A Chance Meeting of Great Snackisfaction

Nanoha and Fate and Akari meet Hayate! They talk about ice cream, family and making a bunch fo sweet potato chips! Nanoha, Fate and Akari talk about Akari's recent goings ons via device chat.

Date: 2019-02-06
Pose Count: 19
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-06 02:47:24 103402
Nanoha Takamachi went to Fate's the other day to eat! Runealy was there too. It was fun! She enjoyed herself a bunch! Regardless, Fate needed to restock some things a few days later so Nanoha came along because it was right after school! "Come on Fate-chan~" she sings to her friend.

She grabs a basket as she intends to pick up a few things for herself. She's currently looking over a rack of potato chips as she reaches out to grab a single bag made of red slices as her eyes glisten as she grabs it and then turns to Fate, holding the bag close.. "Fate-chan......"

"Sweet Potato Chips!" she says with ultra wider eyes then before. "OhmygodIwonderhowtheytaste!" she says.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-06 02:50:55 103403
Fate T. Waldia is along with Nanoha. Her little basket already contains a small bag of flour, some vegetable oil and much more healthier things than whatever Nanoha is probably grabbing. She watches with interest as Nanoha moves to grab a bag of chips?...

OH.. ohhhh she knows better than to get between Nanoha and sweet potatoes. One time. She woke up to a ruckus and it was Yuuno making it across in the other bed when she lived with Nanoha? Nanoha mistoke Yuuno for a sweet potato in a dream. It was horrible!.

"Huh..." she says with at least mild interest. She takes one off the shelf and reads the ingredients.

"Couldn't you... make these at home, Nanoha?" she asks curiously. "I bet they'd be a lot healthier..." she trails a little off.
Hayate Yagami 2019-02-06 02:56:02 103404
Hayate, for once, is out without the Wolkenritter. After all, she knows Tokyo. She's been here a while, and it's perfectly safe for her to roll down to the store with an insulated tote and some ice packs to pick up... probably way more ice cream than can possibly be healthy, but the Wolkenritter aren't exactly human, so... She loads up on small containers of different flavors, with the intent of sampling several to see which her knights liked best.

There were also plans of getting other sweets to see if they liked those, too. She might have been spoiling them, but they didn't seem to know what having an opinion on something was like, and that made Hayate want to expose them to the broadest range of experiences possible. She paused as she rolled away with her ice cream bounty, overhearing the comment about 'making them at home'. A-ha! Something in her field of expertise!

"Sorry to interrupt, but make what at home? Unless it needs an oven, I bet you probably could..." She flushed a little, smiling at the other two girls. "I cook a lot," she offered by way of explanation.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-06 03:06:08 103405
Akari is almost back to her usual self! (Or, well, her Linker Core is, at any rate. She's still looking emotionally exhausted, as if something bad happened recently that she still hasn't recovered from.) She's shopping for a few snacks of her own, trying to strike a balance between 'healthy' and 'comfort food'. She isn't sure the first one actually matters for herself, but, well, unlike the Wolkenritter, she was created to seem like an ordinary human in this form, and her artificial biology is smart enough to adjust her strength and make minor changes to her physique as she exercises, so what's the point in risking it?

She hears a pair of familiar voices, and turns to head over to Fate and Nanoha. "Oh, hi --"

But then a newcomer in a wheelchair arrives! She blinks, looking over at Hayate, then back to Fate and Nanoha.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-06 03:08:50 103406
Nanoha Takamachi made wide eyes at Fate. "But... these are ready made! So they are convient!" she says. She looks at the back and then blinks. "---and apparently will raise my blood pressure though the roof." she says with a look of overcast suddenly coming down on her as she sighs and puts the bag back... but does opt for a really tiny 'snack bag' of the chips. Because that won't kill her, right? That much? Come to her, deliciousness....

Then Hayate speaks up! "Huh... OH! Um. Just. Talking about the sweet potato chips." she says with wide eyes. "Apparently. They are loaded with junk." she pouts. She seems to try to hide that tiny bag among the other things in her basket that- ultimately- probably are not much better. She's splurging, leave her alone! ;_;.

"Oh-- um. I am. Nanoha Takamachi!" she bows. "This is Fate Testarossa Waldia, my friend!" she smiles.

She hears a voice. "Oh is that... Akari-san?" she asks. She smiles. "Hello Akari-san! Come over here. What do you have...? Anything good?" she asks looking to her basket. Maybe wanting to get some ideas. "Um.."

"This is Akari-san!" she says to the girl in the wheelchair. She doesn't know Hayate's name yet. Looking expectanly at her for a name.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-06 03:14:43 103407
Fate T. Waldia bows at the girl in the wheelchair. "Hello. I am Fate T. Waldia, yes." she says politely. She leaves the 'Princess' title out. There's no need to here. It'd complicate things. 'Yes, Hello I am a princess! Now this fact will dominate the rest of the discussion I am sure.'

"Yes these are awful for you Nanoha-chan." she says as she puts the bag back and chooses a bag of lightly salted popcorn out and slides it into Nanoha's bag. Darnit, you're gonna have ONE decent 'healthy-ish' snack you can stand, Determinator.

She looks over to Akari though as her eyes light up. She looks to Nanoha and smiles and then back to Akari before she makes a few steps towards Akari. "Hello Akari-chan! Um... Hinote-kun told me that you came by recently for something with Rune-chan?" she says vaguely. At least around Hayate here.

She looks back to Hayate and nods. "Yes this is Akari Hayabasa. She's a friend." she says with a stern series of nods.
Hayate Yagami 2019-02-06 03:27:51 103410
Hayate smiles and bows as much as she can from her chair with a bag of ice cream in her lap. "Takamachi-san, Walida-san, Hayabusa-san. It's nice to meet you! Um, Takamachi-san, will you let me look at the bag of chips? I'm pretty sure I can make them without all of the salt they normally put on mass-produced ones..." If not, she can definitely learn. After all, she has all this free time, with not being in school.

"I cook a lot for my family, and I'm pretty good at it! I was just getting them some ice cream flavors they'd never had before, since a couple of them really like ice cream." New and novel flavors like strawberry and rainbow sorbet, but she's not going to say that her family is made up of magical book-people! That'd be super weird and take all day to explain. "I'm Hayate Yagami, by the way."
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-06 03:28:30 103411
Akari manages a weak smile, and hurries over to the group.

"Hi, Nanoha-san, Fate-chan," she says aloud. "Just going for a grab bag at the moment." She gestures with the shopping basket, then nods to Fate. "Oh, yeah, I've been ..." She grimaces. "... I've been wanting to catch you and your sister. We can talk about it later."

And then there's a quick message from Rubindorn to Bardiche and Raising Heart, via an oddly weak signal: 'The Wolkenritter got my Linker Core a little under a month ago. I've mostly recovered, though. Runealy-san had to purify me again.'

She bows to Hayate. "Pleased to meet you, Yagami-san." She brightens slightly as Hayate starts talking about cooking and her family. She's always had an interest in other people's passions; it was her first clue that 'Nightbell' wasn't her real self, in fact. "Great, now you've got me wondering about homemade chips, too," she says, with a noticeably easier smile this time.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-06 03:32:19 103412
Nanoha Takamachi gently plucks a bag from the rack and puts it into Hayate's hands softly with a smile. "There you go. It's a pleasure to meet you, Hayate-san!" she says. She nods. "You cook for your family? It's hard to cook for mine.... my family runs the.. um. Midori-ya Cafe up the main road and towards Mitakihara.." she says. "So they're a lot better at me when it comes to food yet." she says with a soft and cur nod.

Nanoha looks back to Akari and Fate and sends a concerned little message along the device lines. 'I'm sorry to hear that. Are you okay? Do you need help still?...' she asks.

She looks back to Hayate. "That's wonderful though! Oh! Did you get some mint chocolate chip? How about the matcha flavor?" she asks. She looks back to Akari. "Maybe..." she taps her bottom lip. "Maybe we can all get together somewhere and try to make them together? I dunno if I can promise my place... unless it's after closing and we can use the main kitchen.... I know Fate's place is pretty big...." she says as she looks towards Akari and Hayate to see what they think.

Yes they just met. No, this doesn't bother Nanoha one bit.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-06 03:37:49 103413
Fate nods to Hayate. She's keeping the princess stuff to herself for the same reason she's keeping the magical book knight family to herself. Mainly because 'Europe' only works so long as an excuse of where you're from that you're a princess of.

"I've never cooked for a family before... just my sister and Nanoha and when I worked at Nanoha's Family cafe for a bit while I was living with her for a small while." she says with a smile.

She looks towards Akari with concern though and though the same device cell-phone like talk says 'I'm sorry I wasn't there. I was probably out with Nanoha somewhere...' she relays sadly. Then. ONLY to Akari she sends. 'Hino-kun told me you wanted to speak to me and Runealy privately soon?...' she asks. 'Is everything okay?'

She looks back to the group and nods at Nanoha's idea. "I'm sure Runealy would be delighted to have some people over and meet someone new if it's at my place." she says with a slight arc of her toes so she stands on her tip toes for a second. The idea pleases her.
Hayate Yagami 2019-02-06 03:44:44 103414
Hayate claps her hands together, smiling. "Yeah, I got some mint chocolate chip and matcha! Wait, your family runs Midori-ya? I need to go there some time and get some things sometime!" She beams, hugging the ice cream close to her.

"I would love to come over, and I could show you how to cook, Walida-san! I've been teaching my family to cook for themselves, too." It's so strange to be making friends like this, when her life had previously been so lonely. She couldn't wait to tell her knights, and share the ice cream with them. "I'll have to get some sweet potatoes, though... Is there anything else you want to learn how to cook?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-06 03:48:22 103415
Akari smiles at Nanoha. "I keep meaning to drop by Midori-ya, ever since you mentioned it at the Crown," she says. "I've just busy with stuff, though, I should make the time to go there soon." She shrugs. "The place I'm staying doesn't really have room for a whole crowd of visitors, but I wouldn't mind joining in myself. I know my way around a coffee shop's kitchen, at least."

'Physically, I'm fine,' she sends to Nanoha and Fate, and leaves it at that. To Fate's question, she simply responds, '... No, not really.' It's only due to the skills that come with her Infiltration Mode that she's able to keep it off her face; she's just leaving it at that for now.
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-06 03:59:59 103416
Nanoha smiles a beat. "Don't worry about the sweet potatoes, I can handle that! The shop stores them for potato rolls. I just need to ask Momma so she can mark down that I'm taking a few bags." she smiles at Hayate. "Well you're welcome anytime!' she says. "I can't promise I'll be there but you can let anyone working know that you know me- they'll take care of you!" she says.

She looks a little concerned at Akari but nods a little at her for apparently no reason from Hayate's angle maybe- as she leaves it at that.

She smiles. "Probably need.. oil too." she says scrunching her nose. "Right?" she asks to Hayate.

"Fate's place seems like the best idea then." she says. "But in the meantime..." she digs out a card and gently hands it to Hayate and smiles. "That's the Midori-ya's address and number...!" she says. "If you ever need to find me!"
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-06 04:11:26 103417
Fate T. Waldia looks at Akari and frowns a little sadly. She looks at Nanoha and nods a bit as she moves over to Akari and gently nods at her. She'll bother Akari about it when there isn't a bunch of people around. She sighs. "Yes, that would be fun." she says with a soft smile. "But another day, soon of course." she looks to Hayate and says. "I have a number... if you'd like to call me." she says. She'll rattle off a number as soon as Hayate is ready to take a note on a phone or add it into her contacts.

"Nanoha can handle the potatoes, I will bring anything else." she says with a soft series of nods. "My sister, Runealy, might join us- aswell as my other friends that live in the house." she says quietly. "As a warning. I wouldn't want to turn away Runealy." she smiles softly.
Hayate Yagami 2019-02-06 04:16:24 103419
Hayate nods, taking the card and carefully tucking it away. She offers one of her own. "We're going to need cooking oil- sunflower or peanut is better for frying things because the hotter, the better." She thinks, tapping her chin and smiling. She rattles off her number for Fate. "I should probably get home soon, though, before my ice cream melts." She bows again.

"I'll see all of you later!" She gently replaces the bagged chips before half-bowing, wheeling over to pay for the ice cream.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-06 04:17:17 103420
Akari gives a quick nod to Fate and Nanoha. As far as she's concerned, all that needs to be said in that part has been said. She smiles to Hayate, although her smile is still just the slightest bit uneasy. "Okay, see you later!" she says. "It was nice meeting you, Yagami-san!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2019-02-06 04:19:28 103421
Nanoha nods. "Sunflower Oil." she says. "Less likely to cause issues with allergies. Just in case." she beams. "It was nice meeting you Hayate! Eek! Please don't let it become ice cream soup!" she says with wide eyes. She looks towards Akari and Fate though as she nods.

"It looks like you two need to talk about something soon..." she can read Fate well enough to know something important is going on and Fate is concerned. She isn't gonna press the point of dragging Fate back home with her.

"I'm going to get home then before momma starts calling.... I'll text you later, Okay Fate?" she smiles. She'll make her own way to the check out as she waves at Akari. "By Akari-san! Drop by soon!" she says, in realtion to the Midori-ya.
Fate T. Waldia 2019-02-06 04:22:51 103422
Fate T. Waldia nods at Nanoha. "I'll be waiting Nanoha...~" she says as she gives a little soft wave to Nanoha. There would probably be some minor hearts fluttering off her here we're this an anime. She then gently relaxes and looks back to Akari as she gently says. "I'm sorry." she says quietly. "I don't know if Runealy is available at the moment, but very soon- we will all talk together. Okay?" she says softly as she offers her hand softly for a soft squeeze... not sure if Akari would appreciate a full on hug right at the moment in the current location.

"Do you wanna back home with me and see?" she asks.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-06 04:28:31 103423
Akari nods, and bows to Nanoha. "All righty, then," she says. "I'll see you when I see you!" A pause. "Oh, and let me know if you have any 'Aces' news, Fate-chan knows how to get in touch!"

She lingers with Fate; with Hayate gone, she lowers her guard again, and she once again looks exhausted. "Okay," she says softly, returning the hug without a moment's thought. "Sure, I don't really have any other plans. As long as we aren't out too late, I'm not up for teleporting yet."