Back On Track

Miho invites Aki over for some after-school (after-club) jogging. Things get a little bit out of hand when they realize they have only one water bottle. Fortunately, it turns out that you ''can't'' die of embarrassment.

Date: 2019-01-28
Pose Count: 19
Miho Kagami 2019-01-28 21:10:18 103143
A couple of members of Seishou's track team have gotten varying levels of sick. This wasn't a problem for the team as a whole, of course, but ... Miho is one of a few people who regularly continues a bit of practice after the club time is formally over, and her usual practice partners are all out, so she texted some girl from Infinity of all people, to ask if she wanted to come!

... Aki. She texted Aki.

Miho's sitting out by the edge of the field in a jade-green track suit with her usual forest-green jacket. It's a cold, sunny afternoon, but she's been running around enough that she's actually unzipped her jacket. She's the only one there at the moment, but, well, she doesn't mind being alone, either.
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-28 21:22:02 103144
    Oh dear. Aki Kurosawa was called to help Miho. She doesn't know how to dress for track. Thusly, she's chosen sweat pants and a short sleeve shirt. Is it chilly? yes! But she doesn't own a proper track suit so this will have to do. Grumble grumble... she called Haruna but then Haruna asked WHY she wanted to borrow a track suit and she just flustered and said 'nevermind bye' and hung up.

    Regardless, she's arrived as is with a big wave, a small smile. Aki isn't really full of the exapserated animation that Haruna is-- that's for sure. She gets closer. "Um. I didn't know how to dress. But I figured this should work." she asides a little embarassedly. "I'll remember to buy a track suit when I can for next time." she smiles a little wider before she nods.

    "So.. do we just run along the lanes or-- is there. A different way track does running?" she asks. Poor Aki doesn't know how sports work.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-28 21:37:24 103145
Fortunately, Miho doesn't know how sports work either, she just likes to run a lot. Still, she's more-or-less picked out how everything works.

She brightens considerably as Aki arrives, and hops to her feet. "Hi, Aki-chan!" she says. "Oh, hey, you look kind of cold!" she adds, a bit worried. She pulls off her jacket, and holds it out to Aki. "Here, you don't wanna get all frozen!"

... A part of her feels like there's probably some sort of romantic cliche associated with sharing her jacket with someone she's dated before ... actually ...

She pauses. "Uh, did you bring a water bottle?" she says, going slightly red-faced. "Or, uh, do we, uh. Something something stupid romanticomedy cliches about indirect kisses." She shakes her head. "Yeah, okay, Aki-chan, I gotta ask, am I your girlfriend? Like ... technically speaking?"
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-28 21:59:47 103146
    Aki is pretty sure there is, too. On the jacket she means. She seems to take it though without leaving Miho too much of an awkward pause however. The fact she snatches it too quickly probably completly ruins that point though as she just blushes. Clearly-- it's the cold making her cheeks red! She puts the jacket on. "T-thanks." she says. "Just a little." she says. "Luckily, it should start warming up by the end of next month!" she exasperates. "Beach weather again soon!" she insists so dramatically.

    She blinks a bit when Miho brings up the water bottle. "I didn't... bring a water bottle no..." she says. "I was gonna- nab a track suit and a water bottle from Haruna but she also asked what I needed a track suit for? So I chickened out." she admits bashfully. "Haruna is kind of nosey." she says with a short breath.

    Then Miho asks a super awkward question and she rubs the back of her head and spins a moment- whistling. Looking at anything and everything as she thinks acting like she's surveying the area. (She isn't.) as she lands back and forces herself to look at Miho. One gets the impression she'd use her hands to tilt and position her head if she should.

    "We--well." she says. "Are there technicalities to that? I mean-- I've been-- enjoying my time with you?" she asks sheepishly. "- and I do find myself thinking about you in day dream?" she asks. "Erm-- I mean not-- not like---" she wishes she could pull the jacket over her head. But then it's also Miho's jacket which probably wouldn't help her thoughts. "-look you know what I mean." she says as she crosses her arms.

    "I mean. Do you want to use that term?" she asks. "G-irlfriends, I mean?" she asks. It isn't so much embarassment than awkwardness.

    "Sorry. Just- remember. Never thought I'd ever... have had to have this discussion you know? The dumb rule and -- all and me breaking it now." she says as she looks down at the ground a moment.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-28 22:09:22 103147
Miho nods. "Yeah, Haruna-san really is ... a bit much," she says, grinning nervously.

And then it's time for awkward shuffling and looking everywhere except at Aki on her part, too! "I-I mean ... uh ... yes I definitely know what you mean. Because, uh, I've ... done the same way?"

She takes a deep breath. "Okay, sure," she says. "That ... sounds ... like an excellent idea." She's starting to break into a grin. "I mean, both 'better than awkwardly wondering about this for like the next five years whatever', and just excellent in general. Aki Kurosawa, I am your girlfriend!"

She giggles. It's ... a giggle with basically every emotion you might giggle from. Nervousness, joy, amusement ... She shakes her head. "I mean, I never thought about this either," she says. "Like I was half-ready to ... not do this at all, just to spite Haruna-san, but then you said you wanted to date me ..." She grins. It looks like she's starting to relax, even if she is completel red-faced. "So, uh ... yeah. Great!"
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-28 22:24:39 103148
    Aki Kurosawa blushes fiercely. "O--okay." she says. "I mean..." she trails off. "I asked Haruna-chan to maybe ask around? Just I assumed she'd ask and not... try to arrange dumb attacks. She probably thought she was fufiling some sort of daydream--- being rescued by a magical girl and all that at first?" she asks with a shrug.

    "I mean I'm glad you didn't spite Haruna-chan? She does mean well- like I mentioned." she says bashfully. The two are both red faced really bad. Look it's the weather okay it's cold okay faces are red over cold okay and not discussing things like 'yes we're girlfriends'.

    She's glad no one's around. "I um. I think that... I owe it to Haruna to tell her though- if that's the case." she says meekly. "Better to- get the 'squeeeeeealing'." she actually pulls out the eeeee there. "Out of the way sooner than later- and I can do it alone and ask her not to get involved futher unless she asks either one of us first."

    She fidgets. "Oh hey I came here to help you practice not sit here and be bashful and stuff!" she says a little softly. She isn't trying to change the subject for hers or Miho's sake- there's just something on the edge of her thoughts she's trying to not think about too hard.

    "So do we just take a line and try to race one another?" she asks.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-28 22:44:10 103149
Miho nods. "I mean, when she introduced me to Sharpe-san, she did make some comment about you rescuing me -- because she didn't know I was a magical girl and I mean she still doesn't, I think -- and then Sharpe-san immediately said 'Great idea!' and immediately ran out." She shrugs. "So I mean that'd all be on Sharpe-san." She shakes her head. "But, like ..." She blinks. "Or maybe it was before I started transforming?" She laughs. "Uh, anyway, yeah, we're probably good to take it on together, whatever it is."

Miho is equally glad no one's around! She smiles faintly and nods. "Okay," she says. "If ..." She shrugs. "Yeah, I don't mind telling other people. I mean like I'm probably gonna tell people soon, too." She smiles. "But really, uh, probably best if we handle Haruna-san as soon as we can, as far as that goes."

She blinks as she notices Aki's ... hesitation. But she's both too nervous to try to press the issue, and fully aware that pressing the issue on the topic of girlfriends is a bad idea. "Um, okay!" she says. "And yeah, c'mon over." She starts leading Aki towards the track. "We start with a regular jog, kinda thing -- not going for speed, or trying to race each other, just getting used to expending your energy like that." She grins. "Then we do the racing thing."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-28 23:05:23 103150
    Aki nods a little as she listens to Miho. "Mmhmmm. We'll be fine." she says with a smile. "It's not like... it's a youma attack. or anything." she snorts a little. "Could you imagine if it was one thou? Oh god..." she says with wide eyes. Regardless, she shakes it off and nods. "So---" she says.

    "We just jog at first? Nothing special? Okay..." she says as she moves to get onto the line. When Miho starts jogging- she will too.

    "Ever jump hurdles and stuff?" she asks. "Or is that a different thing?" she asks. Yeah she really isn't good at this. Heck isn't that a different thing technically than track!? She doesn't know!. She takes a deep breath. "Also. Gonna need to let Blue-sama know though that's gonna be a more demure thing. He'll probably just be dissapointed. I don't really...." she sighs a bit. "I don't wanna say care? But. I guess I've been agreeing with Haruna that it's a dumb rule recently." she says.

    "I mean-- like?" she asks. "It doesn't make sense the more I thought about it." she says quietly. "Right?" she asks. "I mean. I get that when love recoils. It can hurt a lot... but..." she says. "If that was so dangerous I bet a lot more of us would be horrid dark magical girls right?" she asks with a nervous chuckle.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-28 23:16:46 103151
Miho giggles again. "A youma in this situation, awesome!" She shrugs. "But yeah. Let's go!"

She starts jogging; she's usually on the fast side, but the minute she notices she's pulling ahead of Aki, she slows down a bit to stay even with her. "They have a bunch of hurdles and other obstacle course stuff," she says. "But they always put that all away after the formal club-stuff is over." She grins at Aki. "And I just enjoy running, anyway! Magical, without magic ... 's just fun."

She makes a face. "I mean, putting rules against falling in love is just asking for trouble," she says. "I'm kind of ... super not expecting to be impressed, if I ever meet Blue-san." Which is probably the explanation for her persistent lack of '-sama' there. "But you're right, it doesn't make sense." She stares off into the distance, and actually briefly lags behind Aki, before she picks up again to catch up. "Honestly," she says, "I can imagine some possible reasons, but ... I just don't have enough information, kind of thing."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-28 23:46:25 103152
    "....There's rumors." she says to Miho. "....about Blue-sama." she says. "I mean. We basically have a vocal chat room with the Cure Lines? And there's Cure's all over the world. We talk and gab." she says. "For starters. No one can get more than a few sentences out of him about Queen Mirage. He fought her and put her in a box like hundreds of years ago? You think he'd know more about her." she says quietly.

    "Also wanna know how he spends most of his day when he chooses to keep to himself instead of checking in on any of us?" she asks. "He spends all day moping in the Cross Mirror Room, staring at the Axia." a pause.

    "The Axia was the 'box' he put her in. Apparently. Someone who wasn't him opened it and let her and the rest of the Phantom Empire out of the box." she says. "-- think like Pandora's Box. Just a box full of awful."

    "Also. In the few instances Cures have seen him and Phantom in the same area? Phantom seems dead set to stab him more over the Cures. I mean I guess that makes sense on some level? But they say it seems like he takes it personally."

    "So yeah. I mean that's all I really have on Blue-sama." she says. "Besides him being some sort of guardian deity." she says as she takes a sharp breath and pauses. "Ah---" she says.

    "Ohhhh I am so out of shape!" she says as she raises a hand to say she needs to take a pause.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-28 23:58:30 103153
Miho listens thoughtfully as Aki gives her speech. She slows to a stop when Aki does. "You're doing fine!" she says. "Let's head over and grab ..." She hesitates, and then grins with a blush. "... the, uh, the water bottle."

She's still looking thoughtful as they head back over to the bench she'd been sitting on. "I mean, obviously I haven't met Blue-san, and I only have a couple paragraphs of summary from you and Haruna-san," she says, "but if I didn't know better, I'd think he was worried that if a relationship goes bad enough, worst-case scenario is that one of you shoves the other into an Axia for hundreds of years."

She grabs the water bottle, opens it, and then ... she just goes completely still and stares at it for a few seconds, before she gulps down some of it and then hands it over to Aki.
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-29 00:03:30 103154
    Sharing a water bottle is not a secondhand kiss.

    Aki walks on over to the benches because she needs to sit and start trying to breathe normally. "Geeze- I am going to need to get into better shape if I'm gonna be helping you here often." she says. "I mean I guess that happens if I do it often with you anyways." she says....

    Sharing a water bottle is not a secondhand kiss!

    Aki Kurosawa nods a little softly. "That's the main consensus is that he's afraid we become evil from the despair involved in the 'recoil'..." she says. "I mean. It's an honest concern when it comes to magical girls like us Miho-chan. It's why the Phantom Empire's mirrors work so well..." she says quietly.

    Sharing a water bottle is NOT a secondhand kiss!

    Aki keeps repeating that thought in her mind as she awkwardly takes the water bottle and takes a sip and hands it back with a blush. "--Gonna need to... remember to bring mine...." NOT A SECONDHANDKISS. "...unless you wanna continue sharing one or something." she mutters.

    Bring your own next time! >,< she tells herself mentally.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-29 00:16:14 103155
Miho shrugs, and sits down next to Aki, with a faint blush. "Like, just jogging shouldn't be much worse than dancing," she says. "But I can see how you're moving in very different ways, like ..." She hesitates, and shrugs. "I've only just started working my way through Mamoru-kun's medical textbooks, and like, I'm specialized in healing anyway, so ... I dunno if that idea actually makes sense."

Her blush deepens. "I mean, it's definitely concern for me, because of my curse and all that," she says. "You mean like the Terribad mirrors? ... Yeah ..."

Her blush deepens more as Aki actually sips from the bottle. "Y'know what, if we're gonna be like this just from sharing a water bottle, we should probably, like, definitely not share anymore," she says. "And/or kiss directly to ... get it over ..."

Blush level: face 100% red! "... I-I ... cannot believe I just ... went ahead and said that."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-29 00:30:41 103156
    Aki Kurosawa exasperates a bit. ""Dancing doesn't use your legs so much as your hips? Dancing is walking with extra hip." she says softly. "This is like... running. With extra running." she says as she scratches the back of her head, wondering if that even makes a little sense. "Oh- you're reading medical textbooks?" she asks. "Huh. That's interesting. Most magical healers don't bother." she shrugs.

    When Miho says they should 'just kiss to get it over with' time basically freezes. Milliseconds become hours. Hours become eons. Don't even ask how long a day is! She swallows the water a moment and tenses. There's basically a small little short argument in her head that plays out fast. Kiss her! No! Kiss her! No! How more awkward could today get even anyways!? Plenty no!

    Regardless- maybe those daydreams play out and before she's even able to stop herself she places a chaste kiss against Miho's own lips. It doesn't linger too long. It isn't super scandouls. But it's enough that if someone was watching- they'd also know what was up.

    She suddenly opens her eyes wide. "---uh--huhuh----!" as she suddenly shoots up straight. "O--Oh I'm so sorry! I-- I.. got stuck in the moment! I!--" she wishes she could burrow into the ground and come out of hibernation in two months! Oh dear! Perhaps less worried at the awkwardness and more Miho slapping her or being upset. Whoops!
Miho Kagami 2019-01-29 00:41:10 103157
Miho nods. "Just sort of ... following in Mamoru-kun's footsteps I guess, as a career ..." Her voice trails off.

As Aki leans in, she freezes up, eyes going wide, and her shadow flickers slightly! She actually almost jumps slightly when their lips make contact. Miho's face is now The Omni-Blush, and it is now the standard for redness rather than merely describable as such.

"N-no, it's ... it's fine ..." Her voice is even more scratchy and androgynous than usual. She clears her throat. "Um, I ..." She bursts out laughing, and then coughs. "Okay, I just literally caught myself thinking 'I need more data' or some other stupid cliche." Another quick cough. "Uh, could I have the water bottle back for a sec? My throat ... just ... went dry."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-29 00:47:53 103158
    Aki fumbles for the water bottle she put down on the opposite side of her by habit and almost fumbled it into the distance out of quickness to get it to Miho as she rapidly hands it- almost shoving it against Miho's palm. Maybe out of sheer joy Miho apparently isn't upset at her or slapped her and instead said she almost said a cliche that...

    Well she wants to assume that meant 'liked it', but Miho hasn't said that directly so she's hopeful at most. "There--!" she says with a blush as she swallows. "I mean-- we can... uh--- um...." she draws it back. "-aha! Never-mind! I think I almost did the Haruna-chan thing a moment there and said something dumb." she almost siad 'I mean we can always do more research.'. PROBABLY NOT THE BEST TIME AKI she tells herself.

    At least she managed to reign that in. She fidgets nervously.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-29 00:58:18 103159
Miho grabs the water bottle, gulps down some more, and then clears her throat again. "Well, uh ..." She manages to get her voice back to normal. Well ... mostly-normal. Whatever passes for 'normal' when Miho is concerned. "... this is definitely going pretty well so far!" she says, in a tone of voice which suggests that she can't believe she's saying this.

She looks over at Aki, but then immediately looks away out of embarrassment "I-I, uh ... A part of me wants to ..." She stops, and starts again. "Well I mean I wouldn't ... mind ... doing it again!" There's practically steam coming out of her ears. "... at some point ..."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-01-29 01:09:52 103160
    Aki Kurosawa blushes and brushes her long blonde hair back a bit as she swallows. "I mean if you liked it..." she shifts. "I'm not gonna worry." she says. "--but yeah. At some point...!" she stammers. Between the two of them, they probably invented various new shades of red that science hasn't discovered yet. They shall call it...


    She sighs a bit and blushes-- "Let's um... let's get back to running...!" she says. "Because it's better than sitting here and stammering over a-- a- kiss..." she blushes.

    She'll stand up and motion for Miho. "Jog jog jog jog...!" she says with a smile. At least she isn't awkward about this bit. She recovers fast at least. She'll probably never die of embarassment.
Miho Kagami 2019-01-29 01:22:15 103161
Miho actually looks slightly dazed. "Oh yes," she says, "definitely! Agreed on both counts."

She grins weakly, gets to her feet, and flips her shorter brown hair. "Yeah, back to jogging." She blinks, and frowns. "And ... I've totally forgotten what we were talking about before, about Blue-san." She shrugs. "Anyway! Back to where we were. Let's see if we can't go farther this time!"

She's recovering quickly enough, too; no signs of death-of-embarrassment there, either. There's that answered.