Madame Caller: After Dinner

After the events of 'Madame Caller'! Fate and Nanoha talk in Fate's room! And feed Arf pepperoni crossaints and talk about being in love, romantically kind of thing... and who exactly is responsible for that. MIHO.

Date: 2019-02-03
Pose Count: 9
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 08:35:56 103329
Fate T. Waldia leads Nanoha up to her room after dinner is ready. She opens the door carefully.

The room is not overtly decorated. There's a dresser. a closet. A vanity with a mirror, and a desk wherein a regular standard office chair and desk sit. The walls are sparse. There is a window. There is a portarit of the capital city-- hand painted. A gift from a Waldian artist. People in Waldia like to give you things when you saved their world and also are a princess of said world now, apparently.

Besides- she likes imagining her new home and it's easier when one has a portait. There's a picture of Fate with Nanoha on her first day of school, taken by Mom Takamachi framed and sitting on the vanity. There's also a bog standard bed with a black comforter.

A tiny bed sits on the dresser, with Jin stood next to it in his tin soldier glory. Arf leaps up at Nanoha's knees. "Hi Nanoha-chan!~" sings Arf. "How are you, you smell like pepperoni! Did you bring me Pepperoni!?" she asks.

Fate smiles a little bit as she shakes her head. "That was dinner... here..." Fate says as she leans down and offers Arf one of the crossaints-- but not before breaking a tiny piece off and placing one on the tip of Jin's bayonet of the tin solider's rifle. There we go. Now he has a piece too!

"This is my room, Nanoha-chan." she says. "...Do you like it...?" she asks. "it's strange. Living in a place I had to decorate myself." she smiles wide.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-03 08:40:34 103330
Nanoha takes the room in. It's indeed, very plain. But she expected that from Fate. She smiles as Fate attends to feeding Arf and also.. feeding Jin apparently. Nanoha walks over and leans down so she's face level with Jin. "Hi Jin. It's okay. It's me!" she says with a smile after giving the soldier a SALUTE!

She looks around. The portrait of a place she doesn't know she assumes is the Waldian capital. "Wooooow! That's a really pretty place is that... from Waldia?" she asks of Fate.

She looks to the picture on the vanity and smiles a little sweetly. Fate looks so unsure but smiling in that picture, but defintily not sad! She remembers that day. Nanoha had to assure Fate that she'd do fine- and that the punishment for getting a question wrong or failing a rest wasn't like.... her moms. It was sad she had to clarify that. But...

Fate's come such a long way now.... she leans down to gently pet Arf. "Like Fate said, we ate! Was it good?" she asks the puppy. She sits down and pats her lap. "Come're Arf-chan!" she says.

She looks up to Fate. "I'm... so glad you spoke to Runealy about that... and... well... um." she shifts with a blush. "Well proud too! I mean... I bet... there was a time you'd be so worried about doing that..." she says quietly. She looks down. "Hehe-- s--sorry. If that sounds odd." she says.

"But... you're coming along so well Fate. Since... since... W-well! you know... right?"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 08:44:32 103331
Fate nods. "I know what you mean Nanoha." she says as she sits down next to Nanoha on the bed and Arf follows, sitting between the two and leaning mostly into Nanoha's lap and enjoying pets. RRRrrrRRRrrrrRRR! That's a happy wolf familiar!

"It... has not been easy." she says looking down. "Your cake... made me... remember. That day." she says. "That I walked into your shop to buy a cake for...." she says. "For... mother..." she says. "-and how I hurried out." she adds.

"...Nanoha..." she says...

"...Nanoha....." sjhe says again....

"Nanoha." a pause. "....I never. Said your name back then. I knew it. But... I never. Wanted to say it. You wanted to help me. But I couldn't... wouldn't... accept." she says quietly. "I wish I had said that name. I wish I had reached out. I wish I had listend to you and the others about mother." she says, petting Arfs back.

"...I'm going to! Say that name! So much, now Nanoha. Every chance I get! Nanoha!..." she says. "Nanoha!" she says again. A pause.

"Erm. Maybe. I should actually have a reason to say it." she giggles. "It might be weird... right? That's weird- right?" she asks Nanoha.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-03 09:06:38 103332
Nanoha gives Fate a sad smile. "....Fate-chan...." she trails off- closing her eyes- but smiling. "You don't need to say my name so much!" she says. She opens her eyes as she leans over to lean her head against Fate's shoulder. "I understand. I always have okay? No need to-- to do that." she says.

"-- I like your room though--- I think it needs something a little more.... mmmph..." she narrows her eyes. "I think I have an idea." she nods once. "I'll bring it to you tomorrow!" she says with a wide smile.

She looks up at Fate. "I'm glad Rune approved. I was worried." she says quietly.

"...I mean. She's your sister so.. her opinion matters, ya know Fate-chan?" she asks.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 09:24:17 103333
Fate nods. "I know." she says. "Still." she says quietly. "I'll find good reasons to say your name." she says with a short smile. She looks around the room and nods. "I... agree. I'm sorry. I'm not the best at decoration. But I have clothes in the closet and dresser." she smiles. "Some fancy ones from Waldia too-- like what Runealy wears!" she says.

"Yes... yes her opinion matters. I do not think I would... had broken anything off is she dissaproved." she says. "But it does matter. Just doesn't mean it may or may not be right---?" she asks. "Regardless that doesn't matter. She DOES approve, because she's my sister and she wants me to be happy!" she smiles wider.

She gently reaches a hand around and strokes Nanoha's hair some as she rests her head on her shoulder.

She smiles. "Is this the kind of thing you imagined, Nanoha-chan, when you we're reaching out to me all this time?..." she asks a little coyly. Not quite playfully.. maybe a little. But mostly seriously.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-03 09:43:43 103334
Nanoha nods. "Right!" she says with a smile. Then Fate asks a question that causes her to become flush with red in her face! "I mean! No--not from the begining!" she insists heavily. "I was worried about you... from that night with the cat..." she says softly.

"Your eyes we're so sad... but. You know that already." she says. She looks towards Fate again. "It was..." she says. "I think it was the night you brought me home to see to my wounds during that... awful hospital Jewel Seed..." she says. "That I-- maybe. Started thinking about how it might feel to hug you... and-- rest like this." she says. "So I guess more recent." she smiles.

"But- I mean. You asked first you know, Fate. When did YOU start feeling that way?" she asks with wide eyes.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 09:45:57 103335
Fate ohs! Nanoha has a point. Nanoha clearly had feelings for her. But... Fate was the one. Who asked. "I started to have complicated feelings for you after... my mom." she says. "When I had time to think about it. I asked a girl named 'Miho' about these feelings at Tuxed Kamen's place?" she asks. "She said that I was in love Romantically, kind of!" she says.

"So later that night I had you meet me by the lake. Do you remember?" she asks.

She blushes. "I.. still can't belive I messed up what I was going to say. But I was so nervous.... that...."

"You might not return those feelings." she admits.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-03 09:55:24 103336
Nanoha smiles, then blinks. "Wait.....A--- Miho.... told you?" she asks. She scrunches her nose. OH. Now she knows. NOW she knows who told Fate that embrassing wording. She's comin, Miho. Watch out. She softly shakes her head. "I'm glad that you sorted out your feelings all by yourself Fate-chan!" a pause.

"I mean. Everyone needs help with that sometimes, but when you do something like that all on your own Fate? It's a good thing!" she smiles wide.

She reaches out to take Fate's hand. "Fate-chan... the only reason... I didn't ask you first. Was because It felt wrong to ask someone that who was still sorting their feelings out." she says.

"When you asked first... there was no longer any reason for me to worry!" she says happily.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-03 09:57:34 103337
Fate nods a lot and gently tugs Nanoha closer right up against her. She tugs her into a warm hug. "I'm happy to hear that Nanoha-chan... you always care so much for others." she says. "And worry about important things." she says. "I try to have that same care. But it's difficult sometimes..."

"I know some people at school call me 'The Ice Queen' because I'm not so outward with new people." she says. "But that doesn't bother me... because I have... the most sunniest person in my arms to always melt me!" she says with a warmer smile.

This has been a good night. Such a good night.