Date: 2019-02-27
Pose Count: 19
Mamoru Chiba 2019-02-27 02:46:53 103835
The elevator, it goes ding softly out in the hall. A moment later, the main apartment door is opening and there's the crinkle of a grocery bag being held while its holder is toeing off his shoes. "Jadeite!" calls Mamoru, "you didn't call so I've been trying to assume since you're not dead it's not out of the realm of the reasonable, but I know you got hurt, so you better let me fix it--"
He may have, in his haste, bought dumb things and maybe too much chocolate in addition to what he was supposed to get, but to give him credit, he's making himself not actively sound like a mother hen. Which is also why he's not storming directly toward the bathroom where Jadeite's washing blood off his face.
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 02:58:10 103836
"I don't have fingers to call with," is the quick protest - the sound of running water is a good clue as to where he currently is. The sink is pink and red with blood and he's too frazzled trying to clean it away to think about how that sounds. Why did head wounds have to bleed so much? Weren't noses supposed to stop themselves up with blood so that they could be put back together or something?

"I know you're used to dealing with Neil and Kazuo and Kyouko and - probably other people who tough out injuries? But I'm really, really not man enough to try and hide and deal with this on my own." His fingers are currently facing all kinds of ways they aren't supposed to and it would be really gross and cool if it were not his own actual hand.
Nephrite 2019-02-27 03:04:36 103837
Somewhere else in the apartment, the door to Neil's side opens and his brunette head pokes through. "Why are we yelling? Did I hear something about fingers?"
Mamoru Chiba 2019-02-27 03:21:40 103838
'I don't have fingers' is what's got Mamoru actively sprinting for the bathroom; he's got that non-expression that indicates he's thinking about whether Jadeite's fingers are missing or there, whether they can be found and reattached, whether they're in some large thing's stomach, or what-- reattaching is a lot easier and faster than re-growing--

He's crashing into the bathroom behind Jadeite by the time he's saying things about 'not man enough' and steering Jadeite away from the sink. He flips the toilet lid down and gently tries to make Jadeite sit there, then looks under the sink.

His voice is really remarkably even as he calls back to Neil, "Can you get the first aid kit that's in the hall closet? The one down here has half of its antiseptic gone and it hasn't got the, the, splint things--"

And then he looks at Jadeite's hand, and his face goes still.

So very, very quietly, Mamoru crouches down next to the gentlest of his Shitennou and reaches for the swollen, discolored, and distressingly disheveled hand. It doesn't hurt when he touches it. But it still hurts a little even with the focus of the glowing gold power on it, and Mamoru does his very best to disengage any unhelpful emotions. "Who did this."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 03:49:28 103840
There is the single most welcome crash in the world, as Mamoru comes barreling in after him, and he knows it's Mamoru because there's his hands, steering him around, warm as the afternoon sun and steady as a mountain. He sits where he's pushed, and doesn't fight it at all, tipping his head back to try and keep blood from gushing everywhere.

"I'm glad you're home, because I really didn't want to have to knock on everyone's doors to see who was home and could go pick you up, because I don't think it'd be a good idea to try and teleport to you like this, and you hate teleporting," and it doesn't really occur to him that Mamoru would absolutely, most certainly, risk getting sick to be here.

"But this sucks a lot so I'm really glad you're -" he cuts himself off, eyes wide as Mamoru takes his hand. It doesn't hurt - it's Mamoru, of course it doesn't - at least, not more than before, but it certainly looks like it should. And of course there's the look on his face - the not-look on his face. "Zafira. He's one of the guys running around, stealing cores. He doesn't like ice. Or little girls. Or maybe just me disguised as a little girl? It was all kind of unclear."
Nephrite 2019-02-27 03:57:22 103841
Mamoru is running. That is bad. Neil steps fully into the room now, taking stock of the immediate vicinity. Well, there's no broken glass or obvious puddles of blood, so he can likely conclude that there is no immediate danger in the area.

Mamoru's shouted instructions come. First aid kit. Splint things. That particular tone of voice that Mamoru uses when he's reacting to trauma. Okay, definitely bad. He darts to the hall closet without bothering to answer, worry and guilt starting to coil in his stomach. Didn't Jadeite's texts say he was doing the walking around looking like an innocent new magical girl thing? The thing that Nephrite more or less strong-armed into doing in the first place?

That particular feeling only increases tenfold when he steps into the bathroom door and is confronted by the sight of a bloodied Jadeite. There is a hiss of drawn breath, and Neil looks like he is tempted to hunt down and destroy the first person he finds whose name starts with "Z" at this exact moment. "Dammit, you were supposed to do this with backup, you..." he bites off the rant before he can get too angry at the poor injured blond and drops the first aid kit a little too harshly on the counter, pushing it open. "I've got it. Tell me what you need."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-02-27 04:06:53 103842
"Zafira. Signum's person. Your phone wasn't enough, huh?" Mamoru says, still moving carefully, every motion reserved. Neil gets there; the prince glances up, both hands now holding Jadeite's utterly messed-up one. "Keep that mad. But point it at the asshole who did this. For now, just clean up his head: antiseptic, then antibiotic ointment, then a sterile bandage and direct pressure until it's only seeping. Change the bandage until you get there. I've--"

Here's where it's a herculean effort to keep his voice steady. "It's-- going to take a while. With the hand. I can't do it in one go. His fingers-- there are a lot of little bones and a lot of them are broken. I'm not going to let go. Maybe get Zoisite to get the good stuff he had you on when your leg got Fiore'd? I--"

Mamoru takes a breath and closes his eyes, and the glow brightens. "And he's a little shocky. I've got him steady but he's going to need to lie down before the adrenaline wears off..."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 04:22:15 103843
"That's the one," he's agreeing, even as Nephrite appears in the doorway and he tries to smile to cheer him up - cheer them all up - but that actually hurts a lot, so he quits. "Yeah, that would have been - a really good idea, but, we won? He didn't steal our cores anyway, so I won, and he lost -"

Shocky is right. It's not the worse pain he's ever been in, but it's his hand. Delicate bones and joints and nerves all accustomed to delicate work, snapped and smashed and swollen into a mess and even Mamoru's golden touch can't wipe it away. And like with most things, his response to pain is to talk, and talk, and talk, anything to keep his mind off it.

"It really wasn't too bad. He just smacked me around a little, and he probably walked away with some frostbite, and he didn't get our cores. But it does hurt? So don't let that talk you out of holding on because I don't want to feel it again -"
Nephrite 2019-02-27 04:27:18 103844
Nephrite leans hard against the counter, hands gripping the edges so hard that he feels a breath away from ripping it right off the wall. Jadeite's blood still marks the edges of the sink where he did not quite manage to flush it away. Keep that mad. Save it for later. Mamoru's trying to be the calm voice in the room despite holding Jadeite's shattered hand. The least Neil can do is help.

He manages a snort. "You won. Good job." He digs through and finds the required supplies. Antiseptic first. "I can carry him when you're ready to move him." Drugs and other things, that can be sorted out later. He can call up Zoi and Kunzite when he has a free moment. For now, he gives Jadeite the ghost of an apologetic smile for the sting that the antiseptic is about to bring. "Sorry buddy, I don't have magic hands."
Mamoru Chiba 2019-02-27 04:34:49 103845
"Good job he didn't. I'd actually appreciate it if you guys weren't bait to linker core thieves? Since yours are rocks and don't grow back, and all," says Mamoru a little too lightly, which is what happens when he's trying not to think about what he's saying. "Go ahead and tell yourself it's not too bad in three weeks, when I'm still working on fixing the nerve damage and your hand has to be immobile and you can't play Mario Kart for another month after--"

Mamoru stops talking and focuses on breathing and capillaries and nudging bone fragments around inside that giant purple hand. "Saburo. Take some of this energy and funnel it into icing your goddamn hand."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 04:55:54 103846
"I'm taking what I can get out of this one, okay? I mean, he didn't get to wipe the floor with Akari at least, I think he was mad about the little girl thing or maybe the hitting first thing - oh that's going to hurt isn't it?" And he's directing that at Neil, who has the antiseptic and is approaching and oh that's going to hurt so much.

He tries not to flinch in preparation. He does not succeed, but he tries.

The face isn't too bad - the slap of Zafira's tail had raised a bloody welt across his cheek and nose. It isn't too bad, all in all, but it's going to sting like hell.

"A month?! But my sculptures -" Nevermind, it's not okay after all, not at all, and, "Okay, okay, I didn't want to mess it up -"

He puts his other hand on his wrist, tentatively spreading ice up the base of his hand.
Nephrite 2019-02-27 05:10:28 103847
Neil is not really inclined towards delicate or gentle motions under normal circumstances. His hands are more geared towards punching, really. But he also spends night after night drawing detailed star charts. He can be careful when he needs to be. "Come on, this is totally not going to be any worse than listening to whatever it is that Zoi calls music these days." He rests his free hand on the top of Saburo's head to steady him while he dabs at the cut. "You sure you want me to clean this up? You could have a cool scar from it."

He chuckles at Jadeite's protest. "Maybe you need to take up another kind of art while it heals. Ever considered performance art?"
Mamoru Chiba 2019-02-27 05:41:52 103849
"It'd be nice if it didn't keep swelling." Mamoru's trying not to curl up either physically or mentally; it's a tiny tiny wreckage field in that artist's hand. "You won't mess it up. And it's fine if you get the ice on me. It's fine." He keeps his eyes shut, because if he doesn't look at it, maybe he can think of it as just-- as maybe actually less complicated because it won't kill him if Mamoru gets tired before he's done; he knows he has to take breaks.

Small breaths; they even out when Mamoru makes them even out, they steady. "Does Zoi listen to NOW! That's What I Call Music? Because if he does..."

"Singing. You should sing. You'd be awesome at it. You can do it in the meantime. Or try beefing up your off hand. Keep talking. Say so if you start feeling faint. Your powers make determining the level of actual shock pretty hard."

Why does this feel more overwhelming than any other awful thing that's happened that he's had to fix?


"I have to stop talking. This is complicated."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 06:06:23 103851
"Zoi's music is a crime against humanity," he protests mulishly, but the important part is that he doesn't continue flinching. He holds still while Nephrite dabs cold, stinging antiseptic on his face, "I can't pull off a scar - my boyish charms will be ruined. Ruined!"

Absolutely horribly ruined just like his hope of getting any art done this month hahaha. Maybe he should try a new medium. Or use his right hand more. Or try a new medium. He could - not dance, he'd want do things with his hands, or paint, he still needed a hand for that, or play an instrument, he needed hands for that - mime? He could run off the France and become a mime -

Mamoru suggests singing, and in doing so, saves them all from the horror Saburo's Neil-inspired brainwave had very nearly unleashed.

"Singing," and his voice is definitely a little strained, a little pitched, because his face stings even more now while his bones are in fragments and his skin is puffed up and swollen. It hurts. The ice helps. Mamoru helps. Neil helps. He's trying not to think about anything but that. "I could - try singing. Radio voice. Record a hit single and go platinum? I'm okay. I mean. I'm not but I don't feel any worse? Just, haha, it kinda stings? Should I stop talking? Maybe I should stop talking."
Nephrite 2019-02-27 06:27:00 103852
Antiseptic done. Time for antibiotic ointment. At least this shouldn't sting. As much. Probably.

Mamoru is checking out, focusing on the important task of hand repair. Leaving only Neil to keep the patient talking. Luckily talking is Nephrite's wheelhouse. "Singing. You could become the next Broadway sensation." He reaches for some sterile bandages. They need to keep him talking, right? Singing is almost like talking. "Actually, know what would really be guaranteed to override anything Zoi plays ever? The one about the very small shark. A baby shark, if you will."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 06:45:02 103854
"Broadway is too far away," is the immediate protest. "I'd try to teleport back and leave my favorite leg in the middle of the ocean and never get it back."

Imagine the tragedy, just imagine it! His poor favorite leg, gone for good, probably eaten by a -

"Baby shark?" Can Neil read minds? No. Wait. That was dumb. "You mean that kid song? The one that's like, like, baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo, mommy shark..."
Nephrite 2019-02-27 06:55:15 103855
"Wait, which is your favorite leg?" Neil carefully presses a bandage over the cut on his nose and cheek.

He opens his mouth to answer before Jadeite fills in his own question. "There we are. Guaranteed earworm for the week." He grins in satisfaction, both at the fact that he's now got the gentlest of his brothers singing through the pain and because it is almost certainly going to annoy the entire rest of the apartment. "Daddy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo..."
Saburo Yukimura 2019-02-27 07:10:44 103856
"Grandma shark doo doo doo doo doo doo," and the sound is incredibly catchy, and easy to sing, and he's so distracted by keeping careful count of the doos that he almost forgets Neil ever asked a question at all. It's somewhere after 'run away' that he remembers and interrupts the live musical sensation to say, "The right one. Hana and Nana would always kick me in the left one when we were playing soccer, because they'd miss the ball and then I'd fall over and," this is the start of a rambling story.
Nephrite 2019-02-27 07:18:48 103857
"Uh-huh," Neil prompts, and the lack of anything else to do as Saburo works his way through the winding story gives him a chance to eye Mamoru, and the hand that he holds, purple and swollen and only slightly hidden now by ice. It's probably going to be a long night for all of them. But at least they've got a handle on it now. And songs about sharks to fall back on.