Taking Flight Once Again

Akari shows off some of what she can do, now that her Linker Core is recovered and no longer has a limiter in her human form. Of course, the topic of conversation gets heavy in the process.

Date: 2019-02-14
Pose Count: 17
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 01:54:42 103537
Once again, Akari has invited Millie over to the Park (in English). This time, she's picked the spot where they fought the thundercloud-youma with Makio, right by Cafe Mew Mew.

It's a sunny but chilly day, and Akari is sitting on the lower branch of a tree in her blue track suit, fiddling with her Rubindorn pendant. The bag with the training swords is sitting directly beneath her. (Actually, it's one of the trees whose virtual counterpart got knocked over in the fight.)

She's smiling, but it's a somewhat bittersweet smile. She's been ... coasting along, really. There hasn't really been any visible improvement in the past week or so. Still, even the smile she has now is a noticeable change.
Millie White 2019-02-14 02:13:59 103538
Millie would be lying if she said that communicating in English wasn't a small morale boost for her. The Canuck liked Japanese quite a bit, but English was her native language; there was a sense of nostalgia to it that always brought a smile to her face. Getting to share in her language with the likes of Akari, Alexis, and even Miho was something she not-so-secretly adored. It wouldn't come as any surprise, then, that she responded back quickly in English that she would be there soon.

The famous Park had become a frequent haunt for Millie. She and Akari often trained here, and she herself would come here alone as well when she needed a quiet spot for a while. Today would be the training variety, and the Cure was ready. A small breeze had her open overshirt fluttering behind her slightly as she rounded on the supposed meeting spot. Millie saw the bag of with the practice swords, but not the person who was supposed to be attached to said bag. Instinctively she looked up and grinned warmly.

"Hey Akari. You okay up there?" The brunette quirked one brow, recognizing the tree her friend sat in only after a few moments.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 02:18:20 103539
Akari smiles back down at her Canadian friend. There was just a tiny amount of awkwardness after the date-question, but she got over it fairly quickly.

"Hello, Millie," she says. Her accent has all but faded completely since they started talking mainly in English. "I'm doing ... as well as can be expected." Her smile falters for a moment.

She glances down at her pendant. "Rubindorn gave me the go-ahead for ... this." And with that, she simply jumps off the tree branch.

And she stays there, floating a few meters off the ground. She breaks into an actual grin.
Millie White 2019-02-14 02:35:17 103540
Millie had been around Akari long enough, had been there for her through enough, to know when something was wrong. It didn't seem to be something that was crisis level, or even 'you should probably be alarmed' level. Yet it was there, Millie could feel it, and so her brows furrowed ever so slightly in concern. The feeling in her gut was confirmed when she noticed her friend's smile falter. The Cure was about to respond when Akari suddenly started talking about Rubindorn... and then jumped off the tree branch.

"Hey!" It was silly, really. The way Millie sprung forward, arms outstretched, in the extremely unlikely event that Akari, a trained Belkan fighter, couldn't stick the landing. Millie knew this, but her body moved before her brain could tell her not to. Thankfully, Akari did not fall... in fact, WHY didn't she fall? Her gaze flickered upwards, a look of relief in her eyes when she saw her friend floating. If Rubindorn had given the go-ahead... Millie trusted the Device to have her friend's best interest at heart... no, in mind? At its core? Whatever.

"Your magic... this is great news, Akari." The brunette said honestly, if not with a small expression of embarrassment at her actions.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 02:43:40 103541
Akari smiles awkwardly at Millie's sudden rush of concern, but she just nods and lets herself land. "Yeah," she says softly. "It's just ..." She shakes her head. "It's good to have my magic back," she says earnestly. "And I don't even need to switch to my 'Bell' form to use it."

She holds up her pendant. There's still that pall over her, that's been there ever since the end of December, but for now, she still has exactly one thing to be excited about. "Rubindorn?" she says. "Knight Clothing, Set Up!"

Ping! <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> Certainly, mistress! Rubindorn's voice is back to full volume, too.

Unlike the blue energy which has surrounded Akari in the past, the surge of light that surrounds her is strictly the rose-red of post transformation. And when it clears, she's dressed in her Knight Clothing, holding Rubindorn in sword form.

... which ... is now longer than she is tall. She's still in her human form. She blinks, and then giggles faintly. "Okay, I mean, okay, this works."

Millie White 2019-02-14 03:17:29 103543
Of COURSE it was good to have your magic back. This was actually one of the few things Millie could confirm, one of the few things she could say she now had in common with the much less mundane Belkan Knight. It was strange when she thought about it. At least in her case, she had gone her whole life without magic, right up until months ago... and yet now it felt like it had always been a part of her, like it was always MEANT to be a part of her. If Akari was feeling even a bit similarly to how she had felt when she got her magic back? Then this made the Canuck very happy.

It wasn't long before Akari transformed, and more than just the colour of the light was different. The scent was relatively the same as always, but this time the scent of roses was a tad stronger. That, and her sword now resembled a JRPG character's weapon due to the fact this was Akari and not Bell holding it. A wide and genuine smile split the Cure's face.

"Rubindorn is HUGE, Akari!" She remarked softly before adding in a lilted teasing manner, "Sure y'can swing her without falling over?" Her tone was as warm as always, despite the tease, and since they were speaking in English, it allowed her casual accent to shine through.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 03:25:23 103544
Akari giggles. "Well, we handled it in the Christmas dream just fine," she says. And then she hesitates. "... It sounds very weird to just say it like that," she says. "But anyway ..."

She shrugs, and puts Rubindorn on her back. "... I think there's probably some strange stuff happening to my level of strength, at least when I have my Knight Clothing active." She stretches. "My body ... is an approximation of many things."

She sighs, then in another surge of rose-red light, she changes back out of her henshin. "... So ... yeah, that's basically it," she says softly. Her enthusiasm doesn't seem to have lasted very long, now that the transformation part has been covered.
Millie White 2019-02-14 03:40:30 103545
Yes, it was definitely weird to talk about a Christmas dream as a physical tangible part of both of their daily lives, even if it absolutely was the truth. Even so, the news about strange things happening to Akari's strength could only be a good thing, right? She seemed to be handling the much larger weapon just fine. Inwardly, Millie made a mental note to keep an eye on Akari in case the 'strange stuff' made her strength swing in the opposite direction, even if she highly doubted it would.

"What d'you mean that's it?" Millie asked, gently placing a hand on Akari's shoulder. "That's really impressive, Akari. You just lost your magic, and you're still able to adapt and improve like this. I'm proud of you." She said earnestly, squeezing her friend's shoulder before letting go. Even through the awkwardness of the pseudo-confession, it was just in Millie's nature to offer comfort and honest words of encouragement.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 03:50:00 103546
Akari awkwardly places her hand on Millie's as she touches her shoulder. "I didn't lose it, my Linker Core is back to normal," she says. "Or ..." She blinks, and shakes her head. "I guess ... the problem is just that I'm ... I don't know, I just can't keep my enthusiasm going for very long."

Rubindorn interjects, <<DU BIST IN EINER SCHLEIFE.>>

Akari nods. "Right, Ruby says I'm in a loop," she says. She shrugs, and stares at the ground. "... I ... well." She smiles weakly at Millie. "You can't just ... get over this kind of grief in a month and a half, y'know?" She shrugs again. "It's just ... a lot."
Millie White 2019-02-14 04:21:28 103547
Millie grinned a little and scratched the back of her head a bit bashfully. Lost magic, damaged linker core, same thing different words...when Akari mentioned her waning enthusiasm, Millie nodded somewhat grimly, but her gaze held sympathy.

"It won't feel alright for a while yet I reckon." Millie said truthfully, ignoring the reddish hint at the tips of her ears. "...But you'll get there. Y'can't just erase loss, but it does become more bearable over time." Grief was tricky like that, especially grief brought on by the loss of someone close to you. She wouldn't pretend to understand how Akari felt, exactly, but she did know loss... and she knew her friend was aware that she had support. Akari wouldn't have to deal with the grief alone, not as long as her friends and family had anything to say about it.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 04:38:12 103548
Akari nods, and lowers her hand -- though she does get a faint reddish tinge of her own. "Yeah," she says softly. "I ..." She shrugs. "... I just wish I ..." She shakes her head. "It just feels so ... debilitating. I just ... I hate feeling stuck like this."

She looks over at Millie. Once again, she's looking a bit misty-eyed. "Honestly, I've probably been saying this a lot," she says, "but thank you. It's just ... this is all ..." She shakes her head. "I'm just glad you've stayed by my side all this time, as my friend."
Millie White 2019-02-14 04:58:00 103549
It hurt to see Akari like this. It hurt because she knew in her heart that she couldn't really do anything to help or ease her friend's pain aside from just being there for her. That was why Millie had resolved to always be there if Akari needed her; it was the only thing she could do, realistically. Silently, Millie reached over and wrapped an arm around Akari's shoulders with a reassuring squeeze . At a time like this, she didn't care about how awkward it might be; all she knew was that her best friend was hurting and she had to help.

"Always." The Cure said firmly in relation to staying by Akari's side. It was a dangerous promise for the mahou-inclined to make, but Millie fully intended to keep it for as long as she could.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 05:06:47 103551
Akari's arm promptly goes around Millie's shoulder. "Well," she says, "I'm still up for training if you are."

Rubindorn carefully says, <<BIST DU SICHER?>> Are you sure?

Akari hesitates, thinking a moment. "Yes, I'm fairly sure I'm within acceptable bounds," she says. She smiles faintly. "Or something."

Well, at least she's smiling again.
Millie White 2019-02-14 05:35:24 103552
Millie immediately grinned and nodded her head.

"O'course!" She responded, already leaning over to pick up the bag with the practice swords. If Akari thought she was alright enough for training, she trusted her. Rubindorn's concern didn't go unnoticed by the Cure, however.

"She'll be alright, Rubindorn." Millie offered before handing the bluenette her sword. It went without saying that she would keep an eye on her friend while they sparred. The Canuck had no problem stopping training if she thought Akari needed to, and she knew Akari knew this.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 05:44:15 103553
Between Rubindorn and Millie looking after her and the self-awareness Akari has been building up, she really isn't in any danger. And just having the two of them present is a good deal of comfort in and of itself.

Akari smiles faintly as she picks her sword out of the bag. "So, just like usual?" She pauses, then her smile becomes a bit larger. "... I could also have Ruby put up a barrier while we're practicing so we can get a bit more rambunctious, and not have to worry about people wandering in." She glances through the trees in the direction of Cafe Mew Mew. "... though, come to think of it, I haven't seen Makio in a couple of weeks," she murmurs.
Millie White 2019-02-14 05:59:08 103554
Millie took up her regular stance, ready to get started. Akari's wider smile made her pause, and she quirked a brow at the idea of using a barrier. Her gaze followed Akari's to the cafe, and when she mentioned Makio, Millie's sword lowered slowly.

"Ryu-san? A couple of weeks..." Admittedly they had only met briefly, but even she knew how wrong it was that Makio hadn't been seen around for a few weeks. Her gut told her not to jump to conclusions, but when you lived in a city that was a magical epicentre of sorts, you learned to never rule anything out. Inwardly she hoped this wasn't anything they had to look into, that Makio was fine... but now that she was aware of it, of course she was going to want to look into it.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-14 06:06:36 103555
Akari nods slowly, frowning. "... We should probably look into that later, shouldn't we," she says. She knows about the magical danger as much as Millie. It was only a month ago that they were hit by one of those dangers, after all. Heck, it was only four months ago that Akari was technically one of those dangers.

She shrugs, and hefts her sword; it looks like some of her enthusiasm is returning again. "Well, in the meantime, we can handle our own stuff," she says. "Ruby?"

Ping! <<JO!>> Yep! Rubindorn's getting her enthusiasm up as well. <<ZEIT-RAUM-SCHRANKE!>> Time-Space Barrier.

And then, if there had been any civilian observers ... it might have looked as though the two vanished into thin air.