Is it OK to adopt seals who are really magical boys?

Ikiko and Lacrima drop by Erato's house to explain to her that her new seal is actually the magical boy she thought she was looking for.

Date: 2019-02-28
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Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 00:41:36 103858
Erato Ishin giggled happily as she hugged her poor seal in her arms. Today? She had him dressed as a little fire fighter. It was okay. Kyubey was officer kyubey today, street cop guarding the tough roads... By lounging on the table. Her parents were out... again. Her sister had popped in at one point, but well... it hadn't been much.

Not that Erato was alone or anything. She had an agent who checked on ehr every day. And a security detail that picked her up for practice and school. But, you know. She spent a lot of time talking to the seal. If Kyubey realized he was more than just a seal, he hadn't said.

Of course, Erato had been trying to take good care of him, and got a whole bunch of fish sticks! On top of that, she'd been filling the tub with ice and water so he could swim around! But for now, she was sitting at the dining table, gently petting him in her lap, as she worked on her homework.
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 00:49:15 103859
The ringed seal tries to peer curiously at her homework at times. Makio's not super smart, but he IS trying to make up for it with lots of studying. Due to that, if Erato seems to be having trouble, he'll try to do things to help her figure out the answer when he knows it. Truth be told, if it wasn't for people worrying and having mahou duties to help with, Makio'd probably be cool with staying like this. It's pretty easy to keep him satisfied.
Ikiko Hisakata 2019-02-28 00:57:00 103860
Ikiko Hisakata double-checks the address she had written down. It was good to hear that Makio was... well, you can't exactly call being stuck as a seal 'doing well', but at least he's not doing badly. She had sent messages to those she knew who had been concerned about him going missing, although only one person was available to actually check in on Makio at his temporary home.

"Thanks for coming along," she smiled at Lacrima. "I'm not sure how well I could manage the explanation solo."
Lacrima 2019-02-28 01:01:00 103861
Lacrima was actually looking for Makio recently but could not find him. She wanted to plan something at the Mew Mew Cafe and he was the person she knew best that could get her into contact with the right people and give her a good word, don'tcha know!

So when ikiko says something is up she helpfully agrees as she smiles. "It's fine Ikiko!" she says. Her smile isn't forced but it's not very bright. "...So are we... are we rescuing him?" she asks ever so curiously to make sure what's up.
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 01:12:38 103862
Erato Ishin glanced up. Huh? Who was here now? She glanced to Kyubey and gave a small little scritch. Then she picked up her little seal. "Come on, let's go see who it is, cupcake," she said. She always had a weird nickname for him...

She walked to the door, giving the little seal a hug and... Then pulled open the door.

The child blinked and glanced up at the two of them, a smile on her face. "Hello, this is the Ishin residence," she said firmly. "My parents aren't home right now, but if you'd like, I could... take... a..."

She trailed off, her eyes on Lacrima. Staring. Finally, she spoke up. "Have.... have we met? You look VERY familiar."
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 01:25:00 103863
Being carried to the door, Makio blinks as he sees who's on the other side. The ringed seal offers a wave toward the other two mahou. He'd try to speak too, but as usual, only someone with the ability to understand something like a seal could get what he was saying. <"Hello dudes! Good to see you! This is Erato.">
Ikiko Hisakata 2019-02-28 01:32:37 103864
"We're explaining the situation to the person who's been taking care of him, since she doesn't speak seal," Ikiko explains to Lacrima while ringing the doorbell. "And hopefully try not to break her heart in the process."

There's a pause as the door opens; a pause which lengthens slightly as Erato gives Lacrima a look of near-recognition. "Hi, Makio," Ikiko smiles to the seal in response to his greeting, then she looks at Erato. "Hi, I'm Ikiko Hisakata, and I'm a friend of Makio's. May we come in...?"
Lacrima 2019-02-28 01:42:43 103865
Lacrima gives Ikiko an incredelous look of 'that's gonna be difficult' but she doesn't talk because Ikiko's rung the doorbell already. She head tilts at Erato though. "Huh.....?" she blinks rapidly.

"....Oh!" she goes. She looks to Ikiko... past Erato into the house... then at... seal Makio. This causes the corners of her mouth twitch.

"---oh! Um. I am. Lacrima. Did... you dream of a... spooky carnival? Recently?" she asks curiously. "That would had been me, there." she says quietly.
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 01:50:24 103866
Erato Ishin blinked a few times then... "OH! You were at the carnival?" she asked. "Oh! Yeah! Wow! I hadn't thought of that in ages," she said with a giggle. "Wait, you know Makio? That's--"

And then she stopped. And her grip tightened on the little seal. "O-oh... you know... M-makio..." she mumbled. "Y-yeah. I guess... r-right... I guess... it's time for my little... seal to go back to his owner... right?" she asked. "T-that's great! I mean... it's... it's for the best. I-I knew I'd have to return him once I found his owner..."

Oh gosh she was going to start crying. The tears had already started to form in her eyes. Of course she was attached to Makio. She had him dressed as a fireman. You didn't buy a fireman seal outfit if you weren't attached. Where did she even GET that?! "S-so... is Makio on his way to p-pick him up... or....?"
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 01:55:59 103867
Makio Ryu frowns a little at tries to pat at Erato's arm some. <"Ahh, no, don't cry, it's ok little dude,"> he insists, <"Sorry you're in a position like this dudes...I can only speak seal right now's hard to communicate.">
Ikiko Hisakata 2019-02-28 02:06:52 103868
Ikiko Hisakata steps forward and gives Erato a hug. "You don't have to worry about his 'owner'; Makio's his own person. He'd would explain things to you directly, but, uh... you don't exactly speak seal," she says with a wry smile. "That's the main reason I'm here: to help translate for him."
Lacrima 2019-02-28 02:13:06 103869
Lacrima blinks at Erato. "Huh? But he's... oh! You don't... know..."

She points. "The seal is Makio-kun! Hew's something called a... mew mew. I don't know the specifics. But it's connected to.. animal.. connections..." she scratches her head.

"I don't... speak seal either... I don't think... Paige speaks seal either... Paige do you speak seal?"

< No Mistress! > spits out her bracelet, which glows when it talks in light lavender.

"Darn." she says. She shrugs. "Makio-kun, I've been looking all over for you for weeks!" she says with wide eyes at the seal before she looks back up Erato. "...Have you been taking care of him while he's been being a seal?" she asks.
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 02:21:38 103870
Erato Ishin cocks her head to the side, listening in and... slowly.... she stared. However... "Oh my gosh. His name is Makio?! Oh my gosh, that's so cute! Yes, you're a cute little Makiom aren't you?" she asked, giggling. "So like... he's like Kyubey?" she asked, motioning towards the sleeping mascot. "Come in, come in!" she said, turning and walking in.

"And yeah. I saved him from this weird woman with a big weird black book. I totally kicked her butt," she said proudly, huffing her chest out proudly. "Are you guys hungry?" she asked, running over to the fridge, pulling out a chair to allow her to climb on it, get into the freezer, and pull out the fish sticks, offering him one. "Here! We have some fruits?"
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 02:30:58 103871
Makio Ryu happily noms at the offered fish stick. <"Yeah, she's been doing her best to take care of me like this. If it wasn't for obvious problems like needing to get back to my grandparents and friend, and helping with Mahou stuff, I probably wouldn't even be worried about getting back to normal,"> he answers, <"...oh, what'd you need me for Lac'-chan? And thanks again Iki'-chan!"> Of course all this talking is in the form of various gesturing, seal barks, and other noises.
Ikiko Hisakata 2019-02-28 02:41:56 103872
"He's more like a were-seal, although that's not quite accurate," Ikiko shrugs as she steps into the apartment. "He's a magical boy in his own right, and he says that you've been doing a good job of taking care of him while he's stuck as a seal."
Lacrima 2019-02-28 03:31:05 103873
Lacrima nods. "Makio is the seal!" she says. "Right--- he has.. seal genetics or something? It's really weird magic stuff I don't understand." she says as she scratches the side of her head. "I mean. We're gonna need to get him back to his family after we figure out how to undo this and turn him back to a boy!" she says quickly.

"The only question is how do we do that? Does he need energy?" she asks with a shrug. She can't speak seal but she's assuming Makio can understand what she's saying.
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 03:43:31 103874
Erato Ishin eeee'd and gently scritched the seal. "Oh my gosh he is so cute. I love his little barks. He is one of the BEST pets I've ever had. And really? Yay! I'm so happy he's been happy!" she said, giving him a big, tight hug. S osquishy. "But... yes. If he needs to get back to normal, that's okay. You have been a wonderful pet," she said. Then...

"Ummmm... if... he turns back... Will... will he still visit?" she asked, looking to Ikiko... "OH! And if you need energy, I have a grief seed. It..." She paused as she pulled it out... It... was... almost entirely black. "It's uhhh... kinda.... well used. Sorry. It's my last one. Will it help?" she asked, smiling up at them. "There was a whole thing with a bunch of familiars and I ended up blowing through two. Sorry."
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 03:49:14 103875
Makio makes a little shrug like motion toward Lacriam. <"I'm as clueless as everyone else...but given how this happened when the Wolfenthingy took my magic, I'm guessing you're right. If no one else can figure it out though, my bosses at the Mew Mew Cafe can probably fix it somehow,"> He head butts at Erato's cheek not unlike a cat when he's squeezed. <"Yeah I can visit, I don't mind kids at all,"> Makio replies toward Erato's line of questioning, <"Just...I should probably have a good reason so people don't confuse me for some kind of pervert. Maybe I can say I'm tutoring you for something, when really I'm just doing my own studying and helping you out if I can? I'll be happy taking payment for any help given in fish sticks!"

That last line of commentary gives him pause though. <"Grief seeds? I feel like I've heard that before...I don't know, but it sounds kind of like bad news...">
Ikiko Hisakata 2019-02-28 03:57:55 103876
Ikiko Hisakata translates most of what Makio says, at least up through the part about fish sticks. "I think I heard about grief seeds once," she muses. "Erato, if you need it, better keep it for yourself. I'm pretty sure we can figure out other sources of energy if Makio needs a pick-me-up of some sort. Heck, even some really good food from awesome cooks might do the trick!"
Lacrima 2019-02-28 04:13:17 103877
Lacrima 'ahs'. "The Grief Seed won't fix this issue. Keep it." she says bluntly. "I don't know what the little white..... thing." being polite and not saying 'rat' here. She shakes her head. "I'm certain he'll come back!" she says. She doesn't need a translation to figure that out.

"At least we... know where you are now." she mutters as she rubs her arm a moment before she sighs.

"I just wanted to work out an event at the Mew Mew Cafe... it can wait." she smiles softly.
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 04:19:23 103878
Erato Ishin giggles at the little head butt. "Awwwww. You're so adorable, little Makio-chan!" she said happily. Then blinked a few times. "Ohhhhh. I guess THAT'S why you always covered your face whenever I had to change... I just thought your owner had taught you that trick," she said with a light giggle.

"And yay! A tutor? Huh? Oh, that's fine. I'm not dumb any more, my grades have been really good since... errr.... Oh! Okay. Right. I should probably talk to Kyouko-sempai about this, too. She said if I ever got low on them I should... ehh. It's fine. I'm not really low, yet."

"And really? I can cook! I bet I could make something really good to help fix him! I make his fish sticks all by myself!" she said proudly. "I don't even use the microwave! My parents let me use the stove!" Her chest swelled with pride.

"And what's the mew mew cafe? It sounds really cute!"
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 04:26:09 103880
<"We can probably work it out with my bosses once I am back to normal or if Iki'-chan can talk to them in my place,"> Makio replies to Lacrima's information about wanting to plan something at the Mew Mew, <"The bosses are probably pretty open to mahou meetings there since we're mahou undercover too."> He blushes as Erato mentions the changing. Augh, that was always embarassing. Hopefully these two don't get the wrong idea from it. He's seriously not that kind of guy!

<"The Mew Mew Cafe is a really trendy, girly looking place that sells anything from just normal cafe drinks and sweets to REALLY fancy ones. Everything we do is always very eco friendly since we are all very concerned about the environment. We also host things like balls in our upstairs ball room when we have special requests...but 'secretly' we're actually just a home base for the Mew Mew mahous that are all people like me who's genetics have been magically spliced with an endangered animal's.">
Ikiko Hisakata 2019-02-28 04:35:23 103881
More translation by Ikiko, for those who don't speak seal. "I can talk with your bosses; I should probably tell them in person about where you are, anyway," she adds to Makio.

"And just to keep ahead of the obvious question, my lycanthropy isn't biomagical like the Mew Mews," she remarks, giving Erato a smile. "It's a spiritual density thing."
Lacrima 2019-02-28 04:45:59 103882
Lacrima takes a deep breath. "We know where you are at least. That's what matters. I can work it out with you later." she says with a nod as she looks to Ikiko then Erato. "He should stay here with you in the meantime I think. I... have too many specicimens in the manor already and for all I know Jiaying is alergic to seals or something." she snorts.

"I'm a vampire. for the record. Erm. Energy eating kind. Not the... blood... sucky kind." she mutters.
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 04:49:51 103883
Erato Ishin nodded and... listened and... that was a whole LOT of information to take in at once. "Uhhhh... Cool! So like... were wolf and dracula, right? And... cat seal? That's really cool!" she didn't get it at all. "But yes! I'll be good, okay? I promise! I'll take great care of him! And... ummm.... my number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. When you find out if there's anything I can do for him, let me know?" She then gently squeezed him. "And in the mean time... is there anything he wants? I can see about getting it for him, okay?" she asked, giving another squeeze. "Oh.... and a way to like... understand him?"
Lacrima 2019-02-28 04:53:16 103884
Lacrima stares. "I don't think I can translate seal talk. The best thing I could say is for you to get Ikiko's phone number and have her translate by proxy. Otherwise... 'nod for yes', 'shake for no'?..." she asks meekly. She sighs a bit and taps the phone into her number.

She sighs. "It was nice to meet you, Erato. Um.. I may. Drop by later? If I have an idea for energy transfer to him. I have some ideas. But I didn't bring any of it with me." she says meekly. "Okay?"

With that, she'll leave with Ikiko when she's ready.
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 04:57:21 103885
Makio tries his best to thumbs up (without any thumbs or fingers) and nod toward Lacrima's question and Ikiko's statement. To Erato's question he looks thoughtful for a moment and notes, <"Eh, I'm just fine so far...though I'd be more comfortable if she didn't change with me in the room. I can hide my eyes just fine, but I'm worried it'll give people the wrong idea if I /don't/ say something.">
Erato Ishin 2019-02-28 05:16:29 103886
Erato Ishin nodded. "Hum, okay. I'll stick you outside whenever I change, okay?" she said with a smile. "And don't worry. No one thinks bad. You were a good seal. I know you always turned your back when I was changing," she said with a not, gently patting his head.

She then glanced to Lacrima. "And sure! Just ummm... call first. Okay? My parents aren't around much, but if one of the security detail or my agent are here and see you here, they tend to get kind of... protective. And if you drew too much attention, they'll get antsy. So just call and I'll let you know if the coast is clear, okay? It was great meeting you!" She then pulled out another fish stick, feeding it to her seal.
Makio Ryu 2019-02-28 05:35:40 103887
Makio Ryu nods his head greatfully to Erato's reply. He then happily eats another fishstick before waving at his guests. <"Take care dudes!">