His Best Elsa Impression

Date: 2019-02-26
Pose Count: 33
Zafira 2019-02-26 03:30:01 103801
Amusingly looks have nothing to do with the situation ANYWAY, so Jadeite might be making a wasted effort there. Zafira, at the very least, is on the trail of anything outputting enough of a magical signature to earn his attention. He lives with enough girls to easily ignore the apperance of a 'cute and innocent' girl wandering the harbor alone at night. He ducks down somewhere nearby, trying to pinopoint of Jadeite's figure is the source of the magic he's currently trying to track down. He's also trying to keep alert for any others that might be along with them... However, if any real work was put into this trap, any other people involved would know to hide themselves.

Zafira eventually confirms for himself that the source IS this girl, and then hops to a higher vantage point, attempting to leap down next to her.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 03:47:13 103802
Jade TXT: they attack people all the time

Jade TXT: why arent they coming for me now???

Jade TXT: im seriously going to

However, the group would never know what Jadeite was seriously going to do - there was someone falling towards him, and he was already reacting, jumping away and pinwheeling to try and stay on his feet. Easily distractable or not, he's been in enough fights not to completely ignore his surroundings on a sort-of stakeout. He's ready for Zafira.

He's in the guise of a little girl and on his own, but he's ready. Believe it. He fixes a shocked expression to his face (not hard) and makes sure his voice is higher pitched than usual when he cries out, "What's the big idea?"

Come on, be a real threat and not a garden variety creep -
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 03:58:40 103803
The last time Akari went on patrol over the docks ... St. George happened. Which left her kind of a mess for the past couple of months. But then she had a conversation with one Mr. Yagami, which sent her mind spinning. Now, she's wandering along the docks, wearing jeans and a gray hoodie pulled up to obscure her face; this would make her slightly less-recognizable to any Eclipse-based scanners, although there's only so many girls in Tokyo who are five foot nine. Either way, she's lost in her own thoughts, counting on Rubindorn to alert her if anything interesting happens.

Which she does. MISTRESS? says Rubindorn telepathically. <<I BELIEVE I HAVE DETECTED ZAFIRA.>>

Akari stops, and sighs softly. "Oh well," she mutters, and casually saunters over to the nearest alleyway, fishing the pendant out of her pocket; it's shaped like a double-barred cross, with a circular rose-red gemstone inlaid in the crux of the upper bar. "Think we should risk scanning for other allied Device-users?"

The pendant pings, and the gem flickers. <<NEE.>> Nope.

"Didn't think so," said Akari. "Knight Clothing, Set Up!"

She's surrounded by a swirl of rose-red light, and then she's dressed in her gold and black uniform, and Rubindorn becomes a six-foot longsword -- that is, it's longer than she's tall. She leaps up and flies into the air, sailing over the rooftops towards the altercation ...
Zafira 2019-02-26 04:02:39 103804
Considering the creep in question has blue canine ears and a tail, garden variety might be less likely than in other cases. He also moves RATHER quickly, aiming an open palmed strike at the back of the 'girl's head almost imediately upon landing. Whatever he's after, it's not an actual fight. He's trying to take this 'girl' down as quickly as possible. ...those aforementioned ears and tail would probably tip off his 'prey' to just what he was after as well.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 04:09:45 103805
Pinwheeling back was the right move. He's off balance, sure, but he's also out of immediate striking distance. Zafira's first blow goes right over his shorter-than-usual head. And the tail and ears are definitely, definitely a sign that he's found the creep he was really looking for.

Or her partner, anyway.

"That's rude, you know?" He snaps a hand out, creating a thin layer of ice underfoot - enough for him to slide back, putting a more comfortable amount of distance between them, and maye get Zafira a little off balance. He. Probably should have thought about what he'd do if the enemy showed up.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 04:16:35 103806
Just as Jadeite lays down that ice, Akari reaches the fight. Ping! <<ZEIT-RAUM-SCHRANKE!>> Time-Space Barrier. A circle of rose-red and black fractal light appears above her head, then spreads out to form a dome over the battlefield and the surrounding dock area, shifting the battlefield half a dimension over and filtering out all non-magical life. And now, nobody needs to worry about collateral damage, yay!

... And now Zafira probably doesn't have any motivation to hold back, either ... yay?

"Zafira," says Akari, sounding fairly tired. She looks over at the 'girl', who she doesn't recognize. "I'm Akari Hayabusa. Are you all right?"
Zafira 2019-02-26 04:25:11 103807
Zafira's ears fold back some in irritation. "...Hayabusa..." he mutters with a nod toward Akari. The commentary about rudeness is awarded with a small grunt and nothing further. His eyes narrow somewhat as he watches them from this short distance, staying crouched down as if he's planning to leap in at a moment's notice. Why can't these attempts at linker ever just be grab and go?
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 04:39:18 103808
He didn't plan for back up. He didn't really make a plan at all, but he really didn't make a plan that relied on someone else. To Akari, he says, "I'm fine?" and then drops the illusion. It's not necessary, now that there's a barrier up. "Also, I'm not actually a vulnerable little girl, but I appreciate the help?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 04:46:34 103809
Akari raises her eyebrows as Jadeite drops the illusion. Well, then! She manages a thin smile and nods. "Well, at this point," she says, "I'm always ready to help defend against the ones who inspired my creators." She holds her sword in ready position, facing Zafira. ... Really, the size of the blade looks a little bit ridiculous ...
Zafira 2019-02-26 04:59:17 103810
As Jadeite reveals himself, Zafira can't help but be a minor bit thrown off. "Were you /joking/," he wonders toward Jadeite, "You really thought THAT was what would attract an attack?" Now he just looks kind of offended. "And YOU...are you really in such a rush to have your core taken again, Hayabusa? You don't have friends here this time..." He seems sort of tired and grumpy, a lot more talkitive than usual too.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 05:07:40 103811
"Dude, you attack little girls who are new on the block, you have no grounds to be offended." On one hand, he's glad the whole, young girl thing is probably just a matter of more girls than guys being magical. On the other, he's a little offended! That was a perfectly reasonable thing to think given the evidence at hand. "And she's literally got a friend right here - "

And because he doesn't believe in playing nice with jerks who attack random people and break cellphones, he shoots a blast of ice at him.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 05:11:58 103812
Akari shrugs, still holding her sword at the ready. "I don't see you making a move to attack either of us," she says mildly.

And then Jadeite makes his move, and Akari promptly swoops around in midair, so that Zafira move towards both of them at once. "Rosenpfeil!" Rose Dart.

Ping! <<ROSENPFEIL!>> A phalanx of rose-red arrows of light appear and shoot down towards Zafira. They're behaving just like the last time they fought ...
Zafira 2019-02-26 05:18:45 103813
The guardian of the shield narrows his eyes as his shield appears before him. Some of it likely breaks through fast enough to cause some slight damage before his spell was fully in effect, however. "...so be it," he states in a growl, "Without Signum here, I may take your willingness to go through this again as permission to leave you to rot..." Of course he wouldn't REALLY, but he's got to look like the bad guy here. That said, he'd rush forward, acting as if he's trying to run in and punch Jadeite, but he quickly uses the ice, if it's still there, to slide off to Jadeite's side and try sweeping his legs out from under him instead.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 05:30:27 103814
This time, he's not quick enough to avoid going down. But here's the thing. Jadeite loves the ice and snow and he's been playing around in it, with, and on it, for years. When he's dropped on his back, the wind goes out of him, but he doesn't stop moving - he slaps a hand up, so cold it burns, and grips Zafira's leg. Ice springs up around his hand, two or three centimeters thick and spreading with every second he stays in contact.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 05:36:09 103815
Akari drops down and lands on her feet directly behind Zafira. If she attacked from above, she might risk hitting Jadeite, but now that he's on his back ...

Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Cartridge ready! A gun-trigger setup extends from the handle. Akari pulls the trigger, shudders along with the thunderclap, and her Device vents steam. <<ROSENWIND!>> Rose Wind.

The blade of her sword starts crackling with a pale glow. Akari swings the sword twice, launching out a pair of slivers of light at Zafira. The crackling energy around the blade diminishes slightly, but not completely.
Zafira 2019-02-26 05:39:56 103816
Zafira whips around, SLAPPING his tail toward Jadeite's face as he takes on the slivers of light, mostly manging to escape one cause of his shield, but taking the other one thanks to Jadeites hold on him. That said, he's currently trying to break said hold by stomping toward Jadeite's hand with his free leg.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 05:48:32 103817
One minute he's catching his breath and trying to focus on his best Elsa impression, and the next his face is on his fire and there's blood in his mouth - and then there's a series of snaps as a foot comes down on his fingers and he screams.

Spikes of ice burst up in a circle around him, four feet tall and wicked sharp. If Zafira doesn't move, he's going to be impaled. If Akari is too close, she's going to want to back off.
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 05:57:07 103818
Akari frowns at the scream and the spikes of ice. She's nowhere near close enough to get hit by it, of course, but she rises off the ground anyway. Okay, if Jadeite doesn't get up, she'll need to be the one to bail him out. "Ruby?"

Ping! <<JO!>> Yep! There's a surge of rose-red light, and when it clears, Akari is nearly seven feet tall, and has glowing golden eyes and faintly-glowing dark blue tattoos designed to look like eldritch markings. Her Knight Clothing, however, looks exactly the same.

Her six-foot sword, still crackling with energy from the Rosenwind spell, looks a bit less ridiculous now.
Zafira 2019-02-26 06:02:11 103819
The blue wolf eared man does indeed take this moment to get out of dodge as the spikes of ice start encircling Jadeite. He wipes one of his arms at his own face to clean some of the mess from it. His tail is waving in irritation as he decides he could just pay back spikes with more spikes if that's what this guy wants to do. It's not even like HE'S the one that broke Jadeite's stupid phone. ...why do all of these people have to be the ones with the mana they need to fill the book? If it was just monsters they could have already finished this so much faster. These mages keep finding ways to /complicate/ things. He just wants to make his master WELL and he doesn't feel like he's doing it fast enough.

He glares the two of them over from the distance he's made before roaring out a spell. It's not an unfamiliar one either. The Steel Yoke comes burtsing upward from the ground and downward from the sky, it's own mana generated steel like spikes seeking to enclose or ensnare the two mahou facing him.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 06:12:08 103820
And Jadeite is done with being a meat shield, it's not the job he's good at or trained for, and he's tired of it. He doesn't throw more spikes up - no, he's done with that. What he does throw up is a wall of ice, a foot thick a story tall, to jam the spikes of the steel yoke. After that, he's on his feet, blood dripping down his face and left hand tucked close to his chest - the other one is raised in a quick gesture, and suddenly there are half a dozen copies of the pair of mahou, each identical to the ones under attack, each giving off a similar magical aura -

And the real Jadeite says quietly to Akari - the taller, glowing eyed, glowing tattoo'd Akari - "Unless you just went Princess Serenity, I... don't think we can beat this guy on our own. Ideas for a retreat?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 06:23:55 103822
Akari's eyes go wide. The spell of iron spikes is new to her. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," she says.

And then Jadeite blocks it, and provides an out! "No, I'm just physically stronger now," she murmurs as she runs alongside him. "Thought I'd have to carry you. But I have a teleport spell, I just need a few seconds after I drop the barrier. Is Chiba-san's apartment a good destination?"

She frowns down at her sword. "... Also, Rubindorn, do I need to fire a cartridge to carry both of us?"

<<NEIN,>> her Device whispers. ... The low voice makes it even more obvious that Rubindorn's voice is a cutesy version of Akari's.

"Okay, good, she says no," whispers Akari.
Zafira 2019-02-26 06:26:39 103823
Zafira lets out another growl as the doubles appear and his cage is denied. He then apparently decides now is as good a time as any to take it out on something, as he flies toward one of the pairs of doubles and lays into them FAR more ruthelessly than he's tended to do with any of his ACTUAL enemies. Something REALLY has him ticked off, and it's not likely to be something as small as that bit about Jadeite assuming that dressing as a helpless child would be enough to attract them. No he can't tell which one is the real ones, but he assumes he'll know the difference if he finds them.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 06:34:27 103824
"Mamoru's apartment would be great. I'm - okay. I mean, I'm pretty sure my hand is a wreck and I'm possibly going into shock from the pain but I'm fine," he's rambling, a little, it's been a while since he got himself seriously banged up, and surprise surprise, he has not missed it, at all, not even a little bit.

The first set of doubles offer up some horrifically realistic noises as their 'bones' break and their 'flesh' tears, wheezing and crying out in 'pain'. These aren't run of the mill, cheap illusions - Jadeite is still pouring energy into them, trying to disguise the real thing from the fakes the only way he knows how.

"Holy fuck. Getting out now is - good. Yes. Now, before he tries that on us maybe."
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 06:41:13 103825
Akari frowns as Jadeite starts rambling. She's concerned, but ... well, she can't heal people, and Mamoru can.

"Neither of us had our Linker Cores stolen by that book, so I'd call that a win," she begins ... only to be interrupted as Jadeite reacts. "Right!" she says. She ducks into an alleyway. "Ruby!"

<<JA!>> Yes! The barrier fades, restoring the world to its proper appearance, and she puts her sword onto her back, where it clicks into place.

Akari wraps her arm around Jadeite's shoulders to support him. "Okay, here we go!" she says. A rose-red Belkan spell triangle appears around their feet, a matching glow surrounds them, and then the two vanish as a bolt of light shoots skyward.
Zafira 2019-02-26 06:43:50 103826
The realism does cause the knight pause...which is quickly followed by attempts at grabbing their cores. He is NOT here to kill and maim people, that would be a waste, he needs those cores! He doesn't even WANT to kill people, he'd rather not even be fighting such an underhanded way at all. The situation's given him no choice...
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 06:54:13 103827
The illusions vanish once Akari and Jadeite are gone - they're out of range. The collpase into nothing more than shimmerng glimmers of light, leaving absolutely nothing to show for their presence. They might have given off the aura of magic, but they had no linker cores to be grabbed.

All in all, this probably isn't the worst day anyone who was here has ever had, but it was definitely not a success.

On the balcony of the Earth Court Frat House, Jadeite breathes a huge sigh of relief. Oh sweet, fluffy pancakes, he is never, ever doing that again, for at least a week.

"I regret a few different things I did tonight, but we made it out alive, so.... yay us? Thanks for getting us out of there, I probably would havee actually splinched myself trying to get out on my own."
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 06:58:09 103828
Akari nods. "No problem!" she says with a smile. "I ... don't know what 'splinching' means, but I'm glad I could help."

She pauses at the entrance. "... This is actually the third time I've brought someone," she says. "Cure Shield after an incident with Tarnished, Magical Girl Clotho when the Wolkenritter got her Linker Core, and now you."

And then she blinks. "Um. Sorry, what was your name again?" she says meekly.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 07:00:42 103829
"Someone should probably bring you around when you aren't being an emergency exit, then," he says frankly, and is about to educate her (whether she wants to be educated or not) about the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Poter when she pipes up a good question, actually. "Oh - right, yeah, names are important. I'm Jadeite, and you're Akari?"

By some miracle of tact he doesn't actually say 'the ex Exclipse kid, right?'
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 07:06:18 103830
Akari nods. "I've actually been here a couple of times before," she says. "Mostly to meet Lacrima-chan, since we can't talk anywhere else right now because of, um ..." She grimaces. "... reasons you might already know about." She sighs as she helps him through the sliding door. True to the rules, the sabatons and boots of her Knight Clothing dematerialize. "Sorry, it's kind of an even more touchy subject after ... an ... encounter with Saint George."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 07:17:26 103831
"Reasons I probably know about," he agrees, because - there's no need to bring it up directly. He's grateful for the help as they get across the threshold and into the apartment because his other hand? Not even close to functional. "That seems to be the trend with Saint George. I'll hear about it through the grapevine, don't worry about it.

It's late, which might explain why no one is milling about in the main space or the kitchen - good for him, because maybe he can look a little less of a horrible mess before he calls Mamoru for help. "Do you want to stick around? Or do you hae some place to be? Because I mean, either is probably fine! I'm going to try and wipe the blood off me before Mamoru walks in and has a heart attack, but I bet we have snacks and stuff?"
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 07:26:35 103832
Akari nods dourly. She opens her mouth to continue, but ... well, no, there's no need to strain herself talking about it. She only has half an idea of how she'll describe the situation regardless.

She actually considers the offer for a moment. Then she shakes her head. "I'd rather head back home," she says, in a tone of voice which suggests that she might have been sorting through some Feelings when Zafira showed up. There's another surge of rosy light, and she's back in her human form in her hoodie, and Rubindorn's hanging around her neck in pendant-form. "I'm staying in a safe house belonging to Cure Gull, for the record. If you need to get in touch, you can call her."

Whew! No need for the ECFH to host her, then.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-26 07:31:01 103833
Whew! worthy news indeed. He's going to pass that along to Mamoru - hearing that other people are doing their part to host people will probably help them all feela bit better. "If you're sure," is what he says out loud, not exactly trying to persuade her otherwise, but also not pushing her out the door. "We'll keep that in mind, and obviously, you know where to find all of us."
Rosalie Janus 2019-02-26 07:33:12 103834
Akari nods. "I'm sure," she says, managing a weak smile. "Thanks anyway. I'll, I'll see you around."

She turns and heads back to the balcony, and a moment later, there's another rose-red glow shooting in the sky.