The core of the seal

In a refreshingly easy encounter Signum takes another mahou's linker core. However it has yet another unintended result that is MUCH different from the last time, and it's not her problem to deal with this time.

Date: 2019-01-24
Pose Count: 16
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 02:12:53 102990
It's another night of getting off of work at the Mew Mew Cafe. As such, it's another night of Makio wandering out to the Penguin Park to relax on his way home. Like usual, this means he's carrying some sort of box of baked good or another with him. He's been feeling a bit watched since the news of the Wolkenritter, but so far nothing out of the usual has gone on. Small incidents here and there that required his help specifically, due to the others being busy....but otherwise, quiet on the Mew Mew front. Makio simply comes over to relax on one of the swings, setting his belongings down beside him.
Signum 2019-01-24 02:17:18 102991
The Wolkenritter have, at least, been notable absent for the various Youma attacks that plague the city. Either they're not involved, or they're the first group of enemies that believe in discretion; a possibility largely discounted by the increasing number of personal attacks they've made.
    It was, at least, peaceful at the park... until the jarring moment when every non-magical person in the area suddenly vanished in the wake of a Barrier being put up.
    The only other warning Makio gets is a terse "Hold still." Before a hand lashes out towards his back.
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 02:27:28 102992
The sudden silence and lack of people contrasted by the even more sudden voice behind him causes Makio to bounce to his feet from the swing. The hand incoming for his back possibly grabbing at the hood of his hoodie instead. "Woah, dude," Makio murmurs, "Any one teach you how to say hello?" He's not seen this horribly often, but he's seen it enough to know that he's safe to transform if he's ACTUALLY being attacked here. He feels like he is, but he doesn't really know anything about the situation for sure yet.
Signum 2019-01-24 02:33:13 102993
When Makio turns around, he sees Signum standing just behind the space he'd just occupied; hand outstretched and cupped as if to hold something she didn't quite catch.
    She stares at him coldly.
    "Don't struggle." Is all she says in response, and begins to march towards him with focused intensity, eye staring through him.
    Signum doesn't know what Makio is capable of - there have been plenty of magically gifted people who couldn't transform or fight, or simply never got the chance. All the same she'd prefer to end this quickly given how many of their attacks have been... complicated by the heroic nature of their quarry.
    Her blade is drawn - for intimidation more than any intent to attack - and flashes outward, severing the chains and the posts of the swing set and causing it to collapse behind her as she bears down on Makio.
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 02:45:42 102994
Makio Ryu goes wide eyed for a quick moment before he sets into his transformation, imediately bringing the Macaroon shards's ice blades forth. He holds the two blades before himself with furrowed brows. "Don't struggle or what....?"
Signum 2019-01-24 02:49:46 102995
Signum's eyes go wide. Surprised - not *shocked*, but surprised - to find another transforming enemy in this city. One of her targets hinted at a community of 'mages', and it's looking more and more likely.
    Signum scowls intensely and answers, "Or this will hurt more than it needs to." before she lunges at Makio, swinging her heavy blade with the aim to deflect Makio's blades to the side while her free hand makes another stabbing grab at his chest.
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 03:19:53 102996
Makio's a year into this, but still only really a newbie at the whole fighting people instead of youmafied animals thing. He's not really overly experianced with sword fighting itself. Due to this he's kind of distracted with trying to do the sword fighting bit annnnd makes the failure of completely missing the fact she's going for a grab again.
Signum 2019-01-24 03:29:39 102997
    Refreshingly simple.
    With an aggressive cry, Signum plunges her hand through Makio's chest; leaving no wound but nonetheless reaching all the way through and out of Makio's back where her hand cups a glowing, pulsing sphere of light.
     The Book of Darkness appears, and all at once intense pain tears through Makio's body as light flows from his Linker Core and into the open pages of the floating tome which turn themselves gradually as writing appears on each page.
    Signum allows herself a short relieved sigh, patiently waiting out the brunt of the Linker Core's energy, and just... relieved to have things go relatively smoothly
Erato Ishin 2019-01-24 03:35:53 102998
And suddenly a sound that just... Likely no one had noticed was there, just STOPPED, and only after it stopped was it noticable... The reason it stopped.

A whip slashed through the air and cut down, into the book. Likely not doing much damage as Erato just... She HAD been there. Right? But it was as if she hadn't been. Her song hiding her as....

She ran in and tried to shoulder check Signum. "G-get away from him, you bully!" she cried. Honestly, she should have sneak attacked the girl, and THEN shoulder checked the book.

"Here we go now, back together," she started singing as her whip sprang to life, circling around her as the bladed notes sprang out...

Man, that was a LOT to take in all in a three second period.
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 03:44:24 102999
Makio lets out a strangled cry as the stranger's hand just... sinks right into him and pulls something from his chest. He's drained of his magic and grows faint. He feels his awareness slipping despite of (or maybe because of) the pain. He blinks a little as he hears someone yelling at the stranger who went after him and tries to get back up, but finds his hands kind they're slipping out from under him.
Signum 2019-01-24 03:51:04 103000
As soon as she allows herself even the vaguest moment of hubris, the Book is struck and Signum entire body seizes up. "NO!" She growls, and releases Makio's mostly-drained core, her arm sliding harmlessly back out of Makio's body just in time for Erato to collide with Signum's body.
    There is... a *lot* happening right now that is *very* peculiar, but if Signum's processing it, one couldn't tell by looking at her thanks to the utter fury in her eyes as she turns around, regarding Erato for just a fraction of a second before an armor plated boot simply lashes out and plants itself in Erato's chest.
    Before Erato has even hit the ground, however, Signum is in the air, grasping the book in both arms before the arc of her leap lands her on a neighboring building where she looks over the book frantically.
    Whatever damage you may have done to the Book, you don't get to know, as the Knight simply glares daggers from her perch before she takes flight and vanishes.
Erato Ishin 2019-01-24 03:55:26 103001
Erato Ishin just laid there. Staring at the sky. Trying to get her air back. And just laid there... oh gosh. It hurt, a lot. Well... not too much. Getting stabbed hurt more. But ofh my gosh ALL OF HER AIR was now gone. And she just laid there, staring up.

She laid there for almost a minute, staring up before... Finally... "H-hey... you okay? I saw this... owie... thing and I kind of... owie... came up. And helped you... I think. I really hope you're one of the good guys... Cause otherwise I'm gonna get so yelled at later...."
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 04:14:13 103002
Makio Ryu kinda tries to drag toward his stuff by the swing, however he's finding it hard to move, not only cause he's groggy. The longer he spends like this the wierder he feels. "Umm...something's a little wierd," Makio murmurs, "But I think it'll be---" He trails off there not being able to reach his bag and looking at his useless feelinging Aren't those?'d his hands turn into flippers? He knows he's some part seal but-- what? This is new! Then again, he never HAD grown animal parts like Nyan-tan. He tries to feel himself but finds the flippers kind of useless, and it makes it hard for him to tell that he has actually become a full on seal.
Erato Ishin 2019-01-24 04:24:45 103003
Erato Ishin slowly crawled to her feet. Ow. Ow ow. Okay, time to find the... "Huh? Where'd that boy go?" she mumbled before... her eyes fell on the seal. And she walked over and nudged it with a finger and then... "Oh my gosh! Kyubey! Kyubey, look! It's so cute!" she said with a squeal of delight, before picking him up and giving him a great big hug. "Oh, you poor, poor thing! Where'd that boy go?" she asked, looking around. "Were you his? Well. Don't you worry one little bit, okay?" she said with a grin. "I'll take good care of you, I promise. AND we'll find your owner! MAgi's vow," she said firmly, smiling down at the poor, poor, soon to be dressed up in all kinds of cute outfits, animal...
Makio Ryu 2019-01-24 04:32:02 103004
Makio Ryu blinks at Erato's reaction and fliper waves toward his stuff. He soon just flops into the hugging though. He's tired and barely staying 'with it'. Honestly he's not even sure he's actaully AWAKE right now. In either case he's not seeming to fight her hold on him, rather just indicating Makio's stuff.
Erato Ishin 2019-01-24 04:34:23 103005
Erato Ishin glanced to the stuff and... nodded. "Oh, don't worry. I'll hold onto it for him, okay?" she said with a smile before... Picking up the things, tossing them into her back pack and then running off! Towards a new life of fun and adventure!

.... Oh gosh...