Purple Haze

Things have been a bit weird for Kotomi ever since her close encounter with Yasumi Yumeji, the Hopeless Nightmare. She learns just ''how'' weird it is when both Lacrima and a violet mist-youma make a discovery: Kotomi smells ''delicious'' to creatures of darkness. Fortunately, Lacrima is better at controlling her hunger than the youma, and Masquerade and Cure Shield team up to defend Kotomi!

Date: 2019-02-17
Pose Count: 30
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-17 23:19:44 103624
It's a breezy Sunday afternoon, and Kotomi is making her way away from the direction of the Crown, where she considered trying to play a Sailor V game and instead simply chickened out and bought a snack instead. She's dressed in her usual purple jacket and lavender skirt; she's also looking a bit troubled and unsure of herself, but that's nothing new. Also not particularly new is the bag of books slung under one shoulder, which she found she couldn't actually read in the hustle and bustle of the Crown.

... A particular Pretty Cure might have detected a faint magical scent in the halls of Verone Academy during the past few two weeks -- an odd scent, and difficult to define, but actually rather pleasant once the faint undertone of darkness seemed to vanish during class this past Monday. And the source of this scent, the new form of the scent, would now clearly be Kotomi Kobana.
Millie White 2019-02-17 23:30:15 103625
Something the past few weeks had been off at Verone Academy. Every so often in the halls, a whiff of dark magic would catch her off guard. No matter how many times she tried to track it down, the source of the scent always seemed to elude her. Over time the scent changed, losing the dark magic undertones, and Millie wasn't quite sure to make of it. That was why it surprised her when she picked up that faintly familiar scent for a moment inside Crown.

"What the..." She mumbled to herself as she quickly left one of the arcade machines. The Cure followed her nose to the door, meaning whatever was generating the scent had left the arcade. After a moment of deliberation, Millie pushed open the door and began following the mana scent trail. Every so often she would lift her head and sniff the air slightly before continuing on her way.
Lacrima 2019-02-17 23:37:47 103626
A guilty pleasure of Lacrima is reading trashy vampire related romance books. 'Love, Darkly' seems to have a cover with a hot vampire biting into an apple on it posed in such a way as you can't see the apple but can see she's pale and probably a vampire but helpfully hiding the fangs with the apple. She's reading it with extrme interest as she walks down the road.

Kotomi can see her walk down the street ahead of her. She suddenly finds herself blushing and distracted at one of the books schmultzy romance scenes that she suddenly bumps face first into the street crossing sign ahead of her and actually manages to fumble the book and fall down on her ass. She's usually good at staying alert-- but apparently let herself get too distracted.

"Fwackdgdsgd! Ack!" she flails a moment as she looks up at the street sign with a frown as she starts to crawl up standing.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-17 23:44:44 103627
Kotomi, oblivious to her follower, blinks in surprise as she sees Lacrima walk right into a street sign ahead of her. "Oh! Um. L-Lacrima-san!" she calls out, and hurries over. She doesn't have the girliest voice, though it's still obviously feminine. "Um. Are, are you okay?" She sort of stops a particular distance away from her, one hand held out from slightly too far away; even though she considers Lacrima a friend, she's reluctant to accidentally invade her personal space.

... Odd. There actually seems to be a bit of fog going on at the moment.
Millie White 2019-02-17 23:56:52 103628
Millie lowered her head. The scent was close, close enough to tell that it had actually stopped moving for the time being. Another scent joined the first and, once again, The Cure was mildly surprised as it was a scent she recognized; it belonged to Lacrima. Millie quickly turned the corner in order to make her way towards where the scents converged, a street crossing.

From this distance she could see Lacrima, who looked like she was getting to her feet for whatever reason, and another girl standing a little bit away from the Vampire. Was Lacrima alright? More than likely, but the Cure was still en route to check. The fog began rolling in just as Millie realized that the strange scent she had been smelling the past few weeks was coming from the girl who was giving Lacrima some space.

"...Fog?" Millie mumbled to herself, sniffing the air curiously as she walked towards the street sign duo. Tokyo had taught her one thing; if it looked ominous, it probably was... and fog out of nowhere on an otherwise normal day? Definitely ominous.
Lacrima 2019-02-18 00:01:47 103629
If there is one thing Lacrima can understand on this green Earth is 'personal space'. Given she kept a wide berth around everyone up until fairly recently in the grand scheme of everything. She shakes her head and stands up under her own power politely as she can. "I'm okay." she says flatly. She looks down to her book, up to Kotomi. Down to the book and suddenly sweeps it up. "Ju--just some reading." she huffs. The book is entirely PG-13, but she can still be super embarassed about reading it.

She is about to ask Kotomi if she's okay-- and some miscllenaous questions when there's a slight fog starting to happen. She blinks. "Huh. Weather didn't call for... fog.. rain or whatever." she scratches her head a little in thought.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 00:13:31 103630
Kotomi feels her face warming up slightly as she sees the cover of the book. Mind you, given how many times Kotomi has visited the manor by now, Lacrima probably knows this says more about Kotomi than about the precise degree of how objectively embarrassing any given reading material is. "Oh, um, okay," she says. "Hey, uh, I've been meaning to talk to you or Unmei-san or Ariel-san about some stuff ..."

... If Lacrima is "hungry" at all, she might find that Kotomi seems oddly 'appetizing' somehow.

Unlike Millie, Kotomi hasn't learned firsthand how ominous things can get in Tokyo. "... Huh," she says, looking around at the odd weather. "What do you make of that?" She doesn't sound worried or afraid, just a bit surprised. She shoots Lacrima a small, ephemeral smile. "Think it might be some kind of magic thing?" She almost sounds excited there.

But there's definitely some form of darkness gathering in the area, and it becomes increasingly obvious to those who can sense such things that it's in the fog. It's not clear, however, whether it's the cause, or an effect of something else.
Millie White 2019-02-18 00:29:31 103631
The fog rolled in suddenly, and it brought with it the scent of growing darkness... but she couldn't tell if it was coming FROM the fog or something IN the fog. With a growl, Millie quickened her pace to a sprint as she pulled the Mirror from her belt. If Lacrima and Kotomi were paying attention to the fog, they would see a tall shadowy figure heading right for them.

Not a few moments later, Millie emerged from the fog next to the Vampire and Kotomi. The Cure was lacking any battle stance, and instead, her gaze sought Lacrima's. She didn't feel she needed to vocalize it, especially since she didn't know if this other girl was in the know or not, but her eyes clearly screamed 'I sense dark magic.' Millie offered Kotomi a polite nod before turning to sniff the air again.
Lacrima 2019-02-18 00:30:43 103632
Lacrima has not actually 'eaten' since yesterday's adventure and tonight would be her feeding night. She usually waits till night, anyways. It's easier that way. Easier to find delicious kotomis that way-- afterall, kotomis usually split off from others at night on their way homes so other kotomi's can't find them. She nods matter of fact once before her eyes suddenly shoot open. Wait. Why did she just think about all that!?

She has wandered closer to Kotomi-- without meaning to-- while the fog grows closer. Something about that scent...

Is so so so enticing. Like....

Maybe just a nibble... maybe just a--- she has to suddenly throw her hand back down when Kotomi suddenly shoots back towards her and her hand is literarly tense and shaking. "Ah--haha---!" yeah she's sweating. Not in a good or cute way either. "Aha- k--kotomi?-- did you-- um-- ha-- this is an odd question but is that a new perfume or something?" she asks with the most strangest' and 'oddest forced smile as she practicly leans her face forward.

This is not creepy or not forced and is completely normal. (It is none of those things.)

She does sense the darkness though... which generally is not conducive to this, as... oh. There's Millie. Suddenly. This causes her to suddenly literarly slide back like two feet in a 'I totally was not about to eat Kotomi' way and the sudden threat of immediate prufication from a Cure seems to have had an effect on stopping a really, really bad decision from happening.

THANK god.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 00:40:51 103633
Kotomi does a slight double-take at Lacrima. "Uh ... Lacrima-san?" she says nervously. "You ... are starting to, um ... to ... um ..." She is suddenly very acutely aware of the fact that the girl in front of her is ... "Is some kind of ... vampire ... thing ... happening?" Well, that should clear up whether she knows about magic.

Fortunately, there's a sudden Millie! Kotomi blinks in surprise and shrinks away slightly from her; strangers are scarier than vampires. "Um ... hello?" she says, inexplicably sounding a bit defensive.

Unfortunately, she has not been saved from an energy drain yet.

A strange mass which looks like a clump of dark maroon cotton the size of a small car crawls out from behind the building they're next to, and the fog seems to contract, becoming denser and denser around the trio. An eerie light emanates from the clump, shining like a spotlight directly onto Kotomi, and she lets out a barely-feminine-at-all scream as the fog starts sapping her energy!
Millie White 2019-02-18 00:56:12 103634
Millie didn't quite catch the specific look that Lacrima had been giving this new girl, and hadn't caught the comment about vampire shenanigans.. but it wasn't like she had much of a choice anymore, really. A clump began to form and crawl from behind one of the nearby buildings, and it was... well, it wasn't exactly small. It was the size of a small car, and the second it started moving Millie was already slamming down the activator on her Mirror, which synced up quite nicely with the fog becoming denser and acting as a smokescreen.

When the flash of green light faded, Cure Shield wasted no time time in jumping into action. The gemdial on the face of her shield began to spin rapidly as she moved to block the spotlight from draining the poor girl any more than it already had.

"Emerald Guard!" Green energy expanded around the front and sides of her shield as she tried to hold the spotlight at bay. Well, if this new girl didn't know about magic, she certainly did now.
Lacrima 2019-02-18 01:02:03 103635
Lacrima blinks as her eyes search the area. ".....y--yes it is." she says flatly and nervously. "With--b-being plain about it, you smell delicious." she says as her eyes search around. "Also there's a high dark energy concentration." she says as she's taking deep breaths. She doesn't need to breath. But she's trying to force a calming reaction anyways.

No she isn't worried at a dark energy something. She's worried that she's gonna try to consume Kotomi's energy even though it's such a horrid idea to do that. Then there's a clump of living something trying to drain Kotomi!? Why!? She doesn't get i---wait. Wait yes she does. She just said it herself. She smells delicious. Nrg.

Where this to happen about a year or so ago she'd probably get into a shouting match with the thing over who the energy belongs to, etc. Luckily...

WELL! "Paige... s...setup..."

< Get Set! > spouts off the delightfully British voice of Paige as Lacrima changes into Masquerade. The reasons for this is two fold. One, she can actually fight that thing like this. Secondly... she couldn't drain Kotomi through the barrier jacket even if she wanted to. It's practically win win! Save for the severe drop in power level as she raises Paige in it's opera-glove like form in her frilly dracula-like barrier jacket. "S..Shot Barret!" a lavender ball of energy shooting from Paige-- hopefully into the beast!
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 01:16:22 103636
When Millie's guard goes up, Kotomi staggers back at the sudden relief from the drain, and falls onto her backside. She's staring, not at the danger, but at Cure Shield herself. "... Y-you're a magical girl too!?" she says, sounding faintly awed.

She looks nervously up at Lacrima, however. "Oh, come on!" It's just her luck that she's suddenly delicious now. She wonders how this is going to affect anime night with Unmei.

And then she blinks as Paige speaks up. "... That ... huh." She really doesn't know how to react to a talking bracelet that turned Lacrima into a magical girl as well. She shakes her head, and looks nervously back up at the monster.

It lets out a hiss, and all of the fog starts turning violet as the other civilians start fleeing the scene; anyone caught in the violet mist feels the slight tug of an energy drain, though nowhere near as intense as the drain from the light. Its attention, however, only seems to be on Kotomi herself, and it shoots a bolt of darkness down at the shield.

The shot from Masquerade, however, also draws its attention. It recoils slightly from the hit, lets out a louder hiss, and fires a larger and more intense burst down at her!
Millie White 2019-02-18 01:32:42 103637
Well, it seemed her shield was able to stop the energy draining beam, which was good. Cure Shield risked a look back when she heard the other girl fall backwards, only to see her staring at her with a strange look on her face. The Cure offered a flickering lopsided smile as the spotlight ceased, only for her gaze to whip back around to the youma as it fired a bolt of darkness at the shield. A bolt of darkness and a beam meant to drain energy were two very different things, and Cure Shield braced herself.

The bolt hit the shield with a crackling of black and green energy, and the force of it had Cure Shield's boots skidding backwards slightly. The green energy shield was still operational, thankfully, but now the violet mist was also acting to drain energy. Cure Shield took a step backwards so that her back was closer to Kotomi, close enough so she could hear her.

"Stay close, okay?" She called back to the strange girl before looking sideways at Lacrima. She knew very little about the Vampire's fighting style or prowess, but she knew she was no slouch. If Kotomi couldn't henshin, it would be up to them to protect her.
Lacrima 2019-02-18 01:44:51 103638
Lacrima tries to reflexivly float upwards and this doesn't work--- because oh right. Her dark stuff doesn't work when she's in her barrier jacket. "F--Flier Fin!" she spits out, bright lavender wings appearing at her feet as she uses this to leap into the air and then flail for a moment before she shoots down further away. "A-ack--" it's clear she isn't used to using Paige all that much.

She also juuuust barely avoided being fired at. SHE IS glad that she still has the ambient resistance to having 'human energy' stolen from her at least.

"Loook---" she says. "--I can't normally fight other dark things well. It's like..." she says. "...two jello molds punching one another. They just bounce off one another. This is -- a work around but... I'm not as strong in it okay!?" she says rapidly.

She looks towards a new's stand machine and then to the giant clump beast and then to the machine as she raises a hand.. "R...red Shift!" she calls out as the the shield explodes outward attempting to launch the machine through the air physically into the beast at an impossible speed.

Also she's thrown the other direction about two feet to her butt because she wasn't ready for that recoil. H--how does Rashmi account for the variables so easily!? Oh right. Better at it than she is.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 01:54:31 103639
Kotomi nods at Cure Shield's warning, eyes wide, and scrambles to her feet. "Right!" she says. "I-I'm Kotomi Kobana by the way!" She scoots over as close as she can. This is not as fun in real life as it is when the magical girls and monsters are on the other side of the screen. On the bright side, hey, she gets to be right next to a real magical girl while she does her thing! "I'm sort of ... also ... 'Dream Defender Kotomi', but I can only transform in the ..." She hesitates, but decides to just say it. "... the world of dreams."

She frowns up at Masquerade. "Okay, I get it!" she says, with only slight uncertainty in her voice. "Just ... hang in there!" She blinks as Masquerade just throws a newsstand at the thing. "... Wow," she says flatly.

The newsstand leaves a considerable dent in the mist-monster! ... Unfortunately, it doesn't actually seem particularly hurt or bothered by it; seems purely physical attacks won't cut it. It lets out another hiss, twists back into its original shape, and fires another series of bursts of darkness at Masquerade, more-or-less ignoring Cure Shield and Kotomi at the moment. Which is to say: all its attention is on the one person who is least able to be hurt by it.
Millie White 2019-02-18 02:23:52 103640
Lacrima's warning rang out through the fog, and Cure Shield took note of it. If the Vampire wasn't as powerful as usual in that form, it meant offensively they might be lacking. She couldn't protect Kotomi with her shield and go on the offensive at the same time, but at this point she would be hard pressed to stay on the defensive.

"Got it!" She called out to Lacrima as the news stand went hurtling towards the mist youma. It quickly changed back to its original form and began sending blasts at Lacrima. Since they were dark blasts she wasn't too worried given what Lacrima was, but she was still concerned given the 'not as powerful' part of her warning. The Cure could try and purify it, but purification took more mana than other attacks and she potentially could only get one shot. It was distracted by Lacrima currently, but the only way to guarantee a hit was to get closer.

"If I can get close to it, I can purify it!" Cure Shield called out to the Vampire, unwilling to leave Kotomi until she was sure Lacrima could cover the girl.
Lacrima 2019-02-18 02:27:50 103641
Lacrima has more darkness blasted at her-- it rakes across the barrier jacket and Lacrima reacts with a pained 'yeech!' as she moves to back off with a short leap to the right. Okay that just made it angry. She frowns a lot, and begins to charge energy in that glove as she takes a deep breath. "V...Varia Shot!" she sputters out!

A large ball of energy explodes outward from her palm as she sputters.

"Look, this hurts but it isn't deadly as long as it's dark energy. I just might damage Paige a bit." she says.

She doesn't like that prospect much, but it's better the attention is on her.

"W--Well it's concentrating on me but purification will actually kill me so please be sure of your target!" she sputters at Cure Shield!
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 02:36:45 103642
Kotomi cowers behind Cure Shield. "I mean if you really have a way to get rid of it, then get rid of it!" she yells, and her voice is just a bit less feminine than its usual level.

The monster shifts its attention back towards Kotomi, and the light starts shining down on her again just in time for the Varia Shot to strike true, which clearly does a bit of damage and tears an obvious chuck out of it. It lets out another hiss and floats off from the building, before firing another burst of darkness down at Masquerade.

At Lacrima's warning about potentially getting killed, Kotomi squeaks, eyes going wide! "I-I'm sorry!" she blurts out.
Millie White 2019-02-18 02:48:31 103643
Of course she would be sure of her target! Memories of Tarnished and what she had done to her flashed at the front of her mind; she was keenly aware of what her attack could potentially do to Lacrima. There was no way she would fire if there was even a chance of hitting the Vampire. That meant she had to get the youma's attention so Lacrima could get clear. The Cure's gaze flickered back towards Kotomi.

"I do, but I'll have to leave you here." She said just as the monster's attention shifts back to them. Her shield was immediately braced, but it was unnecessary as Lacrima's Varia shot struck the creature and stopped the beam. Now it's attention was back on Lacrima, and she saw her chance.

"Jadesteel!" Cure Shield sprung forward as the face of her shield began to glow. The green knight drew a long sword made of white hot emerald energy from the shield and leaped up at the youma, aiming two slashes in an X pattern at where most of its mass was concentrated.
Lacrima 2019-02-18 03:02:46 103644
Lacrima nods to Cure Shield and does her best to just... rocket backwards away from the beast as far as she cna get. "B..Barrel Shot...!" she calls out as she fires off another lavender blast as she moves backwards towards Kot---no. Nono... she still smells like a delicious sundae or a hamburger or a donut so she veers to the right some.

Close enought to react...

Not close enough to reach out and make contact with Kotomi.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 03:10:49 103647
Kotomi furrows her brow at Lacrima's somewhat awkward movements, but she remains where she is. She totally doesn't recoil from the vampire who suddenly began hungering for her energy, nuh-uh! She's gonna stay right here!

Cure Shield's sword, meanwhile, strikes true, and cleanly cuts the monster into four pieces! Immediately, the violet color of the mist begins fading back to white, and the four pieces let out much more distressed-sounding hissing as they slowly sink to the ground. Once there, the maroon clumps start to turn gray as well, and begin to dissipate into fog as well.

Kotomi heaves a huge sigh of relief, and sinks to her knees. "... Wow," she says, getting her voice's pitch back under control. "I can't believe you guys actually managed to beat the monster before I started, uh, panicking."
Millie White 2019-02-18 03:20:56 103651
It looked like she wouldn't even need to use her purification attack anyway. The Cure blinked as the youma split into four pieces, all of them letting out a death-hiss before dissipating into the fog. Huh... she was surprised, but not particularly in a bad way. Either she was getting stronger, or that youma hadn't been as powerful as she had anticipated. Cure Shield turned to Kotomi and Lacrima with a lopsided grin.

"Didn't even need to purify it." She said as she made her way back over to them. Her henshin melted away with the fog so that by the time she reached the other two, she was Millie White again. "Are you both okay?"
Lacrima 2019-02-18 03:26:08 103652
Lacrima manages to relax when the thing finally dies and she takes a deep breath and seems to slack. She does not drop her Masquerade outfit. "Paige can you keep this up?" she asks. < Yes > says Paige in his British accent. She nods a little and relaxes more. "Okay so I can't drain you throught this so even if I try it doesn't matter." she says meekly.

"U--uh s--sorry about earlier." she says with wide eyes. "But... you smell delicious. I don't mean--in-- in a creepy way?" she says as she manages to resist the urge to try to grab Kotomi. For the moment. "But it's easy to see why that thing was dragged here." she says. She frowns.

"...I don't remember you smelling that way before." she says with a concerned shrug. "A--aha. So--sorry. I'm in control at the moment. M-my fault I should had... fed last night after some stuff that happened. I didn't. So it was really easy for me to sort of give in." she admits. "Even if I didn't want to." she shifts uncomfortably. "On a base level. I'm not really different than big and moldy over there." she sighs.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 03:32:08 103654
Kotomi smiles at Millie. "I feel kind of weird and woozy?" she says. "But that was all after the initial ... um, spotlight." She shrugs, and moves to lean against the building to support herself.

She frowns at Lacrima. "... you know, aside from that weird thing by that Icela girl, I don't think we've seen each other in two weeks," she says. "Which was when that catgirl messed with me, or whatever it is she did." The catgirl presumably being Yasumi. And two weeks being when Millie first detected Kotomi's scent.

She hesitates. "I've ... sort of ..." She shakes her head. "Well, before that, I kept having these weird sort of lapses in my memory about the magical stuff," she says. "Like I'd forget about it until I thought about Unmei transforming again. But that hasn't happened at all since two weeks ago, I remember everything clearly now, even stuff about that dream with the opera singer and the shard!"
Millie White 2019-02-18 03:45:05 103656
Millie looked at Lacrima with concern. Granted, she didn't really know that much about how Lacrima actually went about feeding... but if she was stumbling over apologies for almost potentially nomming on Kotomi? She must really be hungry. For the most part, Kotomi seemed to be fine aside from some residual wooziness. That was a common side effect of energy drain and it would hopefully go away soon.

"Lacrima-san, are 'you' alright?" Millie asked softly, stressing the 'you' part. The base level comment had her crossing her arms over her chest disapprovingly. "You're not like that youma. If you were, I reckon this conversation would be going a lot differently." She said with an attempt at humour.

Most of what Kotomi said flew by her head, but Millie quirked a brow at this new Dream Defender. "You don't go to Verone, do you? I've been picking up your scent for weeks... it changed on Monday, lost the dark magic. It's how I found you today." Millie then blinked. "Aw shoot, I'm sorry for being so rude. I'm Millie White!" Then in a somewhat quieter voice. "Also Cure Shield. Pleasure to meet you, Kobana-san."
Lacrima 2019-02-18 03:52:33 103657
Masquerade frowns. "That 'Icela' girl fancies herself a god of some sort. Real delusuional granduer stuff." she says as she fidgets a moment. "I've been meaning to talk to you about that. What did that catgirl want?" she asks. "I was there with Ariel that night. That 'catgirl' found one of the shards. We got it." she says.

She frowns. "The only difference is that I have a human soul. That doesn't make me immune to the same base desires. It just gives me a chance at potential resisting them." she says. She sighs a bit. She nods.

"...Millie is good people I should um-- go--go! Um if you have questions. Come by...--- er. Tomorrow. Or after. Not tonight. I need to feed tonight. So that I can keep control when you visit." she admits. "Er-- feed on not you I.. mean! Loo--k I'm just gonna go!" she says near spastically as she begins to run down an alley to get out out of the get up and Dusk Step across the city to get away from the scent, for now.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 03:56:55 103659
Kotomi's eyes widen. "Oh! Yeah, I go to Verone!" she says to Millie. "And yeah, Monday was when the Icela thing happened!" She manages another faint, ephemeral smile, and bows to Millie. "Yeah, um, pleased to meet you ... White-san!" It seems having her life saved, combined with the whole 'real magical girl' thing, is at least somewhat mitigating her nervousness about meeting new people.

She frowns to Lacrima, and shrugs. "No idea," she says. "I just know she was pumping some sort of weird energy into my dream ... or my dream-self ... and I don't really remember anything in detail until Ariel 'woke me up' and then I woke up for real." She shrugs and shakes her head. "Your guess is as good as mine."

She blinks as Lacrima hurriedly flees. "O-okay!" she says. "Um. Take care! I'll, um, I'll talk with Unmei-san when I can!"

She turns back to Millie, and smiles weakly. "So, um. Yeah. First time I've had this stuff happen ... in the real world. Uh, the waking world." ... Well, okay, maybe not completely mitigated.
Millie White 2019-02-18 04:05:47 103661
The Cure watched Lacrima flee with a vaguely melancholy gaze. It was true that a human soul was what separated Lacrima from the likes of the youma and other creatures they fought... but it was a bright soul, a soul that Millie had faith in. That in and of itself made Lacrima 'good people', as she would say, feeding issues or not. With a soft sigh, Millie turned back to Kotomi.

"First time in the waking world, huh? Don't worry about it. The first time I did stuff in the dream world was pretty weird too... I still owe Santa for scratching the paint on his Sleigh." Millie scratched the back of her head guiltily, as if she had every single intention of paying back a figure in mythos for hypothetical dream-damage to a Sleigh that may or may not actually exist.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-02-18 04:09:15 103662
Kotomi doesn't really know Lacrima all that well, but she's feeling a weird sort of empathy towards her, because she doesn't know how else to feel.

"Yeah, really," she says softly. And then she blinks and does a double-take at Millie. "Wait ... Santa!?"