A Happy Valentine's Cuddle

Homura and Madoka share Valentine's Day chocolate in the comfort of their own home.

Date: 2019-02-16
Pose Count: 18
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 04:56:20 103569
    The winner of everything, also known as Homura Akemi, is walking hand in hand with the beautiful angel who happens to be her wife. She's walking perhaps a bit more closely than she usually does, not minding it at all if her shoulder brushes against her darling's every once in a while. The smile on her face is one of gentle happiness, and the look in her eyes has been quietly dreamy all day long.

    There is a look on one's face when one has seen true horror. A blank distance in the eyes that seems to just settle in whenever one isn't concentrating. Homura's face is the opposite of that, and behind her purple eyes is a pure joy that knows, deep down, that everything is perfectly okay and she's getting everything she wants for Christmas. It might be a little bit strange as far as looks go, but Homura hasn't quite been right for a very long time.

    Clasping Madoka's hand tightly, Homura smiles at her darling as the two walk home. They get close to her house-- their house-- and walks up the door. Once inside, Homura eagerly starts to walk faster, walking up the stairs and towards the kitchen, potentially dragging Madoka along if she doesn't keep up the pace. To say that there was a spring in Homura's step would be an understatement.

    She's still in her school uniform, naturally since they just came home from school, though she might consider changing later.
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 05:07:15 103570
    Homura might have won everything but judging by the blissful and content expression on Madoka's face one might suspect she feels the same way. Holding the hand of her beloved wife and guardian angel is so nice and peaceful, a little squeeze every now and then able to express so much affection between them. And if Homura's shoulder happens to brush against hers all the better, drawing tiny blushes from Madoka and fluttery feelings inside.

    What makes her feel even bubblier inside is that gentle happiness on the face of her one and only, the one she cares about most. Seeing Homura truly and deeply happy is perhaps the most satisfying thing Madoka has ever experienced. Thinking about everything the dark haired Puella had gone through to get to this point is perhaps sad, but that she did so much and did it for herself? Well... that's romantic enough for a day like today.

    As they near the house Madoka walks just a little closer to Homura, resting her head on her sweetheart's shoulder as they climb the stairs and hugging onto her arm as they rush. She can even close her eyes, because she knows her guardian angel and wife would never lead her into harms way. Even though she's following quickly at Homura's side it almost feels as if she's floating in the air and being dragged along because nothing could be more perfect than being here at the side of her wife.

    Madoka waits until Homura seems especially focused as she hurries towards the kitchen and quickly presses a quick kiss to her cheek, giggling happily afterwards.
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 05:23:02 103571
    Homura blushes lightly as Madoka's head rests upon her shoulder, happy to receive such affection from her life partner. She gives Madoka's hand a little squeeze as they climb up the stairs, though Madoka is certainly right about one thing: Homura is always aware of Madoka's relative safety.

    After a moment she thinks out loud, "Something heavenly just touched my cheeks..." She turns towards her darling and asks, "Was that your lips?" in a tone that could either be flirty or entirely serious. She doesn't quite wait for an answer however, as she finishes her trip to the kitchen and releases Madoka's hand, though only temporarily. Homura goes to the freezer, pulling out a flat purple box that's about 30 x 30 centimeters wide and about 3 centimeters thick. It has a tag with ornate frills and a flowery print border that says "2: Doka. <3: Homu."

    Turning towards her wife with a wide smile and wide eyes, she hands the box to her darling with both hands. "This is yours, Madoka-chan. Happy Valentine's Day!"

    Inside the box, should Madoka open it, is something perhaps a bit ridiculous. It's something so detailed and... unique to them that it could only be made by hand. It's a single picture made out of solid chocolate, segmented into bite sized chunks. There are two angles caressing one another. The one on the left has long flowy hair and the one on the right has fluffy pigtails. Around them, cut into four different segments, is the shape of a chocolate heart. Around the edges of the box are lots of chocolate stars (yellow colored) and hearts (red colored), as well as small little clouds made of white chocolate.

    Clearly a lot of work and effort went into it, but not so much that it'd be a shame to eat it.
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 05:40:43 103572
    Madoka giggles as Homu wonders aloud what it might have been that brushed her cheek. "Should we test it?" she asks, in a playful tone in response to the question, lifting onto her toes and once more kissing Homura's cheek, only this time letting her lips linger and pulling away with a, "Mwah!"

    When her hand is released she twists from side to side with her hands held behind her back, waiting eagerly but patiently for Homura as she goes to the freeze and returns with a cute purple box. She accepts it when it's handed to her and blushes despite the fact the gift is coming from her wife, fawning over the pretty tag and giggling at the way it's labeled. She opens it slowly and withdraws the chocolate carefully, staring at and admiring it openly before looking to her purple eyed Valentine, "Thank you so much, Homura-chan! It's beautiful!"

    After another moment of admiration she breaks free a star and nibbles on it before beaming a smile to her beloved, "It's delicious, too. I love it! It really is perfect." There is more fawning over how pretty it is, especially that flowy haired angel. Maybe long enough that Homura might wonder if Madoka didn't have anything in return.

    But of course that couldn't possibly be the case, because Madoka is off to the freezer too- or rather the fridge, opening it up and retrieving something out of the vegetable drawer. It's a white box with a thin red ribbon tied diagonally around it, fairly simple and without a tag. "This is for you, Homura-chan," Madoka says while holding it out to Homura, smiling lovingly to her.

    Should Homura open the box she'll find a surprisingly accurate rendition of her shield in chocolate shades. But wait, what's this? Peeking out from one corner of the shield is the cherubic face of a little chocolate angel! She looks very well protected behind that strong shield.

    It's one solid piece, a pretty hefty chunk of solid chocolate that has Madoka reaching up and rubbing the back of her head while giggling, "Making it out of sectional pieces was a good idea!"
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 05:59:43 103573
    "Oh, that must have been it," says Homura after the second kiss, head getting slightly more cloudy the more she's kissed. She giggles at her darling's playful "Mwah", but refrains from returning the kiss for now. There will be lots of time for kissing in a bit. There always is, in Cuddle Heaven.

    Homura closes her eyes and smiles brightly as her wife expresses her enjoyment, and giggles as she fawns over it. "I'm glad you like it. I'm happy I can make my wife happy on Valentine's Day!"

    The thought that Madoka might not have anything in return doesn't really cross her mind, mostly because Homura's mind is full of nothing but romance and cuddles and happy thoughts. When Madoka produces a gift of her own, Homura gasps happily and reaches out to take it. The only thing stopping her from greedily snatching it up is because she doesn't want to be too rough with Madoka. As she undoes the ribbon and opens the box, her smile gets a little bit wider.

    She sets the box down on the counter and reaches in to get the chocolate shield, smiling softly as she pets the chocolate angel's hair with one finger. Then, eager to taste it, Homura breaks off a part of the shield (It ends up being a large chunk) and starts to nibble on a corner. At the mention of the segments, Homura says, "I thought it would be, Madoka-chan."

    Her large purple eyes watch Madoka for a bit while she nibbles on the chocolate chunk, silently admiring her wife as she enjoys the chocolaty treat. After a while, she leans towards her wife and plants a kiss on her darling's forehead, standing on her tippie toes just a little bit as she does so. When she rocks back onto her feet she keeps eating her chocolate.

    "I love it. Thank you Madoka-chan." Then, with a bright smile and closed eyes, she adds, "Last Valentine's Day was wonderful, but I think this one is the best, because this is the first year where you're my wife!
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 06:11:05 103574
    Kisses between angels are always welcome in Cuddle Heaven, but they never need be rushed.

    Madoka twists a little from side to side and smiles sweetly to Homura, "You make me very happy, Homura-chan. On Valentine's and every other day, too." She can't help but giggle again when she sees how eager Homura is to get her gift, finding it cute and sweet because she knows it's not out of greedy but because it's a gift from someone she loves.

    Of course she's very glad when Homura is happy with what she made for her, perhaps a tiny bit relieved when her wife doesn't startle from the flavor of the chocolate. Madoka had tasted a bit that wasn't used for the treat to make sure but she naturally wanted it to be yummy if it was for Homura.

    She twists a little more while Homura watches her, just because she likes those beautiful purple eyes settled on herself. When Homura steps forward and kisses her on the forehead she blushes again, tilting her head down and peeking up at her wife through her eyelashes afterwards, looking a little bashful. "I'm glad you like it, Homura-chan." She giggles and smiles brightly at her beloved's next words, breaking off a chocolate cloud and enjoying it before stepping closer and hugging her with one arm. "I think every Valentines Day is going to be my favorite now that we're married," she says softly before giving her loving wife a soft, chocolaty kiss.
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 06:29:21 103575
    Homura is greedy... for Madoka's love! Though Homura would have to admit that chocolate from anyone else on this day likely would not carry with it the same weight in her mind. This isn't just chocolate from someone she loves. It's chocolate from her very favorite person ever! Homura's number one heartthrob is giving her a gift so of course she wants it.

    Homura would likely appreciate whatever chocolate Madoka gave her, but it's also really nice to know that she put effort into it. It's the kind of thing that makes a woman feel important and loved, not that Homura has any more reason to doubt that by this point. The fact that Madoka cares so much about her is in of itself flattering.

    Twisting Madoka is absolutely adorable, and the more adorable Madoka gets the more Homura wants to be close to her. That look in Madoka's eyes draws Homura closer, almost hypnotically, and when Madoka gives her a one armed hug she leans against her wife. An arm goes around Madoka's shoulder as Homura agrees, "I think so, too. I'll get to be with you like this every year from now on."

    The kiss comes, and Homura smiles into it. She holds Madoka a little closer, leans against her a little more, and presses her lips against her darlings. Her free hand still holds onto a chunk of chocolate, but her lips are busy touching her wife's.

    Yes, Homura realizes, this is in fact that heavenly feeling from earlier.
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 06:45:53 103576
    Madoka is a very loving person and has a lot of love to give, especially to her wife. If Homura is greedy for her love than Madoka will give her all she needs. It's not as if she isn't just as eager to soak up and enjoy all the love Homura can give to her as well. No one's love means to her as much as Homura's either, so she's happy to do everything she can to show Homura how much she cares.

    Even though Madoka was the one who initiated the kiss she practically melts against Homura as it's returned, feeling happy and fuzzy and like everything is absolutely perfect. She presses closer to Homura and hugs onto her a little tighter, sighing happily through her nose.

    Everything almost melts away but then Madoka remembers that it's Valentine's day and they're married and it's so exciting and romantic that she wiggles happily in Homura's arms, smiling more so that her lips curl up big and bright, only to press forward to kiss Homura again.

    "I'm so happy to be with you and be yours," she whispers a few moments later, not pulling away now that the distance between them has closed. She stays cuddled up to Homura and enjoys the warmth of her sweetheart in her arms, remembering the sunny rays of Hawaii now that they're back in Tokyo.

    Somehow despite the fondness of the memory Homura's arms still feel warmer.
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 07:12:37 103577
    Homura certainly agrees that Madoka is loving. Madoka has always been good and kind to Homura, and that was before all of the lovey-dovey cuddles! Homura will happily take all the love that Madoka has to give, and give her little angel all of her guardian's love in return. No one could be more precious to Homura than Madoka. No one.

    The feeling of Madoka melting against her makes Homura's smile just a little bit wider. How could she not be happy, seeing her darling enjoy herself so much? How could she not be proud, knowing that her darling is safe and happy because of her? The greatest accomplishment in Homura's life and career as a magical girl is finding a peaceful future where Madoka can be happy. This is what she lives for.

    There once was a time when Homura thought that anyone sane would love Madoka as much as she does... but now she realizes that isn't true. Very few people are capable of loving Madoka as much as they should.

    Homura also feels that happy fuzziness that her darling feels, and has been feeling that for a while now. As her darling presses closer, Homura's embrace tightens around her, and for a moment she is lost in the fog of romantic kissy bliss. She doesn't even come out of it when Madoka wiggles, instead squeezing her tighter almost automatically. The second kiss is welcomed just as much as the first, and when it breaks Homura's smile is obvious.

    "I'm happy to be yours too, and I'm happy you're mine. Being with you is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

    Homura sets aside her chunk of chocolate and wraps her other arm around Madoka, holding her closer and tightly while resting her forehead on her darling's. The memory of Hawaii is still fresh on her mind, and that trip will be one that Homura might never forget. This is the start of something wonderful, and Homura wants to cherish every moment of it.
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 07:31:34 103578
    For her part Madoka wouldn't want to be more precious to anyone than Homura either, and Homura is easily the most precious person to her as well. She loves being Homura's little angel and also loves being watched over by her beautiful guardian angel, kept so safe and well protected.

    It'd be almost impossible for Madoka to not enjoy cuddling with Homura at this point. There's so much love and affection between them, such an immense amount of meaning in their relationship that makes the love they share so beautiful. The chance to simply relax and enjoy herself in the arms of Homura is too much to pass up, especially when she can make Homura happy by cuddling with her. And so Homura will find Madoka blissfully happy in her arms, still enjoying the flavor of the chocolate she made, warm and comfy in the house she bought. Homura has done so much for Madoka that one could easily make the case that all of Madoka's current happiness is due to Homura, and Madoka is very thankful for all of it.

    As Homura's embrace tightens it only causes Madoka to press even closer, enjoying the wonderful feeling of being pressed close together, all cuddled up and cozy. Of course being squeezed even tighter makes it all the better and Madoka smiles happily, squirming and wiggling even more because being squeezed tight feels so nice.

    "I'm convinced you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, too. As much as you praise me you've always made me want to be better." With a playful giggle she adds, "Now that we're married, that means I want to be a better wife for you, too." She lifts one leg and nuzzles the tip of her nose against Homura's, smiling happily before giving her yet another kiss, this one quick, simple and sweet. Soft pink eyes gaze into purple as their foreheads rest together, Madoka clinging happily to Homura while almost deliriously happy.
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 07:47:47 103579
    Homura has lots of love and affection for Madoka, and there's so much of Madoka's love to enjoy in return. It's enough to make Homura want to dance, and it doesn't hurt that she already has a perfect dance partner in mind.

    Homura spends a good few moments enjoying being so cuddled up to her darling wife. She actually doesn't know how long she spends in Madoka's arms like this, having lost track of the time in her bliss, but it doesn't really matter. The amount of time she wants to spend in Madoka's arms is forever and always. After a few more moments, she breaks a smaller, bite-sized chunk off of the larger chunk she had set down and decides to munch on it a bit as she gazes at Madoka and considers what to do next. She's pretty sure that the rest of the day will consist of cuddling, that much is obvious, but there's a lot of nuance to cuddling that can't be ignored!

    Still, being so close to her darling fills her head with such bliss that it's hard to think about anything other than how wonderful this feels.

    "You've made me a better person, too. You saw things in me I never knew I had." At the mention of being a better wife for her, Homura blushes. It gets better than this? How? Not that Homura would disbelieve anything Madoka says, but she actually can't imagine anything better. She keeps wondering as she's kissed, and smiles at her darling while tilting her head. Once she swallows the chocolate she adds, "I want to be a good wife for you, too. I want to be the best I can be."

    She gives Madoka a tight little squeeze, and then starts to hum a simple, waltzy tune. While still holding Madoka close, Homura begins to sway from side to side for a few moments before trying lead her wife on a happy dance through the kitchen.
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 08:08:31 103580
    One might think Madoka was already dancing with how squirmy she is in Homura's arms. Someone who didn't know better might also think she was feeling stir crazy, but in reality it's an expression of how very happy she is, especially when that happiness is produced by cuddles.

    As Homura enjoys the chocolate she made and gazes at her Madoka soaks up her warmth and presence, her clinginess subsiding into something else. As much as she likes being held by Homura, she also loves getting to hold Homura in her own arms. It's why cuddling really is the best- it's wonderful affection given and taken all at the same time. Homura really is special to her, and so Madoka adores and treasures her while holding her in her arms, admiring her with her soft pink gaze on this special day of romance.

    Strong, reliable and dependable, but also tender, loving and soft when they're alone together. There's so much to love about Homura and Madoka has spent countless hours thinking about all of them, both when alone and when cuddled up so close as they are right now.

    At Homura's blush Madoka giggles a little, thinking Homura looks absolutely adorable when blushing and after kissing her gives her another kiss right on her blushing cheek. "We're new to being married even if we've loved each other for years. Being with you just keeps getting better, so I have to believe being married to you will, too." She smiles bright while Homura squeezes her and presses close while squirming, "Even if it already feels like these are the happiest days I've ever had!"

    Her smile softens as Homura starts to hum and sway, shifting the way she's holding onto her sweetheart and easily moving to sway along with her. They've danced together so many hours that it's easy to fall into rhythm with her.

    Stylish too, Madoka tells herself as they dance. Homura most certainly has style.
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 08:22:09 103581
    Dancing has long been one of their favorite past times, and Homura knows it. Cuddling of course takes first place, being the single most honest expression of their love for eachother, but dancing with her darling is also nice.

    Not to mention that dancing in your house with your wife is just inherently cute on levels Homura can't even describe.

    The way Homura is dancing with Madoka right now is also pretty cute, considering they are dancing while clinging to one another in a way that might not be proper ballroom dancing but is very proper Homudoka dancing. The angels in Cuddle Heaven can have their own customs, after all.

    Homura's affectionate feelings don't fade for a moment as her purple eyes behold and admire her lovely wife from up close. Homura isn't kidding when she says she has everything now, and what Madoka says is true now that Homura thinks about it. Being newlyweds is great, but it can only get better from here. The more time passes, the more Homura realizes just how much she loves her darling, and the more she loves her still. What could be better than this? If they become immortal, will their bliss simply increase forever? Maybe it will. Maybe it will never stop getting better.

    "If it gets better, then we have a lot to look forward to. I've never been this happy, my darling wife."

    Homura does have a certain style, but her dancing skill would be meaningless if Madoka couldn't keep up with her as well as she does. It's easy to enjoy dancing when your partner is so wonderful.

    "My little angel is now my cuddly wife." She giggles as she sways and dances. "I can't get over that."
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 08:35:19 103582
    Dancing while clinging close is most certainly a custom of Cuddle Heaven, and this little angel will attest to that fact. After all being close enough to dance is very nearly being close enough to cuddle. It's only natural that cuddle angels would find a way to dance and cuddle at the same time.

    Madoka looks into Homura's eyes as they dance and smiles, "It will, I'm sure of it. It's incredible to finally be married to you, but in a years time... we'll get to celebrate a marriage anniversary! And before you know it we'll be going, 'can you believe we've been married so long?!'" She gives Homura another big, bright smile while giggling happily. "There's so many great things to look forward to, and everything we do we'll each other's support. Even if everything feels perfect, even if it is perfect, we'll find away to make it even more perfect than before. We always do."

    Madoka might not have been able to keep up with Homura at the start, but by now she easily can. It's not just that she knows what to do in response to Homura, but she has a pretty good idea what she's going to do even before she does it. It's no wonder they make such good partners.

    "That's right. I'm your cuddly little angel wife, and I always will be." She presses closer and sighs happily, "And you're my cuddly guardian angel wife. Homura-chan is my wife..." Has Madoka ever looked happier than she does right now?
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 08:54:10 103583
    Homura starts to lead the dance a bit further away from the kitchen. She enjoys the chocolate, but it will still be there after they have their lovey-dovey time, and 'lovey-dovey time' is exactly what Homura has in mind right now. How could she be thinking about anything else, cuddled up to her darling as she is?

    The guardian angel watches her wife's eyes as she listens to her beautifully sweet words. A blush returns to Homura's cheeks when she mentions their anniversary, which in of itself will be a beautiful moment. Then the thought of them talking about how long they've lasted together, while always supporting one another. It really feels too good to be true, but here it is. All of her love and happiness is right here in her arms. "I can't wait. For the rest of my life... for eternity... being by your side... The thought that such a greater happiness is in our future is overwhelming."

    Homura giggles as she sways with her darling, leading her into the living room and towards a familiar couch. "What shall we do in the meantime? I'm sure as a married couple we can find ways to pass the time." It's probably pretty obvious what Homura intends as she leads Madoka to the cuddle couch. "Such as, for example..."

    Homura's dancing comes to a gentle swaying stop, and then she pushes Madoka backwards, gently guiding her towards the Cuddle Couch before climbing on top of her. She holds her darling tight and nuzzles against her cheek, giving it a little bit of a kiss as her legs dangle off of the edge. After a moment, her legs kick backwards into the air, and she rises up slightly to smile at her darling.

    "I love you."
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 09:05:24 103584
    The chocolate Madoka made for Homura isn't going to melt at room temperature so she's more than happy to follow her darling along as they dance their way out of the kitchen. She's happy to follow along wherever Homura takes her, both in dancing and in life.

    Madoka wiggles a bit in Homura's arms because she's just so cute when she blushes! She isn't going to squeal though- that would ruin the moment. "If it's too much then just focus on right now. Here I am in your arms, safe and sound and so very much in love with you. I never want to leave your arms again."

    It isn't a big surprise when the dancing leads them to the cuddliest couch in the house. She giggles as Homura asks what they'll do to pass the time, holding onto her and leaning back slowly as she's rested atop the cuddle couch, eagerly pulling Homura after herself and then squeezing her beloved tight, drawing her closer even than gravity would do on it's own.

    She makes quiet happy sounds while nuzzling Homura's cheek, because her darling's cheek is so soft and sweet. Her own cheek turns a pretty pink as it's kissed, Madoka blushing softly. She giggles as Homura's legs kick smiling more gently back to her, "I love you too, Homura-chan.

    She reaches up and runs her fingers through Homura's long, silky black hair, simply enjoying it for a moment before drawing it away from her back and into a dark veil that 'hides' them in a silky black room where it's just the two of them. Her arms wrap around Homura's neck and she lifts herself as well, pressing her lips softly to Homura's and giving her a slow, deep, lingering kiss.
Homura Akemi 2019-02-16 09:17:52 103585
    Naturally Homura will happily consume the rest of the chocolate shield later, but right now she's caught up in the moment and wants to cuddle her wife. Considering that her wife is Madoka Akemi, Homura can only imagine that she wants the same. While squealing at this moment might affect the mood that has been set, Homura wouldn't hold it against Madoka at all.

    "Right now? Right now I am in paradise with my wife, and we will live happily ever after. My arms are yours to stay in, now and forever."

    It's only natural that Madoka would pull her wife down on top of her, and it's only natural for Homura to go along with it. Especially considering how much Homura wants to cuddle, too! She presses against Madoka when squeezed so nicely, and holds her more tightly to express her appreciation. Gravity is their ally in this situation, drawing them closer to the exact scenario they desire.

    The quiet happy sounds coming from her wife is music to Homura's ears, taking her back to so many pleasant memories of cuddling her darling. Homura would wish that every day could be like this, but she knows that wish has already been granted. Hearing her darling's voice declaring love to her is also blissful, and Homura's smile grows wider.

    Homura's legs cross at the ankle, hovering above her while she lays upon her darling. The silky veil surrounding them feels very nice and private, which makes it wonderful for the deep kissing that Madoka gives her. Homura mms happily into that kiss, holding her darling tight while pressing close. She doesn't mind at all that it lingers, either. As far as Homura is concerned, Madoka may kiss her wife as much as she likes, especially if she's going to kiss so nicely.
Madoka Akemi 2019-02-16 09:29:24 103586
    "That's just want I wanted to hear," Madoka replies alongside a happy sigh, thinking that cuddling Homura forever and ever is the best idea she's ever had.

    They're very lucky that both of them enjoy cuddling so much. If she didn't know Homu then Doka might think there was no one else in the world who could possibly like cuddling as much as she did. Of course she only discovered just how much she likes cuddling by spending so much time snuggled up to Homura..!

    Held in the arms of her wife and kept close with the assistance of gravity, Madoka is nice and squirmy as Homura holds her so tight. Normally Madoka might warn that wishes can be dangerous, but a wish for cuddles is one she can happily grant without any interference from Kyubey. If daily cuddles is what Homura wants than it's something she's sure to get, especially when Madoka's wishes are exactly the same.

    It makes perfect sense that they'd be in a tiny silky room where they can kiss as much as they like when they're so often off in their own cuddly world together. Everything feels warm and happy and her wife feels so wonderful in her arms. There's nothing left to do but cuddle and kiss her over and over. Now that she's kissing her wife it's not likely Madoka will want to stop anytime soon, especially since her cheeks get nice and rosy while thinking it's her wife that she's kissing on this blissful Valentine's Day.

    Homura has made her the happiest little angel ever to live, and it's all she can do to try and make her guardian angel just as happy as she is.