... a title or try and come up with one... Lacrima, how does Chosen of Fate sound? I mean, Clotho is one of the fates." FOCUS!

Completely missing that Lacrima hinted that she was bad at meeting people. No. Unmei was great around people. The best. "And yeah... That. He's kind of a jerk, him," she muttered with a sigh. "But most magical people rock."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 21:29:12 102865
Kotomi nods slowly at Lacrima's explanation. There's clearly still a bit of doubt on her face, and it becomes slightly larger when Lacrima gives her the warning.

She lets out an even-less-girly-sounding squawk as Unmei pinches her. "Hey!" she says, frowning up at her.

Her eyes go wide as Unmei transforms. And then she actually blushes faintly. "Wha ... wow," she breathes. "That's ... that's amazing ..."

It seems that the magical girl fan never imagined what it would be like to meet a magical girl in real life. "I ..." She almost looks slightly dazed.
Lacrima 2019-01-19 21:39:24 102867
Lacrima softly head tilts and is about to speak. When Unmei changes into Clotho. She sighs a bit. She's glad Paige is polite and not remarking on this. She doesn't wanna need to also explain devices right now. She takes a short breath a moment.

"Just relax." she says softly. "Take it in slowly." she says.

"...I like Chosen of Fate. I think better." she says tapping her bottom lip. "I don't have a introduction phrase or title." she asides embarassedly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 21:46:24 102869
Magical Girl Clotho nodded and chuckled. "I know, it's a bit over whelming at first. But ummm... In for a dollar, in for a pound? Right? I was the same. A huge, magical girl fan! Then Pin came to me and was all 'Hey, I can make you one' and I was like 'Oh my gosh, really?! YES!' and then I got the Clotho Gem! It was so cool... Well. Except the... err... n-nevermind," she said sheepishly. No reason Kotomi had to hear about that stuff.

"That's because you're Lacrima, Shadow amongst Vampires... Though, that title might only pop into my head when I see you transform..." she mumbled idly.

Then grabbed one of the milks and held it out. "Here. Drink this. It might help," she offered with a grin.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 21:53:39 102870
Kotomi takes a few deep breaths as Lacrima tells her to calm down. She immediately grabs the glass of milk when Unmei -- when Magical Girl Clotho hands it to her, and she sips it. "... Wow," she says weakly. "Um. Sorry, um, Clotho-san, could you, um, slow down a little bit?"

She opens her mouth to ask about the 'never mind', but then immediately closes it. Asking about something someone doesn't want to talk about is not on her list of things to do today. "Um ... so ... yeah," she says softly. "Magical girls ... a-and vampires." She hesitates. "The ... the first question that comes to mind is ... what do you fight?" She looks uncertainly up at Clotho. "Besides Nightmares, I mean."
Lacrima 2019-01-19 22:07:35 102872
Lacrima softly relaxes as she sits and frowns. "Really.... people fight me..." she says. "Usually. I..." she says. "Well. 'Vampire' says everything. I don't drink blood- but I do drain energy. And that has to come from somewhere. Usually that means... haunting alleys and-- stalking... people..... yeah..." she says quietly.

"I mean. I help. When I don't need to feed..." she says softly. "-..that is not a full list of things." she says to Kotomi. "There's all sorts of magical girls- and there's things besides vampires." she says.

"There's all sorts of different youma... monsters of various types..." she says.

"Terribads, Akanbe, Youma, Yokai, Nightmares, jerks with swords...." she says quietly. "...Witches...." a pause. "Not.. a 'witch' like with the hat and broom. There is a monster called a 'Witch' which is a ball of anxiety and despair." she says. "And takes many shapes and forms."
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 22:09:14 102874
Magical Girl Clotho urked and then sheepishly poked her fingers together. "N-nothing... honestly... I don't really have a magical enemy or... even a rivl or anything that seem at all related to my powers... I'm more just a carry on to other people's adventures..." she said just a little softly and... sadly. "I guess people fought me for a while but that was... something else. I'm kind of alone, as far as I know. Pin said there were other gems, but I've never seen them. Oh Pin is... was my mascot. But one day he just.... disappeared."

"I fight random youma, but they don't show up too often, so usually just normal patrols. I fought a witch once. That was terrifying. Like. Entirely terrifying."

And then Lacrima said THAT and she sighed. "And... I used to be one of the... I used to do something similiar. I mean, no one really got hurt in either of our case. But it was still hurting people, even if they got better."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 22:15:41 102875
"... ah." Kotomi just looks ... nervous for a moment. But then she sighs. "... wow," she says weakly. "Sounds like ... everyone has a full plate, I guess?" She shakes her head. "And I mean, you're both obviously ..." She looks at Lacrima. "You're obviously one of the good guys, I guess reluctant vampires are a thing in real life too." She looks at Unmei. "And you must've been, like, a 'rival magical girl' who gets redeemed? Except wait no, you just said you don't have a rival ..." Leaning on her pop culture knowledge seems to be a defense mechanism there. She really doesn't want to think of either of them as bad people.

She shrugs. "Uh, however it works!" she says, giving a quick faint smile. "I guessssss ... there's just, uh, a lot here, I think." (She isn't imagining Witches properly, really.) "... Ugh, wow, I just realized I'm not gonna be able to tell my family about any of this." She shakes her head. "But ... wow."

A pause. "... How can I become a magical girl?" she asks. "Like ... you said I must have potential?"
Lacrima 2019-01-19 22:24:04 102877
Lacrima sighs, as if this was a question that was going to pop up. "I can't answer that for you." she says flatly. "Some ways work, some ways don't take." she says quietly. "I think you'll know if it comes for you. I know... Pretty Cures might hang around that coffee shop up the road. You might meet a white creature that claims you can make a wish but in turn- you need to become a Puella Magi and fight 'Witches'." she says.

"I could warn you that- the white create, named Kyubey, doesn't have your best interests at heart." she says.

"You might stumble upon a bauble that talks. It'll allow you to become a mage." she says softly.

"But for all we know- you might be something new." she says. "---do..."

"Do you have dreams of a time and place?" she asks. "Like... you're experiencing something you know you haven't--- but still have a strong Dejua Vu? I mean. Mundane things." she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 22:27:35 102880
Magical Girl Clotho nodded. "No, rival who gets redeemed is fairly accurate," she said with a shrug. "Then who kind of fades into the background. Lacrima is more... the innocent who gets corrupted by something of the 'bad guys' and then tries to do good with it, but ends up having to do bad things to survive archetype. Remember Faust from Choo Choo girls? Like him," she said with a nod.

"Oh, yes. Don't tell people. Trust me. It just cause problems," she mumbled.

She glanced to Lacrima and nodded, but kept her mouth shut. Lacrima knew better than she did.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 22:35:56 102882
Kotomi nods, considering the various ways. "... So many different ones," she murmurs. "In the shows, there's, like ... pretty much always only one way to become a magical girl." She frowns. "But I'll definitely be careful about this ... 'Kyubey' guy." She blinks. "Wasn't that girl 'Erato' talking about Puella Magi, who we met in ..." She laughs nervously. "... the dream. I still can't get over that!"

She nods to Unmei. "Like Faust, right!" she says. "But, I mean ... I guess I was thinking more in terms of vampire stuff and all that." She looks back at Lacrima. "You aren't, like, a 'magical girl' per se? You're a vampire instead?" She pauses. "Or ... is there even a technical difference?" Once again, she gets that brief, faint smile. "I don't even know what I'm talking about here!"
Lacrima 2019-01-19 22:48:51 102884
Lacrima head tilts she snorts. "That's a-- good argument that people have about me. Am I magical girl? or am I youma?" she asks softly. "I try not to think about it too hard." she says softly. "-and try to do what's right if I can help it." she says quietly as she shifts.

"No I understand what you mean, I think." she says quietly. She sighs a bit. She looks up. "OH!"

"Um-- there's gonna be a --- discussion soon. Ariel-chan is gathering people to talk about what happened- and what should happen next. Would you-- like to be there? If so. I can get your details from Unmei and let you know when it's happening, when I know." she says softly.

"You can also ask some questions from those that we're there--- if they show up. That Erato person was 'new' to me too. So I dunno if Ariel knows how to invite her."
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 22:53:52 102885
Magical Girl Clotho nodded. "Well... It's not a dream. And... sorta? I mean, she doesn't drink blood. Just energy, I think... and ummm... People get that back. Eventually. I used to do that. I don't, now. I mean, I could. But I... don't." She paused. "I wonder if I still could..." She hummed and then shook her head. "Not important!" She then unhenshined.

"Mine come from the Clotho gem. When I got it, I got to make a wish to 'alter my fate' and then... as long as I wear it, my fate is altered in the way I chose."

And her eyes widened a bit at this talk of a 'discussion'. Why wasn't she invited? Why was she only hearing about it now? The hurt look on her face spoke volumes, but only a second before she covered it up with a smile. They just... forgot her. Again. That's all... she probably wasn't important to it.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 23:01:38 102887
Kotomi tilts her head. "Okay, I think I get it," she says. "You're ... 'uncertain', but it's still ... in magical girl terms, I guess."

She blinks. "A meeting?" she says. "You mean about the dream-stuff that's been going on?" There's a moment of hesitation ... but her uncertainty is undercut by the fact that she gets to meet more magical girls. "Um, sure, Lacrima-san!" She hesitates. "Or ... Okana-san? Uh, which do I call you?"

She blinks at Unmei. "Oh, no, I met Lacrima-san in a ... magical dream-world, I think," she says. "I just went to bed, and ... we just found ourselves in the carnival. And then after it all ended, I just woke up. It was kind of confusion." She frowns as Unmei suddenly seems to become withdrawn. "... You okay?" she asks, very reluctantly.
Lacrima 2019-01-19 23:11:21 102890
Lacrima looks to Unmei, and head tilts. "Unmei?" she asks. "Are you okay? If you're worried about coming---" she says. "I don't even know when it is yet. So I haven't invited anyone I normally would proper." she frowns. "Kotomi is a special case. I don't know her. I don't know where she lives. I can't just... let her know." she says with a soft frown.

Lacrima is good at guessing bad feelings.

She looks to Kotomi. "Yes. As I said. I dunno when it is yet. Ariel will probably let people know who's able- and we can let those around us know." she says as she glances to Unmei. She grabs a glass of milk and offers. "Here." she goes.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 23:15:04 102891
Magical Girl Clotho nodded. "Definitely all magical girls," she said with a nod. She sat down on the bed and slid back against the wall. "Oh... a dream? Fun... Huh? Oh! I'm fine! Really!" she lied, with a fake smile.

And then Lacrima said WHY unmei hadn't been invited yet and... there was relief, she nodded. "O-oh. I figured it was that," she lied. Man, she was a terrible liar. Why did she have to be so sensitive?

She took the milk... And then a cookie, nodding. "What? I'm fine. Really. No need to baby me," she said, her cheeks red. "I'm a very responsible and mature member of the magical girl community..." she mega lied, there.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-01-19 23:20:57 102892
Kotomi nods to Lacrima. "Okay, got it!" she says. "I'll, uh ... Unmei-san has my info, she'll be able to get in touch and all that."

She blinks, looking between Lacrima and Unmei. Her own cheeks go red as well; a part of her almost wants to laugh, but that's one of the things that she knows exactly how badly it will go, no ifs ands or buts.

She glances back to the TV, and then laughs. "Wow, and we still haven't even started watching the show yet!" she says, smiling faintly. "I mean, this is probably ... one of the better ways we could've been distracted, but, uh, still!"
Lacrima 2019-01-19 23:22:17 102893
Lacrima sighs and sits back down. "Right let's start watching the show." she says. She leans over to Kotomi. "Have you watch the one with the vampire and unicorn? It's so dumb. It's like somebody read the future and then wrote it down all wrong." she snorts and leans back over to Unmei.

"Unmei can you start the player...?" she asks.
Unmei Tama 2019-01-19 23:25:07 102896
Unmei Tama blinked and then snickered. "H-hey, I really liked it!" she complained. "You're just biased against Vampires," she teased, before hopping down and moving to the player, putting her cup on the desk. "Yeah. Just get read for AWESOME!" And then pushed play, jumping into the seat and watching it with her friends... Yay, she made a new semi-magic friend!