PiD: Fantoma of the Opera!

Lacrima, Jiaying, Ariel, Kunzite, Miho and Rei go punch an invisible vampire ghost so hard the opera house he was hiding in crumbles! But something else is amiss!? Perhaps!

Date: 2019-02-16
Pose Count: 35
Lacrima 2019-02-16 21:05:14 103587
Lacrima has gathered those that would come and had Jiaying ready the ritual and then she started playing the new piece of music. Once again, it is not great. Lacrima only vaugely knows how to play thanks to some ill desired piano lessons from when she was eight and the fact that 'music' often goes with 'dancing'. She eventually gets the music right on the third go around and it's some haunting weird piece that sounds very 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor' in style but isn't that exactly. It isn't very long either.

After 'Thank yous' for coming are handed out- she opens the 'door' that appears and takes those that have gathered past the threshold into!.... a really smelly place. The place is an old opera house-- the front of it-- and the world around seems to be a weird floating crag in a sea of inky black that seems familar as the same inky black that existed at the boundary of the weird shadow manor. A smuged and weird skyline suggests an effiel tower. Paris? Maybe. The Opera house seems old, decript and not very well cared for. It's back end seems to be sinking into the murky black like it was at a river's shore and was slowly sinking in and being swallowed by the river over time.

Lacrima blinks a bit as she frowns a bit as she crosses her arms... "I don't like this... something seems wrong and--- odd about this. Like the fact it's an Opera house isn't nessacrily... relevant..." she says as she narrows her eyes as she shivers and tries to shake off the feeling. "I think we're being watched." she says as she looks up to one of the grand windows of the Opera house. Nothing appears to be staring back at least.

Good or bad? Lacrima slowly makes towards the main doors. She looks towards Ariel a moment with hesitance as she moves to push the door open futher so they can get. Just needing a bit of reassurance.

Those with the senses can sense something active, malicious and awful here- black, dark energy... unlike the shadow manor which only had an ambient vibe or not very there echo.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-16 21:12:48 103588
Life Witch Joy crinkles her nose, and it's not at the smell. "I can feel the 'watched' part, too," she says. "And, like ... yow, this is a lot more I guess 'dark' and 'evil' than the other place ..."

She looks around, frowning, and materializes her long golden staff with the glowing emerald heart at one end, then straddles it like a broomstick and rises off the ground. "I'm gonna be on-edge and, and ready for anything on a hair trigger, kinda thing," she says dryly. "If it's all the same to everyone else."
Rei Hino 2019-02-16 21:14:36 103589
Paris, huh? Usagi's gonna lose her mind that she wasn't here. At least until she hears it was haunted.
    "Mrnf..." Sailor Mars scrunches up her face briefly, setting her hand as if to wave away the smell before she decides that it would be a pointless and undignified gesture under the circumstances. At least it distracts her from the surreality of the situation, but... under the circumstances that's probably something she should be giving more care.
    It doesn't take long before Rei doesn't have a choice anymore, and her pace slows as she follow Lacrima, one hand going to her own forehead as the other reaches out in front of her, fingers splayed, "Guys, this..." her voice sounds heavy and stressed. "... there's something... *terrible* here..." Her eyes narrow, feeling like there's some kind of invisible weight on her brow as that malicious presence fills her with unease. "... Don't let your guard down."
Ariel Theodore 2019-02-16 21:16:16 103590
    Of course if anyone was going to be coming, Ariel would be here for Lacrima. Though for Jiaying's sake, she opts to leave Lucky at the door to the manor, outside. So once through the threshold...
    Ariel's nose scrunches at the smell, one hand immediately rising to cover her nose. Not that it helps. To her credit, the little unicorn does not complain about it verbally. "I mislike the feel of this place, too." Mumbled in concert with Lacrima's assessment, but gives the vampire's hand a reassuring squeeze when it's on towards the main doors.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-02-16 21:23:02 103591
Despite his commentary last time, Kunzite inclines his head to Rei; when she and Miho and Ariel all voice much the same opinion, he says aloud, "With your permission, Lacrima, I'll take precautions. And if she grants that permission, then his shadows will swarm over the vampire, giving her additional protection as she approaches the doors... and shaped so that anything that strikes her and deflects will miss Ariel. He can't cover them both without making it impossible for Lacrima to open the doors. But he can give the unicorn a little more shelter.

If Lacrima gives him a different target, then he'll cover them, instead.

Either way, his sword glimmers into his right hand as the door's approached. It may not be charged with any magic yet, but it's faster to do that than to call it from nowhere.
Jiaying Maki 2019-02-16 21:34:05 103592
Jiaying Maki has set up some spells ahead of time. A way to try and create something more elegant than last time as an escape method. Maybe. Hopefully. The tags are thrown into the air where they burn away, getting something a frown from the foxgirl. "Huh." is about all she can really add to that.

Either way, it needs to be done and leaving the disappointment behind, she steps through the door after the others, trying one last time to create a magical door wedge before stopping herself. Maybe whatever's here shouldn't escape.

That's about when she notices that oppressive evil. A slow look around, then she asks, "Does it remind anyone else of that creepy old house near auntie's place that was supposed to be owned by a cousin?" Might be a hint she's talking to herself as much as anything. She brushes her hands a few times, then claps them together, a swirl of mist and the fox girl proper is standing there, wearing kung fu hero clothes and now holding her guandao. "I'll watch behind us. Good ears you see."
Lacrima 2019-02-16 21:49:07 103593
Lacrima looks towards the others. "That's probably what that sinking feeling I'm experiencing is then." she says with a frown. She looks to Mars and Joy and nods. "If anything attacks us. It means harm here. I don't think it's interested in talking... and if it is--- it's probably just goading." she says.

She squeezes Ariel's hand as she nods to Kunzite. "Thank you, Kunzite..." she says silently as she pushes past the door and into....

It's.. well it used to be a lobby. Half the walls have fallen apart showing a rather large theater room, and stairs to various levels and with those old balcony areas above. 'Tickets' in French is plasted along an old booth.

Lacrima looks towards the doors that are crooked and stuck into the main theater entrance-- but this is hardly an obstacle since the wall has fallen away not too far and she just walks through the hole as she looks back to the group.

"You know." says a voice from the dark. It sounds graty and awful and a little old but obviously male. There's French accent to the voice. "That felt awfully like the master, but then I realized that you are too short. And a little too cute. To be him." the voice says.

Lacrima stops and seems to search old memories that don't even belong to her, as she looks back up. "Oh..." she says a little gravely like she just realized something.

Before she can elaborate, something crashes down into the floorboards in front of Lacrima and the group. 'Something' because there's an obvious cracking like something heavy just landed in front of them- but there doesn't seem to be anything there.... before something also crashes directly down into paydirt near Lacrima

Lacrima says something unpleasent in Spanish before ending with: "Fantasma..." she spits.

"Phantom. Ghost." she translates.

There's a chuckling from the dark and foot steps somewhere to the 'easterly' direction. Thick and strong. Push over seats seem to get flung to the right in whatever that is sudden retreat.

"....Imagine if what you desire most is to be inivisble. Because no one could see you coming..." she mutters. She'll begin to run in the direction the invisible vampire ran.

"So um..." she says. "I think he's big enough that you might hear him coming...." INDEED.

Jiaying's good ears can suddenly sense footfalls behind her! and if everyone is /in front/ of her then....!?
Ariel Theodore 2019-02-16 22:03:24 103595
    Floppy ears prick up when a new voice joins the group- one Ariel has never heard before. A voice that does not sound too friendly. A voice that heralds a sudden crash that makes Ariel jolt with a bleat as the phantom introduces himself so violently that the floorboards crack.
    And then it is revealed that he is, of all things, invisible.
    "This... Isn't going to be easy is it? ... Oh!" But then it seems that Ariel has an idea.
    Reaching up she proceeds... To ruffle her own hair violently.
    Glitter and sparkledust goes everywhere. There is a purpose to this, though...
    As she suddenly hucks two complete fists full of glitter right after the direction she assumes she can hear the vampire going, to try and douse him in it.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-16 22:06:30 103596
Miho nods to the others. Seems like they're handling things sensibly, too --

And then they have something invisible charging around. "Oh for crying out loud," she mutters. She twists around, trying to sense Fantasma in the Life Blessing. She flies after Lacrima, rides her broomstaff higher up, and pauses as she realizes that this causes the dark feeling to seem slightly less oppressive.

Ooookay ... She adjusts her path, moving in a circle as she tries to figure out which way to go in.

And, well, Ariel is doing her part to try to find him as well, and Joy laughs. "Okay, awesome idea!"

... The last time Miho got glitter-bombed, it was specifically dark energy glitter. But hey, unicorn-glitter works fine in this situation!
Rei Hino 2019-02-16 22:08:21 103597
Sailor Mars peers about anxiously for the source of that voice until that heavy crash causes her to leap backwards instinctively, her hands poised to attack when she lands. Except a target hasn't presented itself.
    She draws in a sharp hiss of breath and tries to focus her senses, entirely unsure if she can divine anything useful as she's never had to fight an invisible spirit before. Would fire even hurt this thing?
    Turning slowly, keeping her back to Joy as she circles the area, Mars watches for ANYTHING that wasn't previously solid looking to take shape with that glitter, and aims a Fire Soul in its direction if it's not in splash range of one of her allies
Kazuo Takeba 2019-02-16 22:12:41 103598
Ghost. Lovely. At least this one seems to interact with physical force -- Kunzite's shields do something against that, even if they're not at their best. He starts to say something --

And then Ariel's hands are in her hair, and Kunzite actually gives the unicorn a smile.

The sword stays in his hand as he moves. Goals: stay close to between anything crushing the local furnishings and Ariel; stay out of Mars' and Joy's lines of fire. The others are much, much better suited to this fight, but he can lend some protection.
Jiaying Maki 2019-02-16 22:27:28 103599
Jiaying Maki tilts her head to one side at the creepy scary voice. Then the other. "I've heard scarier. There are definitely angrier ghosts out there you know." She's kind of tuning the others out though. Her head tilts to the other side, her ears tweaking just a hint. Then eventually she turns her head suddenly and falls backwards, turning the movement into a twisting heel kick aimed where she thinks the spooky vampire is. Hit or not, she then carries on with the momentum and takes up a defensive stance.

She taps the guandao on the ground a few times, then lashes out again, trying to guess his movement, getting a feel for the phantasm. When she thinks she's gotten enough breathing space, she leans forward, a scowl as she reaches out with her left hand, claws on display, wreathed in greenish energy. Suddenly, she clenches her hand and tries to pull something, like someone pulling a shroud away while saying, "Show yourself!" Followed by hoping she was successful, otherwise she might have to explain that she wanted to try and control a ghost-non-ghost ghost. Ghost.

It's about then that she realizes this seems crazy either way and she says, "He's behind us!"
Lacrima 2019-02-16 22:42:52 103600
Lacrima is close enough to Ariel that she gets collateral glittered. She doesn't complain. She scowls however at the other vampire. "---yeah. I don't think you're gonna get what you want out of us." she says angrily. She stops when she realizes the vampire isn't ahead of her anymore. Huh?

As for Ariel's glitter gambit--- there's little wisps of lights in the steps that is defintly behind Jiaying as she calls out. This leaves a vauge impression in it's wake. Whatever this guy is-- he's huge with a footprint like that- though the sudden cratered landing probably suggested that when it dropped from up high one of the balconies, probably.

Lacrima looks to Kunzite and frowns a little and looks around as she tries to tip toe Jiaying tries to pull something out of thin air!? There's some struggle there-- some sort of really surprised awful sound. It's probably a combination of Ariel's glitter and Jiaying's ability to expose ghosts that cause a shape to form.

Fantasma is a big, hulking figure in a top hat, mocole, an opera cape and a very, very large rusted knife that looks more like it's a sword than a big knife.

"YOU DARE EXPOSE MOI!?" yells the ghost as it attempts to come down the rather large knife into Jiaying.

A green crackle around it suggest it's trying to turn back invisible. People may want to act while they can see the big guy.

Lacrima attempts to lash out with a bolt of dark energy, but the big guy just sort of absorbs it... as she ughs... "Figured..." she mutters. There's a reason she can't do this herself. "U--mm now!" she also iterates. "D--don't worry about hitting me or anything...!" she says to the others-- mainly aimed at the others with purification powers. She isn't even in the line of sight but she's still stressing that.
Rei Hino 2019-02-16 22:47:29 103601
"There!" Mars calls out as the hulking brute is revealed, flinching as if she's only processed he shape of him AFTER the fact, then giving a quick shake of her head to focus. Like a ninja with a throwing star, Mars throws a sealing charm at the enemy with a call of "Akuryo Taisan!" then claps her hands together, fans out her fingers, and calls out "Fire Soul!"
    With any luck the charm will weaken or further expose it. If not, well... maybe the fire will destroy it.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-02-16 22:48:26 103602
Oh. That monocle makes a very tempting target indeed.

"You wanted to see without being seen," says Kunzite levelly. "See this." Like Lacrima, he lashes out, left hand shaping a sign -- but not with dark energy. Not with Nephrite's starlight laser, either, though that's the attack he modified this one from. Last time, he used winter sunlight to light the room they were in. This time -- all the winter sunlight he's been able to soak up over the long quiet weeks is formed into one beam, focused tightly enough that even its glint off the glass won't blind the others, and aimed straight at that monocle. To let the lens focus it even further into the ghost's eye.

He can't match the others' firepower. But he can provide a distraction.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-16 22:50:23 103603
Miho gets a lopsided smile. "Right, then!" Sitting up straighter on the broom, she holds one hand forward, and the heart-emblems on the backs of her gloves glow brightly. "Joy Strike!" she calls out, and a jade-green bowling ball of purifying light shoots forward towards the hulkpire.

And if a bowling ball made of purification didn't hit hard enough, it detonates into a mint-green explosion, regardless of what it hits.
Ariel Theodore 2019-02-16 23:13:51 103604
    Oops. Ariel didn't mean to catch Lacrima as collateral. And there's an awkward, apologetic smile as she renders the vampire very... Sparkly. Sunlight or not. "S-sorry."
    But where Mars, Joy, and Kunzite move on the offensive against the hulking, shimmering phantasmal figure now that he can be seen... Ariel does not.
    Attacking is just not something she does as her horn glimmers with a faint gren light as she focuses. Weaving the gossamer stuff that dreams themselves are made of, she forms a kite shield out of dreamsteel right in the air and snatches it, quickly lashing it to her arm.
    "Jiaying, look out!" She bleats, charging to interpose herself between the blade and the fox spirit, shield held aloft-- the connection of blade and shield is resounding as she soaks the blow, grunting as the sheer force of the swipe causes her heels to skid along the floor and make her grit her teeth as her arm goes numb from the impact.
Jiaying Maki 2019-02-16 23:21:26 103605
Jiaying Maki grins, a cheeky look. One that would hint at a taunt if it weren't suddenly replaced by a look of surprise as Ariel puts the shield in place. She ducks out of the way, trying to go from a defensive stance to one of attack. Lashing out with the spear, she tries to then split his attention. A slash, a poke, another slash. Constant movement, left, right, back, she doesn't ever stop and her attacks always come from different angles and heights. She is a student of the style though.

"We can keep him tied up, you guys do your thing!" She calls out to the others, trying to keep clear of fireballs, dark energy and blasts of minty energy.

"Thanks" she finally remembers, kind of distracted, kind of trying to stay focused, kind of distracted in the right kind of way for once.
Lacrima 2019-02-16 23:26:57 103607
Lacrima always feels useless in a situation like this. It's worse because this is her problem. She could activate Paige but then she'd loose the ability to sense things and feel them and that's kind of important right now in this place. She doesn't need to yell out anything right now.

She gives Ariel a sheepish look. No need for an apology. She's kind of used to Ariel glitter by now. It basically coexists in her own personal ecosystem now anyways.

The hulking big but somehow formerly stealthy still vampire (ghost) gets a shining light into it's monocole'd eye-- probably managed to connect with Ariel's shield at least once- at least! This leaves it ripe for the purification attacks from Miho and Rei to rip into it- burning it and purifying him a little at the same time as it screeeeccchhhhheesss in a deep, animalisitic manner that some might realize sound similar to how Lacrima sounds when she's way too close to the purification blast in past encounters.

Luckily, this seems to have given the thing something to think about, nice and hard. Right to the point- like Jiaying's spear poking it heavily which probably isn't helping it's situation any futher.

"Um! I... I would do it now! Um-- Kunzite if you can... can shield me from... light energy?...if possible?" she asks politely. "Please?"
Rei Hino 2019-02-16 23:32:24 103608
Sailor Mars gives a grim sort of smile and replies "Can do!" before she reaches up and seems to 'draw' a circle of fire in front of herself with one outstretched finger, with multiple floating red orbs appearing like number on a clock before she reaches her hands into the center of the ring. "Burning... Mandala!" She cries, and the flames seem to soak into the orbs before they erupt into rapid-fire bursts of flame aimed towards the hulking ghost.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-16 23:36:31 103609
Miho winces at the vampire's screech. But no, she has her reservations about hitting 'the same kind of creature as NOrie-chan' under control. Mostly.

She nods to Lacrima. "One purification-faced hulkpire coming right up!" She moves her hands in two circles, her heart-emblems leaving two ring-shaped trails of jade-green light. "DOUBLE SHINING RAY!" she calls out, thrusting both hands forward, and the rings collapse and fire brilliant beams of purifying mint-green light straight at the vampire to join Sailor Mars's fire.
Jiaying Maki 2019-02-16 23:54:41 103610
Jiaying Maki stabs the guandao into the ground. A magic stick into a magical place ground. While everyone else is trying to purify the beastie, she's got a different idea. Slipping her hand into her left sleeve, she pulls a spell tag and calls out to Norie, "Do you know his name?" before pausing. Had he said his name? She doesn't think he had. A quick shake of her head and a muttered, "Focus", then she's snapped the tag into the air, holding it in place and trailing a clawed finger along in specific strokes. It is a ghost after all, she knows what needs to be done. Especially with one that's been hiding so long... and it's a method that won't get her yelled at even!

While she's not as affected by purifying things as Norie would be, it's probably not a good idea to get hit by that sort of thing anyway and she ducks back and out of the way, distracted momentarily before snatching the tag and snapping it into place once more to try and finish. She may or may not fudge the name a touch though. The magical equivilent of mumbling the name under your breath and assuming it's close enough. Then, once the glow of purifying magic is finished, she darts forward to try and snag the ghost!
Ariel Theodore 2019-02-16 23:55:08 103611
    Deflecting that blade once is good. Hell, deflecting it once is enough for Ariel as she staggers backwards a few paces and shakes her arm out to regain feeling in it with a wince. That might leave a bruise later, but she'll be fine.
    But she does back off to not be in the way of the next assault and re-weaves the shield into... A large umbrella.
    Which she opens and holds in front of Lacrima helpfully, on top of any shielding from Kunzite that she had requested.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-02-17 00:06:50 103612
Kunzite doesn't answer Lacrima aloud -- but the shadows clinging to her intensify and surge as the others begin their attacks, snapping into the familiar sphere. Not as flexible as the version clinging to her form, but right now flexibility isn't the point. Strength is. Ability to deflect the carrier energies for purification away from her is. And with Ariel's shield-turned-umbrella in sight and in play, he moves to add his own cape and body to her second layer -- one of them best able to protect her from any stray singing from Mars' purifying fire, one to keep her shaded from Joy's growing light.
Lacrima 2019-02-17 00:08:48 103613
Lacrima hunches behind Ariel-- and what shielding Kunzite provides helps a great deal as she can that intesify. She has a shield. And a cape that's just as a good as a shield-- Go--good!-- She winces as she can hear the other thing like her squeal. Part of her wonders if she'll meet something like her in these things. Someone that wants to talk and not want to do terrible things to people. She knows she won't. Not in these things. Not Poderoso's personal chosen.

"Fan..Fantasma but that's the vampire's name! I don't know his 'real' name..." she mutters. She doesn't know if it matters. There is a reason most of these guys hide behind names based on their desires.

When everyone unloads at once into the thing it continues to screech-- the force is enough to cause pieces of the actual dark enviroment to dust aswell-- until the vampire suddenly just--- explodes into green dust with a 'poof!'. And then it's quiet. Jiaying isn't able to nab it before it dusts... but Jiaying also feels like she had no control over that one-- like....

SOmething was tugging back when Jiaying tried that- it felt like? Or maybe it was something else.

Regardless, it's... quiet! Lacrima looks around and blinks. "Is that it...?" she asks.

Suddenly. Green veins begin to form through the architecture. And the ground. And the skyline that can be seen through broken pieces of the wall.

The place is slowly turning into green dust... and sinking into that black morrass. It's not happening insanely fast but if you don't act now to run back to the door--- it probably will start to become a problem as there stops being a ground... or really-- anything at all at this rate!?

"Um..." she says with wide eyes as she grabs Ariel's shoulder. "I-- I think we outta go. Now.. I--nrg-- I can feel it cracking." she says shakily. "T..the border I mean.. whatever's... making it 'safe' here..." she says.
Rei Hino 2019-02-17 00:12:36 103614
Mars is briefly distracted by Jiaying's attack - that's kinda old school! - but keeps the battery of fire going until the ghost vanishes.
    "... Huh." Sailor Mars huffs softly, "... Well, that wasn't so baaaooooOOOHHH MY GOD RUN! Out, out, EVERYBODY OUT!" She says as her eyes follow the spread of green; pivoting and craning her neck until her outburst finally spurs her to move towards the except, swatting and pushing anyone she passes who hasn't already begun to run for it.
Ariel Theodore 2019-02-17 00:17:15 103615
    And with that, the phantom of the opera is no more. Ariel heaves a sigh of relief and closes her umbrella, turning back to flash a bright smile at Lacrima and Kunzite, before...
    The reality starts cracking all around them.
    Oh, that's bad isn't it? Well Mars has the right idea in this case.
    That's bad, indeed, and Ariel reacts in the only way she knows how. Now is the time to run. And there is a dramatic flourish of her little cape as she whirls around and yanks Lacrima into her arms. There's no time for argument as she hoists the vampire into a princess carry as she starts bolting for the way they came.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-17 00:21:38 103616
Life Witch Joy nods, and immediately turns her broomstaff towards Jiaying's exit. She glances around to see if anyone needs help, but it looks like everyo--

Ariel's carrying Lacrima away.

"Okay, awesome," she says, grinning.

She boosts through the exit surrounded by a jade-green glow, and makes a hairpin curve on the other side without crashing into anything. She peers back in, just making sure nobody else needs actual help getting out.
Kazuo Takeba 2019-02-17 00:21:45 103617
Joy is flying. Mars is quite capable of outrunning Kunzite in high heels. Lacrima and Ariel are ... definitely all right, Kunzite amends mentally as he hastily dissolves his shield; Ariel breaking through it horn-first is not an experience he wants to try today. He glances to Jiaying as his sword dissolves out of his hand, freeing him to move in Ariel's wake; odds are good that the fox's sense of survival will have her well ahead of him, but on the off chance she's found anything that's distracting her, he's ready to provide her a couple of extra seconds of temporary floor.

Very temporary. He has the unpleasant feeling that his shield wouldn't hold off the stuff under this place for long.
Jiaying Maki 2019-02-17 00:23:37 103618
Jiaying Maki frowns as she feels that tugging from something else. She clenches her hand around the passport, hand glowing once again as she tries to forcibly yank the thing away. A look of anger shows briefly, then she catches herself. Mostly thanks to people panicking at the world trying to crack around them. A slow look around, then she points back the way they came and starts to lead the way to the door, "Let's go, time's up." She'll tease Norie about being carried out by the unicorn later. Relentlessly. Whenever she can. It should be fun and glorious. Also wholly the wrong time to start.

If she's the first one there, she barrels into it to try and make sure it opens. She's fully planning on prying it open if needed. Howver, should it open, she'll do what she feels she has to, which is hold it open. That is until everyone is out safely. Which means lingering long enough to do so.
Lacrima 2019-02-17 00:34:38 103619
Lacrima will giggle girlishly at any teasing from Jiaying later because--- omg she's being princess carried by her unicorn. The moment is not lost on her even in the panic. She is however, hoping Ariel gets out alright regardless carrying her.

Indeed, the place falls down behind them in bigger pieces... the ground is crackling and crumbling----

The door however, is still there. Nothing seems to be preventing it from opening. It isn't damaged and isn't locked or closed or crumbling like the rest of the place!----

On the otherside the manor is perfectly normal as far as creepy old formerly abandoned manor houses are normal-- and nothing is ami---is that the smell of burning paper? Yes. Yes it is! The sheet music on the piano is slowly slowly crumbling and smoking yet doesn't seem to be on fire as it slowly turns into ashy pieces on the stand it's set on that Lacrima was playing on earlier until it's just black, unrecognizeable pieces.

Lacrima looks at this.... before looking back to Ariel with a blink.....

and a rather flustered blush. "A--ahh th-thank you Ariel." she manages to sputter out besides just sitting there in her arms and staring at her like an idiot.

"T..thank you all. I dunno what happened... the-- the last.. um-- first guy... that didn't happen. I didn't expect that..." she says quietly. "But thank you... that's.. one down of.. four... I think." she says silently.

"...I'll try to remember better. I only have vague.. recollections... of some of these things. From Poderoso's memories..." she says quietly. "And they don't hit me until I have a clearer picture of.. whoever." she says. "Sometimes...."

She looks to Jiaying. "...Did you sense anyhing odd in there?" she asks. She looks to Mars and Joy. "Did you two? Besides... well the dark stuff." she mutters. She looks to Kunzite and nods. "Thanks.. Kunzite. Mars. Jiaying and Miho and Ari-chan." she says.

Too many thanks. ;_;.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-17 00:44:58 103620
Miho grins at Lacrima's complete lack of a problem with being nestled against Ariel. ... And then she imagines being in that sort of situation with Aki -- in either position, really -- and promptly blushes as well.

She hurriedly works on distracting herself with other parts of the situation! "Uh. If by the first guy mean the harpsichord player ..." She shrugs. "I'd, um, I'd say it's because ... the ... other place was in a copy of this manor we're in? And is therefore more ... stable?" She shrugs. "Who knows at this point."

She takes a deep breath. "I didn't sense anything either, except that it was sorta ... more 'dark' than the usual 'dark' places I've been in."
Rei Hino 2019-02-17 00:49:45 103621
Sailor Mars shakes her head slowly. "I didn't, no. Like Joy said, the darkness in that place was much more... aggressive than before; though I could just as easily have been sensing the spirit itself."
Kazuo Takeba 2019-02-17 00:53:41 103622
Kunzite nods to Miho, steady, politely avoiding looking at Lacrima's while she's blushing. "Or the place could have been less stable because of the destruction of the first locus, if they were connected. Or because of the nature of their inhabitants. We'll see when the next time comes." No solid information; and that he sensed nothing more than Mars goes without saying -- the day he senses more than Mars is a day Mars spends entirely unconscious. He manages, somehow, to half-bow toward Lacrima and Ariel still without looking at them. "It was our pleasure to be able to be of a little help."
Jiaying Maki 2019-02-17 01:14:12 103623
Jiaying Maki watches the door for a moment longer before hip bumping it shut and turning to face the others once everyone is through. There's a look on her face like she wants to say something, then stops, then starts and stops again. Finally she asks, "Is everyone okay? Nothing left behind?" She pauses and adds, "Especially now that the door's closed."