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Date: 2019-01-21
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Mamoru Chiba 2019-01-21 01:56:02 102924
Mamoru heard from Kunzite who got it from the source-- Lacrima needs heals and badly, and didn't want to ask Mamoru because she knows it costs him, and Mamoru got annoyed because he'd told her, and one thing leads to another and he'd texted Lacrima and asked when he should drop by, and she'd asked to come here, so he told her to text when she was coming so he'd know to be home, and here we are.

It's a chilly day, but a jacket over a hoodie will do it, and hands in pockets, and that's what Mamoru was wearing when he headed home, and that's still what he's wearing now, coming in probably seconds ahead of Lacrima. "Yo!" he calls to the household at large, "Lacchan's coming over for +5 heals--"

And then he's shrugging out of his jacket and revealing the awful brown hoodie, and toeing his shoes off and then shlepping out of the genkan in his dumb masked house slippers. "Is there coffee?"
Saburo Yukimura 2019-01-21 02:05:22 102925
"Is there coffee, he says," Jadeite says in the kind of dramatic stage-whisper that only someone who absolutely wanted to be heard used. He's bent over a lump of clay, carving pieces away with a steel shaping tool, poking his tongue out in concentration.

"I just put a pot on. It's the only thing that keeps us all alive."
Lacrima 2019-01-21 02:05:25 102926
Lacrima had held off coming to Mamoru's for many reasons. One of the major was because-- yes it drained Mamoru like crazy. Another is that she didn't wanna spread 'responsible for death' feelings around the empath because really- those are good for no one. A third was the third practical reason that it gave her a valid excuse to not lunge at Akari if she happened across her in the wild while she was dealing with the bad feels.

It's when she drops the salt shaker the other morning when a pain shoots through the damn arm that she decides that the cons outweigh the pros and she takes Mamoru's initiation--- on the day she was going to try barging on over anyways.

So really, it works out. She arrives--- with a gentle touch down to the balcony carrying two things. One is a large box of donuts from the local artisan place she goes to. The other is two bottles of wine in a bag with bows on it. They say 'Merry Late Christmas and a Meh-hey New Year' in a light cheeky poke at things. She walks in.

"H-ello?" she calls out softly as she enters past the balcony. "I'm----" she then winces-- "-here." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 02:08:43 102927
"Do we live here?" Kunzite asks, looking up from his book and giving Mamoru a briefly dubious glance. He places an actual bookmark, used to actually mark one's place rather than sticking a scrap bit or an envelope or a pen or a cellphone or something in, and rises to head kitchenward. As Jadeite adds the 'only thing that keeps us all alive' part.

His mouth might twitch just a little.

"Hello, Lacrima." Well. That means he doesn't have to hunt for cookies or see whether Naru has been manufacturing muffins out of stress again. All he has to do is be ready to get coffee so Jadeite doesn't have to detach himself from his work.

(Clay in the coffee isn't going to hurt anyone, but they'd hear about it from Mamoru for weeks.)
Mamoru Chiba 2019-01-21 02:20:48 102928
"Yessss," whispers the Prince with a little hiss at the end, beelining for the ki-- okay Kunzite's gonna get there first, fine fine. He's just sidestepping over to grab a couple of scraped-off pieces of clay to make a googly-eyed clay slurmy muppet-worm when Lacrima shows up at the door, and is bloody carrying things.

Dr. Worm gets placed emphatically back down next to Jadeite, and Lacrima's barely gotten to the wince before Mamoru's already over there and relieving her of heavy thing and light thing alike, and giving her a scolding look. "Not that I don't appreciate gifts, but as your doctor, I don't approve of you straining your injury like that. Come sit down."
Lacrima 2019-01-21 02:29:34 102929
Lacrima watches Mamoru's slurmy Muppet worm with a straight face. She blinks as Mamoru comes over to relive her of things. She at least was carrying the lighter thing in the bad side of her body. "Here." she says. "Those are donuts." she says. "The bag is... wine. From my cellar. It was there when I obtained the manor. It's an older vintage. You'll like it. Two should be enough right?" she says quietly. It's not like these people inhale alcohol or any t--wait.

Still. It should be enough. She sighs a bit. "I'm fine. But this one is deeper." she says with a slight seethe. "Than last time." she says. "About... fricken bisected me." she says lowly.

"Hi Kunzite-kun, Hi Jadeite-kun. I have donuts for the apartment." she asides in case it was not clear from earlier that there are donuts.

Because there are, and they're delicious.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-01-21 02:34:27 102930
The creation of Dr. Worm earns Jadeite's attention, but a Lacrima appears before it can be remarked upon. She's carrying Items and Things and wincing enough that clay and tools alike are willing put aside so he can stand. Mamoru had said something about heals, hadn't he?

"Hi Lacrima," he says cheerfully enough, though there's some distinct worry there. "Let me take those from the doctor, and he can make sure you're not almost-bissected." And he makes grabby hands at the Lacrima Gifts.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 02:39:39 102931
"We'll keep Nephrite away from it," Kazuo says, deadpan as usual, blithely ignoring any and all hypocrisy in play. He says nothing about keeping Jadeite away from it, mind. No. There is only fetching Mamoru coffee. There is a clear window while donuts and wine are being handled in which Mamoru has time for actual caffeine.
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 02:42:37 102932
Akari knows that she's taking a risk by traveling alone, but her biggest reason for wanting protection doesn't actually want to capture her, her second-biggest reason has already stolen her Linker Core and is thus unlikely to attack her again any time soon, and the third reason, random youma, hardly seems worth the effort of worrying about at the moment.

And so it is that the blue-haired Belkan girl is arriving at the ECFH alone. She's dressed in her blue track suit plus a black winter coat, and Rubindorn is hanging around her neck in pendant form, a black double-barred cross with a rose-red gem inlaid in a ring at the crux of the upper bar. She steps out of the elevator, takes a deep breath, knocks quickly, and steps in.

She's recovered enough that she can use her 'infiltration' skills to keep an ordinary, neutral expression while she's out in public. She hasn't recovered enough not to drop it the minute the door is opened; she immediately looks fairly haggard. Her emotional state is similar to Lacrima: grief, with a side order of guilt, plus extra exhaustion and nervousness to boot. "Hello?" she calls out. She blinks as she takes in the sight of everyone in the room, and then suddenly everything seems to be weighing more heavily on her. "Oh! Um ... hi, Lacrima-chan ..."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-01-21 02:55:43 102933
As Jadeite takes the things from Mamoru, Mamoru's really only partially paying attention to what Lacrima says is in the bags -- he's aware, he's buffering the information, but he's primarily concentrating on the word 'bisected' and the way she's moving, with or without the bags.

To say he has a look of dismay on his face is like stating that Tokyo Tower is kind of tall.

"Really," he says quietly to her as he herds her gently toward the couch. "If you can lie down, it'll probably make it easier for both of us," he says softly.

And then Kunzite's giving him caffeine, and Mamoru lets his hand linger briefly against Kazuo's as he takes the cup, meeting cloud-grey eyes for a half second, with a half smile.

While Lacrima's arranging herself and Mamoru's carefully drinking his coffee-- undoubtedly adulterated with milk so it's cool enough to chug and let it warm him all the way down in one go-- is when Akari comes in, and the prince looks up at her, expression politely blank surprise as he waits for someone to introduce them.
Lacrima 2019-01-21 03:07:28 102934
Lacrima makes a face. "'nearly' so. I can still walk. I'm not like, keeping myself together with duct tape. It's just... everything isn't connected right... or connected at all and I can 'feel' it this time." she says with a rasp. She moves to the couch to sit and sighs. "---he... leaned into me harder than last time. It was---" she shifts uncomfortably. "Like he was actually trying this time.. just..." she blinks and looks up.

"--oh----! Akari-chan." she says with lit up eyes. "Mamoru-kun this is Akari-chan. Akari Hayabusa. The one I'm... I'm supposed to be trying to bring in..." she mutters.

"Not here of course. One place I can meet her safely..." she says. She shifts a bit.

"....." she's silent for a few long moments as she looks thankful for the items being taken.

"...A--akari-chan. Have you.. um-- I----" she can just sputter incoherently for a bit, she doesn't know what to say.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-01-21 03:15:14 102935
So that's Akari-who-wants-out. Now he has a face to go with the name Minako had given him, at least. Jadeite's arms are busy with donuts (and one is possibly in his mouth, the box having been opened while no one was quite looking), and he might be taking a bottle of wine so that Kunzite doesn't have much besides Mamoru's to-be-gifted coffee, but he still manages to wave a bit in greeting.

"Wan'a do'ut?" he asks around his own donut, trying not to drop the poor innocent donut to the cold hard floor. I
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 03:20:57 102936
Lacrima's introduced Mamoru, more or less. On limited terms, at least. "The one who has not yet noticed that sound travels poorly through physical objects is Saburo," Kazuo says to Akari, by way of greeting. Definitely by that name. Whether or not they use it that much at home. "I am Kazuo Takeba. Would you like anything besides a donut?" Because meeting Eclipse refugees in a room full of Dark Jane Goodalls and confusing boys is perfectly normal and everyday. Clearly.
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 03:29:35 102937
Akari is used to The Weird Stuff at this point. Hell, she's an example of The Weird Stuff. She furrows her brow at Saburo, then bows to Kazuo. "Um, it's good to see you again ... Takeba-san," she says. "And, um, pleased to meet you, Saburo-san, and to ... to finally meet you, Chiba-san." She bows to each of them in turn. "But, um ... yes, thank you, I think a donut at least would be ... would be good. A-and probably something to drink, too."

She goes to sit down on a chair in the general vicinity of the couch Lacrima is lying on. She looks like she really doesn't know what to say, either. Still, at least one thing occurs to her that's probably going to be news. "The Wolkenritter stole my Linker Core."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-01-21 03:43:05 102939
"Likewise, Hayabusa-san," says Mamoru gravely, ugly hoodie and expensive jeans and glasses and all. He sets his empty coffee cup down and takes a knee beside the couch, glancing back at Jadeite with a faintly rueful smile. "I'll want one in a little while," he says. "Or five." Then his gaze - a weighty thing, right now, far older than his twenty years - settles on Akari. "Lacrima finally decided to come and let me stitch her back together. I apologize for my upcoming silence, but I can't put it off to be social."

And then he looks back and Lacrima's still sitting up, and he kisses his teeth, brow furrowed. "I mean it," he says firmly, "lie down. Here--"

And then he helps her move and resettle, hoping no one's staring because it's rude and poor Lacrima doesn't need to feel any more anxious. Once she's horizontal, he takes her hand and slowly starts taking his walls down, acclimating himself like he's stepping gingerly into icewater. "It would help," he says quietly to her, "if I could touch closer to the injury, but I'm not about to mess with your clothes. Let me know what's all right."

As soon as he takes her hand, she can feel him, the vast golden power to which the rose honey is but a sweet echo - and she can feel the pain ebb away immediately, and she can feel the trust he has in her that she won't come after him.
Lacrima 2019-01-21 03:53:28 102940
Lacrima ughs and protests. Lacrima doesn't like going to the doctor. Or really interreacting with anyone in a way like a doctor. She does eventually lie down on her right side in such a manner that she's facing outward. She grumbles. Sadly--it would be really awkward to take her shirt for numerous reasons. So what she does instead is show where it ends-- which she can show modestly just by lifting her shirt a bit- ending mid stomach at a slant-- and then pokes up wards to a spot through her shirt where it begins.

Like someone came down with a slant with a blade into her shoulder and down through the torso and ended near the waist. Since well-- that's exactly what happened.

The wound looks like last time. Hard and black and tacky and held together but not healed and right.

It feels the same way- too- things not connected right. Channels of darkness misaligned. Things not firing right in that part of the body because of it.

She seems to relax when she can feel that power and she winces and does her best to not let her darkness try to leech off Mamoru. She accomplished fairly well.

There's confidence there because there's two people here who will have no problem throwing her off Mamoru and kicking her until she stops- at least when Mamoru is involved-- at least.

"N--nrgh--" she mutters. She eyes Akari softly as Mamoru works, giving an apologetic look.

"I have not... ap-aproached her. Yet. I can't easily.. visit her easily. Is-- is Rei-san okay?" she asks.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 04:26:56 102941
"-- ah. My apologies; my attention was rather more on the injured party at the time." Kazuo bows gravely to Akari, then goes to assemble a tray. What's on hand? Coffee; he'll drink that if she doesn't. Water. Chocolate milk. Pineapple soda. Again. He would mutter about why is there always pineapple soda if he didn't have Grave Suspicions about who keeps restocking the fridge, possibly just for the sake of catching the looks he gives it.

The tray is offered to Akari so that she can retrieve her choice along with the Jadeite-supplied donut; after she's made it, he sets the tray down on the nearest small table, and regards her steadily for a moment. "You don't seem to be suffering any overt ill effects, other than the obvious. I trust you have sufficient support, wherever it is you're staying, not to have to worry about someone tracking you down during your recovery. I will not ask, in any case, in order to give Lacrima more leeway in her own troubles at the moment."
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 04:35:02 102942
Akari actually chuckles slightly at Mamoru's 'or five'. She looks up at Kazuo and nods. "And I'm twenty-eight centimeters shorter and don't have glowing eyes anymore, so ... yeah."

She accepts one of the donuts. "I, um ... glitched, but Sakura-imouto fixed me up using the Storage Device that has all my diagnostics and stuff." She hesitates. "They got me and Cure Shield at the same time, but ... when I glitched, they panicked and thought I'd died. They stopped draining Shield-chan, and Signum took some power back from that book of theirs and shoved it back into me." She frowns. "It was contaminated with darkness, though, so I had to get purified by Princess Runealy ... again."

She frowns worriedly at Lacrima. She isn't sure who Rei is, but, well, it's getting harder to dance around the issue that got Lacrima here in the first place.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 04:38:37 102943
Ah. That question was not for Akari. "Mamoru and Neil visited her," Kazuo says to Lacrima. "I understand she is ... managing. And probably done recovering from the sheer amount of sweets they provided. Neil enjoys overdoing these things."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-01-21 04:43:05 102944
Yes good; Lacrima can participate in the conversation while Mamoru does whatever Mamoru does, which in this particular instance involves being clinically detached from a) the dark energy he's just finally plunged into as he tunes out of the conversation entirely, b) Lacrima's awful feelings poor poor thing, and c) the fact that if anyone walked in that didn't know what was going on they'd see his hand up under her shirt--

--but his eyes are closed now, and there's a dim golden glow emanating from both of his hands. It's a light power that's never hurt her, that's only ever helped.

The prince is much better at it this time, since he doesn't need to reinvent the wheel -- but he's not objectively faster with it because it's so much worse this time. One after another, he surgically removes the foreign material -- the terrible purification curse of George's sword, cauterizing and blocking and keeping Lacrima's parts apart. Once more, he's unable to directly heal her, but can build structures to bridge gaps and hold things together, like sutures, which she can then absorb and incorporate into her own energy in the correct internal configuration.

Very roundabout, but not messy at all-- incredibly precise.

It just costs, as it always does. It costs to immerse himself in the creeping corruption that comprises Lacrima's physical form-- but the cost is mitigated by Lacrima herself, who manages, no matter what she's made of, to be kind.

That's another thing she can feel from Mamoru: support, appreciation-- love. Sorrow for her grief. And he hasn't even internally flinched once.
Lacrima 2019-01-21 04:58:04 102945
Lacrima nods at Kunzite. That question was meant as a round about. It got answered. "G--good." she says quietly. "Glad..." she says as Mamoru works. The discussion is mostly to distract her from the fact there is everything she isn't in healing contact and the darkness wants that so bad.

She's able to stop it from leeching well enough. Lacrima relaxes when she's positive that it isn't going to happen, taking a cleaning relaxing outward breath.

She doesn't think much of what Mamoru is doing or how it might look from an outward angle. She trusts him. He trusts her. Nothing bad is gonna happen just relax.

She can feel parts of her sort of slide into place and it's weird. Like---

She imagines this is how a clogged hose feels like when someone unclogs it.

She looks to Akari and frowns a little. "S--sorry to hear that happened." she says quietly. "I've only heard about that situation in hearsay." she says. She grits her teeth, softly sighing a bit as she lets Mamoru concentrate. "T..thank you." she says to him. "It's working..." she assures.

She looks towards Kunzite. "....Right. Unmei-chan said she spoke to you the other day. She's... chosen to move in. I'm letting her. The other two roommates are fine with it." she says quietly, as Mamoru works-- the dark awful scab slowly disappearing as her body is able to regulate dark energy to those spots finally properly as they become healed.

"...this always tastes like your rose honey." she snickers just a little. "...Odd to taste it without eating it." she says.
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 05:25:32 102946
Akari shrugs. "It's ... I guess there's not really much to say about it," she says softly. "It's just hard, not being able to speak with Rubindorn except for a few words at a time. They only partially got Shield-chan, so she can transform again now." She frowns. "Though she still hasn't completely recovered, so it's still a little bit difficult on her end ..."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 05:32:39 102947
"Good," Kazuo says to Lacrima. "If it's good by you and your cohort, then good. She needs enough people around that she can learn how to interpret 'friend' instead of going directly from 'casual acquaintance' to 'obviously we are meant to be life partners,' and her abilities are a potential good match to supplement those you already have in-house." Literally. The Manor, not so much Eclipse. "We've been giving her a budget, and redirecting the rent on her present apartment should go a good way to covering her expenses; I'll be happy to go over the details with you later, when you choose. And to help move her belongings, if you and she like."

And then Akari says 'still a little bit difficult on her end,' and Kazuo ... finds a fascinating point on the mural to study for a moment. That's such an interesting sky. "Unfortunately, that does happen. Usually it resolves itself with time."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-01-21 05:35:03 102948
"Unsurprising," says Mamoru finally, with the smallest of laughs, finally sitting back on his heels, letting his hands fall away. And when they do, there's no lingering pain or wrongness for Lacrima -- just a little stiffness while her own body works on absorbing and repurposing the energy Mamoru used on her. And then he thumps back further, slouching for a half-second before realizing that if Lacrima actually sees how tired he is again, she'll avoid coming over again if George like... actually bisects her and she's held together with duct tape and chicken wire and saltwater taffy.

So he hauls himself to his feet, and straightens his shoulders, and smiles down at Lacrima. "You should be fine now. Stick around for as long as you like, obviously -- and you're fine, too, Hayabusa-san -- I've just been putting off a practice exam in Med Term II and I'll want to jump off a bridge on Monday if I don't work on it before then."

He glances to Kazuo, and then to Akari and Lacrima again, as if only just noticing they actually were having an actual conversation he was missing, and he coughs in embarrassment. "Yes. I also think wine goes particularly well with medical terminology."

He hijacks the other bottle and a fistful of doughnuts and exits stage left. Wait. Hasn't he been basically studying medical terminology since he was like thirteen?

Maybe that's why wine.
Lacrima 2019-01-21 05:39:14 102949
Lacrima nods to Mamoru. "....I... feel fine now." she says sitting back up. She sighs. "I'll still need a moment. Thank you... again." she says quietly. "--and thank you for the LUSH items, by the way. It helped a lot with relaxation." She'll let Mamoru leave. She knows he's gonna be tired after this. She looks to Kunzite apologetically. An unsaid 'sorry for making your prince tired, but thank you for being here in case something bad happened.'.

When she's able to- she walks across the way to Akari and-----

She offers a hug. The healed arm is shaky, a little bit. Dark energy is still flowing where it needs to- but she wants to offer. She doesn't actually hug her-- until it's taken. She doesn't know what Akari wants or doesn't want right now.

"I... I am sorry." she says quietly. "I--I tried to... save her. Tried to... t..turn her. Give her a chance like Alexis-niisan had... But I bled out so much dark energy...." she says quietly.

"I.. I hope you're not... angry at me." she says quietly. "For that..." she says.
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 05:46:18 102950
Akari nods to Mamoru. "I'll see you later then," she says softly. This is basically the only extant place she knows of where she can speak with Lacrima, so she's bound to run into him again sooner or later.

And speaking of Lacrima ... She pulls her into a tight hug. There's tears in her eyes now. "It's not your fault," she says softly. "You're the one who actually tried to help. I keep feeling like ... if I'd ... if I hadn't just frozen up, I could've ..."

There's just the tiniest, faintest ping from her pendant between them, and Akari sighs. "Ruby's been telling me that I couldn't've known to do anything different, but ..." She shrugs. "... it's hard. Especially now that she can't say much."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-01-21 05:52:12 102952
Kazuo considers the two for a quiet moment. Then rests his hand on Lacrima's good shoulder for a moment (apology appreciated but unnecessary), and steps back to collect the coffee from the tray. And to take it and one donut of his own off in the direction Mamoru went.

Some conversations don't need people who weren't there.
Lacrima 2019-01-21 05:58:14 102953
Lacrima softly quietly says. "You did your best, Akari-san. I didn't... I didn't foresee Ryo butting in like that." she says gently. "Doing such a thing. It's as my fault as it is your in that respect." she says gently. "--and shared pain is... lessened pain? I can't remember the quote... it's from some book.... something... Crosstime.. Bar?" she asks scratching her head.

"... I brought plenty of donuts." she says quietly. "Did you get one?..." she asks as she drags Akari over to the donuts and coffee. Even with all the fistfuls taken- there's still plenty left.

She fidgets a bit and watches Kunzite leave with a soft nod. "That was.. Kunzite. Mamoru. Jadeite." she says quietly. "Sorry I only said Mamoru earlier. They're good people. Mamoru... can't handle many people at once. Many things. Plus him healing me probably tired him out for too much conversation." she says.

"You should meet him another time when that isn't the case."

She'll sit down back on the couch. "...I hope you have a place to stay?" she says quietly. "Don't.. tell me where but... I don't like to think of you... sleeping in alleys. I hated that." she says quietly.
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 06:08:36 102954
Rubindorn speaks up in a quiet whisper of a voice. <<KEINER DER BEIDEN VON EUCH IST SCHULD.>> Neither of you are to blame.

Akari sighs softly. "I mean ... Ruby's probably right, when you get right down to it," she says. "But ... yeah." She nods. "I grabbed a donut, but more is probably good," she says, following Lacrima and grabbing another one.

She nods at the question of a place to stay. "Virtue has safe-houses," she says. "A place to stay, and steady meals. I'm ..." She has a lopsided smile. "... I'm fine in that regard, if nothing else."

She sighs, nibbling on the donut a bit. "I don't hate Ryo-san, either," she adds. "Honestly, I feel sorry for him. Being so full of hatred ..." She shakes her head. "Maybe it's just because I'm becoming too much like Sakura-imouto or whatever, but all I can think is that it must be awful for him to be like that, even if he doesn't know it."
Lacrima 2019-01-21 06:20:16 102955
Lacrima scoffs as she looks down. "There are worse things than becoming someone who cares about everyone, Akari-chan. It isn't a weakness..." she says quietly. "....I want to be more like Ari-chan." she says softly. "Trying to talk things out rather than... then go straight to fighting." she says.

She nibbles a donut quietly. "...I'm glad." she says. "....I'm very upset at him. I don't know what happens next..." she says quietly. "He desperately wants the princess. He's hunting all of us that he deems 'unwholesome'..." she says.

"...Even if things get back to where I can go home... then went? Live with a murderer?" she scoffs as she settles.

"Erm. Sorry. I'm talking to myself now." she says gently. "Doing my best. Feels good to have control of my left side now." she says.
Rosalie Janus 2019-01-21 06:26:37 102956
Akari nods, and smiles faintly. "I can't argue with that," she says. "I used to be a worse thing." She shakes her head. "... Gotta say, though, I'll take existential chaos over this feeling in my gut any day."

She straightens up slightly. "I'm sorry, but ... I think I should head back home," she says. "It's just ... sometimes I need to be around others, and I'm glad I ran into you today ... but ... I ..." She shakes her head. "Well ... other times I need to be alone. Not even Rubindorn can really tell which is which most of the time."

A pause. "I'm erring on the side of being around others, though." She grimaces. "... learned that the hard way, but it only took like eight hours to figure it out, after Sailor Mars dropped me off."
Lacrima 2019-01-21 06:30:21 102957
Lacrima nods softly. "Please go if you need to." she says softly. "Thank you for dropping by... when you did." she says. "I'm going to hang out on the couch for a bit longer until I'm sure everything is flowing right." she says gently.

"Be well... Akari-chan." she says softly.

"And-- sorry. For this all."