A Bee of Swarms

Kotomi is attacked by a great big bumblebee made out of smaller bees. Fortunately, Sailor Venus and Mew Macaroon are here to save the day! ... And Sailor Venus is ''also'' here to flirt, which doesn't help.

Date: 2019-03-21
Pose Count: 24
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 01:14:52 104280
It's the afternoon on a clear and bright and increasingly warm day, and the end of the school year is only five days away. School's out and clubs are over, and most of the students at Verone have filtered their way into Uminari at large to go shopping, or to stop at various places for snacks.

Kotomi Kobana is one such student. She's looking uncommonly pleased with herself as she makes her way eastward in the general direction of the Crown, which is the go-to spot for a lot of students; in Kotomi's case, this isn't necessarily a good thing, but she's feeling uncommonly pleased with herself at the moment. She's wearing the Verone middle school uniform with a trans pride flag pin on the lapel of her jacket, and wearing a navy blue backpack.

She pauses, and gets out her phone, scrolls through the contacts to 'Unmei', and then ... stops, just staring at it for a moment as her cheeks redden slightly.

And then there's a low buzzing noise from somewhere in the distance. "... Hmm?" Kotomi hurriedly puts her phone away and looks around, trying to discern the source.
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 01:25:24 104281
Having eventually returned to his normal form and figured out some sort of cover story with his bosses and some of his mahou friends, Makio is now out and about in human form again. Despite his unintended time off, the sound of buzzing nearby is quick to get the male bluenette's attention, given the sort of enemy the mew mews generally have to deal with. He hasn't HEARD any warnings of predasites, but it also wouldn't be the first time he was a head of the game if this WAS a case of predasites. He peers all too alertly toward the sound before looking around curiously.
Minako Aino 2019-03-21 01:38:34 104282
    Minako Aino is walking along towards the Crown. She wants to beat her high score still. Schools out. She has a handful of quarters to turn into tokens, it's gonna be a great day! "Come on, Minako! We're gonna win this time!" she pumps herself up. "Oh brother." goes Artemis, the cat on her shoulder.

    Minako is oblivious to buzzing at the moment. Artemis however, notices it and baps Mina on the side of the head. "Hey Mina, you hear that?"

    "....Isn't that you purrrring?" she asks with a sly look. Artmeis blinks and blushes!. "What, no! I dunno what that is. I'm serious Mina!" says the cat.

    Minako sighs and looks around and says. "If this ruins today's attempt I'm gonna be an angry." she says, to apparently no one in particular by the time she reaches near Kotomi.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 01:42:52 104283
Kotomi actually doesn't notice Makio there, but she does glance back towards Minako as the other girl approaches, and she frowns, suddenly looking a bit nervous. "Um, hello?" she says, sounding strangely defensive. She doesn't have the girliest voice, but she still sounds obviously feminine.

And that's when the monster appears from between two buildings, directly behind her and directly ahead of Minako! It looks like a huge bumblebee the size of a small car, except its appearance is fuzzy around the edges, sort of blurry and shifting and faintly amorphous! ... Actually ... what's really going on is that it's a large swarm of smaller bee-shaped creatures, some of them yellow and some of them black.

And it's making, for want of a better term, a beeline for Kotomi! As the civilians start screaming and fleeing the scene, it does a midair somersault, and then its "stinger" starts emitting a pale yellow glow, draining the energy of whoever it touches -- and it's aimed right for Kotomi!

She lets out a yelp that sounds even less feminine, and staggers against the wall of the building she's standing next to. "Not again!" she exclaims, trying to get her voice back under control.
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 01:49:26 104284
Makio Ryu ducks for cover somewhere before suddenly remerging in what looks like some sort of cyan and white sailor or pirate get up with MUCH lighter hair and eye color. Good timing and being able to do this again! Imagine if he was just stuck as a seal right now... He calls forth the twin ice blades that form from the twin bladless handles he emerged from hiding with. "Hey, Bee, who died and made you queen anyway," he wonders curiously. The male mahou sends an ice wave from a slash of one of the Macaroon Shard blades at the large bee in attempt to try and distract it from Kotomi.
Minako Aino 2019-03-21 02:10:18 104285
    It's time's like this that Minako wishes Daisuke was more accessible in recent times. Or didn't have him investigating all the things she's too lazy to look into. When a giant bumble bee appears, she gently looks over to Artemis and then over to Kotomi. "Um.. nothing bye...!" she says as two things happen. First is that Artemis launches himself into a soumersault to try to sort of give a quick spinning clawswipe to the bumblebee and then run off quickly. Mainly, this is a manuever to stop the bumblebee from moving forward for a second to protect whatever and whoever it's going for, and to then also give her time to go transform.

    Wether this works or not, a few moments later Sailor Venus explodes from a nearby rooftop to try to land with kick on top of the bee and to hop off and then turns around and points at the bee. "Hey!...."

    "Bumblebees are an important part of the ecology of Earth! How dare you grow to an enormous size and try to buzz people! In the name of Venus, allow me to punish you with the power of love!" she says as she takes a pose!.

    Artemis facepawlams somehow wherever he is.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 02:19:21 104286
Mew Macaroon's eyes do, in fact, get the bee's attention! (... the bees' attention?) In fact, the ice-shards cut through the swarm, briefly revealing a faint golden glow from inside. It turns its focus towards Mew Macaroon, and manages to fire off a single yellow laser bolt from its stinger with a 'pew!' noise before it gets hit from the side by Artemis, sending its next shot wild!

And then it gets kicked from above by a Sailor Senshi of love. The swarm starts to scatter, briefly revealing the golden glow again, but it hurriedly reforms, backing away from the two mahou. It takes a moment to size up the situation, glancing between the two, but it just sort of ... gawks at Sailor Venus as she makes her Justice Speech. It then turns to Makio with what appears, in spite of its complete lack of any movable facial features, to be incredulity. On the bright side, it's not going after Kotomi anymore.

Speaking of whom, Kotomi is just boggling in awe at Sailor Venus. "... Whoa ..." She blinks and shakes her head. "Oh. Of course the Senshi are real too, huh ..." And then she just goes back to boggling. There's ... a faint blush on her cheeks now?

At that point, the youma makes its (their?) decision. The swarm-bee does another somersault, and then starts spinning back and forth, trying to shoot yellow bolts at both of them!

... pew pew.
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 02:25:07 104287
Mew Macaroon eeps slightly as he takes a slight knick from the first beam. He's a little out of excersize due to the latest incident. However, he's a bit more alert once the bee/s start shooting at both of them. At this point he's using the ice blades to try and reflect the bees' beam back toward it. "Awkward as it is, she does have a point though," Macaroon insists, "Bees are endangered enough without you giving them all this bad beeswax!"
Minako Aino 2019-03-21 02:33:56 104288
    Sailor Venus looks a little to the right at Kotomi and her blush and then---- winnnnnnnk. *~

    That may not help Kotomi's blush any, but Venus likes to keep the charisma levels high! She looks back to the bee and frowns at it. "Alright then, let's not bee lazy and try to honey this anymore." she says with a wide smile. When yellow bolts of energy shoot out, she makes a move to dodge, spinning a little as she outstreches her arms as the bolts dance around her, stopping with her arms outstreched like a gun.

    "Neat bee-shooter, now let's try mine!" she says as calls out "Crescent beam!" as a bright orange beam emits from her fingergun. Not quite the raygun from her game. Vaugely based on it though!
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 02:50:49 104289
The swarm-bee moves its head in a way that makes it seem like it's rolling its eyes at the bee jokes. (Its eyes are also bees.) This youma may or may not have heard it all before. Laugh it up, humans.

But then its entire form jerks around to face Makio as it finds its own lasers flying back at itself! It tries to dodge, but a couple of shots tear through it, sending mini-bees flying in all directions, and it dives forward to dodge as another part of the swarm gets seared through by Venus's shot!

Once again, the golden interior glow is revealed, and enough of its outer swarm has been removed to get a clearer view of the source of the glow. And wouldn't you know it: it's a bee. It's larger than the rest of the swarm, but it's definitely something bee-shaped.

Yep, at Venus's wink, Kotomi definitely blushes even deeper and shrinks back slightly, hiding her face in her hands! Augh, no, nope, there's no way an actual Senshi would actually be interested, a-and anyway Kotomi already has someone else! ... Sort of!

The youma looks between Sailor Venus and Mew Macaroon once again. Then it glances down at Kotomi again. It does a somersault, and shines its draining beam at Kotomi, eliciting another yelp as she falls onto her backside, and then it fires a longer, sustained and more intense laser beam, starting at Mew Macaroon and attempting to swing the beam around towards Sailor Venus! It's scorching up the pavement, too! Peeeeeewwwwwwww!
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 03:10:11 104290
Makio startles some as the beam turns on Kotomi again. "Hey, stop bugging her," he insists...pun honestly unintended. He's distracted himself with trying to use his ice waves to make a quick barrier infront of Kotomi, causing him to wince as he gets a little roughed up from a hit by the prolonged beam. "Hnn...hey, you're a lot better than me at this Venus," he murmurs as he tries to shake it off, "Is it a good idea to go all gamer logic with this and shoot for the glowing point?"
Minako Aino 2019-03-21 03:28:55 104291
    Sailor Venus frowns heavily as the bee manages to get a blast in at Kotomi of some sort. When a giant fire laser emits from the bee, she looks towards Mew Macaroon and says. "If it's big and glowy , yeah shoot it." she says. She sighs and makes a leap towards a rooftop to try to evade the beam--- she's at least making it harder to track her if anything. She then turns around and fires another quick crescent beam towards the shiny glowy bee. She does give a slight smile though the whole time.

    Lucky for Kotomi and Unmei, Venus is just the world's most shameless flirt! Artemis watches from the confines of a trash can. Inside it. Kitty is getting a bath when this is done.
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 03:37:52 104292
Kotomi staggers to her feet, leaning heavily against the building. "I-I'm okay!" she calls out, somewhat hoarsely. "... Probably! I think! That was ... a drain, I think?"

The youma glances down at Kotomi as if she wasn't even worth that much of a glance, then looks over at Macaroon as he speaks. And then it tries to follow Venus as she jumps around. When she fires the Crescent Beam, it's actually ready, and dodges it completely, a split second before the beam goes off.

Somehow, despite being a bee made out of other bees, it seems to have changed its attitude somehow. It's basically almost entirely focused on Sailor Venus now, with only an occasional glance towards Makio, and it fires a steady burst of laser-bolts right at her! Seems it's decided that she's the number one threat.
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 03:54:42 104293
With the queen bee seeming to have decided on it's target, Macaroon takes an operune moment to jump his way to a better vantage point. He's then LEAP downward toward the beesbee, with the macaroon shards held before himself, attempting to aim for whatever is serving as the queen bee's wings. Hopefully he'll manage to make the glowy spot even less elusive by grounding this thing.
Minako Aino 2019-03-21 04:04:44 104294
    Artemis hunkers down deeper into the trash can when Venus gets chased a little more freverently. Well that's bad, very bad. Venus turns around as she makes a made dash into an alleyway to get some cover which seems to work. She's used to fighting things buzzier than this! The key is not stop moving. Also. Where's an Ace of Hearts coming out of nowhere and a justice speech from a purple haired guy when you need one!? She moves to triangle jump up the alley back to the roofs to get some air as she pulls that chain back and attempts to leap towards the bee...!?

    "VENUS LOVE-ME CHAIN!" she calls out a shimmer golden whip of beads forms in her hand as she attempts to whip into the bee and hopefully catch that main golden one!
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 04:09:56 104295
The swarm-bee notices just a second too late that Macaroon's coming in for the attack. When Venus makes her move, it's wingless and trying to dodge. There's a burst of golden light, which then erupts with a black haze of dark energy.

And then all the bees revert to normal, freed from the power of the golden queen that was controlling them. They all buzz off, flying away in all directions, seemingly suffering no ill effects.

Kotomi heaves a big sigh of relief. "Okay, wow," she says. She manages to push herself away from the building, but she's still looking unsteady on her feet. "Uh." She grins weakly to each of them in turn, still blushing. "So, uh, hi! I'm Kotomi Kobana ... and ... I ... smell 'delicious' to creatures of darkness, apparently."
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 04:12:22 104296
Mew Macaroon comes back to the ground, landing on his feet and waving after the freed beez. "Take care little dudes," he calls before peering toward Kotomi. He'd go over and offer a hand while asking, "Are you sure you're ok?...you look kinda red..."
Minako Aino 2019-03-21 04:17:08 104297
    "Venus." says Artemis from the trash can. "Don't even think about it.". Venus seems to be holding something back as she lands as she listens to Kotomi talk. "But!---" goes Venus. "NO!" says Artemis. "She's been through enough!" Venus seems to be sputtering.

    "YOU LOOK DELICIOUS TOO!" says Venus. Because Venus just can't.

    Artemis facepawlms again. Venus grins wide. "Look! I'm just teasing you now~ But I'm sure Pirate boy here will take care of you!" she says.

    "Also you might blush yourself into dizziness if I stick around so!" she jumps away!

    "VENUS YOU CAN'T JUST CALL RANDOM GIRLS DELICIOUS!" cries Artmeis as the two leave. "Awwww be quiet that made her day. Or ruined it. Look, one way or another her day wa s intensely more interesting!"
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 04:24:08 104298
Kotomi looks at Makio. And then at Venus. And then back at Makio as she says, "I'm just really a disaster lesbian, and Sailor Venus is ... is awesome," she says frankly.

At Venus's comment, she actually goes pale. "Okay yeah thanks," she says, looking everywhere except in the direction of Venus and ... and whoever that voice is she can't see because she's not looking in that direction.

"But, uh, anyway, no, I'm, I'm not sure I'm okay," she says, looking up at Makio. His voice is slipping between varying levels of androgyny. "I ... this is the second time a monster came after me ... not counting the, um, Nightmare catgirl that put this ... spell or whatever it is on me ..." She is also not going to count Lacrima's sudden hunger. "... and I think I had more energy drained from me than the first time. Maybe. I dunno." She shakes her head. "I got rescued by Cure Shield and, uh, and Lacrima that time."
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 04:29:20 104299
Mew Macaroon rubs at the back of his own neck a little. "Eesh...you've really got some kind of 'luck' dude," he states, doing what he can to help Kotomi up. "On the bright side it seems like you're in the right place to HAVE that kind of luck..."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 04:35:05 104300
Kotomi leans against Mew Macaroon. "Ahahaha, I know, right?" she says. "I mean." She grins weakly. "The fact that magical girls and monsters are actually real is kind of wild, y'know? Like I'm a big fan of the shows and stuff."

She glances around, and peers at the scorch marks from the monster's attacks. "Say, uh ... I know you already rescued me from that ... walking bee pun. Or ... floating bee pun, whatever." She shakes her head. "But could you please ... help me get somewhere I can rest that isn't, uh, ground zero of a magical girl versus monster fight?" She blinks. "And, uh, sorry, what was your name again?"
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 04:40:24 104301
Macaroon nods in turn and gives a little (non-flirtatious) wink and salute. "Sure thing," he replies as he starts helping her off to somewhere more secure, "I'm Mew Macaroon. Don't blame you for not recognizing me, I'm a lot more narrow scoped, small time, newbish, and male than Sailor Venus herself."
Yasumi Yumeji 2019-03-21 04:47:12 104302
Kotomi considers this as Mew Macaroon helps her along. "I've only met a few magical ... people more than once or twice," she says. "I visit M-Magical Girl Clotho for, uh, for anime watching, though." ... She blushes again for some reason. "Anyway, I've met, uh ..." She hesitates. "... a bunch of magical girls, but you're only the second magical boy I've met so far." She grins weakly. "And, uh, yeah. I got rescued by one of the actual Sailor Senshi. That's ... that's wild, too!" (... She doesn't actually know she's already met Sailor Mars in her civilian identity.)

She sighs. "Well, uh, anyway, thank you for the help, too! Uh, both the rescue, and, uh, and this now."
Makio Ryu 2019-03-21 04:49:31 104303
Macaroon chuckles and grins. "Don't mention it dude, you're welcome, this is the kinda stuff I've stuck in this for... Let's get you safe and comfortable."