Lacrima and Jiaying discuss a possible way to enter back into the weird 'Shadow Manor' the musician vampire ghost dragged them on her birthday. Surely there must be more to learn there. Right? Or is this all one horrible idea!? Perhaps they'll find out soon!

Date: 2019-01-27
Pose Count: 13
Lacrima 2019-01-27 19:03:28 103089
Lacrima mentioned that she needed to talk to Jiaying about things recently. She texts Jiaying to see if she's able to meet with her in the attic. It's private and out of the way-- the only new additions being Unmei's stored items. She's kneeled on the floor with a piece of crinkly, old sheet music.

Jiaying might remember it as the sheet she took from the weird odd vampire 'other place' during her birthday. She's gently placing a finger against it.

She also has a synth keyboard. It's not an expensive one-- it's like the kind one buys in a toystore-- though it isn't toyetic. Just not professional.

She's trying to play the tune-- she isn't great at it. She's getting closer though second by second.

There's little pangs of odd activity Jiaying can feel coming in everytime Lacrima is getting it right.

What the heck is she trying to do.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-27 19:27:07 103090
Jiaying Maki has been in her hiding place as she has been for a while when she gets the text. The shrine she had been working on in that other world had been cleaned, properly set up and even warded against future incursions that had allowed the thing to become corrupted. This has all been a good excuse for the girl who's steadily become less and less social over the past few months following the incident here. That's why when she received the text, she had sat on it for half an hour before finally bringing herself out. A look of worry on her face.

She manages to mask it easily enough and slips through the modified doorway to climb into the attic, following the sounds of a cheap keyboard belting out what might be evil music. Cthulu's take on Chopin? With the hatch opened, she looks around and asks, "You should have told me we needed room up here, I'd have made sure there was room." What with her having been working on magic up here and all. Also those foxy ears twitch with every pulse of oddness. "That feels funny" She finally offers, nudging the hatch behind her and making her way over.
Lacrima 2019-01-27 19:35:39 103091
Lacrima frowns. "Jiaying are you okay?" she asks softly. "You haven't been coming out of your room very often... Unmei-chan lives with us now. You should join her for anime watching. It'd be fun! I bet she has some anime about a kitsune who hunts ghosts but also basically falls in love with one. I'm sure that exists." she says bluntly.

She looks up. "....I have theory." she says quietly. "This... sheet music... was-- is like my gem." she says gently rubbing over the gem on her necklace.

"It's a storage for power-- a soul." she says. "It's empty now." she says. "But---" she says. "If Poderoso was able to make these... 'homes' for his most loyal-- it's possible this was the inspiration to make a 'home' for Poderoso's power by the hunters who finally defeated him. Resulting in the creation of the gem." she says quietly.

"Which would mean my 'dream scape' may actually just be representing 'home' for--- lack of a better term." she says.

"I'm thinking that these places may be similar to the night harbor or bordering it. Undead places?" she asks. "Does that make sense?..." she scratches her head a moment. "You'd know better." she says.

"I think the music is a key to get back into this one. My theory is that--- well--- remember--? How I --" she furrows her brow a bit.

"Remember how I-- remembered---?" it's such an odd term! "About Poderoso wanting the Shadow Jade? And he sent people? I'm thinking that the fact that-- the vampire shade-- we defeated was one of those people sent. And it isn't a coincidence that his 'home' is a weird version of the manor." she says quietly.

"Oh--kay..." she says lifting a hand off the keyboard. "I think I got the song down-- I'd like to go into that place again. I might need you-- if these are similar. Possibly to hold the door open? There's no one home anymore so--- I might need someone to keep it open."

"...You're able to do that right? Do you need anything for that?" she asks.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-27 19:50:13 103092
Jiaying Maki looks back at the door and says, "That's an anime?" She pauses and adds, "There's that one where-... nevermind." She finds a seat and settles in. "My room's not a normal room, I've just been working. Nothing's wrong." Other than she's dismissing that subject as quickly as she can. Which is helped by Norie moving on.

She gets comfortable, then looks at the sheet of music and asks, "Is it safe to be playing that in a haunted house, used for dark magic and inhabited by a bunch of... us?" She points at the sheet to add, "I could feel something as you were playing. It's a weird thing."

Listening to the idea, she nods affter a moment. "It didn't feel quite the same, but neither did those odd dreams and I'm pretty sure there's some bleed over there."

At the request to keep the door open, she scowls and asks, "Where are you going to go? I-... if it's that side room stuff like back in October maybe? I think I can." She fidgets, looking uncomfortable, "Maybe I could find someone to do it though. Someone stronger and better trained that isn't improvising doorways." She chews on her lip and says quietly, "I'd try my best though. I would."
Lacrima 2019-01-27 19:56:37 103093
Lacrima mutters. "The fact you can feel it suggests I may be right about the weird little 'world' being close to or bordering the 'Night Harbor'." she says. "-and why I can access mine in a dream." she says.

"'s empty now. I'm sure of that. My gem isn't reacting to it." she says.

"But I'm positive he didn't just send 'one' of his servants here. You need to understand that---"

"These beings are infused with 'his' power. Which is 'my' power now." she says.

"Trying to find these others--- taking their 'homes'--" she motions to the sheet music. "-and destroying them like the others will rob him of him the few 'allies' that the dumb 'master ghost vampire'-- Poderoso-- has left."

She fidgets. "I... wish I actually knew a 'Hunter'. This would be so easier. But a 'Hunter' probably would be more interested in making sure everyone of us in the house was dead too." she snorts.

"--I want to go into the 'home' here. Inside the sheet music. That place we went to on my birthday. It should be dormnant now. But the fact it's dormant means someone needs the door kept open." she asides. "Since there's no one home to do that and we'd just be shunted out like when we killed the mad vampiric musician." she mutters.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-27 20:04:13 103094
Jiaying Maki holds a finger up and replies, "One moment." Before disappearing down the hatch. When she returns, she's got her notebook and says, "Start playing the music for me. I want to... feel the magic. To know what it is so that I can try and make the door again.

As for the comment about hunters, she shrugs. "I think we'd find one willing to work with us. It just would reuqire homework. Or hiring from the other side."

Chewing on her lip briefly again though, she eventually says, "I could maybe try to help if you give me an idea of what we're looking for. I can ask around or poke those waiting on their passports."

Then she pauses, not wanting to seem like she's trying to hide even though even she's thinking she might be. "I'll do my best to hold the door open. I think I can do it. I think I just need to hear the magic first, right?"
Lacrima 2019-01-27 20:25:01 103095
Lacrima nods a little. "I mean... well monster/vampire hunters." she says quietly. "I mean it's clear multiple existed at one time. Heck- others like me might be out there. Maybe cursed like I was? It's just not really easy to reach out if there are others..." she shrugs. "And if there are 'older' ones they probably know better than to reach out to one another." she snorts.

She gently reaches down and begins playing. She's still getting a key wrong here or there- but when she is getting it right there's that ever present little feeling. Like a key turning a lock. A combination being entered. It's attached to the sheet music for sure.

She mutters a little and sits back. "Ugh. Maybe not right on it yet." she says softly with a sigh. "I.. barely know how to play." she says sheepishly.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-27 20:38:38 103096
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and admits, "I can't play any instruments, not even the traditional kinds that I should be all about." Not that she's the most traditional, but she likes to pretend! She listened the whole time though, contemplating both the magic needed and the commentary from the vampire. She holds her finger up whenever she notices the song skipping a proverbial lock pin though. Trying to give a clue as to where the mistakes were.

Eventually though, she replies, "They exist. They probably still exist. I think that's why you don't see us out and about as often anymore. I mean we were probably not that numerous to begin with, but if you were being chased by some guy with a knife that you had to escape or beat up, I'd probably just find a new home too."

She fidgets briefly, "I mean I kind of did, I guess." Resting her chin against her hand, she leans forward and finally says, "I'm pretty sure I could keep the door open though. And... as for finding others like yourself. Were it anyone else, I'd say meeting others is good, but power hungry vampires probably aren't too sociable."
Lacrima 2019-01-27 21:00:17 103097
Lacrima shakes her head. "I need to... believe that... there's other's like me... that are at least trying to fight this crap. And keep in check as best they can." she says quietly. She takes a deep breath.

"Okay..." she says. "I'm starting to think that... maybe we outta have more people before we go in. And I know Unmei would wanna help... might be sad if I don't at least ask her." she says softly.

She sighs a bit and leans back up from the keyboard. She picks up the sheet music-- old and crinkled as it is-- it seems oddly supernaturally resistent to flaking or tearing.

She stares at the sheet music with a sigh. "--I'm glad we found this in that place though." she says. "An odd sort of protection. Bring the entrance into the house itself." she snorts.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-27 21:10:49 103098
Jiaying Maki looks at the sheet of music and eventually asks, "Think there's other keys to this house? I... honestly don't remember who owned this place before even though you mentioned it. And that she liked leather." She frowns, "Think she had other notes around here? We never did find all the secrets after all. I mean... I could disable the door on my door and we could tear the walls out or something at least."

She tilts her head after a tangent thought, "I think there would be. At least at first right? Maybe some embraced it after all, it's a human thing. Or a... people thing? I'm people too right?"

Her notebook has a few new things in it. Flipping past pages from the other night. "I'd say invite the manor. Maybe Sora since she's read more occult books good and bad. Maybe a few others. Should also ask your girlfriend if she can find any holes into the manor from the dream place. I'll poke around from the Harbor."
Lacrima 2019-01-27 21:24:45 103099
Lacrima nods. "Having a secure way in and out to the ---" she furrows her brow. "Let's call it the 'Shadow Manor' for now. It isn't the night harbor's version of the manor. And it isn't a parrell world it's... like someone's dream of it." she says with a sigh.

"So yes, let's work on that-- and for now yes-- I'm gonna try to gather people together." she says softly. She sighs and picks up the keyboard as she stands up-- she then moves to give Jiaying a hug.

"I'll ask Ariel along regardless." she says quietly. "She's important to me.. and if she wants to be involved she has a right to." she says. "I'll ask Kunzite along, maybe. He may be able to help me disseminate any energies we can't figure out." she says.

She sighs a little. "Wanna go down and get some lunch?" she asks. "I bought some sausages on sale the other day!" she says. "Like these Italian style ones?" she asks.
Jiaying Maki 2019-01-27 21:34:53 103100
Jiaying Maki looks surprised at the hug. She knows she used to get dirty looks for offering them to the resident vampire. Still, she returns the hug. A tight one. She doesn't even joke or comment about it. "I guess if I'm bringing the suggestion of my girlfriend to come along, it's only fair you do too right?" There's a hint of that teasing again at least.

"I didn't think it was the Harbor's version, but I think it's... strange. And I want to poke at it from all sides so we don't end up with another nasty surprise. I'm... kind of tired of that happening to me all the time and being bailed out by someone else."

At the suggestion for lunch, she nods and glances towards the hatch, "Italian style? I found some from the States a while back that were neat too. Andoothingies." She catches herself before she starts getting excited and on a random conversation and instead catches her breath and says, "Food sounds good, let's go!"
Lacrima 2019-01-27 21:37:08 103101
"Andoulie!" she says. "Dad made Gumbo a lot..." she says sheepishly. "I can try to get some and make a pot for us soon..." she says as she follows. There will be time to talk more about this later for now.