Cooking Lessons!

Signum does not know how to knife. Hayate knows how to knife. Hayate teaches Signum how to knife.

Date: 2019-01-29
Pose Count: 11
Hayate Yagami 2019-01-29 04:53:04 103162
"Here, see? You hold the knife like this to cut things, so that way if you slip, you just skin your knuckles a little! And you don't cut onions fully to the base when you're chopping them, because that will hold all the pieces together while you're chopping them!" Hayate's voice was bright as she showed the pink-haired Knight how to use a much smaller blade than Signum was probably used to. Her hands were deft as she chopped the onion, but she took time to slow herself down with the other half, patiently showing her Knight the chopping form. She dumped the chopped onions into the shimmering oil, joining other vegetables.

"Do you want to try?"
Signum 2019-01-29 05:02:01 103163
Signum blinks owlishly as she hovers over the culinary display with quiet interest. Despite briefly fretting over her Master 'arming herself', Signum seemed somewhat intrigued by Hayate's methodical approach to chopping up plant matter. 'Eating' was an unusual and uncessary practice that the Wolkenritter have suddenly found themselves doing daily since they manifested here.
    ... She doesn't *hate* it.
    Although she's worried she's starting to get cravings.
    "I... see." She acknowledges cautiously. At first the chopping form looked inefficient, but... Signum's never had to cut on quite so small a scale. It's... kind of intrigueing.
    Signum straightens up to her full height when Hayate offers her a chance, and considers the small blade for a moment before giving a small, slightly awkward smile. "... Yes. Please."
Hayate Yagami 2019-01-29 05:10:42 103164
Given how the Wolkenritter handled their first experiences with eating, Hayate isn't expecting much of grace when it comes to chopping, and she plans accordingly. She pulls out a carrot. "With carrots, you want to cut off the top and then take them down lengthwise first, so you have something flat to put on the board." The Mistress of the Tome of the Night Sky scoots back, allowing Signum to take the knife and board, while she busies herself with the carrots. "Do you like some food more than others?"
Signum 2019-01-29 05:20:41 103165
Signum takes the knife the same way one holds a sword, and peers at it sidelong for a moment, seemingly perplexed by how tiny it is. Granted, considering the size of Laevatein, and her intimidating bearing with that blade, the kitchen knife somehow manages to look like a toy in her hands.
    She glances at Hayate a bit awkwardly and adjusts her grip to something more appropriate, willing herself not to fidget out of pride; the General of the Raging fire handing the carrot asthough it might bite her.
    Putting your hand where your blade is going to go is not typically a problem a Knight runs into in combat, so after removing the top, there's an awkward moment of adjustment as she figures out how to cut the carrot lengthwise while still holding onto it. She actually holds the two halves together for a few moments after rotating it before glancing to the side, recalling her instructions, and letting the two halves fall flat. She's two slices into chopping them properly when Hayate's question gives Signum pause.
    She stares straight ahead at nothing in particular, like a student wracking their brains and a sudden history question. "... Like?" She murmurs, and glances to the side.
    Okay think! Think!
    Too many different flavors. "I like..." there was something... something that she wanted more of when it was done! It was... it was... "... Ice cream." she finally answers with set determination.
Hayate Yagami 2019-01-29 05:29:01 103166
Hayate giggles at Signum's awkwardness with the knife. "It's a different grip than a sword, silly. It's a lot of smaller movements than a sword." Now that she thought on it, she was going to keep any minor butchery she did in the kitchen out of sight of the General. It seemed to make her uncomfortable to see Hayate in the kitchen with a knife, after all.

"Ice cream? Really?" Hayate laughed, not mocking, but full of surprise. "I would have thought that you would have liked stuff with more protien, it's better for muscles. Making ice cream is very different from this." At a brief break in sweating the onions, she rolled over to correct Signum's grip.
Signum 2019-01-29 05:37:54 103167
Signum rolls her wrist experimentally with the knife, gauging its weight and balance. Signum's discomfort may die down when and if she stops exclusively thinking of blades in terms of weapons. Not that none of her previous masters were armed, but... Hayate's different.
    She seems perplexed at Hayate's response to her answer, letting her adjust her grip with some passing awkwardness. Signum's a bit used to being amazing at everything she does over the last millennia or so. Being 'trained' is a new experience.
    "... Well." She says stiffly. "... It tasted best." She begins to chop slowly, careful not to cut herself like Hayate said. "Our programs-" she tilts her head slightly and corrects herself to more humanistic terms, "... our bodies don't really need food. I'm not actually sure we use it." Chop chop chop chop, pause... Signum smiles a little. "Meat isn't bad though."
Hayate Yagami 2019-01-29 05:45:31 103168
"Usually sweet foods are associated with people who are overweight because they're loaded with calories that don't give the body much more value than raw energy, and human taste buds tend to prefer sweet things when they're young, because growing bodies need lots of energy."

"Mm, still, I do." And Hayate ate... a lot. She knew that being in a power chair meant that something was off with her metabolism. It was part of the reason she'd picked up cooking, after all. "Meat's also expensive, though, because it takes a lot to grow an animal to full size."
Signum 2019-01-29 05:50:30 103169
Signum nods slowly. "... I didn't reaiize it was so difficult." She says, then moments later clarifies. "Eating correctly."
    After a moment she realizes she's been chopping and re-chopping the carrot with no endgame in mind, and, after setting the knife down slowly as if she could avoid notice by moving gradually enough, tips the carrot's remnants into the oil.
    "Hayate-sama. If you'd prefer, Shamal and I could..." Signum almost says 'possibly', then 'probably', then skips straight to, "... cook for you, if you'd like. Spare you the trouble."
Hayate Yagami 2019-01-29 05:58:36 103170
Hayate shakes her head, laughing. "No, no, I like cooking! I'm showing you how to cook because I'm sharing something I like with you." Hayate smiles. "If you don't want to learn how to cook, I can stop."

Hayate deftly goes back to her pan, a small smile still on her face. "When my legs stopped working..." The small girl swallowed, shaking her head. "When they stopped, and I lost my parents, I felt pretty useless, and cooking helped me feel... not. It was something I could still do, even without my legs."
Signum 2019-01-29 06:07:11 103171
Signum frowns slowly as Hayate speaks, looking at her, at first, and then slowly looking downward, feeling... well, 'guilty' wasn't quite the word, but like she'd stepped on something she shouldn't have.
    Signum could sort of understand how Hayate felt. Nothing as close as a parent, but she'd lost...
    ... Lost...
    ... Lost...?
    Signum blinks slowly.
    Signum couldn't quite understand how Hayate felt; she'd never lost anyone. But she doesn't want to burden Hayate's feelings, much less her home... and luckily she doesn't have to lie to solve that. With a small smile Signum reaches out, fingers briefly flinching inches away from her shoulder, like there's some kind of barrier between her and the notion of expressing herself that way, then pushes through it and squeezes her shoulder gently. "You're not useless, Hayate-sama." She tilts her head slightly, "... And I would... enjoy it if you taught me how to cook.
Hayate Yagami 2019-01-29 06:14:20 103172
Hayate closes her eyes briefly. She still misses her parents, the ache still raw in her chest. "No, but not being able to walk made me feel that way. Not being able to do something as basic as walking does things, Signum."

She sighs, briefly. She doesn't want to share her pain with her Knights, so she forces herself to smile. "We can make ice cream, then! And figure out what your favorite flavor is."