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Date: 2019-02-11
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Millie White 2019-02-11 02:24:58 103480
Sunday was a day that many used to get ready for the week ahead. Groceries, laundry, meal prep, the works; all so that Monday would potentially suck less than it usually did. Millie had already taken care of all that, but there was one thing left that she felt couldn't wait any more. The Cure sent a quick text to Alexis to meet her at the harbour before she left her dorm.

It was a bit chilly as it quickly approached evening, but as usual, Millie didn't seem to mind. She silently made her way towards the pier, the exact spot that Stahlritter had fished her out of the bay the first night they had met. They had met again as civilians only a week later. It was funny how that worked sometimes.

The Canuck stood with her back to the water, her emerald gaze staring up the pier. Occasionally she would sniff the air. Since her magic had returned properly, her mana scent ability had come back stronger than ever and she had so far put it to good use. Training every day with Akari was doing wonders for her reaction time, but she hadn't forgotten what Stahlritter had taught her. That was why even though she couldn't smell anything remotely magical, she didn't let her guard down.