Madame Caller

Fate invites Nanoha over for dinner. Runealy is also invited to partake! Issues of royal gossip, dating and where the Waldians were happens!

Date: 2019-02-02
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Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-02 22:35:35 103269
Fate T. Waldia is busy running around the kitchen preparing food. Fate is short of a master cook so she's stuck to what she does know- baking. She's placed what amounts to crossaints, stuffed with pepperoni and cheese down on the table. They're still steaming and need to rest! Why is she running around? Nanoha Takamachi is due here very soon!

She's just finished cleaning up after herself and hanging up the apron in the kitchen as she looks to the living room and peeks out into it before stepping towards the door. She's tapping her foot. She's a little nervous because she's never had Nanoha over here personally like this before. It at least isn't super personal. Runealy's been invited to join them! So that's helping a ton.

Regardless, she's never been so animated like this usually. It's probably a good sign! Rather than being her usual, static and stoic ice queen self, right?
Runealy Waldia 2019-02-02 22:40:15 103270
Rune is quite possibly an even worse cook than Fate, and has virtually zero experience with baking. She was nonetheless pleased when Fate shared the plan, and Rune was quick to offer bits of help; retrieving things, holding things, timing things, and so on. Keep it simple, and she's able to help.

"There's just one thing I haven't quite figured out, Fate. Does Nanoha have any sort of specific position, any kind of title I should be aware of? She's obviously very talented and powerful, but it's strange... that often doesn't seem to directly equal authority here in Tokyo. I just have no idea whether we're receiving a dignitary or not, and what little I know about Nanoha says she's not quite like that."

A pause, then Rune adds: "I simply don't want to offend or mistreat her. She'll be a welcome, important guest regardless!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-02 22:47:33 103271
Nanoha Takamachi arrives up the walk of the Waldian's home. She's been here a few handful of times in the past. She has with her, a cake box. There is- probably a cake inside! This is probably not a great surprise. What is a surprise is the cake itself and what kind it may be!? Regardless- she carefully walks to the front of door and gently gives a little series of knocks.

She's assuming this is enough to get attention. It probably also helps Fate is on the otherside impatient and nervously taping her foot! The door opens and Nanoha beams! (Smiles. That is. Not laser beams!)

"Hi Fate!" she says. "Hi Runealy-san!" she says with a smile as she steps in and offers the cake to Fate. "Here... I had momma bake a cake for us!---" a pause. "I promise it's not a ---- " she looks towards Runealy. "N--nevermind!" she says with a rapid blush as shakes her head. She was making a joke based on a private conversation she had with Fate a couple weeks back. Well. Private in homeroom.

Then she realized there's others here that might take it so so so weirdly!

"It's Chocolate, white frosted... cherries on the edge!" she smiles.

She sniffs the air... "Oh...! That smells good!" she says with wide eyes. "Smells like.. pizza? But.. without a tomatoey.. like... smells." she says tapping her bottom lip.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-02 22:59:09 103272
Fate T. Waldia looks towards Runely and blinks like a deer in headlights. "---oh Runealy. She's just Nanoha-chan!" she smiles quite wide! "She isn't any sort of offical or person. She helps her family in her family's bakery and that's about it." she does give a light short muted giggle at that.

Then she opens the door and it's Nanoha! She blushes a bit as she takes the cake. She knows what Nanoha was about to say. 'She promises it's not a wedding cake'. Making Nanoha tell her mother about them may not had suddenly been in her favor.

Be careful what you wish for and all that. She smiles and nods to the two of them. "Come on..." she says. "To the kitchen. Yes! I made... crossaints. Stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. No tomato sauce. Some spices." she places the cake box on the counter and opens the box around the cake. "Oh!" she says, unvieling the vanilla frosted chocolate cake. She nods. "This will be good for after then."

When she's placed the cake box down she then moves to finally give Nanoha a warm hug when all hands are no longer carrying things between the two of them. "Let's sit down." she says as she moves to sit down at the table wherein at the center sits the rolls, along with three small plates and forks if they are needed or wanted.

She herself places two of the pizza-stuffed crossaints down on her plate and makes sure Nanoha and Runealy get the same. She nods. "I've been working on my baking still, and wanted to show you one of the things I tried to come up with on my own." she says towards Nanoha- but also is generally also talking to Runealy.
Runealy Waldia 2019-02-02 23:04:45 103273

"A commoner, then... but one of the most spectacular individuals I've ever heard of," Rune comments to Fate's summary of Nanoha's social 'rank'. "At least it means this will be a more relaxed gathering, I'm eager to really meet her like this!"

Then there's the knock. Rune has been quite content to keep a little distance from Fate. Not from lack of interest, but from not wanting to be a 'helicopter sister' who micromanages every detail of Fate's efforts; seeing Fate move to answer the door results in a smile but no direct intervention... Rune only follows behind several seconds later, and only speaks up when Nanoha does.

"Good afternoon! And thank you... very kind of your mother to send this along, it sounds wonderful!" Rune does not invite Nanoha in; she merely nods when Fate does so, silently pleased by Fate's initiative and following behind once the cake is placed, hugs between Nanoha and Fate are exchanged, and food is prepared.

"Thank you," Rune remarks as Fate presents the meal. "This is an original idea of yours? It looks fantastic!" She's waiting, not yet getting into the meal, but is definitely looking it over with interested eyes.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-02 23:25:29 103274
Nanoha Takamachi smiles. Fate's been getting better. More aclimated to 'people things'. She's noticed like Runealy has of course. She looks to Fate and then Runealy. "Right-- I mean. I've heard of recipes like this before, but did you think of it yourself, Fate-chan?" she asks with wide eyes.

She's not taking a bite right away. Mainly because it's still steaming on her plate. She doesn't want to fumble for water right off the bat. She mmmms. "Still smells good. I'm just waiting for it to cool!"

She turns towards Runealy and head tilts and smiles. "Mom always insists I take a cake or something from the bakery when I visit a friend's house." she says. "I'll pass along the welcomes." she says.

She looks to Fate and then back to Runealy. "...has everything been going okay?" she asks to both. "I -- I mean since the adoption." she blushes.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-02 23:35:34 103275
Fate grins as they ask questions about it. "I came up with it mostly myself. I know stuff like this existed though." she adds. "I.." she trails off. "I haven't tasted it yet. They we're still too hot! But I'm sure they'll taste fine." and they should! Crossaint should be flaky! Cheese all melty! Pepperoni all.... roni?

She looks towards Nanoha and nods. "Everything is great, Nanoha!" she says. "Arf's settled in good. I was afraid of her and Mistpaw not getting along but that seems to have been a non-issue." she says with a little series of nods.

She hasn't repeated the 'Nanoha is a commoner' thing to Nanoha but she's thinking about it. Nanoha is anything but 'common'. She eyes the cake on the counter with a softer look suddenly remembering something as she looks back to Nanoha. Eyes a little sad... a look Nanoha is acustomed to seeing but it only lasts for a few seconds before it vaporizes back to a jovial expression.

"...The rumors about us at school aren't bothering you. Right Nanoha-chan?" she asks with wide eyes. She looks back to Runealy and smiles. "I told Runealy. So there wasn't any miscommunication." she says. "It'd take a while to get to her anyways as she goes to a different school than I do with you." she says.
Runealy Waldia 2019-02-02 23:44:11 103276
"That's a wonderful tradition," Rune is quick to praise the idea of visits equalling cake being brought along. "Please pass on my thanks, both for this lovely cake and for helping Fate so very, very much! I owe you those same thanks, I understand... it seems you also did a world of good for Fate, and I've always wanted the chance to say that to you directly!"

"And yes, we've been doing well for the most part... a few incidents, but if anything they've brought us even closer together." Rune omits some key details on what those 'incidents' are. "As for these 'rumors'... honestly, it only pleases me even more to hear what the truth was. I might not have heard the rumors at all, I miss a great deal of what goes on in Tokyo. So thank you for trusting me with that," a nod to Fate, "And please know that I wholeheartedly approve!" That last part is punctuated with a similar nod to Nanoha.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-02 23:56:11 103277
Nanoha seems uncomfortable. "I can only tell my mom so much about Fate and her situation. Lindy-sama has mostly taken care of all the details in a manner my parents can digest. My parents are better off not knowing about the.... magic.. related things." she says. "But I will pass on that her adoptive family appreciate the cake!" she smiles wide.

Nanoha does relax when she says she approves. "Oh.. oh that's good. As..." she scrunches her nose. "As silly as it sounds I was worried. Because I know that Fate isn't a-- 'crown' princess-- she still is a princess now and I'm not at all sure how the details with that goes. I mean for all I know...."

"I could be thrown into the dungeon!" she says with a giggle. Suggesting she's being silly rather than serious. But more using it as a point to prove how nervous she was. She does relax.

"...If..." she gently takes a bite of the crossaint as she 'ohs!' "Oh! These are lovely, Fate-chan!" she says with a smile. "--Cheesy is all melted and-- mmph~ I can't help but think this needs a tomato sauce side for dipping maybe..." she says.

"I m--mean if you wanted suggestions!" she smiles. She looks towards Rune. "A--h! Oh as I was about to ask..." she says.

"If you don't.. mind me asking. What happened where you guys had to go back to Waldia?" she asks quietly. "I uh. I haven't actually asked Fate-chan." she says. "About that. So I was curious. I mean just curious. I'm sure it was super important!" she says with wide eyes.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 00:03:10 103278
Fate T. Waldia eyes Nanoha as she smiles a little mutedly. "I don't think you'd be thrown into any dungeon and if that is the case I'm gonna be so maaaaad at dad." she says with a single, curt nod to both Runealy and Nanoha. She's also being a little silly. She's certain dad will have a similar stance to Runealy she thinks. She could ask him next time she visits the portal for a talk.

She nods. "Oh!" she says. "That's actually a good suggestion Nanoha, I'll need to remember that for next time. I mean... it's only warming up a jar or can of sauce really. I could probably even do that right now if we have a can or two." she says with a furrowed brow as she looks between the two.

Nanoha asks Runealy about why they we're gone. "It's my understanding that there was an emergency with a demon... and when they got there the portal closed behind them for the next couple of years." she says. "I'm just really glad they're back!" she says with quite a wide smile. she does look at Runealy and back to Nanoha.

"A couple of incidents, yes. Like..." she says. "...would assasians be the best term...?" she asks Runealy with more concern.
Runealy Waldia 2019-02-03 00:11:17 103279
"Regardless, please do pass on as much of my thanks as you can... and thank you for letting me know what your family knows." Rune makes a slight nod, "I'll be careful with what I say around them, in that case."

Nanoha's joke meets alarm, with Rune's eyes shooting wide open. "Nonsense! We're not in the business of abd--" Rune cuts off, calmed by Nanoha's laugh. "Well, there may be a few things we have to smooth over back home. Concerns heard and reassurances made. However, I suspect there will be no real problem. If it makes Fate happy, that's all that seriously matters! Yet... nobody will seriously oppose it. I support it, as it makes you happy. My father will likely understand. The citizenry, once given a little time to grasp it, will probably agree. Fate is quite popular back home, you understand."

Talk of the emergency and why they left so suddenly causes Rune's enthusiasm to dim. She is calm... slightly unhappy about the topic, but this isn't a deep sadness; Nanoha hasn't hit upon any seriously sore thing for Rune. "As far as I can tell? A demon trick of some sort. There were reports of raids on outlying villages... but the damage was always minimal; they would inflict token damage on the area, then we would hear of another area being struck. Looking back, I'm convinced we were trying to be lured into something... but the trap was never sprung. Perhaps something those 'assassains'," Rune uses the term with unfamiliarity and distaste, "were up to something but the final details never fell in place? To this day, I simply don't know. All I do know is by the time we figured out we were simply being lead around fruitlessly, the portal had all but closed and we were stuck on our home world. Stuck, while Fate could have used our help..." This part is said with lidded, apologizing eyes facing Fate.

Her head lowers, gaze somewhat set on Nanoha, "...and that you and several others were there, and we owe you a great deal for that. Again... thank you so very much."
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-03 00:25:46 103282
Nanoha smiles a little. "I'm joking, Runealy-chan." she says softly. "Besides... we're dating. It's not like we're getting married yet or anything." she says with a rapid blush. "But I imagine that there are people into royal gossip anyways I bet?" she asks. "Where it'd matter." she says quietly.

She shakes her head. "I know for a fact Fate doesn't harbor ill will for that. I did my best." she says. "To help. Lots of people did." she says. "It wasn't pleasent. All that." she says with her own sad rememberance. "But..." she nods. "You're back now!" she beams.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 00:36:09 103285
Fate T. Waldia nods. "I don't." she says just to assue Runealy. "I know you had things to attend to. It isn't your fault the portal closed behind you. Besides... I'm glad you didn't have to deal with that Runealy." she says softly. "I know you would had, I know so. But... I'm still glad you didn't need to." she says.

She then blushes profuesely at that wording. 'yet'!? She gently takes a sharp breath. She looks towards Runealy. "Is-- there gossip? I bet Gao or Hinote might know better there.... for some reason." she says tapping her bottom chin. "I imagine people do not gossip directly to the royalty..." she wonders.

Oh god, worldwide royal rumors about it!? She's dealing with the school things fine. Could she deal with an entire capital city knowing!?
Runealy Waldia 2019-02-03 00:38:54 103286
Rune looks up when Nanoha offers reassurances, satisfied and willing to go back to the other topic instead. "Gossip is one thing, and there will be some of that. However, much of this comes as a social and political shock to us. You have to understand, we're simply not as advanced as you are. Our technology pales before Earth's, and when I was a child... we were only vaguely aware other worlds existed. We had no idea those worlds had people on them, and I only came here on a desperate guess that they would! Now those very same unknown people have helped save us, and one of them has become an important part of our royal family. All that, in just a few years. It... is a lot for us to take in. I'm sure there will be some surprise about your relation with Fate. However,"

Rune holds up a hand, trying to briefly stall any reply so she can add one more thing, "I'm equally sure surprise will quickly give way to delight. You're kind, charming, and have done so much good for Fate. The people will be thrilled to learn more about you!"

After Fate says her piece, Rune's smile returns. "That said? I have told no one anything about this, as of yet. The news can be shared when you, both of you, are comfortable with the idea. You can share it with Arina and Gaofele and Hinote when you wish. You may share it with our home world when you wish. I," A tiny headshake follows, "will not force anything."
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-03 00:53:27 103290
"Oh thank god." says Nanoha. Then she pauses and then face palms. "--I.. that was supposed to be. Internal." she says with a blush as she practically slinks in the chair to half her height. "--erm--" she sits back up fast. "I mean. It's good... on the respect on that." she says. She looks at Runealy. "...Did you know that there's 'rumors' about royalty and polictal figures going back thousands and thousands of years here we still know and still don't know if it's true or not?" she giggles. "That was before technology was spread all around here. So... I think it's valid to worry about gossip I guess? I'm not sure..." she says.

She nods. "I'm gonna leave that up to Fate though." she says. "If she tells the others here..." she looks towards Fate. She looks to Fate and Runealy. "...Are they... family too? or..." she shakes her head. "I mean it's none of my bussiness." she says to Fate. "But now I'm curious!" she giggles.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 00:58:23 103292
Fate T. Waldia nods after Nanoha. "But you also need to take into account the different culture. I think Waldia cares less about that. Maybe. I'm not sure." she blushes. "There's still not a lot I know about home." she says. "But I'll learn more and more slowly."

She looks towards Runealy and then to Nanoha. "That's a good question. Hinote and Gaofelle could be like big brothers kind of I guess." she shrugs. "But that would be a 'family by choice' thing I guess.. that people talk to me about rather than the offical kind that Runealy is." she giggles. "But they're also knights so it's kind of like Runealy and I are half-bosses? But I think we're friends first." she nods VERY matter of factly at that last part.

"But I don't think family or royalty was meant to be simple." she smiles a little mutedly.

The crossaints are almost gone perhaps by now! Soon. Soon it will be time for delicious cake. Then maybe her and Nanoha will go up to her room so they can visit with Arf and Jin!

Jin's probably gonna make sure no kissy faces are happening up there. Probably!