Inverse Theory of Shyness

Date: 2019-02-19
Pose Count: 10
Miho Kagami 2019-02-19 23:38:12 103672
While Miho and Aki have agreed that they don't need to go on date-dates, Valentine's Day is special, and thus is one day in the year that warrants an exception. In lieu of going with a fancy restaurant, however, Miho has invited Aki over for "a walk in the park."

Miho is sitting on a park bench right near the playground with the giant penguin slide. She's grinning ear to ear, and a little bit obviously antsy as she waits for Aki's arrival!
Aki Kurosawa 2019-02-19 23:46:36 103673
    This is true, they do not need to go on date dates. The whole track thing was one of those times. Even if it still ended IN KISSING and he NEEDING TO TELL HARUNA ABOUT EVERYTHING and at least Haruna is reasonable about things in truth- even if she comes off as crazy manic panic seagull girl most of the time. Oooohh boy.

    Regardless! She has arrived in a jacket and jeans for the chilly weather. She gives a wave as she carries a large white box under her arm. It's not huge. About the size of an overly large textbook, but still what could be inside!? Well... there's one guess probably.

    "M--miho-chan hi!" she says as she approaches the bench. "Oh! I'm not late am I?" she asks as she searches for her phone to check the time. Oh, whew she is not.

    "Sorry panic moment." she says with wide again eyes.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-19 23:53:17 103674
Miho perks up as Aki approaches, and her smile becomes even brighter! Whatever Haruna's appraisal of the situation, Miho is of the mind that she can just back off now that they're actually girlfriends. "No, no, you're fine!" she says reassuringly. "Wanna start walking now, or would you rather sit down for a minute first?"

It was a totally brilliant idea she had for looking cool and smooth. She'd been leaning forward slightly, not resting back against the bench, and now she scoots over to the side to reveal a heart-shaped box approximately the same size as the one Aki brought over.

And then she immediately bumps into the armrest of the bench and the box starts to topple over. "Whoa!" She catches it in time before it can fall open and spill its contents!
Aki Kurosawa 2019-02-20 00:07:02 103675
    Aki Kurosawa nods and whews. "Not yet! I want to give yo--- woowah! Are you okay?" she asks as Miho scrambles to catch the heart shaped box. Heart shaped!? She looks at her plain white wrapped box and then at Miho's heart shaped box and she almost falters. Argh she knew she should had repacked these argh she should had taken Haruna's advice, arggghhhhhh...... she trails off into her head mentally.

    Regardless, she coughs. "Um.. here." she says. "Before we walk. It's um. Chocolates. I bought them from this nice store? Chocolates shaped like um.. stars and hearts and seashells..." she says. "Cuz.. I like seashells! So I figured my chocolates should be like that." she says rather weakly.

    That sounded better in her head. A lot better.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-20 00:14:48 103676
Miho doesn't seem to mind the different box-shape, and she smiles brightly, accepting the box graciously. "Oh! Um, thank you!" she says. "And, um, I got chocolates for you, too! Uh. Like. I mean obviously." She spent some time overthinking how they were going to handle Valentine's Day versus White Day, and just gave up in favor of their usual plan of "do whatever we want." Her hands are almost shaking as she accepts the chocolates and offers her own in turn.

Shaking? Well, it's not actually due to the exchange of chocolate. At least, not in and of itself. It's because she suddenly gets up, wraps her arms around Aki in a big hug, and gives her a quick peck on the lips! She figured that if this wasn't the right day to take the initiative and do something like that, she'd never do it, and also incidentally aaaaaaaaaa!
Aki Kurosawa 2019-02-20 00:33:01 103677
    Aki also fretted about that. Do I get chocolates from her? or do I give chocolates to her? Is one of us 'the guy'!? If it is it's probably me I guess!? But also that makes no sense! She should had asked Haruna about the dynamics of girl-slash-girl relationships when it comes to situations like this. Regardless, everyone likes chocolate so basically how could you go wrong giving chocolates!?

    She's about to look over to the box Miho has a little closer when she has arms wrapped around her and then.... !? O--ohhh!

    She blushes a little fiercely-- does she return it? Well of course she does-- pressing back into the kiss before it ends and then looking all blushy and arm crossy. "Aaagh--" she goes. She still doesn't get how to deal with that. Does-- does she say thank you. Anything?

    "I.. uh. I guess you've been waiting for that, huh?" she asks sheepishly. "L--let's go walk." she says. How is she somehow more awkward than Miho who was more awkward than her like weeks ago now!? Maybe it's an inverse theory of shyness or something.
Miho Kagami 2019-02-20 00:37:50 103678
Miho grins and takes a step back. "Uh. Yes. Yes, I have," she says, blushing every bit as much as Aki now! Now that it's happened, she almost can't believe she's actually done it. "... Ahahaha. We now no longer have any excuse for ... sharing water bottle stuff, I guess."

She moves to walk with Aki, rectangular box of chocolates in hand. "We, uh. We should do it more often!" she says. "Just to ... y'know ... get used to it." She pauses. "... Although, like, that might take a while, to be honest."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-02-20 00:53:28 103679
    Aki Kurosawa also can not believe Miho had done that. Not that she's complaining. There's so much worse things to complain about. "Argh it's so chilly." she says as she walks along with Miho as she leads the way. Like that! That's a valid complaint! She'll carry her own box of chocolates along. She blushes but giggles at the sharing water bottles remark.

    "I think you and I overthink things." she says. "But that's always been how I am because I had to." she admits. She doesn't press the details. No need to ruin a great so far Valentines day date! "I've been running with Haruna every morning. She runs every morning. Also Corvus rides a bike in front of us like he was that coach from the old game about a boxer?" she asks.

    "Anyways gonna be easier for me to help you with track!" she says. "I hope. So I don't pass out like.. immediatly."
Miho Kagami 2019-02-20 01:02:08 103680
Miho considers the comment about overthinking things. "I mean, yeah," she says. "I am ... much more experienced with magical girl stuff than I am with, like, actual friendships and romance and stuff. Which is weird to think about, since ... I've been a magical girl since July and I still feel 'new' even though I've actually gotten used to it." She shakes her head. "But anyway! I'm just ... a really analytical person, I guess. It's basically helped me out a bunch."

She glances around and smiles. "... Speaking of which, we're basically just about in the exact spot where I learned that monsters exist, actually," she says. "Kyouko Sakura and Naru Osaka were talking about 'em and walked right by me while I was walking."

At Aki's shoulder 'had to' comment, she just wordlessly puts her free arm around her shoulder. She catches her nervousness starting to flare up, but then just takes a deep breath. Her thought process: okay, anxiety, I'm hugging my girlfriend, and you're just gonna have to get used to that.

She smiles. "Oh, cool," she says. "Yeah. That's ..." She giggles. "... Jogging and stuff is another thing I'll be able to just ... do with my girlfriend."
Aki Kurosawa 2019-02-20 01:11:14 103681
    Aki has a lot of anxeity still but she's spent years differentaing unhealth anxiety from good anxiety. This is the good kind. It's not like one can die from embarassment and or hugging one's girlfriend. Nope. One can still be worried about it to some degree. Like how do you do this and not feel strange? Regardless!

    "Y-up!" she says all redfaced. She's glad it's Valentines Day so people 'get it' better than if it wasn't probably. "There's lots of things we can do that isn't dates. I mean--- would you like to help me in my Club sometimes? Dancing.. I mean." a soft pause.

    "Show dancing is different than like... romantic night out... dancing For the record. So it's not like weird not-dates..." she says if she wanted to pre-explain that.

    Because people all have different vivid views on what dancing is.