Last Minute Aid

Hinote is pursued by a relentless Signum until Runealy arrives to intervene.

Date: 2019-03-03
Pose Count: 19
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 03:33:39 103983
Hinote Kagari was dressed in one of his 'casual' outfits which meant at least a fancy blazer and dress pants. Hinote's idea of casual is skewed a little. He'd been walking home with a bag of some sundry items for the kitchen and had about reached the bus stop when the world shifted into odd shades of grey.... "huh....?"

That was at least fifteen minutes ago. Something had smacked him down to the ground hard enough and it was all he could had done to throw a nearby trash can into it to distract... whoever it was long enough to make a dash for it-- and allow himself to henshin and then... run some more because he had no time to try to call for help.

The person chasing him has a familiar descriptor of pink, white and fire- is most likely eh figure that's been described to them a couple times now.

He's been keeping his distance along a series of buildings and alleys--- firing blazing flashes of flame when he's forced to-- otherwise playing a game of hide and seek--- pulling out his phone but not getting enough time to try to text before he's descended on again, cursing his luck under his breath.

"Is this nessacry!?" he calls out. "Does people walking home upset you in some way?" he spits as the caped swordsman makes a dash down another alley.
Signum 2019-03-03 03:41:03 103984
The General of Raging Fire seems to be... everywhere. Flickering flames cast her shadow around corners, and brick walls erupt into tunnels of pink fire, as if trying to chase you out of cover.
    However, when Hinote calls out, there's a suddenly eery quiet and stillness - not a sound of life or nature, nor sign of his pursuer.
    Normally Signum would abhor these tactics, but she has not been afford the luxury of honor.
    Hinote's only warning is the sudden rising whistle of something falling from a great height at an obscene speed before Signum lashes out with her heavy blade, clashing with Hinote's sword with enough force to break a normal man's arm, the spark from the impact seeming to ignite a curtain of pink fire above her as she floats in the air, locked in her angle of descent as she pushes her blade against yours, jaw clenched as she answers, tersely, "Critical."
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 04:01:30 103985
Hinote likes fire when he's the one using it. It is intensely less novel and lovely to fight against someone using it. He looks around. Okay. No more fire. Maybe he can get a moment to text into the Waldian group text!? There's something coming from above though... as he moves to throw his sword up and holy crap that's a lot of force. He tries to push back and still it's all he can do to just disengage without letting that sword touch his own person.

"Crtically you say." he says dryly as he trys to let loose a sudden combustion of air in front of Signum as the air just seems to light in fire in front of her. A 'back off' manuever more than an attempt for a strike as he makes to blow through a door in the alley into what's the dimensional barrier version of a coffee shop as he moves to get to the other side of it. He's back on open street... and double backing thought the store next to the one he just burst out of.

He's very glad he isn't ruining peoples actual liveliehoods by throwing out doors and windows at the moment.

Either he's gonna tire out, or she's gonna tire out.. or he's gonna get enough time to text. He has a few letters typed out but 'Help!' alone is hardly helpful on it's own either.
Signum 2019-03-03 04:09:21 103986
Signum recoils from the burst of flame, still upside down as Hinote makes an exit from the alleyway. Her eyes locked on the alley, Signum rotates in mid air until she's right side up, landing on the ground and walking after Hinote with a steady gait as her sword begins to glow with an increasingly intense pink light, stands in front of the entrance with narrowed eyes before she begins to rise slowly into the air.
    Several long, silent moments later, a muffled, male, mechanical voice saying <VIOLETTER BLITZ> is Hinote's only warning before a blade-like arc of pink light slices through the building above him at an angle such that it hits the ground in front of him... and the building behind him begins to slide along its diagonal cut, tipping over to fall onto the pavement Hinote is currently occupying.
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 04:24:01 103987
Hinote likes to think he's a good fighter and can handle most things. He thinks he has some head way when a suddenly, blade like arc of pink slices through the building. Then the building itself begins to shift. Then Hinote swears in a more loudly, undignified like manner in a way that makes her mother instinctivly look towards the soap dish.

He makes a dive to the right as he keeps running. He can't get a moment to finish his text and try to summon help. Maybe he can fake her out? Dive into a dumpster and let himself get buried? This is getting ridicolous.

He can't even have clear line of sight back to her from here. He continues to evade and evade as best as he can!
Signum 2019-03-03 04:30:21 103988
It's like a nightmare. As Hinote flees, Signum comes barreling out of alleyways, her sword clashing against Hinote's one before she disappears into another. Wherever he goes, she seems to fly out as he passes, leaving trails of pink fire behind her and vanish just as quickly.
    Truthfully, Signum is at a disadvantage in tight spaces, so these hit and run tactics are her safest bet for wearing him down; breaking his guard. He's surprisingly resilient, however; or at any rate he has good reflexes to keep blocks or deflecting her. Signum's brow furrows, the only outward expression of any sort of frustration or wariness as one more attack sends a slash of finger energy down into the pavement, ruptering something underneath as a great gout of water and steam erupts between Signum and Hinote, seperating them, for the moment.
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 04:40:05 103989
Hinote has good reflexes. He's always catching Signum at the last exact moment though. It's always close. He can't keep this up forever thou. He's getting a tad slower as he lets the shock of the hit push him back this time- using the force provided by Signum to his benefit....

Then. Steam. Between him and her. Excellent. He suddenly begins tapping furiously at the phones on screen keyboard. It's typo'ed-- but legible-- some version of 'Hlep. Under atk. <vague street address>'.

He takes the moment to run down the way still while he's sending that and the steam is keeping a longer distraction than he could make himself at the moment.
Signum 2019-03-03 04:47:23 103990
Seconds pass. Then a minute. A FEW minutes even. Long enough that one can dare to hope they'd lost their pursuer. But as Hinote approaches a junction in alleyways, Signum simply strides into view in front of him, jaw set, her eyes illuminated from underneath by the pink glow of the flames crackling around her sword.
    "Enough." She says tersely, and begins to approach Hinote. "A commendable effort. But you can't keep this up as long as I can." She raises her blade, poised to strike, come attack or retreat on Hinote's part, eyes sharp with deadly focus.
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 04:58:51 103991
Hinote Kagari sort of stops. Wait how the hell did she get ahead of him so fast!? Hinote is gonna have to have Fate teach him a few of these mage tricks and how they work, he thinks. Because this is ridicolous. He's pretty sure that's like Fate's device though right? It spoke. And then did an attack!

Hino meets his sword with Signums this time but indeed-- he's tired out and the elegant longsword ends up being flung to the ground where it skips like a stone once before sliding into an alley as he swears again.

No defense. Does he try to ready another fire attack or does he leap towards the sword?

....Can he even levy enough power to phase the woman? "What the hell is your deal." he spits as he attempts to raise a hand for such a firey attack follow up!....
Runealy Waldia 2019-03-03 05:05:06 103992
Rune has been forcing herself to get more used to Earth technology as of late, and she has been getting increasingly curious about the various things her phone can do. The Virtue organization had given her one some time ago, but she's only now working up the nerve to get really comfortable with them... and testing certain features was best done outside. This left her within the area of Signum's barrier when it went up, which puzzled the princess.

"I know I didn't do that," Rune remarks aloud. "Someone would have told me if this phone could make the kind of barriers Fate can!" It's progress; she's making reasonable guesses at the limits of these wondrous machines. Nonetheless, a barrier means someone is most likely fighting somewhere nearby. This prompts her to transform, main wand in one hand and phone in the other; the latter buzzes as a new message comes in. A quick read causes her eyes to go wide!

With Hino's directions to go on, the phone is stowed and Rune's boot-wings light up with their usual silvery glow to let her glide a few inches above the streets. Hovering along at high speed, she follows noise, steam, and flames. Rune sails around a corner, and sees the problem quite clearly in the distance. Hinote is fighting someone that Rune only recognizes by description.

Combined with the fact Signum has a sword pointed at Hinote and is quite close to him, Rune needs to act quickly. Worried that her main wand would catch Hinote in its explosions, the princess stows her larger wand behind her back and pulls out a smaller one with a red tip.

She aims at Signum -- not between Signum and Hinote, but squarely at the older woman -- and the wand launches a trio of thin, sparkling red rays Hinote's foe.

It's then, and only then, that Rune says anything: "Get away from him!" She's some distance away from the pair, but Rune is glide-charging headlong at Signum even while attacking!
Signum 2019-03-03 05:11:42 103993
With Hinote disarmed, Signum lashes out with one hand, grabbing Hinote as the other hand twirls her blade one and stabs it into the ground, freeing it to rear back. "I have need of your power." She says coldly, eyes blazing as her hand lunges towards Hinote's chest...
    ... Only for Signum to stagger forward and shove Hinote away from her as a trio of red rays strike her in the back, leaving blackened smoking holes in the back of her long coat. "Careless." Signum growls, admonishing herself tersely as she pulls her sword out of the ground and whirls around in one motion, slashing her sword with a cry of "Violetter BLITZ!" and sending a wave of pink energy slicing towards Runealy.
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 05:24:08 103994
Guardian Hino clenches his fist... "IMMOLAT----" he's just about to light himself and herself on fire if he has to to get her grip off him. That's when rays of red spike into Signum's back and then a call out and oh thank god it's Runealy. She must had been in the area. That was fast.

Guardian Hino uses the moment of being shoved away to grab his sword again as he clenches his teeth. "RUNEALY, WATCH OUT. SHE'S VERY DANGEROUS." he calls out. He'll try to fire off a firey burst from his palm. Some sort of weak standard attack to distract her while she tries to handle Runealy now.

"My Power? What do you need it for?" he asks sternly- though with just a hint of paitent understanding. Though not a lot of it. Not after all that for the past hour.
Runealy Waldia 2019-03-03 05:28:47 103995
Rune interprets Signum's remark as a rebuke to the princess rather than self-critique. "No, I'm taking you seriously!" Her boot-wings flare as Signum attacks, rocketing Rune several feet into the air... but the energy wave does make contact. It glances one of her ankles, which is enough to make Rune's jump arc 'shudder' somewhat as she cries out!

She lands a moment later, coming to a stop several feet away from Signum and Hino. "Hino, are you okay? Come over here!" Her tone has something of an elevated gasp to it at the end, surprised and concerned over what seems to have happened to him; his shouted warning seems to have plenty of evidence to back it up.

Then she tries to act as if the pain from Signum's blow was only momentary, and her alarm at Hino's situation likewise. Neither of these are true, but Runealy nonetheless narrows her eyes.

Wand still aimed at Signum, Rune addresses her with a lower tone in an attempt to sound intimidating: "You're 'General Signum', then? I can tell you're just as strong as he says... as strong as everyone else has said, too. However, you've already been through a fight with my sworn friend," a tiny nod to Hino.

Her gaze returns to Signum. "I'm completely rested." Energy-wave to the leg notwithstanding, at least. "Should you really remain here, in light of that?"
Signum 2019-03-03 05:43:42 103996
As Runealy's arc is altered by Signum's attack, Signum whips around to face Hinote again, barely raising her blade it time to split Hinote's attack in half, the flames parting and grazing either side of her face as she scowls. Gritting her teeth, she whirls her blade at Hinote in wide swings that cut through brick and mortor; slowing Signum's blade and lessening its impact. Though the point is not to strike Hinote, so much as to force him to step back, before she once against stabs her blade into the ground, going to one knee with a cry of "Rustung Geist!"
    With that, a dome of pink transparent energy forms around Signum, pulsing faintly as Signum rises back to her feet, eyes closed as she breathes heavily.
    Upon hearing her name, her blue eyes open narrowly, her head inclining slowly as Runealy speaks. "... Flattery is unecessary." She says blandly, before craning her neck to look back at Hinote, still addressing Runealy as she replies, "You're not wrong." To Runealy's assertion that retreat would be best. She stares at Hinote a moment longer with cold eyes before looking away, flatly refusing to answer his question about her purpose. "So often, I'm reminded there's no shortage of awakened mages on this planet." She muses, closing her eyes slowly, seemingly without concern, for the moment, for the pair's attacks. The dome isn't invincible, but for time most attacks will simply sink into or wash over the energy shield around her, causing it to shimmer and flicker.
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 05:58:18 103997
Guardian Hino uses the moment of Signum going into turtle mode to make a flourishing dash over towards Runealy's side. There's a grateful look because she showed up at the right time and also, showed up before something horrible potentially happened to him like the others.

He frowns at Signum and then looks back to Runealy. "Also. I'm not completely out of the fight either. So it's basically one and a half versus one right now and you're probably tired, too, right?" there's almost a suggestion of 'she better be or I'm overwhelmed' attached to that question mark.

He looks to Runealy and grimaces a bit. He raises his sword as it light on fire-- he doesn't send a wave of fire at the dome, because at the moment Runealy is talking and it feels kind of------ dishonorable? to attack someone obviously on the defense while 'talking' is happening now. Maybe the Princess can get Signum to back off? Or come to some sort of agreement? Or maybe they can run away while she's under that dome? Because ahahahahha that woman can cut a building in half and he basically would rather not have to deal with that again.
Runealy Waldia 2019-03-03 06:03:00 103998
Rune tenses up as Signum calls out a technique; the princess does not speak Signum's language well enough to realize it's a call for a shield rather than an attack. It's a momentary crack in her attempt to look calm and intimidating, one she hopes Signum doesn't notice. Having Hino join up with her helps steel her nerves, and she shifts slightly to give him room to rush beside her; he gets a quick nod as he arrives.

Her attention then returns to Signum. "It's not just praise. The way you move and fight... it's a little more evidence for something I've guessed about you. Something that makes you dangerous, and something I'll want to talk to you about the next time I see you. For now, though... I'll give you a chance to step out of your shield and walk away from us."

The corner of her eye turns to Hino even as she speaks, trying to look him over and see how hurt he is. She might not be saying much to him right now, but he's weighing heavily on her mind right now and her mind's voice is already rushing through questions she wants to ask as soon as the chance arises.
Signum 2019-03-03 06:07:07 103999
A slow smile comes to Signum's face after Runealy speaks, her eyes closed as she gives a single short chuckle, a closed mouthed "Hmph." as she grips the hand of Laevatein. "You're kind."
    Signum opens her eyes narrowly, and her smile disappears. "And unwise." Signum pulls her sword out of the ground and utters, "Next time, then." As the pink dome shatters in a bright flash of light, and Signum flies upward into the night sky. A few moments later, the barrier begins to flicker away before vanishing altogether, the sounds of society returning all at once, the damage caused by her and Hinote's chase vanishing just as quickly.
Hinote Kagari 2019-03-03 06:12:28 104000
Hino is singed in several places- and he seems a little weary for sure. He's probably going to enter his bedroom when he gets home then collapse for the next thirteen hours and not feel bad about it. When Signum takes Runealy's offer he slacks a little but then completely slacks when she's gone and the barrier falls.

"Oh thank heavens." he says as he rubs his shoulder. "---thanks." he says looking to Runealy. "For replying to that so fast. I think I blocked her so many times my shoulder nearly dislocated from the force. Then she nearly dropped a building a on me." he says.

"Also if being 'kind' is 'unwise' I guess it's better to be jovial fools than stern owls...." he snorts a little softly.

"...." he frowns looking to his other, empty, non-sword holding hand. "...I dropped the things I bought. And I don't remember where now. Oh well." he says in a pained tone.
Runealy Waldia 2019-03-03 06:23:50 104001
Calling Rune 'kind' causes her to stumble for a reply. Her mouth moves as she considers one response, then gives up on it before even a syllable comes out. This happens two more times, before Signum adds a more sharp critique. That one, Rune has an immediate answer for: "Insult me all you like. Chances are, your remarks are more correct than I'd care to admit. However, I--" She cuts off as Signum departs; Rune aims up at Signum the whole time, waiting several seconds after the barrier fades to lower the wand.

Once Signum is gone, Runealy physically sags in relief. "...To be honest, I wasn't certain I could defeat her even with you having fought her first, and I didn't want to ask you to keep going. I'm glad she believed you when you pointed out she was still outnumbered." A flash of red light engulfs Rune, then she reverts to normal form.

Now she can focus on Hinote, and begins looking him over with more visible worry. "We can worry about your shopping later. I'll call a driver to take us home, and tend to you as best I can there. 'A building', you say... I'm... I'm..."

Her intimidation act has collapsed by now -- and it's unclear whether Signum even 'bought it' to begin with -- as Rune's eyes waver. "...I'm glad she missed."

Her mind's voice reflects on things Signum said before departing, however. 'This planet.' Rune's head races through possibilities as to what that implies about Signum. The princess has several guesses already, but not enough to prove any of them. Most are frightening enough that her heart is pounding faster just considering them, and doubly so since she's also pondering that Hinote apparently nearly got crushed by a building.

That thought jars her back to the here and now, as she concludes: "Glad she missed, and glad you're okay!"