Homura Wins Everything

What do the two newlyweds do on their honeymoon in Hawaii? They cuddle on the beach, of course!

Date: 2019-01-27
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Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 05:22:32 103075
    Madoka Akemi(!) is returning to the beach after making a quick trip to a vendor to get a pineapple and mango smoothie for Homura and herself. Her beautiful bride might have come with, of course, but there's something about going out of her way to do things for people that Madoka has always liked. Now that she's married she feels that twice as strongly when doing things for Homura. She'll have to ask Papa about that when they get back from their honeymoon- Madoka wouldn't be surprised at all if he felt the same way.

    It might have made a bit more sense to ask Homura to come with her of course, but there were certain other advantages to getting it herself. As she steps back onto the beach she slows down to send a longing gaze towards Homura, looking more beautiful than ever in her swimsuit. Madoka doesn't even have to try to hide her open admiration for the black haired beauty anymore, not with the new ring on her finger. She blushes a bit, of course, but she also twists from side to side and giggles happily to herself.

    Homura-chan is so loving, so cuddly, so passionate and so beautiful and they're married! Madoka is so thrilled with everything that she literally jumps for joy, causing the ruffled overskirt of her pink bikini to flounce a little before she excitedly hurries back to the side of her darling. "Homura-chaaaaan!" she calls as she jogs in the sand, as if it was the first time they'd seen each other in days, so eager is she to be by the side of her new bride. She'd wave, but she's being careful to hold the smoothie with both hands!

    She takes a sip through the straw as she slows down, finally releasing it once she comes to a stop next to Homura and offering it to her. She's not shy at all about cozying up to her either, pressing right up against her and wrapping an arm around her- there's even a bit of teasing as she squeezes Homura closer to her by the shoulder, because her hand is cold from holding onto the drink!

    Even so her eyes are locked on the pretty purple of her beloved's, so very bright from being so excited and happy about having married her one true love. "It's really good!" Then in a slightly quieter voice, "You look especially beautiful today, Homura-chan."
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 05:46:34 103076
    Homura Akemi might be a very clingy woman when it comes to Madoka, but she's also more than willing to let her darling wife have her way on things. Waiting on the beach for her beloved gives time enough for her own cuddly eagerness to grow. She wonders if Madoka feels the same way. Besides, there is something nice about it. Having your spouse do nice things for you without being asked, eagerly and out of affection... The silky black haired beauty giggles at the thought of Madoka being so nice to her.

    In the absence of her little angel, Homura starts to think, and in her thoughts is something... not quite sobering, but still very impactful. This is permanent. This is the rest of their lives. Homura will be with Madoka forever.

    Her hair blows in the wind as the enormity of the situation sinks in. She's lost in such thoughts, thumb subconsciously rubbing against her wedding ring, when suddenly she hears the voice of an angel calling out her name. Blushing, she turns around, purple eyes wide open as her darling jogs towards her with a smoothie for two.

    She smiles as she slowly turns towards her wife, leaning forward with her hands clasped behind her back, a single foot coyly fidgeting with the sand, as her lips wrap around the offered straw. She sips for a moment, looking up at her lovely bride with a slight smile, only to release the straw with a eek and a giggle as a cold hand presses against her shoulder.

    Homura wraps her arms around Madoka and leans against her, smiling as she admires her darling's pretty pink eyes. "It's delicious," she agrees. When told that she looks beautiful, Homura giggles.

    "Am I? Maybe it's because I'm the happiest woman in the world, or maybe it's because I know my target audience." She winks at that last line. Homura doesn't normally wink, but... this is her wife. She isn't going to be shy about her feelings.

    Well, maybe a little shy. Homura is still blushing, after all.

    "You're especially lovely today, too. My cute little angel is my cute little wife."
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 06:04:13 103077
    It'd be a lie to say that Madoka didn't feel the desire to cling to Homura and cuddle her every minute of every day, but it's also true that being apart builds anticipation. It's a wonderful thing when you have the ability to choose between your various competing desires and all of the can easily be met. Doing nice things for her wife is definitely one of Madoka's desires too, that's just who she is.

    The permanence of their bond might be cause for cold feet in some, but to Madoka it had already been the case. Making the wish she had, for the reasons she had... however long their lives were she intended to spend them with Homura. That their friends and families, the government of the nation they lived in, the whole world would now acknowledge that fact- that was something Madoka had waited eagerly for from the moment Homura proposed to her.

    The way Homura stands and the way her toes brush through the sand is just too much for Madoka, and the joy spills out of her as an increasingly bright smile shows on her face. She's simply radiant, and though the bright tropical sun probably has something to do with that it's far from the primary reason.

    With Homura's arms going around her Madoka presses close, enjoying the ruffle of their swimsuits together as well as the nice feeling of their stomachs pressing together. Once Homura declares the drink delicious she takes another sip of her own and replies, "It's even better because I get to share it with you."

    Homura's giggle is so pretty to Madoka's ears that she giggles herself, squirming as she presses even closer to Homura, hugging onto her with one arm, unabashed about anyone who might be watching. Now that they're married she doesn't mind being just as affectionate as she feels even on a public beach, and she's clearly feeling very affectionate indeed.

    Her cheeks warm as Homura winks at her, blushing brightly and pressing her face into the crook of Homura's neck, though her beloved would easily be able to feel the smile is still there on her lips. She even presses a little kiss to her shoulder. She wiggles a bit from a mix of bashfulness and playfulness, withdrawing just enough to gaze back into Homura's eyes while giving a rub to her back. "Your little angel and your little wife, forever and always."

    Madoka's soft pink eyes sparkle in a very particular way, and it probably wouldn't be any surprise at all when her lips press softly to Homura's, a happy sigh escaping her as she lets it linger, feeling all warm and fuzzy as memories of two other kisses play out in her mind. The first, passionate kiss Homura pressed to her lips three years ago and the one they shared just yesterday, beneath a wedding arch.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 06:27:14 103078
    Homura is happy to be the center of so many of Madoka's desires. After all, Madoka is the center of Homura's desires, so fair's fair.

    It's true that they had both set onto this path a long time ago, and there wasn't really any doubt in Homura's mind that this was the right choice. The only thing unbelievable about this moment is just how lucky Homura is. This isn't just everything she ever wanted. It's more than she ever hoped for.

    Her smile gets just a little bit wider as she watches Madoka's reaction. Homura isn't usually one to enjoy being adored or admired, but Madoka is every bit the exception to that rule. Watching her little angel smile and glow... how could Homura not be happy?

    Hearing the ruffling of their swimsuits together, feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin, sharing a drink with Madoka... Homura is very much in bliss. "It is," agrees Homura while wearing a content smile. "Sharing it with you is the best part."

    She leans more against her squirming wife and holds her even tighter, squeezing her and pressing against her as if Madoka were the most precious thing in the world to her. Which makes sense, because she is. If they were just girlfriends or fiances, Homura would've been maybe a little more bashful, but Madoka is her wife and things like this are perfectly normal.

    The kiss on her shoulder makes Homura squirm a little, though she doesn't exactly complain. Her cheeks turn even more red as Madoka responds. "... yeah," is all she can say in the moment as she gets lost in her wife's eyes. She's already blissfully happy when Madoka's lips meet her own, and she melts against her beautiful bride while holding her oh so nicely. There really isn't going to be anything better in life than being married to Madoka Akemi.

    The thought of Madoka having 'Akemi' for a last name sends a shiver through Homura's body, her blush gets just a little more red, and she whimpers so softly that Madoka is likely the only one who hears.
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 06:45:18 103079
    Madoka didn't even know what she'd want to do with her life for a long time. Once she'd felt adrift, not sure what she could even do with herself. Then she'd learned about magical girls and how she could help people if she could become one, and that gave her a purpose. But then, after that, she'd fallen head over heels in love with Homura. It completely redefined for her what living life could even mean. Everything was better when they were together, and it made her incredibly happy to see her beloved take her life into her own hands and grow.

    How much better that Homura getting what she wanted meant spending even more time together?

    She smiles back to Homura as she notes that sharing nice things is the best part of them, agreeing with her completely and sharing her opinion with a very loving gaze. "Everything is best when I share it with you, Homura-chan. Seeing you happy makes everything worthwhile." Which is why it's such an amazing thing that there is so much that they enjoy doing together. Like cuddling. And kissing.

    Okay look those might be obvious but there's so much more they enjoy together too! Besides, they'd be a little crazy if they didn't want to cuddle and kiss on their honeymoon!

    Being squeezed while holding onto Homura, here on the beautiful sandy beach in Hawaii, on their honeymoon... Madoka's being very careful but even she almost drops the smoothie! She gets a better grip on it and Homura might feel something cold and damp amongst her silky hair. Don't worry though, the straw isn't making it messy! Madoka is very careful about that sort of thing.

    When Homura squirms Madoka gives her a playful little squeeze, lowering her arm and holding her beloved about the waist. Having Homura melt against her is a dream come true, and Madoka twists a little from side to side, gathering Homura closer to her while feeling completely filled with lovey-dovey emotions.

    She closes her eyes as the kiss breaks and Homura whimpers, cuddling her beautiful but adorable and darling wife close to her. She presses her cheek to Homura's and nuzzles into the warm blush on her cheek, enjoying the silky softness of their skin brushing together in a sweet, undeniably affectionate feeling. "I'm going to do my very best to take care of you from now on, Homura-chan. I wouldn't do any less for my amazing wife, and the fact that it's you, my guardian angel whose watched over me and protected me for so long... you're the best partner and family member I could ever ask for."

    Because they truly are family now, they've come together and made a family of their own. Together.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 07:06:40 103080
    Homura smiles softly as her eyes take in Madoka's loving gaze. "We'll have a lot to share together, won't we? We'll be sharing the rest of our lives." She tilts her head to the side, the quiet cheerfulness of her smile giving her headtilt a subtly different look. "Though I knew I would be with you, I had no concept of how happy it would make me." She brushes the back of her fingers against Madoka's cheek. "This gentle, quiet security. It was worth it. Everything... this is worth everything."

    The black-haired guardian very much intends to do a lot of cuddling and kissing with her beautiful wife. She'd do as much even if they weren't on their honeymoon, and now that they are it's all the more reason. Homura is Madoka's to kiss and cuddle as much as she likes, and Homura loves and enjoys every bit of it.

    She awws as she feels her darling almost drop her smoothie, thinking that it must be because of how sweet this moment is. Homura doesn't mind the chill against her back, but it does cause her to press a little closer to Madoka-chan. Being squeezed while melting against her darling is heavenly, and Homura's sigh carries every bit of her contentment.

    Homura happily nuzzles against Madoka's cheek while holding her tight. "You're the best. I couldn't hope for anyone better. To be a family with you, to live under the same roof, to be your partner... You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

    She presses against her darling and clings, whispering, "Please, take care of me as much as you like. I'll do the same for you. We'll have each other to rely on, now and forever."

    Homura's getting drawn into the moment, cuddling against Madoka in swimsuits. As much as she's enjoying this, a moment of self-awareness crosses her mind as she considers what might happen if her knees get too weak. "Should we sit down somewhere?"
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 07:22:47 103081
    Quiet security. Madoka sends a gentle gaze to Homura and blushes softly as her cheek is brushed, leaning her cheek into Homura's fingers just a bit. She understands what Homura means. As much as they told each other, as much as they knew their forevers belonged to one another, getting married really is the proof of it. "Every time I think you've made me the happiest person in the world, there's always something that makes me even happier. This really is the best, isn't it?"

    Homura pressing closer is an unintended side effect of the chilly drink against her back, but it's a happy one. Madoka holds her closer and presses back as well, enjoying being near as possible to her guardian angel as she always has. As excited as she is there's a new, special kind of contentment in Madoka's gaze as well. Or, well. Homura actually has seen it before, but only when Madoka was using her most powerful magical form.

    "You've shown me how amazing life can be, and I couldn't be half as good as I am without you driving me to be better." She holds Homura extra close to herself as she presses near and clings, kissing her cheek and cuddling against her nice and close. "I will. I'll take very good care of you, and I'll rely on you just as much." Taking care of Homura...

    Madoka giggles softly, pressing a soft kiss to Homura's lips again, only to pull away a little quicker this time. With closed eyes she'll press the straw close to her sweetheart's lips while petting over the top of her head, enjoying the silkiness of her dark hair.

    Homura always had a bit of a issue eating healthily on her own. A smoothie isn't the healthiest, but it's still fresh fruit with all the fiber!

    When asked if she wants to sit down Madoka nods, shifting around a bit to stand beside Homura rather than in front of her, though still keeping pressed close, arm wrapped around her waist and leaning her head to rest it on her wife's shoulder. "Somewhere close to the water, so we can listen to the waves come in," she suggests.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 07:54:52 103082
    There's something to be said for having something to prove, but there's also something to be said for having already proven it. Homura loves Madoka, more than anything. She promised to marry her favorite little angel, and here she is on her honeymoon with her new wife. It may seem like simple validation of an already true fact, but that validation was important in ways that Homura does not yet quite have words for. "It is the best. I want to make you happy every day, because your happiness is my own."

    Homura recognizes the look in Madoka's eyes, and it does make her heart skip a beat. As happy as she is, she already feels like she's floating on air, and she has to glance around for a moment to make sure that's only metaphorically so. For a moment, she wonders what that look means. Pure inner peace? A taste of eternity? The more her mind wanders down that path the more blissful her thoughts become.

    "I wouldn't be me without you, either. You encouraged me... you gave me a reason to seek the impossible. I'm glad that you'll rely on me."

    Homura's current happiness is overwhelmingly so. If all of her joy were excitement instead, she would be bouncing off the walks as if she had the boundless energy of a small child. As it is, she merely feels like she's floating on a cloud, and it's only fitting that she would be here with her angel.

    The second kiss causes Homura's eyes to half-lid as she gazes at Madoka with such a gentle joy. Her lips part as Madoka pulls away as if to await more, only to find a straw between them. Homura takes a slow sip of the admittedly tasty smoothie while gazing at her darling and enjoying the soft petting of her silky hair.

    It's true that one can tend to let her eating habits go into a downward spiral when one realizes that a body can be magically maintained, though with Madoka in her life she always seems to have a bit of good food readily available. An American smoothie might be really high in sugar, though the light rush isn't hurting her romantic buzz at all.

    Homura smiles at the suggestion, and holds Madoka with one arm instead of two. Her now free hand rests on Madoka's shoulder, as does Homura's head, as the black haired Puella Magi starts walking closer to the waves. She looks around for an empty spot on the beach and asks in a quiet voice, "How about over there?"
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 08:11:46 103083
    For a moment Madoka simply holds onto Homura and squeezes her even closer, her smile bright and satisfied. They really are perfect for each other. Her happiness is Homura's own, and Homura's happiness is her own. They're always there for each other, always looking to make one another happy, always caring deeply about how the other feels. She couldn't possibly have picked a better partner.

    There's something to be said for being bouncy and excited and unable to contain your joy, but there's also something to be said for being able to recognize it and enjoy it. Cuddling with Homura has helped Madoka understand that, and so she is able to enjoy the moment with Homura without bouncing around and wiggling herself silly. Okay, well, she can most of the time.

    "Ehehehe," Madoka giggles with a gentle smile as Homura takes her sip of the smoothie. It might seem incredibly sweet, and it is, but there's nothing in it other than fresh fruit and ice, all mixed up in a blender. It's no wonder that this place is called paradise by so many.

    As Homura points out a spot on the beach Madoka smiles, "It looks perfect," wandering over in that direction. There's no need to rush anything anymore. Walking side by side with Homura is also nice, and now that they'll have forever together she's not in a hurry to get there and sit down. She can savor the feeling of Homura's arm around her shoulder, of the way their bodies move together as they take slow steps in the sand.

    She giggles a little at herself as she feels anticipation build when they near their destination, because sitting down inevitably means getting to snuggle closer to Homura, and there's never a time when she doesn't want that. When they finally get there she sits down carefully, setting the cold fruit mixture down where they both can reach it before eagerly wrapping her arm even tighter around Homura's waist, twisting to face her and playfully letting her legs rest over Homura's lap.

    Madoka Akemi reaches up and brushes her wife's cheek with her fingertips, letting out a deep, happy sigh while staring deep into her eyes. She nuzzles the tip of her nose against Homura's, building a little more anticipation before finally pressing her lips to her beloved's once again, this time giving her the deep kiss she might have been hoping for when she was given the smoothie.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 08:33:33 103084
    If Madoka wanted to get all bouncy and excited, Homura would only want to hold onto her tighter. For one who is so used to hiding her feelings, right now Homura is at her most honest as she tries to let the fact of their marriage sink in. It will probably be some time before the idea of calling Madoka her wife becomes commonplace, and a part of her wonders if her current love high will ever fade off.

    Hawaii is very much a nice place to visit, and it's no surprise that Japanese tourists come here in droves. All the more reason for the new Akemi family to come here on their honeymoon, quite possibly their most important vacation. After all, what better way to celebrate Cuddle Heaven than a trip to paradise?

    Homura, also, is very much not in a rush. She already has what she wants. To be Madoka's lifemate...

    The trip over to the chosen spot is over before Homura knows it, distracted as she is with the thought of eternal bliss. When they arrive, it's almost as if Homura wakes up. She sits down next to Madoka, wasting no time before suddenly wrapping arms around her waist, pulling her close and leaning against her.

    Her cheeks tingle and blush as Madoka brushes fingertips against it, and Homura locks her blissful gaze on Madoka Akemi again. She nuzzles against Madoka's nose, and her lips part slightly again, only to mm softly once her wife gives her the kind of kissing she really needed. Homura tilts her head slightly and presses her lips against her beloved's, holding her close and cradling the back of her fluffy hair.

    This is the best. Homura almost can't believe how happy she is right now. Everything she ever wanted is right here.
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 08:52:29 103085
    Madoka has often said that cuddling together with Homura is a slice of heaven on Earth. It's no surprise then that Cuddle Heaven gets even better here in paradise, and the reason for the trip make it all the better.

    It feels so very nice when Homura's arms go about her waist, and she squirms closer as Homura pulls her near, pressing back against her and loving every bit of closeness. Here on a beach with Homura would always make Madoka blissfully happy, but being together in such a place on their honeymoon means Madoka is as happy as Homura has ever seen her. The way she presses close and squirms, wanting to feel the cuddly closeness of her new wife even more is very familiar. Madoka's acting almost like she's cold, wanting to get so close, but of course it's very comfortably warm in Hawaii.

    Of course it's Homura herself that she wants, all of her warmth and affection and love. She's practically become addicted to it after Homura has shown her what it means to be exposed to that passion. She lets herself get lost in the kiss, her tongue playing slowly with Homura's while their lips press together, clinging to Homura and rubbing her back as her own fluffy pink hair is cradled.

    She squirms more to get the rest of the way in her sweetheart's lap, curling a bit against her and holding tight with one arm, cradling and caressing the side of her face with the other, unabashed in her immense affection and deep love for Homura Akemi. There's nothing about her wife that she doesn't adore. Being loved and wanted and needed just as much in return, it's enough to bring her to tears when she thinks about it when she's alone.

    But she isn't alone, and so she simply soaks in the wonderful feeling of mutual love, of knowing that whatever lies ahead of them they've already gotten everything they've wanted together.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 09:07:10 103086
    Homura couldn't imagine a better feeling than what she's getting right now, cuddling her wife on their honeymoon. Madoka is so soft and nice and cuddly, as wonderful as she always is and moreso because now this cuddly little angel is her wife. Of course she squeezes her squirmy spouse closer and pulls her tighter, wanting to be as close to her waifu as possible. That Madoka is also every bit as happy as Homura makes it ever more wonderful. What else could Homura ask for? This is the best possible outcome.

    If Madoka seems cold, it only makes Homura want to hold her more closely, regardless of how nice the weather is. After all, Homura understands her darling's needs, and this guardian is more than willing to provide. She savors the taste of Madoka's lips as they kiss, wanting to imprint this moment deep into her mind so that she can think happily about it later. The back rub is so relaxing in this context, giving Homura even more reason to get cuddly close as she presses against her favorite little angel.

    With Madoka now in her lap, Homura giggles and squeezes her closely. Even if this is a public place, Homura isn't really thinking about other people at all. She's lost in a world with only her wife and herself, and in that world there's only a gentle bliss.

    Homura is perfectly content to just be here with Madoka, smiling and kissing and cuddling her darling. Later on, they might do something else, but for the right here and now this is absolutely perfect.

    To be married to Madoka and share a last name with her... Madoka has truly made Homura the happiest she's ever been, and as happy as she could ever be.
Madoka Akemi 2019-01-27 09:19:22 103087
    Everything about Homura is nice to cuddle, and the romantic feelings Madoka has for her makes cuddling with her even better. That's never been more true than it is now that they're married, and Homura's little angel is very happy and eager to snuggle extra close. Soft skin and silky hair, a very pretty and appealing outfit, in this case a bikini Madoka has always appreciated. Strong arms that can pull her very close and squeeze her good and tight... it's almost as if Homura was made to cuddle her just right, and Madoka wouldn't ever take that for granted.

    Being given the cuddles she so dearly needs makes for a very happy little angel, and Madoka is on cloud nine as she kisses Homura. Her hand rubs over her back a little more, only to lift so her fingers can comb slowly through her long, gorgeous black hair. It's always been something to admire, and somehow it feels even nicer to touch. Madoka's mind is filled with all these different little things as she cuddles close to her wife, about all the amazing things about her so that there's no room for anything else in her mind but Homura Akemi. The feel of the coarse sand shifting beneath her toes is nice, but it's extra nice as a contrast to the softness of Homura.

    When squeezed again there's nothing to do but squirm even more against Homura, smiling and making a happy sound while kissing her beloved. Madoka presses closer still and wiggles happily in her arms. Her lips curl up even more as she gets a bit playful, rocking a little from side to side while clinging to her darling wife.

    Being here together with Homura, being tied to her and married. Madoka is so extremely happy, and all she can seem to do is shift from one type of blissful happiness to another.
Homura Akemi 2019-01-27 09:32:22 103088
    Homura loves being Madoka's cuddle buddy, and especially loves being her cuddle wifey! Yes, Homura did indeed wear a very specific swimsuit that Madoka has always had a good reaction to, because why give her bride anything less than her best on their honeymoon? Homura certainly does have a level of strength that her size does not betray, but that's all the better to cuddle Doka with. If Homura was made for cuddling Madoka, then she'll happily fulfill that purpose in life.

    The black haired newlywed shivers as fingers are combed through her hair, and she clings to Madoka as she enjoys the new pleasant sensation on top of all the other pleasantness that has made up her entire day. Everything has been amazingly sweet, a perfect combination of love and affection. Holding her darling in her arms, her very favorite person and soulmate, is the best part of it all.

    She giggles as Madoka gets all squirmy, and makes sure to keep squeezing her little angel. When she notices her beloved's smile and rocking Homura rocks along with her, gently enjoying the swaying as if it were the rising and crashing of the waves.

    Homura's eyes seem to shine as they admire Madoka. Then, after a moment, she giggles a little mischievously, then presses close to her wife and squeezes her oh so much. Twisting from side to side in a sudden burst of excitement, she proudly declares, "I win everything!"