Well, it's a life

Kyouko comes upon a witch fighting Erato and, together, they finish it off! Another grief seed added to the list and, with a bit of assistance from the ex-puella, the newest puella now knows how to prank a certain tall, dark and blond gem.

Date: 2019-01-22
Pose Count: 17
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 18:20:59 102971
Another witch had appeared in Tokyo! There were a lot of them... Or maybe it was just how they went. Either way, it had appeared a little bit ago, which meant Erato had made her way to the scene! And, after having made her way through, using her song to avoid notice... She'd launched a surprise attack and hit it in the back!

What she hadn't expected was the 'witch' she'd hit to have been so heavily protected. It seemed to be some kind of 'builder' one, setting up brick forts, with all manner of cement mixing familiars running around and shooting... Well... Cement. And Erato wasn't having the best time of it as a blow of the trowel sent her flying back, hitting a stone wall and.... Then getting doused in cement. She wasn't... down. But owwwww... just give her a second to breathe... She slowly started breaking her way out of the cement and bricks as the witch walked towards her, trowel in one hand, shovel in the other, intending to make her a part of the 'wall' that it was creating.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 18:24:36 102972
    While it is true that Apatite no longer needs to hunt Witches in order to survive, that doesn't mean that she has stopped killing them. They are a danger to civilians and magical girls alike, and need to be put down when they appear. On top of that, she might bear a bit of a grudge against them. Old habits are hard to break. So when she senses a Labyrinth nearby while on her way home from work, she made a slight detour to head towards it. Always time for a bit of slaying before dinner.

    Henshining before entering the Labyrinth, Apatite has made her way towards the center of it independantly of Erato. She arrives just as the younger girl is getting doused in cement. With a red flash, her spear descends like a bolt of lightning, slicing a Familiar in half as it was moving to attack Erato while the girl was freeing herself. Dropping down a moment later, her cape flapping with the motion, Apatite frowns as she yanks the spear out of the earth (the Familiar having dissolved as it died). "You okay there, kid?"
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 18:35:49 102975
Erato Ishin groaned as one of the familiars stood over her... dumping it and... it would... She'd break it. She had to. Or at least get out of sight and... then in an AWESOME flash of red, the familiar was done. Gone. She stared and then... "T-thank you!" She lashed out her whip and then... "You're never gonna bring me down~" she sang.

Reacting to her voice, the notes on the whip extended out to form it into a bladed whip, circling around her and slashing through the bricks and sending them scattering, freeing her. She eyed the other girl's spear for a second. "I'll distract it!" the moment her song stopped, the whip went limp... but... "You're never gonna break this part of me!" she sang, before leaping and... Apatite could feel it, as almost every single eye in the room fell on her. And even Apatite might struggle to not focus on the girl.

"They're always here to bring me around! Not singing just because a celebrity," she sand. And as everything focused on her, she... Put herself to use as a dodge tank! Why? Because if she had something ELSE here to fight, all she had to focus on was defense. And her bladed whip moved around her, cutting the bricks as they came close and familiars that got too close. Gotta love that magical aoe taunt.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 18:40:49 102976
    Apatite nodding her head in response to the thanks, not bothering to offer any advice or chastisement- the girl had been doing okay, or so it seemed. Witches were tough. Her brows knit as the girl started singing, but she quickly recognized it as some form of magic, especially as she found her own attention being drawn to Erato despite herself.

    Flaring her own magic in defense, to dull the effect of Erato's, Apatite whirled to find the Witch itself while all the Familiars were chasing the younger girl around. It didn't take long to find it, surrounded in brick walls. Curling her lip, Apatite whirled her spear around, taking a step and hurling it like a javelin. The triangular blade at the tip burst into glowing red fire, the spear arcing through the air like a comet until it smashed into the brick walls, causing them to explode apart. Apatite was already chasing it, snatching the spear from the ground and using it to vault over the Witch even as it turned, slashing down at it once its defenses have been destroyed.
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 18:48:32 102977
The witch didn't even seem to notice Apatite... at first. However, as the walls surrounding it were torn apart, crumbling under the assault from the other girl, the witch FINALLY tore its gaze away. However...

"I'm here to let you know! The I won't let you go! My music is a bomb and it's about to blow!" she sang, the whip slashing out around her and slicing through three familiars...

And the witch was distracted. Under the magical compulsion, its eyes drifted back to Erato, only to turn back to Apatite...

Just in time to see the spear come through and... tear the witch apart.

And with it, the familiars followed suit a moment later, falling apart as the labyrinth began to collapse. Erato... sighed and fell to her knees. "Oh my gosh I thought I was toast for a second there! I was gonna try and call for--"

"And then she FINALLY realized who saved her. That brilliant red hair. That massive spear. That way she stood as if she'd done this a million times already.

"Kyouko-sempai?!" Erato asked, her eyes lighting up at the sight of the second coolest person she knew!
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 18:56:03 102978
    Apatite's spear slashes through the Witch, killing it instantly. As the Labyrinth collapsed around her, Kyouko stood, frowning slightly. "That was easy.." She mutters, sounding a bit surprised. Although Erato distracting everything, even the Witch itself, certainly made it easier than it would have been had she had to fight it on her own.

    She bends to pick up the Grief Seed that tinks to the floor as the Witch vanishes, just as Erato was making her way over. She quirks a brow as the girl seems to recognize her. "Oh yeah, I met you the other day, didn't I?" She asks, remembering the encounter now that she has time to think about it. "I'm on the job, though. I go by Apatite when I'm working." She indicates the Shitennou uniform with its short cape dangling from her shoulders.

    She tosses the Seed to Erato. "Here you go kid. Nice work in there, by the way. That distracting thing you were doing made my job pretty easy."
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 19:03:25 102979
Erato Ishin stared at her with eyes filled with awe and... when the seed was tossed to her, she squealed and caught it, holding it clasped in both hands as if it was a great treasure she'd hold onto forever...

She then stored it away before... "The fight is over, so obey my call~" she sang, and the whip seemed to react to her voice. Seemed it wasn't the words, just tone and the fact she sung. The blades retracted back to the just images on the whip, that flowed from one end to the other while she sang. The whip then, with a flick of her wrist, coiled around her whip. Satisfied, she nodded.

"You're amazing, Kyo-- Apatite-sempai!" she said, her eyes glimmering. "You killed it in one shot! My attacks could barely dent it!" Well, to be fair, Erato hadn't been able to get a full blow on it, only some glancing ones. At least it explained why it was so 'easy'. Then again, Kyouko had enough experience by now...

"A-and thanks! My magic is all based on my voice! I can draw attention, or dispel attention! Though, well.... the latter is harder. It only really works if I can make them stop looking at me for a second. But it's great for sneak attacks!" she said proudly, walking to the other girl and staring at her with awe.

"And I'm sorry I didn't call for help. I was going to, but... I didn't realize she was tough until after I hit her the first time. And couldn't.... really get away too easy. Cement is hard."
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 19:12:25 102980
    Apatite watched with some interest as the whip was stored away, filing it amongst her knowledge of the abilities of other magical girls. Always handy to know what your allies, or enemies, are capable of doing in a fight. She looked a bit uncomfortable as Erato gushed at her, but manages a slightly crooked grin. "Eh, I been doin' this a long time. You learn just how to hit 'em. Anyway, I think this Witch was pretty fresh.." She frowned then, perhaps wondering where it had come from. A new Witch meant one less Puella, after all.

    But she dismisses that line of thought with a shake of her head, looking back at Erato. "Sounds pretty handy." She raises a brow. "You should always have backup before you go into a Labyrinth, if you can. But.." A shrug, her spear disappearing into thin air as she dismisses it. "I know sometimes you don't have any backup to call, so I can't fault you too much for going in anyway. Luckily I was nearby when I felt the Witch. I make it my business to kill 'em when I can."
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 19:24:55 102981
Erato Ishin blinked a few times. "Fresh? I... think so. I don't think it ate anybody, yet. I was almost on top of it when it went off. I wonder what triggered it," she said, glancing about. "Oh! That reminds me! I've seen a lot more witches since coming to Tokyo. Like... is that normal? Or is it just because there's so many more people to draw despair and stuff from?"

"A-and, right. Yes. I'll try and start calling for help but... I sometimes forget, heh heh. I mean... I've been working alone so long but..." She shook her head. "But you've been doing this longer, so you're right! Who did you call for help when you came in? If... you don't mind me asking."
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 19:28:45 102982
    "There's going to be more Witches in Tokyo because there are more people." Apatite confirms, nodding her head. "It's pretty proportional. More people, more Witches. Less people, less Witches. Although.." She pauses, then adds, "Remember last time we mentioned that super-Witch, Hana, who you are absolutely to stay away from? I think more Witches have come to Tokyo since she showed up. But either way, it's no surprise there are more here than you are used to."

    Apatite nods her head at the talk of calling for help, then winces as Erato asks who she called for help. "Well.. I didn't call anybody before I went in." She admits. Then she frowns, saying perhaps a bit too quickly, "But I've been doing this for years, I know what I can handle. Anyway," She holds up her wrist to show off the Shitennou communicator which resides there in the form of a bracelet. "I can call in help if I need it."
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 19:36:49 102983
Erato Ishin nodded rapidly. "Y-yeah. I'll be careful if I see her, okay?" she said with a smile. "I'll run and get help1 I've already met a few magical girls who are really cool, too!" she said happily. "Oh, and I went to that place you gave me a card to. And I met... ummm... what was his name? His hair was like... kinda white... blonde? Yeah. He was nice! And smart, though," she said with a hum.

"You didn't?" she asked. "Ohhhhh. I get it. Right!" she said. Obviously Kyouko was so cool she never NEEDED help! And she was so kind to take Erato sorta under her wing and try and make sure she stays safe. "And don't worry, I'll be careful, I promise. And... Wait. That works there? Ugh! You're so lucky! Whenever I go into a labyrinth my phone doesn't work at all!"
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 19:44:30 102984
    "It's a little bit different than a regular phone, although I guess depending on how deep in the Labyrinth I went, it might not work." Apatite frowns at the communicator, as she'd never really thought about it before- she hadn't needed to call for help since she got it, at least not from within a Witch Labyrinth.

    She blinks at the mention of the visit to the ECFH. "Oh, Zoisite? He's one of my brothers." She says, with a bit of a grin. "I don't know if I'd use the word 'nice' but.. well, he does like kids, so I guess you have an automatic in. I'm glad you went, though. It's a good place if you need to connect with people."
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 19:50:07 102985
Erato Ishin blinked and then... "Well... ummm.... just don't bite off more than you can chew then, okay? Please?" she said with a small, sheepish smile. And then...

"Oh, yes, him! and he was really nice!" And there was a mischievious grin. "And smart..." And there was a wicked gleam. "I can't WAIT to meet him again!" SHE WOULD PRANK HIM NEXT TIME! She swore it! "Heyyyy... could you tell me a bit about him? Any like... oh... quirks of his? Blind spots? Weaknesses? Oh. Right. And things he's allergic too. I wouldn't want to hurt him on accident... Oh. Right. He and I are currently in a prank war. Don't tell him I told you though, okay?" Probably because HE DIDN'T KNOW.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 19:53:10 102986
    "Don't worry kid, I'm one of the best chewers in town." Apatite says, with a smirk, showing off one of her sharp fangs in the process. "But it's nice of you to be concerned. I got enough people lookin' out for me, though. You take your own advice.. I don't need any more dead Puella on my conscience."

    She eyes Erato as the girl asks about Zoisite's weak points. "If you're in a prank war with Zoisite, I'm sorry to say you've signed your own death warrant." She says, with a quirk of her lips. "And as his sister, it's unfortunately not allowed for me to tell you his weak points.. that would be betraying family. But.." A pause, and then she leans down to murmur, "He's not allergic to anything. And he's really sensitive about how his hair looks.."
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 19:59:55 102987
Erato Ishin blinked and then leaned in a bit to stare at her teeth. "W-wow... how are they so sharp? It's like you're part woof or something," she whispered in awe. "And don't worry! I won't die! Heck, there's no way I'm EVER going to give up now that I finally get a chance to live!" she said with excitement. "Even if there's a hundred witches!" she said with a nod.

She blinked and grinned. "I-I won't give up!" she said defiantly. "Even if he is a lot older, I will win this war! Somehow!" she said, hopping up and down... And then... Her eyes glimmered at THAT news. "Yessss! I know EXACTLY what to do! Thank you, Kyouko-sempai, you're the best!" she said, before... if she didn't stop her, stepping forward and giving her a mega tight hug. Only to pull back a moment later and... "Wait. Where did I put Kyubey down?" she asked. "Oh maybe the little devil outfit was too hard for him to run around in... I hope he didn't get eaten again... it took forever to clean out his fur last time..." she mumbled.
Kyouko Sakura 2019-01-22 20:06:44 102988
    Apatite smirked at the announcement that Erato knew just what to do. Good, maybe this kid would give Zoisite a run for his money. He deserved it after that stunt he pulled with the shampoo last month. "That's good to hear kid. I think you'll do alright. Just remember what I told you, huh?"

    Then Erato starts talking about Kyubey, and Apatite rolls her eyes. With no desire to talk to (or be ignored by) the white rat this evening, she says, "Alright, I gotta run. Stay safe, kid. I'll see you around." And then with a sound like reality ripping, she simply vanishes from the spot- teleporting to a secluded place a bit away, before de-henshining and returning to her trek home.
Erato Ishin 2019-01-22 20:10:54 102989
Erato Ishin blinked and then stared and... Her mouth fell open. "Oh... my gosh. Now THAT is the coolest teleport EVER! Cool AND refined!" Zoisite just couldn't win, could he? She then hummed and... Ran off, to find Kyubey. Soon enough, she found him and... "Okay. Kyubey, come on. We need to go find some VERY special ballons."

The little monster just... shrugged. A witch was killed, so what did he care?